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                     DOOR PRO RACE MAY 17/2014
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Saturday April 26th Cancelled, We will open next Saturday May 3 for time trials and a cruise night.

 *With last two Saturdays being wall to wall sunshine, the odds where definitely stacking against us as we neared opening weekend for test and tune and a cruise night, and as the odds go it looks like we may have to wait one more week before we get things going. The weather man as of right now does not give us much of a chance to be running tomorrow, however we will wait and see what tomorrow brings before making that call. We have been very lucky over the years at being able to get things open on the scheduled weekend, but that may not be the case in 2014. Lets hope that it is not a sign of a season like last year where we had the raw in of the stick weather wise almost every weekend. We will announce here and on Facebook with what Saturday Brings but as of right now, which means we will have to wait until May 4th to get things underway.
*As the season draws closer and closer we are very pleased to announce that another new race car is coming to a track near you, fact is, it is coming to Luskville Dragway with its debut  set for the Malcolm Carpentry Opening weekend 2014, May 17-18th. The owner is a Luskville regular who had sold his dragster over the winter months and that car too has stayed in the area and we really hope too see it at Luskville Dragway as well. We will have a complete story on this movement and the positive thing it is once again for Luskville Dragway. The 2013 Racetech is quite a looker and will not only be able too win drag races but car shows as well. A new car this late in the off season is once again a great sign of things too come for Luskville Dragway and Drag racing at this NHRA Quarter Mile Race Track.
Ray Pillwein has been a car guy all of his life, and that shows itself in the dedication, and professionalism that is front and centre at his shop at 51 Front St, Aylmer, Quebec. Ray has always love cars, and there's not much more you could ask for when it comes to having your domestic, import or muscle car worked on. They say the best baby sitters are mothers, well no question the best people to work on your car is someone who just loves to do it, and loves the satisfaction of doing it right. Ray's Shop which is actually located right on the way to Luskville Dragway is a busy spot with its day to day general repairs, but more than once you can also see muscle cars or full tilt race cars sitting in shop. You see Ray is also a avid Drag Racer who just happens to own two of the best looking Chevy Race Cars in the country, a 1970 Nova that he campaigns in Super Pro and Door Pro and a 1967 Chevy II that his Son Dan campaigns in Semi Pro. Dan will be in his rookie season this year and will not only be running for the championship but rookie of the year as well. Ray's Shop can also delivery any of those high performance products you race car or muscle car drivers may need, Moroso, Holley, Edelbrock, Comp Cams, Mickey Thompson Tires, Magnaflow, Competition Engineering, Flowmaster and MSD just too name a few can all be purchased at Aylmer Auto Performance. And with that as a back drop we are extremely pleased to announce that Ray and his company Aylmer Auto Performance will be back as major marketing partner with Luskville Dragway. We have spoken about successful business men who are drag racers and who support Luskville Dragway in major ways. Aylmer Auto Performance will be putting their support behind the Door Pro Races this summer as the class has show such great performance over the last four years, and hopes are that this year we take it over the top. Pillwein's two door cars can be seen most weekends at Luskville Dragway and as can be seen in the pictures we have included in this write up, usually with the wheels in the air. 
We are very pleased to announce two new jet cars and drivers to the Luskville Dragway Line up for this season, as we get very close to the opening of the summer of 2014. Mike Dewitt who was  a friend of the late Jim Crownhart and someone we where going to bring in with Jimmy in 2014 will make his first stop ever at Luskville Dragway in 2014. Along with the new "Aviator" Jet Car comes the new 1969 Camaro Jet Car "Smokey Red" of Dave Douthit. Mike who hails from Florida will make his first appearance at Luskville Dragway with his Aviator Jet Car at the Napa Auto Parts Intertrack race with I-Car August 30-31 as part of the Night of Fire Show. Smokey Red will also be part of the show on that weekend as we once again present jet cars side by side under the lights at Luskville Dragway. The Douthit Team which is located in Arizona travel a great deal on the east coast where there is hundreds of drag strips and many places to get bookings for their two car team. The team also has a jet dragster that is driven by an east coaster Joe Morrison from New Jersey. We are very much looking forward to this show which will be part of what is already shaping up to be a major weekend. 
Drivers Meeting is now behind us and thank you to all who showed up to once again make the first event of the season for Luskville Dragway a huge success. Great to see everyone after a long, long snowy winter, everyone is anxious to get too the race track as are we, and things get underway on Saturday April 26th. with our first test and tune day and our first cruise night of the season Saturday night starting at 6:00 pm. We had only one new rule come out of the drivers meetings and that involves the  Jr. Dragster class which must now "PUSH" their race cars or tow them back from the ticket booth. This was a rule brought forward by many of the Jr. Dragster Parents and was unanimously agreed upon by everyone present. So starting opening day all Jrs. must not be driven back into the pits from the ticket booth, they must be towed or pushed. We would also like to remind all Jrs. of the 7:90 Maximum et for them as per usual motor work over the winter tends to bring about fast times, 7:90 is the Maximum. We would also like to take this time too wish everyone a happy Easter and a great long weekend, as it is the last off weekend before all hell breaks loose so to speak. So enjoy the time and the chocolate if you are of that status and keep in mind that the racing season is just around the corner.
* Another drag strip in question as motorsports tracks become harder and harder to keep open, The Ashcroft Indian Band (AB), which owns the NLAKAPXM Eagle Motorplex (pronounced IN-clap-cappum), has posted a statement saying the future of the Cache Creek, British Columbia, track is in doubt due to decreasing revenue. The track manager has recently resigned and several employees followed, further putting this seasons events in jeopardy. Some races will still be run, but the IHRA Pro Am has been cancelled. Anyone thinks that keeping one of these things up and running needs just to look around at those that are falling by the way side and those that are in trouble.
*Thompson Racing hopes to make some waves in first Door Pro Race of the season, May 17th as part of Malcolm Carpentry Opening weekend. Mark who does all of the driving these days while his father and first generation Drag Racer Claire takes care of the between round duties on the family 1969 Dodge  Super Bee. The car and the family have been racing at Luskville Dragway since the track opened in 1969 are just as much a part of the history of Luskville as the track is itself. Mark and many of the door car racers are very pleased with the Door Pro Class and have supported it with wide open arms. This brings the number to twenty cars already entered for the first door pro race of the season and we know there will be more as the day itself rolls around, so things looking good for the class.
Like many stories we have written this winter about successful business men who drag race and who do everything they can to make sure Luskville Dragway is successful each and every year, this is another one of those. Tad Kaminski is the owner of TK Environmental of Pembroke, Ontario and is also a very good drag racer in the Super Pro Ranks of Luskville Dragway and Tad does everything he can too help make Luskville Dragway Successful also.
Tad and partner Laura Lapointe just also happen to be a very good drag racers in the Semi Pro and Super Pro ranks who can be found each and every weekend enjoying the competition at Luskville Dragway during the day and all their friends once the racing is over in the evenings. Tad who too many would look very much like a seasoned veteran behind the wheel of his Racetech Dragster, but is in all honesty a relative new comer to the open bodied cockpit as he spend most of his drag racing days in a door car. The door which is now campaigned by Laura who has finished very well up in the points each year, as has Tad since moving to the dragster and Super Pro full time. Tad will be even more competitive this season as he send the Racetech to Diamond Race Cars to have the Front Suspension Set up installed. And this year will see TKL once again produce and promote the Racers Appreciation Race which will see $1000. up for grabs to all with FREE ENTREE, that's right FREE ENTREE. The date for this TKL Racer appreciation Day is June 7th. Once again this is a unreal show of support from one of our racers who does everything he can to do as much for the track as possible, Luskville Dragway is very fortunate to have this support. We would remind everyone in Super Pro, Semi Pro and Street this is a $1000. to win no entree fee race that is open to everyone.
When John Parks the owner came on board in 2012 as the first American based company to advertise with Luskville Dragway, we where very pleased with his decision to do so, and we are also just as pleased with the fact that he will be doing so again in 2014. Chromeworx is well know across the US and Canada as one of the premier race car assemblers and has customers across North America too prove it. And the timing of this could not be better as we just got home from John's shop in Leroy Michigan with Derek's new car, and too say it is a beauty would be putting it very mildly. John made the whole process with the new car a great experience. Building a new car was something we have always wanted to do, but with all the horror stories we would here from everyone else who had done so, and their bad experience's with builders, kept us away from doing so. Chromeworx was prompt, on time, on budget, (not one thing was added to the original price and we got everything we ordered) and very helpful with many of the things along the building process way. I can not say enough about this company and the people that run it, and would and will work with them again too build another car.
Chrome-Worx Performance is a Michigan based company specializing in the assembly of top quality dragsters and door cars. Owned and operated by noted bracket and top dragster competitor John Parkes, Chrome-Worx has achieved a new level of excellence over the last 8 years. Chrome-Worx has built high quality dragsters for people all over the U.S. and Canada, as well as two cars in Switzerland. We will always strive to be the best and push our cars to the highest level of quality possible using only the best of the best components and the latest technology.
Chrome-Worx Performance is also your source for a full line of any and all drag racing components. From complete engines and transmissions to valve covers and spark plugs, we sell everything related to drag racing. Custom chrome plating and carbon fiber hydrodiping are also available. get a close up look at the car by going too   
*Spent most of Thursday working at the track for the first time this spring, things are in pretty good shape, could have run cars down her today as things are very dry and the warm weather has gotten rid of the snow. Only a week ago the snow banks made one think that things didn't look very good as our first cruise night is April 26th. but my how things can turn around in a couple of weeks. So we will be spending lots of time up there over the next two weeks continueing preparations to open on Schedule.
Here is the first look at Good Times Racing new look for the 2014 campaign and its sure to catch everyone's eye. The camouflage look is very fitting as owner Jason Fletcher is a member of the Canadian Armed Forces, stationed in Petawawa. Good Times Racing will have two Mustangs entered this year which along with the other good news for the Semi Pro Class should make for a great year for this class.
*There has been a lot of talk this off season on the movement in the jr. dragster class, in fact just last we spoke of three young men who will move up too Semi Pro this season out of the Jrs. What we failed too mention was there is also a lot of Jr. Dragster drivers who are on the verge of making that jump, with maybe one more year of being able to stay in the class but also old enough to move up. Now last week when we talked about the semi pro movement it was all male oriented, however we can tell you this week that the ladies will not be left out with this next story.
*The snow has been melting at a very fast pace which is good, and we will be staring clean up and set ups next week at Luskville Dragway with everything pointing to a April 26th opening for time trials and street cars and our first cruise night of the season. We have lots to do too finish up the work we started last year, as we move the overhead starting line wires below ground, expand the staging area and other items that we pointed out to everyone at the banquet last fall. We will then concentrate on the other improvements we have planned for this year. I would also at this time to thank all the advertisers who have resigned on for 2014 and those new ones for the first time, with out you these improvements would not be possible, THANK YOU.
* I know we had it up a lot on Facebook last week while it was going on but we do want to congratulate Paulo Giust once again for his outstanding performance at the first ever PDRA Pro Mod race at the Rock in Rockingham North Carolina. Paulo ran his best numbers ever with a 1/8 mile blast of 3:99 backed up with a 3:98. The 3:99 and a whole shot was all Paulo needed to get by his first opponent, and the 3:98 and another whole shot was almost enough to get by the Swede in the second round. When racers who come through Luskville Dragway and in most cases most are still part of the track in one way or another do well on the National Event Races, I think it makes all of us very proud. Whether it be Paulo, Ian St. Pierre, Gianni Cantusci, Charlie Kenopic, Billy Moloughney, Tom Orr, or those drivers that venture to other tracks for the BIg Dollar Bracket Races. I have always said it and the performance's that the drivers have shown that Luskville Dragway produces some excellent, excellent Drag Racers.
We are extremely pleased to announce that the title right holder of the Big Bill Board at Luskville Dragway will be back with Luskville Dragway in 2014 and beyond. Vern & Cathy Hinton the owner of both of these companies which operate out of a very new and very big shop on 126 Walgreen Road in Stittsville, Ontario have been big supporters of Motorsports in our area for a long time. Vern who has owned Hinton Automotive for many years purchase the West Carleton Automotive Machine Shop and Engine building business from Larry Aslagsen who has been a fixture in the drag racing world for decades in this area. This company is as close as you can get too a big box automotive and performance shop, with the ability to supply you with what ever you need from general maintenance to full tilt performance. Larry who still too this day continues to head up the West Carleton side of the building for Vern has a long history with in the Motorsports Performance World Locally. 2014 will mark 33 years that West Carleton Automotive has been supporting Luskville Dragway and the Drag Racers of this area. The shop which is state of the art includes a Dyno to test the race engines long before they see the race track. And whether it is a big block Dodge, a small block Chevy or any other type West Carleton not only has the ability but also has the history and the record to build what ever you need. Drivers like Ralph Coe relies on Dodge Power from Hinton/West Carleton, where Dave Gould of Kingston counts on Vern and the boys to make his small block all aluminum Chevy put out the big ponies. Scott Drummond is just one of many who rely on this shop for work when it comes to making Fords pound the ground with lots of horse power. Yes in the drag racing community this shop can handle what ever make or brand you have when it comes to making horse power, work done by seasoned veterans of the machine shop and engine building business's. Now after that you would think that only drag motors come out of this shop and that is very far from the truth as Stock Car Racing, High Performance Boat Engines, Truck and Tractor Pulling and just plane old street car performance engines are a regular occurrence out of the shop. Past Stock Car Late Model Owner John Holtom is just one example of Paved asphalt Team Owners who rely on this shop for their horse power.
The Hinton Automotive side of the building is where the general automotive repair goes on, but besides this work there is a great deal of performance minded stuff as well. Many of the street scene and hot rods locally depend on Vern and the Team for any type of work they require and not just from the engine point of view which they obviously have all wrapped up with the West Carleton Division. Chassis work, installation, I have even been in when fibreglass work was being done on a hood scoop for a race car, so yes when we say anything you need, you can get when it comes to Automotive, general or performance. We would like too thank Vern and Cathy Hinton for their continue support of Luskville Dragway and their support of the Motorsports World in our area.
There has been a lot of talk this off season on the movement in the jr. dragster class, in fact just last we spoke of three young men who will move up too Semi Pro this season out of the Jrs. What we failed too mention was there is also a lot of Jr. Dragster drivers who are on the verge of making that jump, with maybe one more year of being able to stay in the class but also old enough to move up. Last week when we talked about the semi pro movement it was all male oriented, however we can tell you this week that the ladies will not be left out with this next story. Mike and Vicki have purchased another soft tail rear engine dragster that they will have for the 2014 season, the new car will have a number of jobs this season but it's real job will be to make the jump from Jr. Dragsters to the Big Car for daughter Rachel, the oldest of the Ogilvie Girls. Rachel who will be of age to start her Big Car career will continue to compete in Jr. Dragster Class this season and take the time to also get use too the big car when ever she gets the chance. Rachel would like nothing better than to end her Jr. career by claiming the Jr. Dragster Title which her younger sister Ashley will be defending in 2014. The Diamond Race Car soft tail will be hauled to the track every weekend and Mike will utilize it as a back up car if needed, and Vicki has actually mentioned that she make work at getting use to driving it as well which would mean a four car team for the Jasper, Ontario based race team. This move is just one of many that will continue to happen in the Jr. Class as three other young "Ladies" are also on the verge of making that jump also, Brooke DeCooman, Erin Silverthorn and Randi Lyn Urslak are all ready to finish up their Jr. Years and all will look at getting some practise in the big cars this season.
As we move closer to the opening for 2014 season, we also move closer to a full 16 car field in the Door Car Side of the 33rd. Annual Bracket Bonanza High Roller event August 1st. There has been a lot of enthusiasm and excitement around the dragster side of things as we have just passed the 32 car mark, but we firmly believe that with Darren Frasso's entree this week into the door car side, we will now start too see those numbers climb also. Frasso who hails from Kingston, Ontario has been an entree in this class since we started it four years ago, and is someone who can win it all and is no stranger to the winners circle at Luskville Dragway and the Napa Tour. Darren's 1969 Camaro is with out question one of the nicest 69's you will ever see anywhere in the drag racing world and its on track actions are as slick as its look. We know there are drivers out there that will wait until we get much closer but we hope they don't do that and join up now, as this keeps the wheels spinning and the excitement growing for everyone. We are pretty pumped about the revitalization  of the Door Cars locally and we believe that split ladders and door pro events have played a part in bringing the door car back to prominence locally, and we believe that will continue.
*We are pleased to announce that Shannon Bellefeuille has agreed to head up the Jr. Dragster fund raising program again this year. Shannon and Genevieve Menard did a great job last year with help from all the other families involved with the Jr. Dragster program at Luskville, Making our year end points program the best in the Country. We will once again be selling 50/50 at the track as well as other venues including the upcoming drivers meeting as we shoot for a bigger amount than last season. Once again we are also asking new and current advertiser's who wish to donate to the prize pool to do so like last season, it was with out question the newest and best part to the banquet with each and every kid that had a membership receiving a prize as well as those that received the regular money and awards. We are looking for someone who might be interested in the hoodies portion of the program, and we can tell you at this time that Luskville Dragway and ADM Motorsports is kick starting it with the donation of a I-Pad once again this season.
*Some of the Luskville Dragway and Napa Tour Regulars are also racing this weekend in Memphis Tenn. where there is three $25,000 races. Russ Adams from Ottawa, and Adam Bitzanis of Montreal will join Jamie Tupper at the mid south drag strip and do their best to bring home some of Uncle Sam's Green Backs. This is three very, very good drivers so don't be surprised when they do just that. Russ went too the fourth round last night and Adam went one more round than that, we will keep tabs on them today as well.
*Ron Headrick called to let us know that he is once again in the market for a drag car, Ronnie sold his Cameron Soft Tail to Dan Zygmont in Sudbury who will be campaigning the car in 2014. Dan and Wayne Burke have always been big supporters of Luskville Dragway and the Napa Tour and we are certainly hoping to add "Ziggy's" name to the August 1 High Roller show at this years Bracket Bonanza.
*We all want to wish Paulo Giust good luck this weekend as he heads off to testing and grade points at Virginia Motorsports Park and then on down too Rockingham to compete in a Pro Mod Series that has taken over for the now Defunct ADRL. The new series PDRA has been put together by a bunch of Pro Mod drivers with the assistance from people like Steve Earwood the owner of Rockingham. Paulo will be joined at Virginia by Tom Orr, Billy Moloughney, Frank and Gianni Cantusci. 
*Another addition too the May 17 Door Pro Race has us thinking of 32 cars there also as Grant Honeywell has sent in his intentions of being part of that event and the rest of the Door Pro Races this season. Grant who hails from Wakefield, Quebec drives one of the coolest Chevelle's you will see anywhere and does his fare share of going rounds as well.
Well we have hit the magical 32 and now its where does it stop we are hoping at least for 40 entries when the August 1st. Bracket Bonanza High Roller Open Class rolls around this summer. This week was a good week as another three entree's sign up for what is certainly to be the richest Dragster Race, and Bracket Race Weekend in Canadian history. Along with two Canadian entree's comes another first timer from the USA as Peter Prasnal of New Jersey has entered his Racetech dragster into the program which will mark the first time ever for a visit to the NHRA facility located just outside Ottawa, Ontario. Peter who is a regular at Atco and Englishtown is contemplating also bringing his door car and will let us know in the next few weeks whether he wants a spot on that side of the ladder as well. The other open bodied entree comes from Willy Katib who has indicated that Gianni Cantusci might be behind the wheel of his undercover dragster come that particular portion of the Bonanza. If so Gianni will be another one of those drivers that will be very busy as he will also be running on the door side as well with one of his trustee door cars. Gianni is one of the best drivers in the business having won more than one or two $10,000. events in the last couple of seasons. Gianni competes in Bracket Racing or Super Stock which ever happens to be available as they race almost every weekend, and travel many, many miles in a year. The door car side has been a little slow but Gianni's entree gets us over the half way point of 16 and we are very confident that we will fill it out before that weekend rolls around. We can also tell you  that there is a few more local dragsters that we firmly believe will join into what is going to be the biggest thing ever. We have even heard some rumurs of possible double entree's in an effort to be the first ever to win $20,000.
This marks the 33nd year that Wayne Young's , Young's Speed Shop has been involved as a major advertiser with the Malcolm Family and their operations of Luskville Dragway and a number of other motorsports venues in Eastern Ontario and Western Que. And even though I have told this story before I believe it is worth revisiting, I have known Wayne for many years prior to us taking over Luskville Dragway, as it was the in place to go in 1972 when I first came to Ottawa, if you where looking for anything to do with fast cars. Yes, I came to Ottawa in March of 1972, and owned a street car by June, and yes bought some stuff to hop it up with at Young's Speed Shop by the end of June. But more important than just being able to buy speed equipment, was the knowledge that you could also get while hanging out there, if it was going on in the Motorsports world Wayne knew about it. Well put the clock forward to 2014 and I still hang out at Wayne's when ever I get a chance, and yes we still talk motorsports among other things. And even though the landscape for speed shops has changed greatly Young's Speed Shop is still in the business of selling performance products and Young's Speed Shop is still a supporter of Luskville Dragway and has been since we took over in 1981. When we got involved in the running of Capital City Speedway in 2006 the first person to say he wanted a advertising sign there was Wayne and Young's Speed Shop. Wayne has seen it all over the years also, from the time when he and maybe one other speed shop was around, too a time when there was a speed shops opening up every month, too a time when you had to compete with Mail order competition, too now when its come full circle and there is Wayne and maybe one other speed shop locally. Not only has Mr. Young supported the tracks in the area but many times the Young's Speed Shop logo has been adorned to one or more race cars.  Yes Wayne has seen it all, and continues to live and love motorsports, and we are very fortunate that he continues to be a huge supporter of Luskville Dragway. I know its hard to convince people, but supporting the local supporters of our motorsports venues is very important and the saying of support those who support us has never been more important than now. In a time and age when America is saying buy American it is very important that we support those that support the sport we love so much.
Two years ago Ray Miner put his entire racing operation up for sale and informed us he and his family where taking some time off racing, this was not good news for Luskville Dragway as Ray Jr. and Ray Sr. had been a big part of the track for decades. Needless did we know that the big whole the Miners would leave, would soon be filled and filled in much the same manner and style as their entire racing operation would be purchased by another former racer who had also taken some time off a long time back. Mike Chenier who was a golfing buddy of Ray Jr. bought the Undercover Dragster, the Jr. the Trailer, the golf cart and the Motorhome, and made it clear he was going racing. Well go racing Mike Chenier and Family did and yes this was truly another family racing operation from the word go, with Mike's wife Monik, and the kids, the sister and  many other family members make their way to Luskville Dragway each and every weekend. Yes even though the Miner Family is missed very much, we are very grateful that the Chenier's have taken over that spot in full force. Mike who also owns and operates Speedy Auto Service in Gatineau, was gracious enough to also become a advertising supporter of Luskville Dragway and will continue to do so in 2014 as he will hold his spot on the "Advertising Tower of Power"  control tower at Luskville Dragway. And not only has Mike came on board again for another year but he has also brought the other Gatineau Speedy Auto Service on board as well, as now both 372 Maloney Blvd, and 610 Saint Joseph Blvd are part of the Tower of Power advertising group at Luskville Dragway.
What is called Speedy Auto Service started out with a different name many years ago. Speedy Muffler King opened its' first store in 1956 and was one of the first muffler replacement specialists in North America. Speedy Muffler King understood the importance of building strong customer relationships and was one of the first automotive repair service chains to establish standards of performance to assure its' valued customers consistently high levels of service at each and every one of its' locations across Canada. Over the years Speedy Muffler King expanded its' products and services and in 1993 changed its' operating name to Speedy Auto Service In December 2007, Speedy Corporation acquired Speedy Auto Service. The Speedy Auto Service Gatineau auto repair shop specializes in offering the very best while-you-wait service for all makes and models of cars, light trucks and SUV's. Although muffler replacement is still a primary service, Speedy also specializes in brakes, shock absorbers, struts and front end repairs as well as the sale of tires, road safety inspections and vehicle maintenance services that include oil, lube and filter replacement. Our Gatineau auto repair shop which is located on 372, boul. Maloney west, takes pride in being able to help keep the citizens of Gatineau safely on the road, because at Speedy you're a somebody.
Mike who is very active at the track bought a door car to go along with his dragster but was not quite satisfied with it so he has already sold it and is once again looking for the right door car. Mike will be part of the Luskville Dragway Car Show Display this May 4-5 promoting Speedy Auto Service and Luskville Dragway.
I know its hard to think of drag racing and big weekends, but its coming and the snow is going, so with that in mind we are pleased to announce some of the line up for the June 14-15 Napa Auto Parts Super Charger Nationals. As the name states you know that every booked in car that is present will have a big super charger sticking of the hood, and some are coming for the first time ever. The cars which will come out of the HURA Series in Southern Ontario having been running through out the country putting on shows that have been very entertaining. From Grand Bend, Cayuga, Naipreville, Shannonville and others. Pro Mod's, Blown Super Charged Altered's and Blown Dragsters will all be part of what is certain to be one of the biggest weekends of the season. One of the match ups I'm very much looking forward too is between the Ford Mustang Pro Mod and the incredible Blown Pro Mod Vega that is part of the group. This takes us back too the days when Ford vs. Chevy was the biggest thing to hit the drag strip and everyone promoted that won on Sunday sold on Monday. There will be a number of other Blown Super Charged entree's all of which will as we said earlier have the big Super Chargers sticking out of them. The Napa Auto Parts Super Charger Nationals is fast approaching and tickets will be available in every Napa Store and Napa Auto Pro Service Center in Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec.
Its been a long time since I have been able to say this, things are looking pretty exciting for Semi Pro as we head towards the new season and the summer of 2014. Its been along time since we had this much excitement for the class as we have at least four new cars coming too the party this up coming year. The news started fairly early when Dan Pillwein and Chevy Morrow both announced that they would no longer compete in the Jr. Dragster Class but would be moving to Semi Pro for 2014. Then came word that another Jr. Dragster Racer, Jacob Wilson, who originally was going to move to Super Pro but then decided that he would sooner join his fellow Jr. Drivers in the Semi Pro Class. This was good news to Dad Scott who really did not want to give up the wheel of his new Undercover Dragster, as he was not only having fun, but going rounds. So a Mustang was purchased for Jacob to battle with others for Rookie of the Year. Then as we neared spring Jason Fletcher announced that he was adding another Semi Pro too the Good Times Racing stable too make it a double Mustang threat each race day. This is really what we need to see for Semi Pro, as we have pointed out many times over the last few years most new car news usually is centered around Super Pro, and Jr. Drivers moving into that class. So we hope that this is a sign of things too come, and we like to think that our programs with Door Pro and Split Ladders has had some impact on these movements. It is going to be a good season for Semi Pro and as usual there will be some more good news for this class as we get close to opening day. So the landscape will change this year, and for diehard Veteran Semi Pro Drivers like Rob, Darryl, Joe, Mike and others new blood is a welcome I'm sure.