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Christmas is a very special time for the Malcolm Family, as I'm sure it is for many of our racing friends and families. We are very much a "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year" group and we are proud of the Christmas heritage that our ancestors bestowed upon us and that has stuck with us. Diane and I are very, very fortunate to have the immediate family that we will spend Christmas and especially Christmas Day with, and we are also very fortunate to have the racing family that we have spent most of our lives with for almost 40 years now. For us watching our four Grand Children on Christmas day is as good as it gets and we really do consider our selves very, very blest. My Mother always said that friends and family are what live is all about, and she was a very, very wise lady, although you may not see that when you are young, as you get older you quickly realize how right those words are. So as we get ready for one of the most important days of the year, on behalf of Diane and I, Angie, Jason, Lila and Cole, Derek, Taz, Olivia and Julia we wish all of you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR.
Once again time seems to be flying by, as it doesn't seem like it was that long ago I was writing about the Christmas break 2012 and a couple of weeks that we would be taking off with out any publishing of the web site. We take great pride in our web site and the fact that we try to have new things to talk about at least once a week in the off season and quite often twice a week during the race season. However each year at Christmas time we take two weeks off from informing the racing community about what is going on at Luskville Dragway and the Napa tour, and we will do the same this year, with this being our last post until January 3rd. 2014. This is a time of year that is very full of family and friends so it is only fitting that we take a break from the news of Drag Racing, even though in my case as I'm sure in many of you it is not far from our minds. We will return On January 3rd. with some major announcements so we hope that all of you will return as well.
*Just a heads up to everyone, we are working on NHRA SFI for the long weekend in May at Luskville Dragway. If you are in need of such please get us your name so we can get an idea of how many we have to get this done. Remember the NHRA SFI is accepted at IHRA tracks but not the reverse, this is a must and in particular if you are selling your car the first thing someone will ask is, does the car have a current SFI.
*Darryl Jensen dropped us a quick note to let us know that he is having his Semi Pro Chevelle gone over out at Randy's Performance Automotive in Kemptville, and will be ready for opening day 2014. Jensen who has won and always contended for the title says he plans on doing as much racing as the budget will allow, which will certainly include every two day event, every major race and as many out of town Tour events he can make it too. Jensen has been a loyal and strong supporter of what we do and that will continue in 2014.
Another Northern Ontario race team is getting ready for the 2014 Napa Tour, and they will do so with 3 cars, a new trailer and enclosed hauler, things should be pretty exciting to say the least. One of the things we have talked about over the years, and in particular when talking about the success of the North Races is how it has built race cars and brought new blood into our sport. I don't think anyone can argue with us when bring up those facts, we are very proud of that growth in our sport and in particular when we talk about those new drivers and new teams that have been born because of the races in the North. Well we are proud and excited to say that after getting a small taste of NHRA Drag Racing , and in particular the Napa Tour just a year ago, Collin Petersen, and the boys of P&F Performance Racing will hit the trail with vengeance in 2014. Collin, along with Brad Petersen and Robert Ferguson who all hale from Dubreuilville, Ontario (close to Wawa) make up the P&F Team and all three will compete on the full tour in 2014. Collin will continue to drive the Camaro, which will début a brand new paint scheme at Luskville Dragway on the long weekend in May will compete in Super Pro. Brad will drive the new purchase last fall, the rear engine dragster and will be looking for lots of seat time when May 17-18 2014 rolls around. Robert will drive the Firebird in Super Pro as well, but both door cars will see entree in too semi pro and door pro where ever possible. Collin makes it very clear, when you cant race every weekend you want to run as much as you can when you are at a track. The team also purchase a new enclosed trailer as well as a new hauler to get them to and from the races, and give them a place to stay when they are there. Collin was extremely successful last season at both Elliot Lake and Wawa, and with another year of experience under his belt, and full off season to prepare look for this team to make waves in 2014.
This is the time of year when we tend to talk about Christmas Lists, But Luskville Dragway has a different type of list and its filling up fast. The entree list for the 2014 Bracket Bonanza High Roller Race's is rolling in at a record pace and all indications are we could be sold out earlier than ever. This week saw two Jr. Dragster Drivers become the first two on that list, the Semi Pro List kicked off with the earliest entree ever, the door side picked up two entree's  as did the Dragster side of things. Yes we traditionally don't even start posting the list until after Christmas, but like I many others think this year will be a BIG season and no one wants to miss having their names on the list for what has become one of the High points of the Bracket Bonanza. First in this week was the Ogilvie Motorsports Team Jr. Dragster Driver's Rachel and Ashley Ogilvie, kicking things off with a bang in this class. Ashley is of course the 2013 Jr. Dragster Track Champion and Rachel who is entering what could be her last year in the small cars has just taken delivery of a new ride for 2014. Both of these young ladies have the ability too win the big payout and both know their way to the winners circle very, very well. Also adding his name to the list and becoming the earliest to ever do so in Semi Pro is Dick Stanton of Perth, Ont. who will enter the fray with his best appearing Chevy S-10. Dick is a veteran of the Luskville Dragway race track and has been racing there since the 70's, Dick like the the Ogilvie Girls, knows his way to the winners circle and would like too add a High Roller Championship to his list of accomplishments.
In Super Pro it has also been a very exciting week as Last years winner Frank Mark is putting his and his sons name into the hat with a triple entree, with two dragsters on the opened bodied side of things and the trusty little green Camaro on the door side of things. Frank showed everyone last August that door cars can still win, and win in the big dollar races and he will try and keep that look alive in 2014. Following Franks Big showing at last years Bracket Bonanza with the Camaro he headed south in late fall too put another be pay day in the books at a Door Car only race Fayetteville, North Carolina. The Door Car contingent has gotten a lot stronger over the last few years and it should make a pretty interesting afternoon and evening of racing when the event rolls around August 1-2-3/2014. ADM Motorsports will also be one of the teams to run both sides of the ladder at the High Roller event with their new purchase at the beginning of the off season. Yes the little black S-10 Super Pro will look to battle with Frank Mark and others to see who wins the Door Side of the ladder. As we head into the Christmas break we can tell you that we already have other entree's that we will post at the beginning of January and will continue to do so as they come in, but look for the dragster side in particular to sell out very, very fast as it has ever year, get your names on the list.
Once again we would remind all race teams to keep us posted on new deals, new wheels or anything else that is happening in your race camp this off season. We all live in our own little worlds while the snow is on the ground but one way we have of keeping in touch is on this web site, which we are pleased to say we have a large following on. So keep us up too speed and we will let everyone else know what is happening in the world of drag racing in our area.
*And speaking of keeping us posted we have our first update for the 2014 racing season and its a pretty exciting one as well, this is the type of stuff we are talking about as everyone likes to here and read these stories. Everyone who has been to Luskville Dragway or any stop on the Napa Tour the last few years, will remember the wild wheel standing red Camaro that was driven by Brian Swayne and Tom Cline, and everyone will also remember that we did not see them in 2013. Well we can tell you why and show you why, as we bring you this update we got from Brian this week. As you can see they have been working diligently on basically redoing the whole car from top to bottom, including a brand new tube chassis under the car. The boys did a great job with the car and it was certainly a crowd pleaser with its wild wheel stands each and every time that it left the starting line, however the boys felt it would be a more competitive car with a complete redo. The new chassis will also see the car with a funny car cage which as we all know is the way to go these days, and it also means you don't need to be bother with those cumbersome window nets. Brian tells me they will be back with vengeance and will be present beginning with the drivers meeting in the spring. Plans are to also compete in the new door pro series that is still being worked on as we go to press for 2014. This is great news for the Door Pro class, great news for the Split Ladder program, great news for Luskville Dragway, and only bad news for the competition.
* With three new Door Cars in the area already this off season, and the return of Brian Swayne and Ralph Coe in 2014 already documented on this site, I would say that the door car contingent is alive and well and living at Luskville Dragway. This is also good news for the Door Pro races that are tentatively scheduled for 2014, and the Door Pro Series that is currently being worked on, but just as importantly you will notice that most of the off season talk is around door cars, could it be that there is a resurgence in this type of drag car, lets hope so. This will also make the split ladder format an even more interesting program as we see the growth in the door car side of things. NEWS FLASH, just as I was getting ready to push the publish button, I got a phone call from a current "top ten" Super Pro Dragster Driver who informed me that he has just added a Door Car to his team, full story to come in the new year.
The four Super Pro Drag Racers that where introduced at this years awards banquet, as the first members of the "Monster Mob" are the first four to throw their names into the ring for the 2014 Bracket Bonanza High Roller Event August 1st. 2014.  Mike Ogilvie, Kyle Jessup, Troy Davis and Derek Malcolm became the first drivers too enter what has become one of the high points to the richest and oldest Big Dollar Bracket Race in Canada. Of these four drivers only one has ever won the Big One, and that would be Troy Davis who did so three years ago taking home the big $10,000 first place prize money at the time. These days the money is even higher as two sides of the ladder are run, one for the door cars and one for the open bodied cars. And speaking of door cars one of the members of the Monster Mob will also see double duty that afternoon/evening as ADM Motorsports will be entering the door side as well with the new acquisition this off season. The first four have a very good set of record sheets to go along with them as each and everyone of them have one a big dollar bracket race at one or another point in their life, but only Troy has won a High Roller and only Derek has won the Bracket Bonanza, but that could change this season. Mike Ogilvie who now runs a high horsepower blown motor has one of the fastest cars at the track and will be a contender to win the big one in the new season. Kyle Jessup who is a past track champion as well as a tour champion in Super Pro, wants very much to add a victory in the High Roller and the Bracket Bonanza to his list of accomplishments and will be doing everything he can to do just that in the 2014 season. These four are the first group to have their names put on the list and will certainly be followed by many more as we have other names right now that we will list over the next few weeks. The open class has always sold out very quick and we remind everyone that you must let us know that you want your spot in the High Roller. We will also be announcing the door side of the Super Pro Ladder as well as the Jr. Dragster High Roller and the Semi Pro High Roller event, get your names on the list.
We have talked about the Jr. Dragster program at Luskville Dragway in a big way on this web site over the last few years, and that is because the Jr. Dragster Program at Luskville is BIG and a big part of our track. With easily more cars than any other race track in Canada, and this from a much smaller populated area than many other race tracks in this country, we have always said that the future of our sport looks good locally. The Program which was introduced by NHRA a few decades ago was done so in an effort to bring new racers into the sport and not just the traditional next generation family member of current drag racing families. It was also introduced to give up and coming drag racers a place to hone their skills and get use to the rigors of the race track and running in a drag race. Over the years our track has graduated a number of drivers out of the Jr. Ranks and on in to big cars, no better example than of that of this years Super Pro Track Champion Derek Malcolm, but he is not the only one, Kyle Jessup, Troy Davis, Steve Ballntyne, are others just too name a few. But nothing will be like this year and the next few years, as with close too two dozen Jrs. running at the track the move too big cars will come in two's three's and fours over the next couple of seasons.
As we stated in an earlier announcement Dan Pillwein has already confirmed that he will be moving up to a Semi Pro ride in 2014, and now along with Dan comes news that Chevy Morrow, and Jacob Wilson will move up to Semi Pro and Bradley Shields will move up to Super Pro, beginning his career driving step dad Paulo Giust's Race Tech Dragster.  
Chevy Morrow who is a past Track Champion in the Jr. Dragster Class will move into the seat of his Dads Chevelle and will compete in the Semi Pro Class starting in the spring of 2014. Kevin is currently putting a second Chevelle together but debut for that car does not have a confirmed date. Until the second car is ready Kevin will double up on the current Chevelle for Super Pro and will also compete in it in Door Pro in an effort too defend his Title in that class.
Jacob Wilson who was scheduled to step up to the Super Pro Dragster has had his plans change a little, as Dad has decided he enjoys driving the dragster to much and will put Jacob in a Semi Pro car for 2014. Scott is currently on "Find a Semi Pro Car mode" and has looked at a couple but has made in clear they have all winter too do so.
The biggest news this week is the fact that Bradley Shields will move up to Super Pro in a Race tech Dragster starting in the spring of 2014. Bradley will be under the guidance of Step Dad Paolo Giust who brings a winning attitude and a winning record to the table for Brad to learn by. We kind of let part of this be known last week when we announced that Rachel Ogilvie and the Ogilvie Motorsports Team had bought Brad's Half Scale Jr. Car in an effort to give Rachel all the tools to take a charge at the Championship in Jrs. in her last year of that class. Yes this year will see  the largest number of graduates in the history of the track but looking down the road there are more drivers who will make that jump the following season and with the large number of Jr. Dragster cars we have, for many new years to come.
We have had a great response from some Jr. Dragster Teams, especially those in the North concerning a Jr. Championship within the Napa Tour Series. The Gilchrist's who are the veterans from up North as well as Brian Parker who will enter his daughter into the world of Jr. racing this season, as well as Jody & Ray Renaud who have added a second Jr. too the team for their kids in 2014. We will work hard at making this happen and hopefully can come up with a title rights holder for the Jr. Dragster Tour Series 2014, stay tuned as the winter months move along for information on this program.
*Speaking of Jr. Dragsters we can also report that Rachel Ogilvie, who could be in her last year of such type of racing before moving up too a big car, will take a charge at the Title in a brand new ride for her. Rachel who has been a winner and a contender since coming on the racing scene 3 years ago will be trying to unseat her younger sister Ashley who won the championship in 2013. The new ride has another story with in it itself, so we will continue this announcement at another time along with the story that goes with it, however Rachel Ogilvie will be a stronger force to reckon with in 2014, and this is not good news for the competition. We are going to have a special feature on all the movement with in the Jr. Ranks as a number of kids move up too big cars, and some get ready too move up. Think about this, we had twenty one jrs. last year, if they all over a period of time move up to big cars?? yep looks pretty good for the future of our sport and yes we know not everyone moves up but looking back over the years more have than have not. Just imagine if 21 more locals joined the super pro ranks
*We will soon be bringing you announcements about advertiser renewals and newbie's, we have quickly learned in this business over the years that nothing is Automatic, Partly because of the economy, and sometimes because of many other things just ask John Force. We have been very fortunate over the years with UNREAL support by advertisers and by advertisers helping us secure other advertisers, stay tuned for some big announcements. This is one  of the things that I have always been amazed at and in some case's numb with words of thanks for some of the things that have happened to keep Luskville Dragway and NHRA Drag Racing going and growing strong locally. I will always be indebted to those that have gone WAY ABOVE the cause to help, both financially, vocally and morally. This is the part that also amazes me, as these are also some of the people who drive out of there way, in some cases past other race tracks, to race at events we put on, whether it be Luskville, Shannonville, Elliott Lake or where ever, yet we have some that sit on our door step and don't support drag racing locally. You can give me what ever reason you want, but if your a drag racer you want drag racing, the only way drag racing survives is if you support it!
*And speaking of advertisers remember support those that support us, whether it be a Christmas gift, and gas fill up or an engine rebuild our advertisers deserve your support, and tell you what if you have an interesting story of supporting one of our advertisers send it too us and we will do a write up on it? Don't be shy.
*Too finish up Bits from the pits this week we do a little reminiscing, I ran across this old picture of a car that ended its life running a lot at Luskville Dragway. The Pro Stock was originally owned by Frank Marino the leader of the rock band Mahogany Rush a Montreal based rock band. The car was actually used on one of the bands album covers and this pic takes to some great memories of our sport and just how far we have come. Luskville Dragway has certainly played its part in the history of drag racing as well as the future of drag racing, and seeing pics like this just confirms that even more.
As I have said many times, when it comes to the kids that have grown up at the track, It is very easy to write these stories about them, and this one is even easier as Derek Malcolm is our Son, for those that don't already know that.  Yes Derek has grown up at the race track, as he was one of the very young kid's along with a number of other racers kids that actually had their own baby sitter right at the track. Yes the area where the old apple tree stood, that was recently removed use to sit a small cabin which was fenced so the kids could play with out getting out where the cars where going by. Derek then went on to help with chores at the track, to the ticket booth, too the staging lanes, too a Jr. Dragster, which he would also take too the track championship very early in his Drag Racing Career. Well things have change quite a bit since then, and some things have not, Derek still does just about anything that needs to be done at the track while trying too fit in between these chores driving a race car, and yes he does a pretty good job of both. Derek is totally responsible for most of the operations of the timing system and is quite often called on at other tracks to add his voice because of his extensive experience and solid record of doing so. Derek is also responsible for most of the logistics in the tear down of Luskville, the set up of the airports and the reverse of that once the airport races are done. Lately he has also taken on some leadership in the meetings aspect of the timing system and how we run the races that are held at the airport venues as well. And yes this is all done, with the effort of still trying to run a full fledge drag racing program along with his team mate Troy Davis, something that sometimes becomes quite a shore as one can imagine. After Derek's Jr. Dragster Days he moved on too a number of race cars, everything from a Bantam Altered (which he won his first track championship in) to a number of dragsters and one wild Vega thrown in, too his current ride the brand new Chrome Worx Dragster that he won this years championship with. Derek had great success with all of his cars, other than the little white Vega which he was never quite able to get a handle on, and it didn't stay around very long.
Derek who is married with two beautiful young girls Olivia and Julia who along with Mom Taz live in Barrhaven where Derek runs his very successful Malcolm Carpentry and Building Construction Company, something that keeps him very busy. Quite often all or some of the girls travel to the race's and the race track on weekends to be with Dad when is running his race car.
Over the years this 30 year old has done his fare share of winning, his wall of Wally's is a good sign of that and this past season was no different and with a new car which he took delivery of in late spring. The new Chrome Worx car was Derek's first brand new car and many would have been happy to just get a new car sorted out and go some rounds, but Derek had a stellar year with the new piece culminating with the Super Pro Track Championship. Along that road too the title Mr. Malcolm took home his third Bracket Bonanza Championship $10,000. as well as a big $5000. win at I-Car in Mirabel which help seal the deal for the championship, as the Saturday win came with live rounds all the way too the winners circle. For 2014 things will get even busier as Malcolm defends his title and ADM Motorsports has added a door car (actually truck) to its program in an effort to support door car racing and split ladders.  Derek along with Team Mate Troy Davis will be joined by Kyle Jessup as co-drivers as they try to take the new ride to the winners circle. Derek has driven almost everything (including some test runs in a jet car many years back) and has also hinted he would like to compete in Semi Pro "maybe" so who knows what 2014 will bring. Like Semi Pro Champ Ian Gould, and Jr. Dragster Champion Ashley Ogilvie, Derek Malcolm will represent Luskville Dragway and the sport of Drag Racing as a Champion.
Anyone who was at last winters Practice Tree competition at Busters Bar & Grill will quickly admit that it was one hell of a party and a great mid winter get together for everyone. Well we can officially announce that the second annual practice tree competition has been scheduled for February 15/ 2014, and plans are on going to make the fun greater, the prizes bigger and the turnout larger. Last year racers, crews, advertisers and just fans traveled from as far away as New Jersey, Belleville, Kingston, Montreal as well as all of the local drag racing folks who packed the Carling Ave. establishment. Like last year tons of prizes will be up for grabs as well as large payouts for both the Jr. Dragster Class as well as the Main Event. Derek and Troy are once again organizing and taking full charge of this event like they did last year and like earlier said by all accounts did a great job of doing so. Last year saw racers from the Shannonville Dragstrip, the I-Car Dragstrip and Luskville Dragway doing battle along with a number of US competitors, this year will see even more folks from those race tracks. The party begins late afternoon as everyone comes in early to have some of Busters great food and cold beverages which the fun place is known for. Last years main event featured Trevor Tandy and Russ Adams in the finals and both have confirmed their entree's for this years affair with Trevor promising revenge on Mr. Adams. Last years Jr. Dragster practice tree champion Jacob Wilson will in all likely hood be running in the main event along with his Dad Scott which will open the door wide for the rest of the kids to take a shot at that title. Lots of prizes are planned to be given away, and anyone that was there last year will attest everyone got something. Mark it on your calendar now, its also a great time to see old friends that you have not seen since the banquet or in some cases since the end of the season. FEB.15/2014 BUSTERS BAR & GRILL
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