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2017 Bracket Bonanza





Febuary has come to a close and our next post will be the March 5th post and that usally means we are on the back side of winter or at least hope we are. We do want to remind everyone to try and take part in the March 4th Busters Bar & Grill Winter Practice Tree competition, which is always a good time. We also want to remind everyone that the drivers meeting is coming fast and will also be held at Busters Bar and Grill April 9th. @ 1:00 pm. We hope that we can fill the bar too the rafters as w*As we start too see the warmer weather we start to see more interest in the racing season, and in particular the big events that are coming are way this season.
*Dan Zygmont touched base with us this week, too let us know that he is spreading the word of Luskville Dragway even when he is away on Holidays. Dan who is a top super pro racer out of Sudbury, Ontario, has been a great supporter of Luskville Dragway and the Napa Auto Parts Tour. So thought we would enjoy the pic from the sunny beaches of the Carribean Island, Curacao this past week. Wearing it loud and proud the Napa Auto Parts Bracket Bonanza being touted in the Sunny South, thanks Dan. Of course no better time to remind everyone of the 36th Annual Bracket Bonanza August 3-4-5-6 2017. with the Busters Big Dog Shootout going August 4th.
*Speaking of successfullracers from the Sudbury area how about this next peice of news from the Harling race team of Sudbury. Bill and Gord who own and operate the Mister Transmission in the Sudbury area, and will continue to do so have expanded to North Bay this off season. Yes Bill and Gord Harling are now the owners of the Mister Transmisson in North Bay as well as Sudbury something they have been working on for a while. Gords brother and Bills Uncle Gary Harling will take over the bench building in the North Bay shop which assure everyone that the jobs going out of the shop are done right. Bill will continue running things in Sudbury so dont expect any changes in the Sudbury shop. Gary Harling will be a friendly voice on the phone if you have needs for anything, dont hesitate to give them a call @705-474-4300. The Harling racing family have long been a big part of the Napa Tour as well as many visits to Luskville Dragway through out the season. Both Bill and Gord have used their Mr. Transmission build trans cars to win a number of big dollar races as well as going many rounds at any race.
As we start too see the warmer weather we start to see more interest in the racing season, and in particular the big events that are coming are way this season. Dave Gould also feels that excitment as this Kingston, Ontario based Super Pro driver has committed his entree too the July 1st Randy's Performance weekend and the Para Performance Door Car Challenge presented by J&S Collision, Jordan Manufacturing and BW Racecars. Gould who has been a very good supporter of Luskville Dragway and its programs is down to one race car at this time, as the Beretta was sold south of the border last season. Dave will run his Chevy powered Volvo, yep Volvo in the $5000. to win Door Car Challenge and will be more than capable of winning the big one. Another committment has come in this week also and for this one we head way up North too Sudbury, Ontairo and Shawn Oliver who has been a very busy man this off season. Shawn who is a hands on driver has worked extenseivley over the winter updating and upgrading his Orange Dodge Dakota to compete in Sup Pro in 2017.
We have also had plenty of questions from other out of town drivers who are showing a great interest in this race, we remind everyone that there is a $25. discount on the entree fee to this event, just by committing your self in the off season to it.
One of the things you will here said over and over again, is racers from Luskville Dragway take their racing very seriously, but they also take their having fun just as serious once the racing is over. And part of that fun includes the great times we have had at Busters Bar & Grill, in the Lincoln Fields Shopping centre for the past many years. Whether its back to the bar parties, drivers meetings, or the annual Winter Practice Tree competition, Steve and Louise the owners of Busters go out of their way to make sure everyone has a great time. A sports bar that has supported Luskville Dragway for 8 years now, and also supported ADM Motorsports when we ran the stock car track in Ottawa, Busters is a great supporter of Motorsports too say the least. Once again this winter we will Kick things off with the annual Winter Nationals Practice Tree Competition (March 4th.) something Derek Malcolm and Troy Davis take care of, an event that has something for everyone that comes. Next up is the Annual Drivers Meeting and membership drive (April 9th) and event that we believe will be the biggest ever this year, with all the excit
ement surrounding the up coming season, be there for sure. Our first back to the bar party will be in conjunction with our opening weekend the long weekend in May ( May 20th.-21st) with back too the bar Sunday night May 21st.). A number of other "Back to the Bar parties will take place through out the summer with the big one being on Sept date to be announced. Yes Busters is the place to be if you are part of the good times that Luskville Dragway try's hard to bring about, and they play a big part in that. Busters Bar and Grill besides holding title rights as the official sports bar, Busters also holds rights to the Busters Big Dog Shoot Out August 4th. 2017, and the Busters Bar and Grill Cruise Night May 20th.. 2017. Remember to support those that support us, and if your looking for a great place for a great atmosphere, good food and cold beer Busters is the place for you.
Established in 1993 by Chris Tapp, Tapp Auto Inc. has a well-earned reputation for personal service provided by a knowledgeable staff. The Tapp Auto service facility is equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and staffed with technicians that have an outstanding ability to interpret the results. Conveniently located just south of Hunt Club at 39 Cleopatra Drive in Ottawa’s west end their clean modern 6 bay facility is equipped with all the equipment needed to provide top notch repairs to all makes and models. Chris Tapp the owner of Tapp Auto is a car guy to say the least, a long time supporter Luskville Dragway both as an advertiser, as well as competitor. Chris has long been considered one of the smartest guys when it comes to imports/sport compacts, and to this day holds the track et and mile an hour records for those type of cars. These days with two growing you childeren (twins, maybe future jr. dragster drivers?) Chris has once again showed off his talents with a Electric car. Yes two years ago Mr, Tapp showed up with his newest, and ongoing project, a full tilt, very fast electric car. These days unlike pre childeren days Chris's trips to the strip are kept to 3 or 4 times a year, but when ever he comes all take notice. Look for the electric car to set some new records again this summer, as one thing is for sure, Chris will have worked on it over the winter months. We thank Tapp Auto for their long time support, Tapp Auto is one of the oldest advertisers in the modern era.
Facebook has been running wild with rumours that Pam & Stef will be returning to the Semi Pro ranks in 2017, with their ford powered Mustang. This would be great news for the Semi Pro which has seen some great growth the past 3 years, and looks to see some more this season. Pam & Stef where a big part of the track a few years ago, but took some time off to kick their family into high gear, as well as a  extensive rebuild of the little red "Stang".  Through that time they also added a motorhome to the race team making being at the track with the kids much more easier. Lets hope the stories are true as this would be a great addition to the Semi Pro class as we get ready for 2017.
*Denis Black called this week to let us know that his very fast street roadster will also make the trip too BW Racecars for some 2017 updates. Denis is knawing at the bit to get back to the track with the car, as things were coming together nicely after a few weekends of sorting the new car out. Denis also checked in to make sure he was on the July 1st. Door Car Challenge, what is shaping up to be a big race by all accounts, with some drivers looking at booking holidays around the weekend already, much like teams do for the Bonanza (36 years old).
*The only high roller to come in this week was another drag sled which is good news for that class and that event August 4th. 2017. Bill Chesney of the Belliville area a regular at Shannonville Dragway and a racer who tries to support Luskville Dragway as much as time will allow has joined the parade. You will have to look far and wide to find anyone more nicer than Bill, one of those racers that everyone likes and everyone loves to see come through the gates at thier race track. Chesney is a racer who competes regularly against the semi pro guys and gals, and does very well, but says he is looking very much forward to a all SLEDS race, like it use to be a while back. This is a driver who is more than capable of winning this big event and will be one of the drivers to watch come this years Bracket Bonanza.
*Paolo Giust debut his newest G-Force Race Car this past weekend, at Lights Out #8 @ SGMP in Georgia and to say it was a success would be putting it mildly. The new 69 Camaro was impressive right out of the gates (qualified deep in the field with a 4.02 and then ran 3.99 in Eliminations) with its Outlaw 10.5 set up, and produced some great numbers through out the weekend on its maiden race. "Black Betty" was only finished a few days before the race and the first race track it saw was SGMP, with a small amount of testing prior too the event right at the Valdosta, Georgia drag strip. Eliminations were delayed do to a small amount of rain that came through a lot earlier than first predicted. Even though Paolo did not win the frist round he ran faster again than qualifying, really the only side by side run of the 1st round, so the team has to be very proud of these accomplishmnets.
*Personal Parking Spots, for members and advertisers will once again be made possible in 2017 and will be avaiable at the drivers meeting. Personal Parking spots will only be avaiable for those that are Members or Advertisers with Luskville Dragway. All personal parking spots will be on a first come first serve bassis, and MUST have a sign securely attached to the ground on that spot this is for ALL personal parking spots.
Semi Pro Drag Racers competing in the TDL TRUCK REPAIR Championship in 2017 will once again be racing for a GRAND ($1000.) to win the season long championship. Thanks To Gregg Whelan and his company the drivers who compete each and every weekend and continue to be the back bone of the track will race for a big pot at the end of the rainbow. TDL is a family owned heavy truck, motorhome and heavy equipment company located at 158 Cardevco, just off the Road in Ottawa's far west end. Gregg who along with his wife and son Ryan are the backbone of this very successful company and can be found at the business every day. The success of their company was mirrored with their success when they drag raced with their Team Green Cuda" which they still have and all hope they return with someday soon. Ryan who was the driver of Team Green" has taken some time from drag racing to enjoy the raising of his young family, but both he and Gregg can be seen at Luskville Dragway during the season keeping an eye on what is happening in the Semi Pro Class and everything else. Their love of fast cars has not gone untouched either as Greg spoiled himslef with the purchase of a new late model Chrysler Charger Performance car which we hope to also see at the track soon. I was told though that it was strickly bought to keep the Cuda Company over those long winter months. This support is a very big thing for the Semi Pro Drivers and puts their points fund in par with the Super Pro class. This support has been the main reason for the growth of this class over the last 3 years and growth looks great for the future as well. We take our hats off to TDL Truck and Trailer Repair for the support of Luskville Dragway and in particular Semi Pro drivers.
This week see's us hit 22 cars commintted to the July 1st $5000. to win Para Performance Door Car Challenge. This is great but certainly not where we want to be come the Randy's Performance Bill Gaw Memorial Day Weekend, were we will hopefully have over 40 cars. This is a very important race for the future of big dollar door car races, support those that are trying too support door cars, get your name on the list and save $25. dollars off your entree fee's. As you can see by this weeks write ups, a number of advertisers continue to sign on to support this one of a kind event in Canada, show me any where even in the pro mod class where the winner gets $5000.
*BW Race Cars continues to pump out the dragster updates this off season, as yet another driver was watching the winning trend last summer. Randy Urslaks car is now off the jig and on its way back for some reassembly making it ready for the 2017 season. Brian White the owner of the shop has been a very busy individual as this NHRA Best Engineerd Award winning shop made everyone take notice last year. 2016 Saw more wins by BW cars than anything else, Kyle Jessup, Terry Miron, Mike Chenier, and Eddy Lapointe just to name a few.
*We have been considering many things since the passing of Mike Doyle a long time racer and  supporter of Luskville Dragway. Trying to wrap our mind around what we can do in an effort to make sure Mike as well as others that have left the Luskville Dragway Family way to soon, so that no one ever forgets them. One of the things we are considering is a wall of heroe's in the bar at the track, with pictures of those that have played a major part of Luskville Dragway over the years and are no longer with us. We would be open for people to suggest who they feel should hold this honor, and John Chambers has already said he would do what he could with pictures when possible. This is just one idea, we are open to suggestions.
*Have to tell you there has been a lot of interest surronding the MF Chassisworks Outlaw Street Car Shootout events being held this season at Luskville Dragway. Cars will compete at four designated dates (in the schedule) representing the 613 area code and 819 area code. Andrew Libbey the owner of MF Chassisworks has given everyone something (Someone) to shoot for with his publish this week on the facebook page. Robin Laframboise from Cornwall, Ontario who is the Owner of Total Collision has been pegged as the won to beat. Robin who runs a 1972 Monte Carlo, BBC on Nitrous, Dot tires full exhaust, weighing in at 4000lbs + has gone as quick as . Wonder if there would be any way of getting guys like Gerry Otley out of retirement, Otley had on of the very fastest Street Cars back in his day running bottom 9's with his small block, nitrous equipted Camaro, many,many years ago. As far as I know Gerry still has the car, but spends most of his spare time playing golf these days. There are others who are still around also and with the excitment and the talk who knows.
*Just a little note of interest as we close in on 3500 members on the Luskville Dragway Facebook page, not bad for a small demographic area. Please help us make it even larger, by sharing posts, telling friends and sending messages to people to join. Social Media is a powerfull thing and it is the wave of the future, please help us make the future bright, do what ever you can too get people on our facebook page.
To say that Jamie & Shelia Tupper have been leaders in our sport for a long time now, would be putting it mildly. From their very first big dollar bracket win in Elliot Lake, which seems like a long time ago, they have lead the way in local drag racing. Whether it be with there success in getting too the winners circle, their success of making more friends than Santa Clause or their desire to help as many racers as they can along the way. And in the case of Luskville Dragway and the Napa Tour, Jamie and Shelia have always gone above and beyond to help out in one way or another, including by bringing new drivers to the table as well as advertising dollars. The success that we talk about at the race tracks that they travel too, is just an extension of their success in business as their J&S Collision would be the envy of many in that type of work. Located in Tilsonburg, Ontario it makes for many long drives to get too races in the US, Eastern and Northern Ontario, but that has never stopped this team from going and taking part in what they love too do. For the past two years J&S Collison has backed our future Champions Award, this year they will throw that support behind the Door Cars and take presenters rights to the July 1st $5000. to win Door Car Challenge.
Tupper who is the current Napa Tour Super Pro Champion has watched what we have been trying to do for the door cars in our sport and in particulary at our track and tours. Jamie like us believes that door cars are important for the future of our sport, and that supporting anything that helps that out is good for drag racing. The Support of Para Performanc, J&S Collision, BW Race Cars (and one more to be announced) has allowed us to keep the entree fee for this race very low, and in fact lower if you just send your commintment in to be part of it.  Tupper has gone one step further and has also commintted to being part of the race that will be held as part of a big dollar weekend The Randy's Performance Bill Gaw Memorial Weekend July 1st. & 2nd. Jamie has gone one more step and has also committed to make the trip from Thilsonburg for the race which will also feature a $5000 to win Sunday Super Pro Race with a split ladder.
Scott Wilson the owner of Jordan Manufacturing is one of a few drag racers who look forward to winter, and lots of snow so too speak. You see Scott who has owned a number of drag cars over the years and currently owns three semi pro cars/truck is in the snow blow building business. And not just your ordinary snow blows, but BIG snow plows that are used by contracters and cities all over the country. Jordan Manufacturing located in Bristol, Quebec loves to see lots of snow, even though it means Scott wont be going drag racing as long as its on the ground. So when this winter started off with a bang as far as snow goes, Scott was doing some smiling and some running to keep up with the building and selling of new plows. Luskville Dragway, Wilson's home track and a place he has been going since he was a kid, Luskville is right next door to Bristol Quebec will once again this year be back as a major supporter. Scott like Jamie Tupper another supporter of this event will not only enter one car but has plans to run all three of his current rides, one which has already been commintted, the camaro. So this put Scotts son Jacob a former Jr. Dragster Pilot in the Mustang and Kenyon Paine (another jr graduate) in the S-10. There is not question that Luskville Dragway is very gratefull for Scott's advertising support, his race car support as well as his verbal support when ever he gets the chance.
Another month has quickly gone by and we are now only four weeks away from the Annual Busters Bar and Grill Winter Practice Tree Party March 4/17. And as in the past door prizes and competition prizes will be pleanty thanks to advertisers and Busters Bar and Grill. Shannon Giust who will be moving in a new direction from a business point of view and has donatied a lady's only gift, one of her new line of ladies racing shirts. Also up for grabs for ANYONE that comes out, a set of tickets to any NHRA National Event you wish to take in. This will be done by way of a draw from all of those present, and will not require you to be part of the competiton, just fill in a ballot.
*With the sale of Chew That Stores by Paolo and Shannon it has also made some other changes with the racing team and its name. Starting at Bradenton a week ago the new company name to be carried on the Pro Mod and the new Outlaw 10.5 will be "Fine&Fast Motorsports. Also being confirmed at Bradenton was the fact that Paolo, as he has for many years will take part in Luskville Dragways biggest race of the season, the 36th. Annual Bracket Bonanza. It also means that the race tech dragster will be entered into the Busters Bar and Grill $20,000 Big Dog Shootout on Friday August 4th. Even with his hectic out of town schedule not only does Paolo and Shannon continue to support what they still call their home track with advertising dollars, but also with the presence when ever they can. This says alot about this couple who have been part of the Luskville Dragway family, and have done so many great things for the race track. Another little bit of news coming out of our conversation in Bradenton was the fact that Paolo fully plans on running the Pro Mod at Naipreville Dragway @ one of the Quebec Pro Mod Series events, this will be very interesting to say the least.
*The announcement back in the fall that we would hold a big dollar Sled Shootout on August 4th was met with some great enthusiasm, but not many comminttmets to the event to be held in 2017. So hopefully with the announcment this week that the Shields Bros of Peterbrough one of the best in the business, would take part in this event, will enspire others to get their names on the list of what will be the richest Sled Race in the country. The Shields are pretty well known in the sled racing and call Shannonville their home track, but do plenty of travelling as well, and will be good enbassadors for the event. Joining the Sheild Bros this week is Sudbury, Ontarios Amanda Taylor as well, who made her first visit to Luskville Dragway last season. Amanda tells us that her husband is already working on the sled for the 2017 campaign, this is a welcome additino too the event.  Luskville Dragway has never had a sled following, unlike our Northern races, and Shannonville which at one time had 20 sleds on a regular day. We hope this event is a huge success and we can make it an annual affair but it will take the support of those that compete in this class. CLICK HERE FOR HIGH ROLLER PAGE
*Ashley Muttart did not take long to pick up his new ride and get it back to his shop so he and the boys could go through it and get it ready for the 2017 season. Ashley and Ray where all smiles as they along with the help of Derek and Troy loaded up the Chevy II for its trip back to North Bay, next trip is back to Luskville Dragway for test and tune, prior to opening weekend 2017. This transaction reminded me of how fast time goes by, it was TEN years ago that Derek and Troy took care of loading our 63 Corvette Roadster into a trailer to head to the east coast of Canada, where it still resides to this day. In fact we even tried buying it back this off season with no success.
*NHRA and Luskville Dragway is pleased to announce that 2017 marks the 25th anniversary of the Summit Junior Drag Racing League. As we all know, this 25th year marks a legacy built by the JDRL where many pro drivers got their launch. Please join us in celebrating the Summit JDRL all season long, and in partiuclar the Randy's Performance Bill Gaw Memorial weekend when there will be lots of special things for the Jr. Dragster drivers and teams.
n a day and age when speed shops are becoming a thing of the past it is nice to see that one of them is not just surviving but it is getting bigger and better as the years go by. Its a tuff deal for independent speed shops, as the times changed and many people starting supporting on line shopping when it came to high performance, which was a death nail for many, but not Para Performance of Montreal which is still going strong. It was only a little while ago that we talked about Ottawa's oldest running speed shop "Young's Speed Shop" closing, so it is great to here that Para Performance is doing well. Doing well enough, that the owners have not just decided to support Luskville Dragway but have decided to increase that invovlment with the title rights to the Door Car Challenge event July 1st, 2017.  Owned and operated by the Fred and Frank Angers and François Paradis it is quick to see that this is a racers speed shop to say the least. Para carries a complete supply of high performance products, and if they don't have it on their shelves they can get it the next day. They are also a supplier of Abruzzi Racing Transmission and once again in a day and age when our Canadian Dollar is not well, this is the place to shop. They can also get you what ever size and type of drag slick you want and have been doing so for a number of this area's drag racers. Many years ago there was many speed shops, many of them have bought advertising at Luskville Dragway over those years, but today Para Performance is one of the few that is around and is growing, so please remember to support those that support us. You can find out more about Para Performance by clicking on their Logo in our advertisers page.  paraperformance.ca
We are extremely pleased to announce that Autovation INC. will celebrate 12 years of advertising support at Luskville Dragway the NHRA Sanctioned drag racing facility just outside of Ottawa. Derek Lamoureux is not just the owner of Autovation Inc he is a hands on technician who makes sure everything leaving the shop in done right and the costumer is happy with all aspects of the work. Autovation like they have for a number of years now will host two cruise nights during the 2017 racing season, the first coming on June 24th. and Sept 23rd.
Autovation is your complete automotive service facility with all the necessary equipment and diagnostics tools to repair all makes and models. Our service staff will help you plan for your automotive service needs and place you in the right direction. They appreciate your feedback on their services so please feel free to e-mail them at info@autovation.ca This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call them at 613-831-8714 with any concerns you may have. Autovation Inc. has been providing great service and exceptional value since October 2nd, 2002.  The exceptional work that comes out of the shop has brought them to 8 bays and 5,000 square feet. The team includes 6 motivated people: three Class A Licensed technicians, Derek Lamoureux, Lee Barnes, Cory Smith and Dylan Buch, who sits at the service-counter/front-desk. In the background, our office managers Krystina Harris and Sean Gilchrist keep the paperwork flowing.  Together they can meet and exceed your expectation in automotive service. Our service team will go to any length to ensure a proper repair with an honest price. Autovation provides a host of specialty services from aftermarket exhaust fabrication to performance upgrades. Autovation is able to provide services that not only fit your budget, but also meet your performance goals as well. Derek Lamoureux is also an innovator when it comes to pushing the bar when it comes to performance and can quite often be found testing his work at Luskville Dragway or other motorsports venues in our area. Derek, the ever inovator has showed up with something really different, a 2005 Echo with two yes two 2.0L MR2 JDM Motors, with a Six speed, LSD, Turbo'd Front engine air to air intercooler, and quickly went out and ran a 1\4 12 sec, 113mph pass. Yes this is a shop that is more than your average shop and is definitely run by car guys. AUTOVATION INC.