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                     DOOR PRO RACE MAY 17/2014
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As we close in on the end of March and SUPPOSEDLY the end of winter I would just like to remind everyone about the Drivers meeting coming up on April 12th. at Busters Bar and Grill. This is the first officially happening for the track this spring and is crucial that everyone attend, this is an opportunity to voice your opinions and here those of the track, it is also a very important that we get as many signed up for the Napa Auto Parts Series as we can as this is the back bone of the track and the more the better.
*We have been hinting about it for a while now but we can not make it official, Jacob Wilson will debut in a mustang Semi Pro car this spring leaving the Driving duties of the Undercover Dragster too his Dad Scott. The Wilson racing team purchase the mustang from Glen Hyland who used to campaign the car at Luskville Dragway in a number of class's. The car last saw competition in Super Pro and is set up for that, so the plans are to have Jacob compete in Semi Pro and run for Rookie of the Year, with Scott and good Friend Randy Bellefeuille running the car in Door Pro and maybe the odd Super Pro when split ladders are in affect. Scott is a smart racer and saw the positive concept of having a door car as well as a open bodied car, look for more too follow what Frank Mark and ADM Motorsports has already done, and now Wilson Racing. This entree also brings us to 16 cars which is a ear mark to say the least however when you go back four years ago when we introduced the class, we had 42 people put there name on a list, many who had no thoughts of being part of the class, which i believe all these ones do. So this is significant as we head into a season which is really important for the door class folks, stand up and be counted if you want more door car stuff.
*And the good news for Door Pro does not stop with us hitting the first 16, in fact the great news just keeps on coming as Gord Harling has added his name to the May 17th. Malcolm Carpentry Opening weekend race. Gord who hails from Sudbury will join a large contingent of Northern Racers who will be taking part in what is definitely going to be the Biggest opening weekend of all time. Gord Harling is another driver who is no stranger to the winners circle having picked up more than his share of big dollar bracket races some right at Luskville Dragway, Gord is a welcomed addition to the race. And the Great News continues as we hear from Darryl Jensen who runs out of Randy's Performance and is a former Semi Pro Points Champion. Darryl had plenty of news to tell us about including a major weight loss for both him and the race car for 2014. The car is being upgraded and updated at Randy's Performance Automotive and will be ready for action come opening weekend and in particular the first of the season Door Pro race. Darryl has made it clear he will run the entire series trying to take the title away from Kevin Morrow who is a tow time champion. Mr. Jensen who like myself is an avid Texas Holdem Poker Player, and here two Darryl has made things a little lighter, lighter for other peoples pockets that is as he has had a banner off racing season winning at the Poker Tournament wars.
* Couple of quickies, don't forget to plan for the Drivers Meeting which is fast approaching, and look for another US driver to sign in for the big 20,000 to win Super Pro High Roller event, someone who has never been part of the Bonanza but will this season. Speaking of dragsters one of our local guys sold his too a racer from Sudbury, full story next week.
It's amazing how things can turn around as most of this season has seen us talking mostly about the Super Pro High Roller events and not much about the Semi Pro big dollar shoot out for the same weekend AUG. 1st. And with the challenge from Frank Mark last week it did not take long for Canada's Premiere Foot Brake racer Fred Elliot and his wheel standing "Cuda" to make it very clear that he was in for the high roller, and was setting his sites directly on Frank Mark and his foray into the Semi Pro Ranks. Fred said he was always in and was just waiting for the best time to throw his name into the fray, and now that its a war the gloves have come off. Lori and Fred who will be celebrating their 20th Anniversary of racing with the Cuda and they say the teeth have never been sharper than they will be on the August Long Weekend. Now the excitement doesn't stop there as Fred will definably have a large group of younger fans, you see Fred and Lori have also made it clear that they are going to donate the $200. they take off Frank Mark too the Jr. Dragster Prize Package for the end of the season awards banquet. This is very typical of this couple of folks from Southern Ontario, and with out question when and if Frank and Fred come to the line together, we wont have to think very long to wonder who each and every Jr. Dragster competitor will be Cheering for. We want to thank Fred and Lori for there generous offer, and yes we want to thank Frank Mark for what looks like adding some race day excitement to what is already looking like a Record Setting weekend. I'm sure that there will very quickly be many more who will want to be part of what is shaping up to be one of the wildest Semi Pro Races of all time. Would also like to thank Mike Lacelle for the pics below.
Will Katib is someone I have known since the end of the 1980's, a hard working individual who was operating his own pizza place's back then, a job that required long, long hours of work. Willy was also someone who loved cars, and loved fast cars and drag racing so obviously we had a great deal in common. I can remember many times stopping into Willy's Pizza Place for some great pizza, and a awful lot of drag racing talk. When the big chain pizza's virtually took over and made it hard for a independent to survive Willy went on too something he was also a professional in, and what he was really trained for and opened his current business in 1995. Willy's Alignment Center has evolved greatly over the years and today it specializes in front end alignment, but it is a full service auto repair shop, with a little leaning towards performance stuff as well. Located 2535 Blackwell St. unit 112 in Ottawa's east end Willy's Shop is a buy place no matter when your drop by, and to this day I still drop by, and even though we have to order in if we want Pizza, we don't have too order in if we want to talk about drag racing, as besides Willy you are quite app to run into a number of other drag racers also. And in 2014 Willy's Alignment will continue as a partner with Luskville Dragway and we are pleased and excited about this new partner. Willy has for all of these years been a avid drag racer and has been a huge supporter of Luskville Dragway for all of those years. Like many of today's current Super Pro Dragster Drivers Willy started out in a door car, a Camaro which turned into another Camaro which finally like all, turned into a rear engine dragster. In 2012 Willy made his latest acquisition and purchased his new Undercover Soft tail Dragster that has made him even more competitive than he has ever been, and a driver that is capable of winning any weekend. Katib Racing keeps his pulse on where he started his racing, in a door car, as he campaigns a wild wheel standing Chevelle along with long time friend and long time drag racer John Forsyth. In the middle of 2013 the team also added another Camaro too the shop which they hope to have out and running this season.  Willy's Alignment Centre Super Sunday is set for June 1st. 2014 and will feature Super Pro, Semi Pro, Jrs. and Street Eliminator.
We continue to try and make one race a year a reminder of where we came from as we feel it is very important that we never forget that. So on Sept 7th of 2014 Luskville Dragway along with a number of car clubs that are muscle car oriented will present Classic Muscle Car Weekend and Nostalgia. This weekend will take us back too the days when you drove your car too the track, uncorked the mufflers and went racing. Drove your car too the track and jacked it up and switched your street tires for some narrow slicks and went racing and then did the reverse and drove it home. These where the days when you could buy a car out off the show room at the local dealerships that would go too the race track and with a little work run some very fast numbers. These where also the days when the car companies believed that what raced and won on Sunday sold in the show room on Monday, and it was true. Ford had their Mustangs and Tornio's, Dodge had their Cuda's, Super Bee's, Chargers and Challengers, Chevy had their Chevelle's and Camaro's and Pontiac had their GTO's. yes these where some great days to say the least. And with this new race that we have put together we hope too take us back too those days so we all can remember where we came from, and for those that have never seen it will be a great experience. We have a number of clubs working with us, and some of the guys and gals that still too this day come and run time trials with their nostalgia muscle cars. We hope that everyone will get involved as we hope to make this event a regular event each and every year. Their will be a special Nostalgia race for old timers who where part of the racing at Luskville Dragway when it began, all vehicles in the Classic Muscle Car race must be of pre 1980. We can also tell everyone that photographer Marc Lavergne a avid car guy will be bring some models out for anyone that would like a picture that is just a little different than what they may normally have.  We will be having updates on this event as the off season rolls along, if you are part of a car club that would like too be part of this please contact us as the more the merrier. Click on the web link to learn more   CLASSIC CAR WEEKEND
As a lead to one of main stories this week, here is the first peak at the new Diamond Race Cars of the Angier Bros from Montreal, who have become involved very much with the racing program at Luskville Dragway. The picture kind of says it all as this is with out question one sharp looking car and is the first of two new cars that will come out of the shop for the Racing Bros out of Para Performance in Montreal. The car is fitted with the new front and rear suspension which has become a popular item over the last few years because it make for a much nicer ride on older tracks. Look the Angier's to have a new pic of this car very soon, with a winners circle sign in the background.
*We are also happy to announce that another one of the Tour Regulars has launched their won web site, which is good for everyone when this happens. This gives not only them, but also the sport of drag racing, the Napa Tour and Luskville Dragway or any other venue they visit more exposure to more people. So a big congratulations to Collin Peterson and all the folks at PandFRacing, don't hesitate to check them out at www.pandfracing.ca
*Made my annual trek to the NHRA Gatornationals, on Saturday March 15th. and with all the doom and gloom that has been passed around lately about the demise of drag racing and other forms of Motorsports, it was a pleasant surprise to see no signs of that at this event. In fact Car counts where up in most categories and the stands where packed, qualifying meant something in all of the upper class's with some big names not making the fields, disappointedly so for me, some Canadian teams that I have gotten too know over the years as well. It was nice to see Top Dragster front and center as it lead off the pro session on Saturday and Pro Mod was not reserved for the end of the day, in fact they where the first Pro cars down the track following the Top Alcohol Funny Cars, where they should be and not after the last nitro cars. I'm a firm believer in Pro Mod and Top Dragster for NHRA National Events, for Pro Mod they are going so fast anymore the only safe place for them is at NHRA prepped races, and Top Dragster is SO MUCH more exciting to watch compared too the Throttled Stopped, Totally Confusioning Super Comp Clones. Now all NHRA needs to do is add Top Sportsman to the weekend portion of their National events, run Super Gas and Super Comp on Wednesday and Thursday and I think they have a game plan that works. And for you Dodge Lovers where else will you find not one but two Dodge Daytona's running in Pro Mod, I'm a Chevy Guy and this was fun too watch.
*And speaking of Pro Mod, Paolo Giust called to let me know that he is heading back to the US for another NHRA race, the Lucas Oil Divisional at Virginia Motorsports Park, where he will continue to earn grade points running in Comp Eliminator. Here too NHRA has made a smart move opening up the new AA/PM Class in Comp where guys can run at NHRA events with their Pro Mod's, get them sorted out and get the ready for National event competition. Paulo and his team which includes long time Luskville Dragway Drag Racer Jamie Clarmo have their sights set on the National Record in this class on the weekend of April 4-5, Paulo has promised to keep us posted and i will keep everyone else in the loop when I get the info.
*As we talk about in the story below we have been spending a lot of time working the Opened Bodied High Roller for this years Bracket Bonanza, but it doesn't mean we have forgotten about our Door Pro Race coming up in May. This week Dan Allard reminded us not too forget about it, and too add his name to the list of potential winners for the Opening Day Weekend brought to you by Malcolm Carpentry. Dan who hails from North Bay says we will see lots of him and his wheel standing Vega this year, and where ever Dan is running, a trip too the winners circle is always possible. Dan who we first got to meet many years ago as the airport races took off up North, became a regular with is s-10 Truck and was a instant competitor from the early days. Dan is one of the many drivers from up north who have picked up a big win or two over the years at the airport races as well Luskville Dragway and other tracks the Napa Tour has visited. Dan who travels with a great group of guys which include Roger Leclair, Bill and Gord Harling, and Roch Beaudion are always a  welcome group to pull into your facility. We will have some more Door Pro News that is pretty exciting next week, along with a good sign of Semi Pro.
We lead off this week with some Semi Pro news which we hope will kick start the excitement in this class like there has been in the Super Pro High Roller Class and in particular the opened bodied class which has 30 entree's at this time for this summers event. We have our first new Semi Pro High Roller entree and comes from a surprising car, but we think it might just start the wheels spinning very, very fast. Frank Mark has made it clear he will run in this class and has gone one step further has said he will put a $200 bounty on his head for anyone that takes him out in the foot brake class. This alone should create a large challenge to all as anyone taking out this entree will have won their own entree back right off that bat, and will obviously mean they are still in the running for the BIG prize money. We all know that this class is a foot brake class with no electronics and this will be enforced very strictly so as no one can question anything. How good a racer do you think you are, step too the plate and take out Frank Mark and win your entree fee back right then and there. The other big semi pro news this week is that Fred Ellis will defend his Napa Auto Parts Title, which he has pretty much owned the last few years. Fred who many believe is the very best foot brake racer in Canada will hit the trail in July with a trip to Elliot Lake where he has done very, very well over the years. Fred and Lori who have already booked Motel rooms and motor homes for all of the 5 Napa Tour Events so although this is good news for the series it is not good news for the competition. Fred is too Semi Pro what the Yankee's are to baseball and although he has not entered the High Roller as of yet you can bet he will be and will be aiming his sites at securing the extra $200. that is now up for grabs, is he in or out.
We are extremely pleased to announce are newest advertiser and marketing partner for 2014, Para Performance of Montreal has signed on for the upcoming 2014 season. The Shop which is located at 1916, ch Gascon Terrebonne, Montreal, Quebec can be reached at 450-492-0141. The shop which is owned and operated by true drag racers who can obviously give you the tech help you require if you are unsure of what you require. Para Performance was started  by Francois Paradis in 1991 after Modik Performance closed its doors, with the Angier's Bros becoming partners in 2008.
The shop is a hub of activity in the Montreal area for motorsports enthusiasts and in particular Drag Racers from Quebec and Ontario. Paradise (hence the Para" name) as well as the Angier's have a deep well of drag racing experience, with many many wins under their belts and many more to come we are sure. The shop carries any and all performance products and if its something they don't have they will get it for you. The addition of this company as a advertiser for Luskville is exciting for sure as its the first Montreal advertiser since the days of Zeke's Performance, which is no long around these days. As we have said many, many times advertisers are the back bone of the track, and never more important than this year as we move towards as many improvements we can afford to do with a promise of more to come.

One of this area's leading performance shops, AUTOVATION Inc located at 507-11 Sweetnam Driver, Stittsville, Ont. just off Hazeldean Rd in Ottawa's west end has singed back on as a leading advertiser with Luskville Dragway for 2014. Derek Lamoureux the owner operator of this very successful business is with out question one of premier car guys in this city, and a specialist when it comes to import performance. AUTOVATION Inc. has been providing great service and exceptional value since October 2nd, 2002. Word of mouth about their tremendous service has brought them up to 8 bays and 5,000 square feet of shop to take care of your needs. Their team includes 8 motivated people: two technicians, Derek and Mike, two apprentices, Shoddy and Jack, our assistants Pierre and Tyler, and one counter person, Dillon.  Together they can meet and exceed your expectation in automotive service. Their service team will go to any length to insure a proper repair with an honest price. Autovation is your complete automotive service facility with all the necessary equipment and diagnostics tools to repair all makes and models. Here is just a small list of performance work they can do for you Custom exhaust system installation, bending/stainless steel systems/ welding, Super/turbocharger installation, Controller/ECM Tuning and Installation, Unichip Installation and Tuning just too name a few. Autovation also provides a host of specialty services from aftermarket exhaust fabrication to performance upgrades. Autovation is able to provide services that not only fit your budget, but also meet your performance goals as well. Owner, Derek Lamoureux is not afraid to get behind the wheel of race cars either as he frequently runs in the Enduro Racing at the local stock car track and can be seen quite often at Luskville Dragway with his turbo charged BMW, which is very, very fast. Derek and his team are also responsible for many other sport compact cars that race at Luskville Dragway and will play a big part in the sport compact challenge that is coming up on June 8th. AUTOVATION Inc, will have the title rights to not one but two cruise nights for the 2013 racing season which are listed in the track section of this web site. For more info on AUTOVATION Inc. please visit their web site at www.autovation.ca
This section, "the bits from the pits" is the scariest section for me each and every week, just ask Derek and Troy who I constantly bug to get new info. And, each and every week we always seem to have things to talk about in this section and for that I'm very pleased. And this week is no different as after getting back from a family vacation I was totally worried that we would have nothing to inform people about, as it was the low point of the off season, but boy was I wrong.
We will be announcing a brand new advertiser next week as the spring rush begins and hopefully the snow leaves. Advertisers are the back bone of any race track and for Luskville Dragway we have been very, very fortunate to have our fare share of them over the years.
*Jeff Keyuk got his new ride home this week and even though there is snow in he background the site of a new race car gets everyone's heart racing. Everyone can get an early look at the new ride by coming out and joining us at Ottawa's Custom Car Show the first weekend in May at the Earnst/Young Centre as Jeff's car will be one of many on display in the Napa Auto Parts Luskville Dragway Display.
*Over the years I have seen many, many racers come through the gates at Luskville Dragway, some have stuck around and some have not, but it has been fun no matter what. A few years ago Jason Fletcher came on the scene and he has not only stuck around but has been a blast to be around at the track. He is one of those guys who just loves to go down the track, I mean if we would let him he would be going down the track well after its closed. THAT over the years has really told be a lot about people, whether they are there for the show or whether they are there because they really, really love the sensation of leaving the line, doing a burnout, and blasting down the track, Jason loves to blast down the track. He has been a welcomed addition to Semi Pro and this year he and his team are adding another semi pro Mustang too the fray. The Good Time Racing team will have last years crew members Tim and Andre Fearrey taking care of the driving duties in the new car which will run a full season. There is no question that this is some of the best news that has happened for the semi pro class in a while and lets hope that this momentum continues and we can grow on it. Matter of fact, we can tell you that we have a huge announcement for the semi pro high roller at Luskville Dragway's annual Bracket Bonanza which has been a little soft with entree's and we hope to turn that around starting next week. By the way there is more good news coming for Semi Pro, centred on the High Roller portion of the Bonanza, something that I think will excite everyone.
Anyone that knows me well, knows I am a drag racing fan, yes I happen to be lucky enough to own Luskville Dragway, and Lucky enough to have owned and driven some race cars over the years, but most importantly I AM A DRAG RACING FAN. I love this stuff, i have never got tired of seeing cars go down the track and let me tell you I have seen many many thousands of cars go down the track. And over the years I have let my heart get in front of my head when it comes to events and special programs at Luskville Dragway, something a good business man should never do, but i have never claimed to be a good business man. Back at the end of the 80's I got this idea too have a full tilt (1/4 Mile back then) Alcohol Funny Car show, as a kid growing up my dream was to own one, that never happened, but 16 Top Alcohol Funny Cars trying to qualify for 8 spots at Luskville Dragway was the next best thing. It happened, it was great, I was in heaven all weekend long, and two decades later we did the same thing with Pro Mods, and it two was THEE best event that ever happened at our track up until that time. And now we turn our attention to making the 33rd Annual Bracket Bonanza the biggest and best ever, and we have started that process by trying to hit 32 opened bodied cars for a $20,000. High Roller event, and we have been getting close all off season. Well this week we have gotten even closer with three more entree's which brings the total too 30 cars and closer and closer to 32. The owner/promoter of the I-Car Series, Richard Arnold along with long time supporter Denis Souliere have signed on taking us even closer and closer to that magical number. Richard who has been doing everything he can to keep Good Bracket Racing Events going in the Montreal area is also someone who understands the importance of supporting each other, supporting events that are good for the racers. Richard along with Denis are also very, very possible winners of the BIG DOLLARS which will be paid out at this years event. The third entree is probably one of the most important ones so far this season, Gary Wager a veteran drag racer from Belleville, has thrown his name into the hat and let me explain why it is so important. Gary is known for his Dodge Mirada Door Car, but he has been playing with a rear engine dragster lately, but he would be the first to tell you he does not have the experience that everyone else on the entree list has. But Gary made it very clear he wants to support what he believes is a good thing for the drivers, as well as a good thing for the sport. That says a lot and is one thing we have been pushing, and why we have been working very hard to come up with prizes for the drivers who don't get into the money, and there will be more. I sincerely hope that others will look at Gary's entree and follow suit, this is a racers event and if you believe in the success of drag racing and don't have your name on the this list, then your only kidding yourself.  The Bonanza is the Nationals of Bracket Racing and the High Rollers have become the highlight of this weekend since its conception 5 years ago. I know that we have spend a lot of effort on the Door Pro, and door cars in general but my personal pet peeve this year is $20,000. to win the opened bodied event, and packed grandstands to watch this event.
We are very pleased to announce that we will once again be involved with Richard Arnold's Series Trailer Montreal and the race track at Mirabel called I-Car. Like our relationship with Shannonville in Belleville the joint partnership with Mirabel has been extremely good for everyone involved and has promoted our sport well and taken the racing programs to a whole new level. The Intertrack with Mirabel, Shannonville, and Luskville created some of the biggest Super Pro Class numbers at those tracks surpassing anything that was going on anywhere else in Canada. There has never been such a good working relationship with three race tracks like there is with these three at anytime every in the country and it shows, so many other tracks would benefit by doing the same, instead of trying build a wall around themselves, thinking they can survive that way. Country's don't seek out free trade deals with other nations for nothing, they do it as it makes the market a bigger place and that is pretty much what we have done with these relationships. All of the events that took place under the intertrack banner in 2013 where hugely successful, even when in some cases the weather man did everything possible to destroy it. The race that took place at Luskville Dragway on the Canada Day Weekend was with out question the best bracket race ever held there, and I think the same could be said about the race at Shannonville in Sept and the Ontario Quebec Challenge at I-Car at the end of Sept when 70 Super Pro Cars showed up. I can assure you that anyone that has a race track or a race series in this country would do almost anything if they could get 70 Super Pro Cars and we did it by working together. The dates for the first visit of ICar to Luskville will be the June 14-15 as part of the NAPA AUTO PARTS Super Charger Nationals, Luskville will then head to I-Car for the end of July (26-27) Series Trailer Montreal will then head back to Luskville on August 29-30-31 and then the final trip to I-Car for Luskville Dragway will be Sept 27-28 which is the 3rd. Annual Ontario-Quebec Challenge.
We are very pleased too announce that Winchester AutoPro one of our newest advertisers who signed on last season has once again did the same for 2014 with Luskville Dragway. Winchester AutoPro will be one of many advertisers who will be part of the Jr. Dragster Prize Pool for 2014 as we work to make this season's Jr. Program the best ever in this country.

WINCHESTER AUTOPRO also known as Winchester Automotive Services has been in business in Winchester, Ontario since October 1980. Owned and operated by Phil Vanoppen, they are a locally owned and operated family business that take's pride in serving a large clientele providing personalized service you can trust. There connection with NAPA AUTOPRO has proved to be beneficial with increased accessibility quality parts and warranties. Millions of Canadians have trusted
AUTOPRO for their vehicle’s service and maintenance care. With close to 600 service centers nationwide, AUTOPRO has built a reputation on quality and trust WHERE EVER YOU GO in Canada. When it comes to customer service, no one beats NAPA AUTOPRO. This fact was proven in 2009 when J.D. Power ranked NAPA AUTOPRO as Highest Overall Customer Satisfaction* among Canada’s top service centers. We are proud of this award and stand by our commitment to satisfy your vehicle repair and maintenance needs as best we can. The excellence of service from a dedicated and well-trained staff will give you that highest standard of Customer Satisfaction possible. WINCHESTER AUTOPRO is a one stop shop for vehicle maintenance including all mechanical repairs, alignments, electronic & engine diagnosis and emission testing and repair (Drive Clean and UCDA). Offering all the services you need for your vehicle in one location minimizes the amount of time spent managing your vehicle maintenance. Winchester Auto Pro is also a Certified Used Vehicle Dealer (Drive Clean and UCDA) our service takes the worry out of purchasing a pre-owned vehicle. We will find you a vehicle at the agreed budget, prepare the vehicle and deliver with all the paperwork done. For customer  convenience they offer SHUTTLE SERVICE to get you home or to work and LOANER VEHICLES if you need to stay mobile. Together with their “NO SURPRISE POLICY” of giving you the service cost up front we take the worry out auto service. Whether you have a car, truck or an off-road vehicle we will provide you with the expert service to keep you can trust.
Whether you drive a 1969 Camaro, a 2014 Dodge Challenger, a Turbo Honda or a pick up truck, Luskville Dragway will have a number of reasons you should call this track your home. First off make no mistake about it street car racing is based on 1320 feet, and nothing but, which any street car driver will tell you and Luskville Dragway offers you a full quarter mile with plenty of shut down to get that fast baby stopped. The track is fully sprayed for all of its events including cruise nights which if you have ever been part of, know quite well are very, very popular. It doesn't stop there with 330 feet of concrete starting line, full night lighting , scoreboards, and printed time tickets with all of your increments on it. In 2014 like in 2013 Luskville Dragway will continue its Street for Trophy program which saw moderate success in its first year in a long time of being run with regular day race programs. Cruise Nights will of course take place each and every Saturday Night from the end of April until the first of October with a couple of Friday nights thrown in around our big events like the Bonanza and the Fall Finals. As we have wrote on a number of occasions many improvements are under way
 *The May 17th Door Pro Race, as well as the series itself got a huge boost this week with the announcement from Bryan Thompson, of Brighton, Ontario, that he planned on not only being at the Opening Weekend 2014 race, but would run the series in search of the DOOR PRO TITLE. Bryan's 701/2 Camaro is one of the most unique cars, and in all likely hood one of the most photographed cars at any track it races at. The black beauty was constructed by Thompson himself in is a masterpiece in craftsmanship, and is part of the cars popularity, besides the fact you just don't see many of this type of Camaro. Bryan is also one of those racers who is easy too like, with his laid back attitude, and his quick to offer help and information to any who ask. Watching him deal with fans a couple of years ago at Luskville Dragway, allowing them to sit in his car and let them feel what it was like is just another one of this young mans professionalism at the race track. We have a great start to the Door Pro Series with a much more to come.
*Look for a big announcement surrounding the addition of another Semi Pro Car to the fleet at Luskville Dragway, all we can tell you at this time is it is a current Semi Pro Competitor, who drives a Ford in that Class and will add a second Ford, stay tuned, should have pics this week.
Precision Concrete Finishing is more than just an advertiser with Luskville Dragway, yes they are truly more than just that as they are racers and good friends. Carl Jessup has been a long time supporter of Luskville Dragway going back too the very early days many, many years ago. Carls Company Precision Concrete Finishing is the company that has always done the concrete work at the track, including the 330 feet long concrete staring line. Carls racing career is long and documented, with many wins and many championships, driving a varied number of different race cars over the years. Carl was one of the very first to carry a cooperate logo on the side of his race car, back in the days when he drove the "Hooters" and the Coors Light dragster for ADM Motorsports.  When son Kyle took over the majority of the driving duties the too has continued the family tradition of winning and winning lots, both races and championships. To this day either of these drivers are considered a threat when ever and where ever they run, and they have proved that time and time again with numerous wins. Precision Concrete Finishing which is located in Renfrew, Ontario and operates in much of the valley as well as many jobs in Ottawa. Precision Concrete Finishing has held the title rights to the Mulligan Sunday event that takes place each year, and that will continue in 2014 as the event will be held on May 18th as part of the Malcolm Carpentry Opening weekend and will see super pro running for a purse of $2000. to win. As has been documented many times on this web site is the close relationship the Jessup Family has with the Malcolm Family and that has shown through once again as Son Kyle will once again drive part time for ADM Motorsports this season, as well as the Dragster owned by his dad. Kyle who stared his big time racing career with ADM will wheel the Teams new Pro Stock Truck in Door Pro, and anytime a split ladder is in order. Kyle who works with his Dad at Precision Concrete also spends any down time from the cement business working in the Carpentry Business with Malcolm Carpentry, mostly during the winter time. If you have ever been too a race at any track these two teams are racing at  you quickly see the closeness as they to this day always park together and are always helping each other out. This relationship is just another example of the Family atmosphere we talk about that comes out of Luskville Dragway. Once again we are very pleased to have Precision Concrete support, cemented in the history of Luskville Dragway. So mark it down May 18th Precision Concrete Finishing Mulligan Sunday at Luskville Dragway.
We have lots of great news surrounding the Dragster side of the Big Dollar High Roller race scheduled for this years 33rd. Annual Bracket Bonanza as not only did we come closer to 32 cars but we now have a title rights holder. Busters Bar and Grill has stepped up and taken the title rights to what will now be called the BUSTERS BAR BIG DOG SHOOTOUT and will come with some good things for the drivers. If anyone has ever seen the Busters Logo you can quickly understand where the new title came from and will come with the addition of one driver getting a FREE ENTREE. Yes that is correct of all the drivers who are entered in the event on Aug 2nd a draw will take place after the second round of eliminations and one driver from the "non winners side" will have his entree fee returned as Busters Bar and Grill will pay for that driver. But it doesn't end there as the Official Fuel Supplier of Luskville Dragway, and the Napa Money Tour, Pro Fuels will give away a drum of alcohol which will be done in the same manner with all drivers entered  having a chance to win it with a draw after first round of eliminations. We can also point out that the winner of this event will receive an NHRA Wally for his or her victory as well as everything else. This is only the beginning of what we believe is about to grow and grow as we have been talking with many advertisers with the hopes of making this race the biggest thing ever. We are working very hard to find a advertiser to allow us to have a $500 low qualifier award as well, so if you want some great exposure give us a call.
And speaking of getting a call, we are extremely pleased to also announce that thanks to call from Steve Parkhurst of Parkhurst Motors and their race team, we are now very close to that magical 32 car count as the family owned race team has entered both of their new dragsters for the race. The Parkhurst Family has been instilled in the Drag Racing community from the days of late Jim Parkhurst the patriarch of the Parkhurst Race team. These days Jims Son Steve along with his mother Brenda continue that tradition as they guide grandson's Brandon and Daniel as they continue the evolution of the sport. The family purchased two new Diamond Dragsters this off season, and have now entered both of them into what is going to be history for drag racing in our area and a race that both cars on this team are capable of winning. As of this writing it was confirmed that talented Brandon Barker would drive one of the new cars in the Busters Big Dog Shootout, and that the second car driver would be decided come race weekend. But let no one doubt that both of these entree's will be more than ready, and capable of winning the big one. Also adding their name to what is definitely going to be the biggest thing ever locally for dragsters and opened bodied cars, Ray Bros. Racing with driver Becky Ray Gauthier taking us closer and closer to 32 cars. Becky is no stranger too the winners circle winning many times, and winning track championships, Father Ray has been involved with drag racing since the days of "Mohawk Dragway" in Desoronto. Shannonville and Luskville have a unique relationship and have for decades now, working closely together to make things better for both tracks and the drivers that compete there, and that continues in 2014 also. The addition of these three drivers shows how serious the racers, and promoters of these two tracks believe in each others programs and supporting them. This brings us to 27 cars and only 5 away from 32 which we firmly believe we will hit, and obviously we will work very hard too. If you are a opened bodied driver of any sort, dragster or altered then it hard to believe you would not want to be part of this event.
Most of the time when we start these stories we go back too the very beginning's but the truth of the matter is in this day and age we need only go back to 1999 and our first visit to Elliot Lake. The signing of our first contract with city and retirement living to bring Drag Racing to the North has changed drastically since. Years later we would take our traveling road show too North Bay, and the North Bay Airport, where most believe because of its success at the airport spurred the interest of some to build a drag strip for that area, which they did do. And 3 years ago a new stop once again was added, just like Earleton, Maniwaki, Kirkland Lake and North Bay Wawa saw the benefit of having a huge Motorsports event coming to their fare town. Wawa was however the furthest we had ever gone and there was some concern that the Tour Regulars would not travel, WRONG as they did. The town had a small population, could we put enough spectators in to make it viable, YES we did, with much thanks too people like Lori Johnston who was the lead person for the event in Wawa. Well after two years of growth we now head into our 3rd. year and work is going on at a bigger pace than at anytime in the previous two years. The event has grown to the point where others have been appointed to carry some of the load which in the long run should be even better for the event. The first season saw more cars than anyone really expected, and year two saw an increase in those numbers which made everyone pretty excited. So with the third year coming upon us we all know that everyone will have to work twice as hard to make 2014 even more successful and success is the key to any events continuation. Some things will change as for the first time Diamond Jim will not be part of the event as you have read on this web site a number of weeks back. Like Luskville Dragway, The Wawa race will not be the same with out him, but a good friend and someone who was part of Jim's entertainment package at Elliot Lake will be there this summer. "Nitro Mike" and his wild PT Cruiser Wheel Stander will Stand in for Jim so too speak and help the rest of us entertain all that come to the race. And come we hope they do as our total goal this season is too surpass last years spectator and race car counts in an effort too make sure the event is around for ever. So spread the word Aug 8-9-10 Wawa, Ontario, the trip too the North alone is worth the price of admission.
Luskville Dragway has been very fortunate to have some very long dedicated advertisers who have been with us for many, many years, and Kendall Motor Oil is on of those such companies. Kendall Oil is by no means a stranger too the drag racing world as you would have had to be blind not too have seen this name on the sides of many a drag car over the years, everyone from Funny Car standout Ace Manzo, too NHRA Pro Stock leader V. Gaines as well as many, many sportsman drag racers.  The Kendall Refining Company was founded in 1881 in Bradford, PA, to refine local grade crude oil into kerosene, lubricants and greases. The Kendall brand has introduced a number of significant industry firsts, including the first oil designated for winter use, the first prepackaged and factory sealed one-quart oil can, as well as the first 2,000-mile motor oil, which prompted the introduction of the brand's iconic Two Finger logo. Kendall Motor Oil is distributed in the Ottawa area through W.O. Stinson & Son's.