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                     DOOR PRO RACE MAY 17/2014
                    JR. DRAGSTER PRIZE PAGE
Over the years I have had the pleasure of meeting a great deal of people because of my association with the sport of Drag Racing, and other Motorsports Venues I have been involved with. Some people have come into our sport and then went on too other things, but we have always kept in contact with them and what they are doing, and often I have had people come up too me and say, Hey have you seen so and so lately, or what is what's his name doing these days. Well for those of you that remember Ed Como of a few years back, who is a good friend of Paolo Giust and competed in a rear engine dragster for a few years (which he still has by the way). Ed doesn't get much time to race the dragster these days however as he is very much involved in the Monster Truck World with his wildly popular "Anger Management" Monster Truck which he competes with on the Monster Jam circuit. If you know Ed at all you understand that this man can and does do an amazing job wheeling these high horsepower monsters on the Monster Jam Circuit. Drop by and see Ed at the Luskville Dragway Booth coming up at this years Ottawa Classic Car Show, May 4-5 and the Ernst Young Center.
*Speaking of the car show you can tell by our promotion of the 2nd Annual affair on our front page, that we are going to be marketing partners on this years show, just like last year. One of the added benefits to coming out too the show is with the purchase of a ticket to the Ottawa Classic Car Show you will receive a ticket to the Malcolm Carpentry Opening Weekend at Luskville Dragway.
*The first Door Pro race of the season keeps adding names to the Malcolm Carpentry Opening Weekend May 17-18 and this week one of the most entertaining cars of the last two years has joined the party. John Forsyth and his wild wheel standing Malibu is the latest Door Pro car to add his name the the growing list for the first event of the summer of 2014. John is a long time competitor at Luskville Dragway and had one of his best years ever in 2013 finishing well up in the season long points series, look for Forsyth to have an even better year in 2014. John's D&D Performance Powered Chevelle never leaves the staring line with anything less than a giant wheel stand, which is what the fans love to see.
We have wrote here many times how fortunate we are to have the advertising support that we get from the racing community that race's at Luskville Dragway and own successful business's, and this weeks lead story is another perfect example of just that. But what we tend to forget to mention many times in these stories, is the friendship that comes along with many of these advertiser's, and such is the case with Mike, Vicki, Rachel and Ashley Ogilvie. Mike and Vicki Ogilvie came on the scene at Luskville Dragway more than a few years back, and have been loyal and dedicated supporters ever since.  The Ogilvie's own and operate Ogilvie Auto & Fleet Service in small town Jasper, Ontario, close too Merrickville. The shop is one of the busiest you will ever visit with work being doing on everything from small cars, to big trucks to Motorhomes, you name it, if its got an engine and wheels they fix it. The shop also has a technician that goes out on the road to repair big stuff, and I can tell you from personal Motorhome experience they are very, very special at what they do in that area as well.  Mike Ogilvie competes in the highly competitive Super Pro class where he campaigns a M&M Chassis, Super Charged Dodge rear engine dragster. But the competitiveness of the family does not end their as both Rachel and Ashley Ogilvie compete and win in the Jr. Dragster class at the track, where the younger sister Ashley won the Jr. Dragster Track Championship in 2013.
From the very beginning Mike and Vicki became advertising supporters of the track through their Ogilvie Auto and Fleet Service company. In 2011 and every year since, Ogilvie Auto and Fleet has taken on the title rights too the richest Jr. Dragster race in Canadian Drag Racing history, with the running of the Jr. Dragster High Roller event at the Bracket Bonanza each year. All sixteen Jr. entree's are presented with  a high rollers memorabilia and then run for $1000. in first place prize money, well once again this season we are pleased too announce that Ogilvie Auto & Fleet will once again carry title rights too the Jr. Dragster High Roller race on .August 1st. Yes with out question the Ogilvie's have become a big part of Luskville Dragway and the Napa Tour where they have not missed a signal event, and where all of the Ogilvie Motorsports team drivers have done extremely well.
Just another note, Mike Ogilvie is also someone who is very quick to come too the aid of other drivers which has been shown time and time again, including so much as allowing a driver (Derek Malcolm) who was chasing the same points chase's Mike was, to use his car to race when Malcolm's was broke. Mike and Vicki also do a great deal more than just the support of Luskville Dragway and its programs as they are a major player with the huge Merrickville Car Show as well as supporting Brockville Speedway.
One only needs too look at the very large winners circle group after one of Mikes big wins, and you quickly see how well liked this team is at the race's. Luskville Dragway is extremely proud and lucky too have such great people as part of the track, and with out question it is people like the Ogilvie's that make Luskville Dragway different than any other track and a very family oriented race track, it is also people like this and many others like the Ogilvie's at our track that is the reason we keep doing what we do.
What a great way to end the cold month of January but with some news that will warm everyone up, as another four open bodied entree's came in for this years Bracket Bonanza High Roller setting us up for the richest ever "DRAGSTER SHOOTOUT", with close to $20,000 to win. Yes there is no question that this years High Roller set for this summers Bracket Bonanza will be worth the price of admission with a goal of 32 cars for the Friday Night Shootout coming closer and closer to becoming a reality for 2014. Heading the list this week is Pro Mod owner/driver Paolo Giust who will being wheeling his Race Tech Top Dragster car for this event, and event that he has been part of since its conception, even with the tremendous schedule of keeping his 63 Corvette Pro Mod program. Paolo has long been a great supporter of what we do at Luskville Dragway in more ways than one, and has also done his fare share of winning at the NHRA sanctioned track just outside of Ottawa. Joining Paolo and also driving a Race Tech Car is Pennsylvania's Paul Bochon, who has also been part of the High Roller race since it began four years ago. Paul and his family have been coming to Luskville Dragway from PA for more years than one can remember, in fact these days son Adam Bochon is quite often driving also. Paul much like Frank Mark and his family make the annual Bracket Bonanza a part of their summer drag racing schedule each summer. Also coming in this week is Brian White and Josť' Mongeon who sat out all of last season as they moved into their new house in Ontario and starting building the new race car shop also at the new home location. Josť and Brian both have a storied history with Luskville Dragway which we have documented many times over the years. This duo although they have not raced on a regular basis the last few years can sneak up and bite anyone with a win at any given time. The last entree to come in this week and take us to 24 does not have as long a history as do some of the other ones, but has proven in a very short period of time that he is competitive and ready for his trip to the winners circle. Scott Wilson who wheels a slick looking 2008 Undercover Chassis Dragster gets us that much closer to the the majic 32 cars which is our goal and hopefully one we meet.
Well its official now, Parkhurst racing has taken delivery of two new Diamond Race Car Dragsters for competition in 2014, the two cars where part of a three car deal done with the Montreal based Anger Racing Team. Brandon and Daniel Barker and Uncle Steve Parkhurst will be driving the two new dragsters, as well as some duties in the door car. The Anger's took the Undercover Car that was campaigned by Brandon since he made the move too the big cars a couple of years ago on trade. Steve Parkhurst who is normally been behind the wheel of a door car, will be a fierce competitor in the Dragster wars, and I will make this prediction right now, will be in the winners circle sooner than later. What's really nice about the timing of this deal is like when the undercover car was purchased, it was done right around the Birthday date of their late Father and Grandfather Jim Parkhurst. Fred and Frank Anger have ordered two brand new Diamond Cars and will plan on having them by late spring if all goes well, they will campaign the undercover car that they took as part of the deal, but this dragster will be for sale once the new cars arrive. Besides Daniel Barker making the move to the big cars in 2015, we could have a barrage of movement as Randilynne Urslak and Rachel Ogilvie are also of that age where they too could be moving up. This along with Jacob Wilson and Dan Pillwein making the move in 2014, adds a whole new look too the big car scene as well as a wide open door for many in the Jr. Ranks, the evolution of Drag Racing can be amazing to say the least.
*Just a reminder to everyone that the Wawa Napa Tour Event has kept its original date of the weekend after the Bracket Bonanza, there was some rumors of changing it but that is not the case. The Third Annual Northern Nationals will go August 8-9-10 2014, so get your rooms booked now for what has quickly become a must too do event, in the drag racing world, look for more announcements for this event as we move through the off season months. Also look for a large contingent of representatives from Wawa to be part of our Inter-Track race on June 27-28-29 at Luskville Dragway. And speaking of North Races plan on being part of what is the most successful, the most fun airport race in Canada, Elliot Lake and the Napa Auto Parts North Shore Challenge takes place July17-18-19-20 that's right it covers four days just like a National event it is so Big. I would also like to point out that this will be the 15th year for this event and there will be many special things to commemorate that, BE THERE
*Please note the date change for this years Classic Car show at the Ernst/Young Convention Centre, the new dates is one week later, May 4-5 and Luskville Dragway will once again be a big part of this endeavour. Last years show drew great reviews and look for a number of changes to make things that much better this year. If you have a drag car that you might be interested in being part of this deal give Derek or I a call so we can work with you on doing just that.
*Could we have another current Super Pro Dragster Driver getting ready to run some Door Pro Races this season, Yes we do and this is another driver who started his drag racing career in a door car before following the trend of moving to a open bodied car. We are going to keep this move under our hats until we are given permission to let it be published but this one is a big one for sure and we believe it will lead others too do the same.
Vern and Cathy Hinton are the owners of one of the largest Automotive Shops in Eastern Ontario, but this is no ordinary Automotive Shop as Hinton Automotive/West Carleton Automotive is a Leader when it comes too the performance market too say the least. The shop which is located just off the Carp Road in Ottawa's west end @ 129 Walgreen Street is not only one of the biggest, but it is one of the best equipped shops and can do just about anything you require, from regular domestic and import service , to ANYTHING you need in the Performance Market and I mean anything. The new shop which is only a few years old also houses the West Carleton Automotive Machine Shop and engine building business which produces and has produced many of this area's winning race engines in any format of racing. Hinton is also a facility that builds, services and improves any street performance car you have, and many of this area's street rods call Hinton Automotive their home shop. On many visits to the shop I have seen enough performance cars that are in being worked on, that if you where too put them all in a building at the same time you could charge car show admission. Regular work, street performance and full out race car work is what this shop is all about, an example of the quality of this shop is the Ralph Coe owned Dodge Super Pro car that not only won the Napa Tour Championship in 2011, but won the Big Dollar High Roller event against some of the best dragsters in the North East as well as $1000. gamblers race on a green race track in Wawa, Ontario. Vern who is a very experienced individual has a vast background in the performance market, from making drag cars work, to making stock cars work, to making some of the wildest street rods wilder. So if your looking for a shop to build you a race engine, get you a race transmission, or any other performance product you need, or if your looking for some one to put it all together Hinton Automotive/West Carleton Automotive on Walgreen Street is where you should be headed. This is a company that goes back too the very beginnings of the motorsports growth in this area and has been a major advertiser with Luskville Dragway since 1981.
With the kick off last week of the May Long Weekend Door Pro event we are pleased to keep that excitement rolling with large addition to the list of committed drivers this week, and this time around they do come from the door car guys. Kicking things off is Patrick Allaire who not only commits to the May 17th Door Pro Race, but also tells us that he is moving up to Super Pro full time in 2014 with his very quick Mustang. Pat who lives right in Luskville has been a regular at the track most of the last number of years, and will be a contender in super pro, he is another one of the drivers who full supports split ladders for super pro. Another Door Pro commitment and another Mustang driver is Jason Fletcher, lasts season Semi Pro Rookie of the year. Jason has also been very busy since the end of the season rebuilding his Ford engine, adding a new convertor, bigger fuel lines, and a fuel cell. Jason who is a member of the Canadian Armed Forces doesn't get too race every weekend but is there every time he can be and is a welcomed addition when ever he is there. Just so you don't get the idea that all door pro cars are Fords we are extremely pleased to also add Roch Beaudion's name and his very, very fast Camaro too the list of committed drivers for the Door Pro race on May 18th , the Malcolm Carpentry Opening weekend 2014. Roch and Nancy are regular fixtures on the Napa Tour as well as Luskville Dragway many weekends of the season, and are always a pleasure to have there. Roch who has a number of wins under his belt, none bigger than a big Napa Tour win a year or so back, and a $10,000 pay day to go with it. Roch's Camaro is one of, if not thee fastest door cars that competes at Luskville Dragway and is a prime example of a driver and a car who gets down any racetrack he is racing on. Yes Beaudion and his Blue Bow Tie runs the Luskville Dragway in as straight line as you can get and is a driver that many others could take some lessons from when it comes to getting a fast door car down the race track.
With a sell out of the first sixteen Dragster High Rollers a lot of emphasis will be put towards doing the same for the door side of things which as of this week only has three entree's although it is early. But with the addition of Brad Silverthorn, Jamie Tupper and Wayne Burke we have moved up a little closer too the magic sixteen number for a complete sellout of the Door Side. With a small change in the format this year we fully believe that the door side will sell out and its only a matter of time. The door side will race for its purse with the drivers deciding the final split prior too the semi finals, and with the winners of the door side and the winner of the open side placing a bet out of their winnings for the overall winner very much similar to the way they did it on "Pinks". Silverthorn from Pembroke Ontario is a regular driver at Luskville Dragway and is a driver who also follows the entire Napa Tour including the long trip to Wawa, Ontario each and every year. Wayne Burke is a driver from the North and does make it to Luskville Dragway a few times each year, with a commitment to make it a few more times this season, now that he and his sons cars are both ready to go. What can you say about Jamie Tupper, one of the winningest drivers of all time, whether it be super pro door cars, super pro dragsters, top dragster or top sportsman there is not much that Jamie has not won. The Corvette Door Car is also with out question one of the nicest pieces that ever graced a drag strip anywhere and works better than most. This three car addition brings us to 6 entree's with more to come for sure, we firmly believe that we can and will sell this side of the ladder out as well as the opened side.
With all the attention be focused on the big cars the past few weeks we want to make sure everyone knows that we have not forgotten about the Jr. Dragster Drivers, and with four new entree's this week, they have not forgotten about the richest race of the year either. Picking up the numbers in a big way is the Urslak Racing Team of Randilynne, Kayle and Landyn all who have thrown their names into the battle as well as Erin Silverthorn who joins her dad in the Big Weekends High Roller Events. The second generation Urslak's also join their Dad in the Bracket Bonanza High Roller events as they have done each and every year. Randilynne is running in what could be her last season before moving to a big car and would like nothing better than to finish her career in this class with a win a the biggest Jr. Dragster race of the season. Kayle and Landyln Urslak are two more Jr. Drivers who have had an impact on the sport at Luskville Dragway and both are also quite capable of winning the race that has more prestige than any other, Erin Joyce is another one of the Lady drivers who doesn't have much time left in a Jr. Dragster and she too would like to add this title to her repertory.  Erin has made it quite clear to her dad that when she makes the move to the big cars she really wants to do so in a dragster.
Ok folks, Derek has launched the Facebook Practice Tree Competition page, for the big event coming up on Feb 15th at Busters Bar & Grill so hope everyone that can, comes out and supports those that support us. Its a fun time with LOTS of prizes and great food for everyone. Last years event was a HUGE success with competitors coming from as far away as New Jersey so look for this years deal to be even bigger.
*Some big announcements coming out over the next few weeks concerning the Northern Portion of the Napa Tour, please stay tuned as we bring you all the information. We will also be doing some fine tuning on the schedule which we hope too firm up over the next couple of weeks in order to give everyone a heads up for the upcoming season.
*New for Open bodied high roller for 2014 will be a qualifying ladder based on ET. with low qualifier getting the number on spot on the ladder. We are currently working to make sure that who ever becomes the number one qualifier does not do this for nothing. We are hoping to sign a advertiser to this position. Our plans are too do the same for the door car side of the ladder also making going fast have a reason once again in Drag Racing. Both low qualifiers for Open Bodied and Closed Bodied cars will be acknowledged no matter what.
*With the launch of promotion for our Door Pro Races starting in May, it took me back too the days when we promoted and produced independent Super Gas Races at Luskville Dragway and some of the drivers that competed in them. And with that came a long lost shot of one of those such drivers who no longer is in the sport but was very good when he was. Gilles Daoust of Montreal was a strong supporter of Luskville Dragway and in particular the Super Gas Races we ran back then. Much like what we are trying to do with Door Pro events these days, we where one of very few tracks that tried hard to promote Super Gas on a local level. Daoust's Monza wagon was a mainstay at the track back then for such Super Gas events and this week we add his pic to the "Blast from Past" section of our web site. Gilles went on to run a competitive Top Alcohol Funny Car before a hockey injury made it impossible to drive the car, its been a while since we have seen Gilles but thank him for his support back then.
With the racing season fast approaching, opening day becomes the focus of everyone, as a good start to the season could mean a championship at the end of the season, and a walk too the podium in November. And with that in mind we are pleased to announce that Malcolm Carpentry will once again, like the past 4 years be the presenter of Opening Day (Weekend) at Luskville Dragway which will be held on weekend of May 16-17-18. The event is run in conjunction with the long weekend in May which is from past experience a great weekend too kick off the drag racing summer, and allows those that want to travel from a distance an extra day.
Malcolm Carpentry and Building Construction is an Ottawa Based Company owned and operated by Derek Malcolm. Derek has the combined education and experience to complete to your satisfaction any home project. Derek's attention to detail and quality of workmanship , will turn your ideas into reality, providing a wide range of services from Decks, Fences, Flooring, Siding, Bathrooms, and complete basement renovations. Derek comes with many first rate recommendations and testimonials and is highly respected in the industry. Derek's detail to perfection has had him called into to complete jobs that other can not, and is often called on by companies like Top Hat Home Comfort when perfection is a must. Derek is also a very good drag racer and over the past 15 years has proven that over and over again with many wins, and a number of championship trophies adorning his mantle piece at home, including last season when he once again claimed the Super Pro Track Championship marking the 3rd time he has done so in his career. 
Again if you are in the need of any of this advertisers service's please do call and support those that support our sport. Visit Malcolm Carpentry by going too their web site, www.malcolmcarpentry.com

We would invite everyone too stay tuned as we may have some more exciting news about the opening weekend coming soon. We can tell you at this time that the first Door Pro race of the season will take place on the Saturday of the opening weekend, and we have arranged for SFI to take place for all those requiring it, on Sunday May 18th. We have had many confirmations of racers from the North making this trip, as they have in the past seasons, so we should have a good turnout. The plans right now will also include a Test and Tune session on Friday Night May 16th along with street car racing.
With the announcement this week of the Malcolm Carpentry Opening Weekend May 16-17-18 we can also announce that our first Door Pro Race will happen on the Saturday the 17th. and we do so with the launch of our Door Pro Page. And as we get ready to launch what we hope will be a successful season for door pro, we do so with a batch of trucks being the first entree's. Kicking things off was Dick Stanton who has supported everything we have ever done with door cars (trucks) as he adds his name to the list for May 17th. Also Trucking right along with support is the new ADM Motorsports S-10 entree which will run all five races at its home track. Also adding his Truck to the fray is Sudbury, Ontario's Shawn Oliver and his slick Dodge Dakota Truck. All three of these entree's have the ability to take home the first win of the season, as all of these drivers have been to the winners circle at one time or another, even if it is not in the vehicle's they will be driving in the class on the 17th. Look for many more Northern Ontario drivers to add their names as they head south for the first big weekend of the season, a three day event, big prize money and SFI inspection on Sunday for any of those that wish to do so. Some drivers have committed from as far away as Wawa, Ontario.
WOW, for the first time ever this early, the first sixteen has been sold out for the Bracket Bonanza High Roller Race that is held each year at the annual Bracket Bonanza the long weekend in August. PLUS we have two entrees that have kick started the second 16 taking us on our way to the first ever 32 car show and $20,000. to win. Thanks to a 8 car entree list that came in this week the first sixteen is full and that is earlier than at anytime in the past. Fred and Frank Augier lead the list with three entree's, Marco Laframboise another Montreal racer will capture one spot as will annual supporters, Jamie Tupper Randy Urslak, Kyle Burke and Tad Kaminski. This is just what we predicted and once again shows the importance and success of the inter-track events that have went on with I-Car last season and with Shannonville for the past number of years. The Augier team which comes too the races with guns loaded, had a great deal of success last year at Luskville Dragway and the Napa Tour event held at Shannonville, in fact it was the Augier's who won the King of the Track event at Luskville last year at the Fall Bracket Finals. Marco Laframboise is also no stranger to the winners circle, as he is the 2012 Series Trailer Montreal Super Pro Champion, and kicked off the 2013 season with a big win at Luskville Dragway for the first Inter-track race last July 1st. Marco Drives a beautiful Diamond Race Cars rear engine dragster and like the Augier Racing Team can win at any event he enters, so look for the Montreal area cars to have a huge impact on this years Bracket Bonanza and especially the high roller portion of the weekend. However the Montreal drivers as well as the other members of the first sixteen will have Jamie Tupper, Randy Urslak and Tad Kaminski to deal with also, as these three drivers who have always been in this event round out and help sell out the first sixteen. We can also tell you that we already have a number of entree's already for the second 16 which could give us the biggest turnout of dragsters (opened bodied cars) in the history of the event. In fact with the huge entree's coming in this week, one of the ADM Motorsports entree's  as well as Kyle Burke of Sudbury have started the list that will hopefully take us to the first ever 32 car show. We have a number of teams who have always been part of this portion of the event who have not entered yet , but yet we expect them too, which could take us to a first time ever 32 car show which would give us the richest ever purse for this event.
One of the most successful portions of the 2013 programs at Luskville Dragway, with out question was the Jr. Dragster Program. From advertisers support, to the unreal job that was done with the 50/50 ticket sales in an effort to make sure we had enough prizes for the kids come banquet time. Well we can tell you right now that we will have the program in place for 2014 and we hope we can count on all those that where involved last season to do so again this season, as well as any others who want to help us make the program even better than last summer. The kids had a great time at the banquet and we want to do everything we can to make them have a better time at the 2014 banquet, again we cant not thank those  that helped enough, as you are the reason this program was as successful as it was.
*Here is another great story about one of our Jr. Dragster Racers, Brody Bellefeuille is goal tender for the Metcalfe River Rats Major Atom which is part of the competitive Ottawa B League. Brody is currently the number 1 goalie in the league, on a average Brody has 2-3 games and 2 practices per week. So far this year he has participated in 5 of 6 tournaments. On News Years Day, Brody's team won the Bell Capital Cup with a 3-2 win over the Kemptville Panthers and on January 2nd Brody along with Mom and Dad were off to Jay Peak, Vermont to try and win another. Mom and Dad are very proud of the responsibility, drive and commitment Brody has shown in hockey this season and are looking forward to those attributes being applied to racing this coming year. Brody along with Matt Menard maybe the next NHL Hockey players who have the summer love for drag racing like Ed Belfour did. Many sports figures over the years have shown a major interest in drag racing, whether it be football greats like Dan Pastorni or Basketball Star Larry Nance just to name a few, could we have two growing up right at Luskville Dragway, time will tell.
*Ok boys and girls next week we will start our May 17th Door Pro event page, with the hopes of having at least 32 cars entered prior too the event. Remember back four years ago when we created Door Pro we had 54 entrees commit to supporting the event, we don't think we can hit those numbers but 32 is a reality and a must if we are to make this program work, its up too you door car drivers to work with us in making DOOR PRO a viable and growing class, as always the drivers hold the future in their hands. So come on, get behind this program if you are a door car racer.
*As we head into 2014 there has never been a time when advertisers are as important as they are right now, as we move for with as many improvements that we can over the next couple of years, we need all the support we can get. Although not seen  or talked about by everyone, we have continued each and every year to make improvements at the track and we will continue to do so. The support of advertisers not only allows us to keep the great programs going, such as door pro, points funds, jr. dragster prize package, the Richest Bracket Race in Canada, BUT MAJOR IMPROVEMENTS AS WELL. Our goal this year as we have said in an earlier post, is to make your racing visit to our track as smooth as possible!!
*Was just about too push the publish button this morning, when a knock came on the door, upon opening the door there was just a note laying there that said the following. Attention Race Fans, major race car deal about to happen involving two major race teams that has major positive implications for Luskville Dragway, Shannonville and I-Car, stay tuned for further information.
When it comes to long standing support of Luskville Dragway NO ONE can argue that Randy Urslak is at the top of the ladder, and has been for a long, long time. The owner of one of the busiest repair shops in Eastern, Ontario Randy Urslak has been involved with us at Luskville Dragway in one form or another since we took over in 1980, in fact that support has grown as Randy has grown as well. I have told the story many times of back in 1980, when I would visit with Randy and his boss at that time Bill Gaw, (Bills Competition Engines), I would take the drive to Kemptville to have a most of the night bench racing session. Back then Randy was an employee for one of this area's Drag Racing Pioneers and innovators, and that is where Randy got his start driving. Driving what compared to today's standards a very "unsophisticated Camaro" but like now even back then Mr. Urslak did very well. Randy went on too open his own shop, "Randy's Performance Automotive" and he also went on to be one of the busiest and best drivers at Luskville Dragway with as many wins if not more than any other driver at the track. And using the word busy, is probably not accurate enough these days as not only does he continue to campaign the fastest bracket car at the track on a weekly basis but he also crews and maintains THREE JR. Dragsters that his kids drive. Yes besides keeping his Racetech Rear Engine Dragster performing he keeps things hoping with his three young kids who compete in the Jr. Dragster class where like their father they too visit the winners circle on a regular basis. Randy who is a fully certified Professional Fireman, who volunteers on the Fire Department in Kemptville besides operating the shop is often asked, "where do you find time". But find time he does and is quick to lend a hand to anyone who needs it as well, and when assistance is needed at the track no one is faster to volunteer than Randy, although he has plenty to take care of right in his own pit area. So once again as we head into 2014 and more than 3 decades of running Luskville Dragway once again one of the first too throw his support behind Luskville Dragway and what we do is Randy Urslak and Randy's Performance Automotive from Kemptville, Ontario. Randy's will once again be a major advertiser with the track and its programs, including the Jr. Dragster Program and the JR. Dragster Championship the weekend of June 27-28-29, which last year was the biggest and best race in the history of the race track. Now I would also like to remind everyone that even with this tremendous support that Randy commits to each and every year, for the last number of years he as also stepped up near the end of the season to add money to the price pool for another weekend, again showing support for Luskville Dragway and its drivers like no other. Randy's Performance Automotive is a full line repair shop that specializes  in high performance work, which can be seen with a number of the other drivers including Semi Pro drivers Mark Thompson and Darryl Jensen. The shop which is kept very busy with just regular automotive repairs also does a number of street rod projects, including some from as far away as the US. If its got a engine in it then Mr. Urslak is the man you need to see, whether its regular repairs, performance work, or anything else, there is not job, no project that Randy's Performance wont tackle, through the week, but come the weekend your going to have to be at the race track too catch up with this guy, although just ask some of the other drivers, he's not that easy to catch. On behalf of everyone involved at Luskville Dragway we would like to thank Randy & Carrie Urslak for their tremendous support over the years, and are some of the best examples we have of why we continue to keep doing what we do.
Another week and more and more High Roller entree's keep rolling in, in what we believe will be the biggest season ever for this very special portion of the Bracket Bonanza, Canada's oldest and richest Big Dollar Bracket Race. The opened bodied side of things looks like it will sell out before the end of January as a number of first timers have thrown their name on the list, starting this week with Terry Miron who will be a first timer in the annual Big Dollar High Roller event. Terry's entree along with veteran racer and past winner of the Big Go Russ Adams brings the total "Announced Entrees" to 10 with a sell out eminent by the end of January. Miron who comes from a racing family had a very good 2013, after installing a new transmission and convertor Terry was competitive each weekend he was out. Someone who has not been a regular but managed to finish in the top 20 Super Pro Drivers in 2013 is looking forward to having a good season with a higher finish and maybe a trip to the winners circle at the High Roller event August 1st. 2014. As we stated Terry comes from a racing family that started with his Dad Vic back in the early days, his brother Tim drove for ADM Motorsports for a number of years and Terry's son Justin drives the family dragster when ever he can get a chance. Russ who has been part of Luskville Dragway since he was born, has many wins and top ten finishes under his belt at Luskville including the 2012 Title of High Roller winner. Russ and his American Race Car will be one of the drivers to watch come the 34 Bracket Bonanza weekend.
Ok, Christmas and New Years is over, hope everyone got what they where hoping for and hope that everyone enjoyed the time with family and friends, I know that we certainly did. But now its time to start looking down the road and what is up and coming, in a very short period of time. First thing on the list is the 2nd. Annual Winter Nationals Practice tree competition on February 15th at Busters Bar and Grill and then the annual drivers meeting also held at Busters Bar and Grill on April 12th. This is the time that we discuss the upcoming season and also discuss ideas and thoughts with the drivers and the teams that race at Luskville Dragway and the Tour, mark these two dates on your calendar early so you don't miss either.
We are very pleased to announce that we have secured NHRA SFI for the long weekend in May which is the Malcolm Carpentry Opening Points Day at Luskville Dragway and has traditionally been supported by many out of town cars. A number of those cars have requested information on whether we would have SFI or not and we are very pleased to say we will thanks to Bob Lang at Division One and Steve Lecour who like years past will be the inspector that comes in to do the SFI. If you are someone who wishes to have this done, please call Derek or I or email to have your name put on a list, this will be only a one day affair so knowing how many we have is very important. 
*For those of you who didn't see it on Facebook Christmas morning, the evolution of our JR. Dragster program just continues to roll right along, as young Max Gauthier received a what he thought was the best Christmas gift ever. Yep a brand new Jr. For Max was what greeted him on Dec 25th. a much faster, and much more updated Half Scale car which will obviously make Max a much tougher competitor in 2014. The car was campaigned by Dan Pillwein who has moved from Jrs. to Semi Pro, which is also part of the evolution of the Jr. Program. Once again we will see over 20 Jr. Dragsters competing on a weekly basis at Luskville which will also once again be the biggest Jr. Program in Canada. This along with the new cars in the north will hopefully help us sell the Jr. Points Program we are trying to add too the Napa Tour for 2014. By the way I think it was the biggest Christmas ever for kids getting Jrs. as Christmas gifts another good sign for the class and the programs we have for them.
*The off season work continues for some teams as they ready for 2014 and a all out assault on the Napa Points Championship. TKL Team owner Tad Kaminski has shipped his many time winning Race Tech Dragster down to Ohio and the Diamond Race Car shop to have a update done which will include a all new front suspension system on the car. The new front shock suspension system has really taken off for the dragster contingent as more and more teams get this process done. It allows the drivers to have a much nicer and smoother ride, whether it be the smaller older tracks that most race on or the silky smooth national event tracks. The car was hauled down to Ohio the day after Christmas and should be ready to come home in early spring.
*Speaking of Dragsters and speaking of new cars, Jamie Tupper has sent along a couple of dragsters that he has for sale as he has purchased a new Undercover Car for 2014. This is the first news of new dragsters although I'm sure there will be more, the first half of the off season has been dominated with the news of new door cars coming to Luskville Dragway and the Tour. Tupper is one of the biggest all time winners in Super Pro when it comes to the Napa Tour, making his way to the winners circle more than any other single driver. He has been voted driver of the year, and has won many times at other major events in Canada and the US. The two cars that he has for sale are of premium nature and would make somebody a nice ride for 2014, check them out on the Drag Mart Section.
*Although we are still working on the entire package for Door Pro for 2014, we can tell you that our first Door Pro event will take place Opening weekend May 17-18/2014. The weekend will feature two big days of racing with Door Pro being run on Saturday Morning with the Jrs. and Super Pro and Semi Pro being run in the afternoon along with the street car class, YES we will be running Street for Trophy every weekend again in 2014. We will have the entire Door Pro Five Race Schedule firmed up and listed in the next few weeks, and we continue too work on the points program and how we can make it work well. We would love to here from anyone who is going to run the May Door Pro event which will carry a $1000. to win title. This is going to be a very important year for the Door Pro class, as we took one year off the in the last four year program, this year is the breakout year hopefully, but requires everyone's support, if you drive a door car, and you want too see door car racing expand then you need to support these programs.
*As the high roller event continues to gather speed we can tell you there will be a small change in the Super Pro format compared to years past. There will be two sides of the ladder like past seasons, but both sides  will produce a winner and runner up with a money split decided between the two finalist on each side of the ladder. Then for the door side winner running the opened bodied winner the two drivers will decide what they run for, much like the PINKS run off. This will put more emphasis on the winning of each class and some bigger excitement into the Dragster vs. the Door Car race. Like we have always done the amounts of splits will be decided by the drivers not the track, as it is the drivers money.
I Really don't know where too find the right words to emphasize how pleased and excited we are to announce that Napa Auto Parts will once again be the Title Rights Holder to Luskville Dragway, and the Napa Tour formally known as the Show Me the Money Tour. Thanks to the dedication to this program by of Universal Group Owner, Keith Graham we are very proud to announce that for the third year in a row we will carry the Name and Logo of Canada's Largest Auto Parts Company. Universal Group owns a large number of Napa Auto Parts Stores in Eastern Ontario, covering the big area that we also cover with Luskville Dragway and Shannonville where we will once again hold a Napa Tour Event in 2014. We will also be working with all of the other Napa Stores in Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec with the assistance of Jean Gilbert of Montreal head office. Once again we not just ask our supporters but plead with you to show your appreciation of this support of Napa Auto Parts by purchasing when ever and what ever possible through the Napa Store Closest to you. We are very lucky to have people like Keith Graham who made this happen as well as support of other Napa Personal like Jean Gilbert and Jeff Clark at  the Manotick, Ontario Facility. Financially this is a big deal for the Track and the Tour, but also this is a sign of confidence in what we do locally and on the tour and how we promote our advertisers there. In a time when Castrol and Ford are leaving the John Force Racing we consider our Track and our series very, very lucky to have this continued support by Cooperate Canada. Napa will continue to be very visible on the tower side score board lane at the track, as well as the centre track area of the starting line. Track Staff will continue to be dressed in Napa Uniforms at Luskville Dragway and on the Napa Auto Parts Tour of course. Banner signage will also be very visible when and where ever we take the Napa Tour with all those dates to be announced over the next little while. There will also be a Napa Spring Funny Car Extravaganza at Luskville Dragway in June, with this date still be worked on too make sure we get just the right weekend for the event. We are currently working on some major surprises and a huge effort to make this event the biggest of its type. With this announcement comes a great deal of hard work to make sure that we do more than our best to promote this company, its stores and its service's, it is also our job to try and convince everyone else to do the same, this is the only way programs like this work. And let us make no bones about this, this is very, very good not only for Luskville Dragway and the Tour, but for all of those that race there, please support those that support us. I would also like to add that when you talk about Napa Auto Parts you are also talking Napa Auto Pro Jobs across our covered area as well, shops like Ogilvie Auto and Fleet, Winchester Auto Pro, Bruno's Auto Repair, and Clarmo Auto Repair just too name a few. These shops have also in one way or another been part of the continued involvement of Napa Auto Parts and when your looking for a place to get some work on done on your car, truck or motorhome support these shops and tell them why you are supporting them, because you are supporting those that support us. Thank You Napa Auto Parts and all those that made this happen.
We briefly mentioned it in our last posting of 2013, but we will now fill you in fully on the latest Super Pro Dragster Team to add a door car, and even more importantly bring the current total to four NEW door cars coming to Luskville Dragway in 2014. Mike Chenier and his Speedy Auto Service race team is the latest to add a door car joining ADM Motorsports as current Super Pro Dragster Teams to field a second car that is of the door car nature. We believe that this is a trend that we see more of as we move forward with Drag Racing locally, and we like to think that the door pro series and the split ladders have played a big part in what we have seen lately with new car purchases. It was only a while ago when the only new cars we would be talking about would be that of new dragsters, this we believe is a sign of things to come also as many dragster teams will add a door car. The success of Frank Mark at Last years Bracket Bonanza and on a smaller version the Napa Tour event in Shannonville may have been the final convincing factor. Mike who has seen a good deal of success with his rear engine dragster will compete with the new Camaro Drag Car in Door Pro and Super Pro split ladders, and something different will have wife Monic compete with it in the Semi Pro Class also. This is a double good deal for Luskville Dragway as we do everything to try and get our Semi Pro numbers up. 
The names keep rolling in for the 2014 High Roller Events that take place on the Friday Afternoon, evening of the Bracket Bonanza, in fact we will predict right now that it will be the earliest sell out ever in 2014. Sudbury, Ontario's Bill Harling is the first too step too the plate too kick off 2014 with his entree into the door side of the Super Pro Ladder. Bill who is no stranger too the winners circle with his Pontiac, Grand Am spend some time getting the new engine combination sorted out last summer. Bill says that this will be the second season with the new engine/chassis set up and they are looking at getting back too the winning ways they are use of. Bill is along with his father Gord Harling have both been staunch supporters of the Napa Auto Parts Tour from the early beginnings right up to these days. The entree's this week of Rock Lafontaine and Mike Chenier on the dragster side of the High Rollers, brings us to the half way point for the opened bodied cars, with a sell out certain too happen shortly. Rock who was at one time a weekend warrior has curtailed his driving to a few weekends each and every season, and one of those has always been the Bracket Bonanza and the High Roller portion of the event as well. Even though Lafontaine is not a regular he is certainly capable of winning at anytime which he has proven over the years. Chenier who was Super Pro Rookie of the year in 2012 has come along way in a short period of time, and is someone who can win at any given time and any place we race. As you read in the previous article Mike has been one busy guy this off season as he has added a door car drag car too the Speedy Auto Service Team.