The Big one is just a few days away and to say we are all getting pretty cranked up would be putting it mildly, it is shaping up to be the biggest ever so lets hope the weather man is on our side. This is the event of the summer so if your only going to go once, this is the one. Just a reminder that both gates will be open Thursday and Friday so come in the gate that fits which side of the pit area you plan on parking on, remember all trailers must be parked by the Luskville staff, and please only tow vehicles, trailers and race cars in the pits, NO EXTRA VEICHLES. Super Pro Racer and former Tour Champ Ralph Coe will be there this week with his company Trillium Pavemark, to redo all the paint and lines help to make the place look like a million dollars for the Bonanza.
*When I first started going to Luskville Dragway in 1969 there where certain names that stood out, because they as drivers stood out, people like Larry Aslagsen, Rolly Doucette, George Petric and a young man from the Valley Pete St. Aubin. I pretty much stopped going in 1972 and started to travel to other race tracks to get my fix and really never kept track of most of those that where there in the first part of the 70's or where they went . A number of them like Rolly and Larry still to this day are involved with Luskville Dragway by way of there business's.  Well Pete St. Aubin's son send me this picture of his Dad's car pictured back at Luskville Dragway in the early days of its running. Getting these pictures is so cool, and brings back memories of my first days sitting in the grandstands getting hooked on the greatest sport in the world. Pete St. Aubin was a big name back in those days and even though we don't have a lot of pictures Josh St. Aubin who lives in DC these days send me this one to share with everyone, if anyone has great color shots from the early days. "and there would not be a a lot of them" please send them in, so we can archive them on this web site for everyone to see in the future. They say that blood is thicker than water and that drag racing runs in your blood if you come from a drag racing family, Josh is no different and what is ironic is that he hooked up with Paulo Giust and his pro mod team at Budds Creek Maryland when the Chew That Team was there, and Paulo brought him up to date of things at Luskville Dragway, which of course brought back many memories.

*Even though the summer is about half over we are still very excited too announce yet another new advertiser to the fold for the remainder of this season and beyond. BANDIT MOTORSPORTS of Rockland is the newest marketing partner and they will be very visible on The Sept 5th. Cruise night at Luskville Dragway as well as signage wise at the track. Located in Rockland this company is offers a wide variation of services and products and already has a large following. Specializing in superior detailing and all of the products that you yourself require to continue the good looks of your vehicle. Bandit has been a big player with the car show scene for sometime now and we are extremely pleased to have them sign on with Luskville Dragway for 2015. Once again this shows that Luskville Dragway is a great spot to purchase Motorsports advertising and we have plenty of prime space available for anyone interested. Be sure to check out there very cool web site, @ banditmotorsports.ca 
Yes the headline would be putting it quite mildly as we are officially announcing the Paolo Giust will be at Luskville Dragway on August 22-23 with his brand new G-Force Race Cars Pro Mod Corvette. Paolo was just the runner up at a PDRA event in Budds Creek Maryland and will have the car at Luskville Dragway for the Chew That Super Weekend which will also have some extra bucks up for grabs as well. Paolo who still comes to Luskville Dragway with his stepsons, Josh and Bradley Shields, and still on occasions jumps in the Racetech Dragster when he can pry Bradley out that is. He has always been a huge supporter both Financially, and Personally and we are very fortunate that, that support not just continues but grows. Paolo's wife, Shannon runs a chain of Chew That Pet Galore stores as well as a Chew That grooming business for animals and hence the title for the weekend of racing. So you can Chew on this, if you miss this weekend you will have missed what will be one of the wildest, smokiest, craziest weekends this summer, so BE THERE.
Call it a break from the "norm", or call it just getting away to have some fun before the big one at Luskville Dragway, what ever you want to call it, a  large number of the Luskville Dragway Drivers headed to Esta Safety Park Dragway in Up State New York for a big dollar bracket race. I had not been to Cicero for many years, in fact the last time I was there i was running my second 77 Vega in the Super Pro Ranks, we had raced at Naipreville on Saturday Night and then went right straight to Esta for Sunday. Back then it was fun, and I was sure it was going to be this time around as well. The track like Luskville Dragway had come along way since back then, with many improvements, and it wasn't long once we arrived on Friday afternoon that the fun began. After watching Luskville Dragway and Napa Tour drivers pour into the track hopes where high that some of that big US Dollars that where up for grabs would head back across the border with us. Drivers like Jamie Tupper, Russ Adams, Denis Souliere, Adam Bitzanis, Anger Bros, Gianni Cantusci, Charlie Kenopic, Mike Ogilvie and his whole team, Dale Gauthier, Dick Stanton, Al & Shelly Ray, Dave Gould, well you get the idea along with ADM Motorsports there was a ton of home town cars. We where also hooking up with Frank Mark, Frank Mark Jr. and John Davis who all parked with the large Canadian Invasion group of racers, so the scene was set for some big time action the first day. With two 10's up for grabs everyone was pretty sure that things would be hot and furious, so time trials got underway around 10:30 and things started moving at a pretty good clip, but Mother Nature had too play her part with two brief delays because of a small shower each time. With over 150 cars entered in the 10 Grander, it was well into the evening before things got down to the ladder portion of the race. By then there was still two Canadians left in the field, but wouldn't you know it,  they would end up running each other in the Quarter Finals, Troy Davis who was driving a Chrome Worx car would take on Brandon Barker in a Diamond Dragster. Barker had just got back from the east coast where he had won 10,000. at a race in Miramichi Dragway. Davis would prevail this time against Braden setting up a run against a US Dragster in the Semi Finals. Here too Troy showed is driving edge and once again took the win light setting up a final round with a US based Door Car which had won its semi final round. Anytime a US vs. Canada battle takes place there is always something special about it, and this was no different as members of many of the Canadian teams where all on the starting line hoping that the Red & White would come through, And Davis did just that as the Green 1970 Nova, a local racer left the starting line to soon turning on the red eye. By the time Troy's win light came on very quickly and so did the eruption of screams on the staring line from the LARGE group of Canadian racers and crew members. The celebration continued to the winners circle where here two members of  many teams joined Troy in the photo taking. This was a unusual situation for ADM as normally we are running the races that we race at, this time it was pure enjoyment, and amazement watching as a number of other drivers pitched in between rounds to help with the cooling down, Mike Ogilvie, Jamie Bridge, and others, how team mate Derek Malcolm would study the time slips to come up with Dial ins and strategy. Yes this was a sweet win, a different race track, someone other than us running things, and oh did I mention it was US Dollars. So day one was in the books what was in store for Sunday would soon unfold but no matter what ADM Motorsports would be on a high for a while.
Sunday morning skies where not the best looking but no rain was falling and that is all the matters, however the rain that had fallen over night made for some wait time in the morning as the track was difficult to get dry. So things were pretty late getting going, but once they did with only one time trial we where into eliminations quickly. Now if you can win one big dollar race in a life time, that is good, if you can one in a season that is great, if you can win two that is unheard of, and that is almost what happened to Troy Davis. Yes Davis would hammer the tree all day and make is way to the Finals for the second straight day in the back to back 10 k races. And that is where bad luck finally played its card, as Troy nailed the tree once again with a .005 too his opponents .025 only too have a shifter malfunction and not get the car into high gear on the run. It was a little disappointing for sure, as with the way the car was running, and the way Troy was driving it is certain it would have been another BIG WIN. That being said it was with out question the Best Weekend ever for Troy and everyone at ADM, again we want too thank all those that helped as things got hectic through both Sat. and Sunday. A side note, It could have been even more exciting as Derek Malcolm, the other ADM Car was in the quarter finals only to have a rocker give way in the lanes forces him to only be able to stage the car, with the hopes that his opponent would red light which he did not.

Russ Adams was just one of the many Canadian
Teams that were at Esta

Derek Malcolm went a few rounds with his
car, but would join his teammate in the winners circle

Heading into the finals many pitched in too help
Davis get ready for the finals.

Over 80 Dragsters filled the lanes and it would be a one
of them in the winners circle.
Please note a schedule change for the Second weekend in Sept. this is due to a family commitment that we can not change, we apologize for any inconvenience this may create. We would also like to point out that the 34th. annual Bracket Bonanza is less than two weeks away and we are getting pretty excited. The plans are to have both upper and lower gates open on Thursday and Friday for the ability for drivers to come in the gate that best fits which side of the pits they are parking on. If you are parking on the Track side of the pits you should be coming in the lower gate, if you are parking on the field side then you should be coming in the upper gate. This will allow drivers to drive right into their pit area with out having to turn around. Please make sure to follow these instructions, this is only for Thursday and Friday all race entree's coming in Saturday will use the upper gate. All spectators who are camping should also come in the upper gate.
*Congratulations too Brandon Barker on his big win down east this past weekend, while most of us where in Elliott Brandon took the trip too the east coast where he pocketed the big 10,000 grand race. Another kid who came up through the Jr. Dragster ranks and is now driving a big car, just like the winner on Saturday at Elliot Lake Carson Zygmont. But that is not all the big news this weekend about racers that are connected to Luskville Dragway in one way or another, as Paolo Giust took his G-Force Corvette to the runner up spot at the PDRA Pro Mod weekend in Buds Creek Maryland. This is quite a feat to say the least, this was the best of the very best pro mod racers in the world and Paolo could have been in the winners circle just as easy and the runner up. Paolo told me the every time he went too the line in eliminations head crew chief Jim Salemi would open the door on the Corvette, lean in and tell him, "just think of this as coming to the line at Luskville Dragway, Paolo said it worked as he made it all the way too the finals where he defeated by one of the richest teams on the circuit. This is quite an accomplishment and makes all of us feel pretty proud of what this Luskville Dragway supporter has done in such a short time. You will all get too see Paolo and his wild Pro Mod this summer at Luskville Dragway you wont want to miss it. AUGUST 22-23
Since the end of the King of the Hill Airport Race in North Bay, Elliot Lake has been the first stop on the Napa Tour for years, and there really is no better place to do it, as this race is considered the very best airport event anywhere. This years event will mark 16 years for Elliot Lake but for ADM Motorsports this is our 20th Anniversary of doing these types of events. It all started back in 1995 in Earleton, Ontario with our first event, a race that originally we where just suppose to run, but after things fell apart with the other folks who where suppose to supply the timing system, we where asked to take on the whole thing. Back then it was all new too us, so we flew Buck Hayward, the son of the man who built and designed the Chrondeck Timing System (what we where using in the beginning) in from California for the first two years. The very first year we had a driver take out the Christmas tree after a burnout went array, but thanks to "Bucky" and our staff it was repaired and we where back up and underway. We where then asked to do a airport event in Kirkland Lake which became our second venue and so began what was called back then the "Show Me the Money Tour' basically because of the large payouts that took place at all of the venues associated with the Tour, as it had come to be short called. We then went too Maniwaki, Quebec and put on a race for two years at that airport there, which would see many of the Northern drivers travel too, and then continue on too Luskville Dragway for the Bracket Bonanza. The Next addition was Elliot Lake which has gone on too be the longest running, most successful airport venue, bar none. Also added would be North Bay which like Elliott Lake was a very popular stop on the tour, but because of a new airport manager from Toronto taking over, it is possible that North Bay and the King of the Hill would still be around to this day. And last but not least was the addition of Wawa, Ontario and the event that takes us the furthest from home, but like Elliot Lake it is all worth while. Now these are the airport venues that we do, and how we got into them is really a much longer story that what I laid out at the beginning of the this write up, but we are very proud of the evolution of drag racing in the North and we like to think we had a small part too play in it. As you can tell by the picture which was taken back in the first years of Elliot Lake, most of us are older, but you can also under stand where the "Team Yellow" tag came from, and we are proud to carry those yellows colors to this day, although now they have some Napa Blue in them as well.
So here's how it goes for those that might be interested, we normally are open at Luskville Dragway prior to a airport race, and even though we have a new Port-A-Tree timing system we still have to take Luskville apart, including scoreboards that come down from their permanent spot at the track and get loaded into a trailer, along with a great deal of other stuff to be transported to the airport venue that we are about too do. Now most know what goes on once we are in the town that the airport venue is about to take place, but once it is over the process starts all over again, so while most are heading home, we are tearing down, packing up and heading back to Luskville to set back up for more Napa Racing at our track.
1.Wednesday afternoon the first trailer arrives in Elliot Lake, Derek, Troy and Mike head out Thursday Morning at 3:30 with the second trailer which contains most of the track equipment including scoreboards.
2. Thursday at 7:00 we move into the airport and work begins on the set up, yes we are not the Cirque de Soliel but we tend to believe we are a circus coming too town, big tops and everything, and if you have never been part of it, you have no idea how good it is. So quickly the race track came to life, the second  ADM trailer arrived at 10 am with most of the timing system and with in four more hours Derek Malcolm gave the word that everything was good to go. So Derek along with all the other ADM crew headed back into town for dinner at the fireside, something that has also become a tradition.
3. Weather man was predicting rain as everyone packed it in on Thursday night, and Friday dawned with plenty of clouds around and it wasn't long before a light drizzle started too fall, but with the radar indicating we might get some breaks by noon, a positive attitude was held by most.  However things where not to be as Friday ended up being a complete waste of everyone's time as nothing could get dried up and at 6.pm things where officially put too bed for the day, expect the drivers and the staff who had a great time just bench racing and such.
4. Saturday dawned with some fog but no rain in site so racing got underway at 7:30 in the morning with over 300 cars it was good that we did, as things did not wind up until 8:30 Saturday evening, and by then the sun was showing some life. With out Friday time trials it was a must that everyone get three time trials and this was the reason for the long, long day, but in the end I think most where very happy that we did. In particular the winners which was Taylor Gilchrist over Ethan Scott in the Jr. Dragster finals, which had 20 Jrs. in it.  James Lachapelle was the big winner in the $1000. to win street class as he met and defeated Mike Labelle in the finals. Bikes and sleds saw veteran bike rider Mike Lalande win over the sled of Rob McKinley. Semi Pro was all Bill Nowlan with his big win over Jason Laporte who was in his first finals ever. Super Pro was the big story as last years Tour champion came to the line in the semi finals against young Carson Zygmont of Sudbury, Derek lost his lane after laying down better reaction time in every round prior, and with the sun definitely affecting all the drivers as it set in the west Carson came up wit the best reaction time and the win light to send him too the finals against another first time finalist Tony Dioti. Once again Carson was the best on the tree and the first place winner on day one, for his first ever win, what a day it was for these guys.
5. I would be amiss if I did not talk about Diesel Dave and his Pure Insanity Funny Car and newbie Jordan Parnak and his Nostalgia Funny, as these two guys put on a whale of a show, Parnak for the first time in a funny car and Dave for putting it together at the last moment just so he could be part of Elliot Lake and the fabulous race that it is. And also even though its been only a while that he has owned it, Rick Kopp did a great job with the Phyro Truck jet truck. So all and all day one was a winner, yes it was late, but we got it all done, and most seemed too be pretty happy.
6. Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, it has become a calling you don't here that much anymore as Saturday tends to be the bigger day now a days, compared to years ago when Sunday was what Drag Racing was all about. And this was the case this year at Elliot Lake and the High Rail Leasing North Shore Challenge. Sundays crowd although good was nothing like Saturdays which was probably the second best of all time. However for a change the weather man was correct and mostly sunny skies kept everyone smiling on Sunday. The winners kicked off with Max Gauthier and Ashley Ogilvie reclaiming some ground within the Jr. Dragster crowd by meeting each other in the finals where Max took the win. In the Sled/Bike Finals it was all bikes as Chris Spencer beat Michel Cyr for the big payout in this class. In Semi Pro it was the Bill Nolan show once again on Sunday only this time he would meet Fred Ellis who most consider one of the, if not THE best foot brake racer out there. In the finals Bill would once again cut the better light and take the win and his second $2000. pay check of the weekend. The Semi Pro class was 115 entree's which was a record for this event. Speaking of records how about 63 Super Pro Cars, yep 63 of the big boys battling for $10,000. to win and when all was said and done Jamie Tupper and Derek Malcolm would roll into the beams for what was a tremendous drag race wit Tupper getting some redemption by taking the win over Malcolm who had been beating up on Jamie this weekend. So what can you say about an event that attracts over 300 entree's and most walk away happy, yes there was the weatherman messing with us on Friday, and yes there was some small wind issues pushing lights of of line on the top end, but all in all it was a very good race as has been the case in Elliot Lake and Christmas in July.

Jr. Dragster class was a record turnout this
year with 20 great entree's

"Hollywood" Rick Kopp was doing his best
to entertain everyone all weekend. 
With regular racing having a weekend off you would think that things would be pretty quite but that is never the case when it comes to Luskville Dragway and the drivers who compete their and else where. The first car to roll out of a box Saturday Morning was the new look, new West Carleton Powered Dodge of Ralph Coe and it is a Beauty. Ralphs car is not just a good looking car, that goes with out saying the Mike and the boys over at Auto Trim Design did a amazing job, it is also a tribute car to his Dad who passed away this past off season. Ralph's dad was always with him at the race track and never missed a beat with his son and taking in the racing events across the country, Ralph won the Napa Auto Parts Tour in
2011 which was one of his highlights so far in his racing career. Ralph was also the first winner of the Big Dog High Roller event back in 2012, and yes that was back when dragsters and door cars raced each other from start to finish. And with that being said we are extremely pleased to announce that Ralph has thrown his hat into the Big Dog High Roller event with the Dragsters. Yes Coe says he looks forward to the opportunity of racing some of the same dragster drivers that he raced back in 2012 and hopes too have the same out come. It will be a busy weekend for Ralph as he still plans on running in the Door Car high roller which will take place during the afternoon and will be over before the open bodied one starts, the Bonanza is going to be CRAZY.
*The Randy's Performance Weekend a week or so back generated some great times for all that where there, whether it was the weather, or just all the good times that where taking place it was a special weekend. Something else that made it special was once again the new cars and new faces that showed up, and one in particular stood out to me as Robin Carron came driving through the gate, yes driving, what use to be a NHRA record setting, race winning former super stock 68 Camaro. The former super stocker which was at one time owned by Scottie Paine and his partner, and raced at Luskville Dragway is still alive, driven on the street and looking better than you can even imagine. Robin competed in Semi Pro with the car, but for me it brought so many good memories of days gone by, it goes with out saying we hope it shows up more often. The sport was in its hay day back in the 70's and 80's and one of the reasons was cars like this that you could buy right out of the show room. We see that trend today also as we move into the new generation of muscle cars and we can only hope that more and more people get the bug like we all did back then.
*Keep an eye on this web site for some big exciting news surrounding the Chew That Weekend August 22-23, as we have something coming that is going to smoke the competition on all fronts. We will also be incorporating the TK Memorial Weekend into the Saturday August 22, but trust me when i say , this will be a great weekend and one not to miss.  As well as the Speedy Auto Service rain out dates from back in June will be moved too August 16th, which will give us a very busy month of August, and leading up too the Fall Bracket Finals.
*How do you spell traction at Luskville Dragway "VHT' yep that is how it is spelled and just in time for the Bracket Bonanza and the Chew That Weekend " where we are going to need plenty" this arrived. Yes enough VHT to last for a while and maybe break a few parts along the way, we are quite proud of the traction we supply the drivers and these 16 barrels of VHT should help us do that.
With all the excitement around the great event last weekend, the new cars that where out, the great racing, the crowing of two Jr. Dragster National Champs, something went a little unnoticed. That was that another Jr. Dragster competitor took his first steps to make the move to a Big Car in the not too distant future. Kayle Urslak who had competed in the Jr. races all weekend long, and in fact is second in the points in the chase for the championship, made his first initial run in a big car. Kayle did it with ease, in fact you would have thought after the burnout process, this was not a first time, but the truth is it was his first time ever in a big car. Kayle staged in up, it the pedal on time and with out question this 15 year old is only a few months away from being ready to go racing in a big car. Once again this is such proof that our Jr. Dragster Program is working and with people like Kayle and others ready to make the move and join those that have already moved up, the future looks strong. However with the upwards movement from the Jr. Program we really do need the next generation to take over and join the Jr. Dragster program. Congrats Kayle.
You would think on a off weekend with no Napa Auto Parts Race Series going on at Luskville Dragway as the track takes a break to head out on the road for the summer tour, that there would not be much to talk about, well that is not the case. A number of exciting things are going on, besides the info on the summer tour, and one being the announcement of a Super Car Shootout on Sept 12th @ Luskville Dragway as part of the Extreme Auto Care Cruise Night. We have been seeing more and more signs of things reflecting back to the way they where when drag racing first started in our area, with more and more super fast street cars being built and more and more of them showing up at the track to run. Not sure if many will remember my comments about last years Boannza when riding up the return road and looking over into the spectator parking lot and seeing a complete row of modern day muscle cars, it made me feel pretty good, as that is what you would have seen in 1969. Well that has slowly made its way on to the track and we have started to see some street cars that have made what we did back in the early days look pretty slow. We know with out a question that almost every car manufacture is building speed these days, which is very evident with the introduction of cars such as Chryslers "Hell Cat". The first shot this spring was fired by Chris Tapp and his high end import with a street driven low 11 second pass early in the spring, and then last weekend James Nitschke Jr. put his Corvette through the passes equalling Chris run and letting us know there was more too come. There where others this spring and so the challenge is being put out, lets get er on, and see who really has the fastest street car these days. The event will take place Saturday afternoon during regular racing at the track in an effort to give these cars maximum traction conditions, rumor has it a certain Hell Cat from Sudbury is planning on attending with 10 second passes envisioned. The Class will be open to ANY street driven car that drives in the gate, must Drive in the gate, licensed and insured.   NEWS FLASH JAMES JUST WENT 10:86 to move the bar even higher, remember that is a street driven to the track car, that he puts numerous runs on each weekend, going to be a good one for sure.
The start of the Napa Auto Parts Show Me the Money Tour will kick things off this coming weekend in Elliott Lake, Ontario with the 16th. Annual HiRail Leasing North Shore Challenge. This is very exciting on one hand, but reminds us also that the season is nearly half over already, however all the big dollar racing events are now set too roll out, and we start it all with this weekends race. You can ask anyone, there is something magical about the event at Elliott Lake, whether it is the facility, the people, or the air once you have been you always want to come back, and many do as this is with out question the most populated airport event anywhere in the country. Racing will start with a full day of time trials on Friday, Gamblers races Friday evening, the Friday Night, Night of Fire jet Truck Run, and then two big days of racing both Saturday and Sunday. Take the drive if you have never been, if you like a great time and great racing then join us in Elliott Lake this coming weekend for Race #1 in the Napa Auto Parts Tour.
With this weekends two big days for all class's Luskville Dragway takes a short break in the regular racing action for the Super Pro, Semi Pro and Jrs. for the month of July. Luskville will be open every Saturday during July but for time trials and cruise nights only. Now this doesn't mean that are racers are not racing, many of the teams will be out on the road travelling to major events at other tracks, like the Napa Tour Race in Elliott Lake July 17-18-19, as well as the big event at Esta Safety Park Dragway the weekend prior to the Bracket Bonanza. So keep in mind beginning next weekend we are only open on Saturdays during the month of July, and good luck to those that hit the road.
*Speaking of the Elliott Lake Napa Tour event, it is only a few weeks down the road and we hope everyone is gearing up to head North for what is one hell of a good time. This will mark the 16th year for this event which has garnered a reputation as the very best airport event in Canada, and once you have visited you will understand why, there is just something about the event in Elliott Lake that makes you want to come back, year after year.
*Our Drag a Friend to the Strip campaign has kicked off and we hope that everyone will step up and join in to help us with this. Everyone always has their own ideas of how to get more people to the races, well believe me we have tried them all, and like other race tracks whether it be drag strips or stock car tracks there just never is enough fans or cars. Many will say, oh you should have seen this place years ago, it was always packed, and in some cases they are right, but the times have changed, and changed harder for some than others. There is just so much more for people to do today than there was years ago, hell a person can sit at home and be entertained by his computer if he is of that interest. Lets face it, you don't even have to go to a live casino anymore you can just play on line, but its not just the computer, its a mix of many things, including the fact that many don't even know that some race tracks are there. We will never stop trying to get more people to the races, and with this campaign we hope that everyone can join in and "Drag a Friend to the Strip" . If everyone was to bring just one friend to the races, and we could do that all on the same weekend, we would increase our attendance by 100% that would be a pretty good start. So whether its your Mom, your Dad, your Brother or the kid next door, lets start by "Dragging a Friend to the Strip"
*The sport has lost another great supporter and competitor, Dominic Finateri passed away last Saturday and was laid to rest on Thursday July 2nd at the Pinecrest Cemetery, I know that everyone at Luskville Dragway pass's our deepest condolences on to entire Finateri Family. It has been a ruff time for drag racing at Luskville Dragway, Diamond Jim, Andre Fearrey, Gary Moorhead, Louis Morden, and now Dom. RIP to all of these folks I really hope they are all hanging out together on Sunday's. And it doesn't stop as fast as i can write the previous story, word comes in that Buzz Haze has died from Cancer, after only be diagnosed a week ago. Buzz was a regular at Luskville Dragway with his Police Cruiser oriented semi pro car, over and over the big guy keeps telling us to live ever day as it is your last, and although i have done that most of my life I'm going to step the pace of that up.
With nothing but sunshine in the forecast this weekend, and nothing but rain for the last two everyone was anxious to go racing and that was seen with a great turnout of cars and fans for the first day of the Randy's Performance Automotive, Bill Gaw Memorial weekend. Yes the weather man has beat up on us pretty good this spring with less than great weather so this weekend was a welcome site for sure. With two days of action, The Jr. Dragster National Championships and the Interstate Batteries Cruise Night Saturday was a busy day to say the least. But as usual at Luskville Dragway we threw in a 8 car big dollar high roller event at the end of the day as well. Semi Pro which has been the domain of Stephen Ballntyne was no different this day as he met up with Mark Thompson with Steve take the win once again to take a strangle hold on the TDL Truck Repairs Semi Pro Championship. In the Super Pro action too rivals would face off against each other as Troy Davis would be team mate Derek Malcolm and Russ Adams would beat Kyle Jessup in the semi finals. In the finals Davis would cut the better light and give him enough room to take the stripe and the win light for his first win since May. The Jr. Dragster Championship in Day one boiled down to Steve Clarmo, Grace Vanoppen, Landyn Urslak and Max Gauthier. Grace and Landyn would advance too the finals with Grace taking the win light and the first Wally of the Weekend. Hwy 43 Car club was also part of the weekend making for a great time for them and for everyone else that got the pleasure of not only looking at these great cars but getting to see some of the run. In the Dragster High Roller Russ Adams would make his way back too a final where he would take on Kyle Jessup, and this time Russ would not settle for second best as he took the win.
DAY TWO: Ok so the weather man did not get it all right, yep Saturday over night a small shower did hit us, but nothing more than enough to wet the grass, and as everyone rolled out of their motorhomes it was nothing but sunshine to meet all. What was also too meet everyone was a lot more new entree's on Sunday swelling the pits a sending a message that drag racing is alive and well at Luskville Dragway. Heading into competition all eyes was on the 20 car semi pro field where Steven Ballntyne has been on a roll and looks unstoppable. So once again today like yesterday when things got down to the end it was Ballntyne going up again Joe Doyle for it all, and for Steve #7 in a row, And Ballntyne did not disappoint his team as he did make it 7 in a row with a win as Joe turned on the big red eye.
Although our Jr. Dragster count is not like it use to be as a number of drivers have moved up to big cars which is what you want, it was a dozen that competed again Sunday for the Wally. Heading into the finals it was rookie sensation Aiden Clarmo up against Landyn Urslak who was in his second final of the weekend, and this time he finished the job winning the Wally and all that goes with it. A big Thank you to Randy Urslak who has made this deal happen each and every year, and if you where following facebook and twitter, it is happening again next year.
The super Pro Field was a pleasant surprise of 24 cars that came to the lanes for first round, in the Semi Finals Dale Gauthier, no stranger to the winners circle would beat Mike Chenier for the chance to race Kyle Jessup in the finals as Jessup put Derek Malcolm on the trailer in the other semi. In the finals it would be door car vs dragster just the way it is written in the script, if there was script. Off the line everyone knew reaction time would be crucial and that was evident with Kyle going .008 and Dale going .005 and that was the difference as Gauthier picked up his first big win of the season. Dales story was special as he worked late into the night with help from some other drivers to change converters, and it all paid off, and the pay off was $1000.
As we head off into a slow time at Luskville Dragway, but not certainly for us as we head out on the road and also keep Luskville Dragway up and running for those that want to test and our street car scene obviously. I think it is a good time too reflect on one of our serious sayings, " support those that support us" and it actually fits in a couple of places surrounding Luskville Dragway, and the Napa Tour and those that are involved with those tracks and series. When it comes to supporting our advertisers then it is pretty straight forward, companies and people that buy advertising at Luskville Dragway are sticking their necks out to support our track, to help it keep going and growing. In turn all we ask is that you support them, whether it be purchasing Fuel from Stinson's or Engines from West Carleton or D&D, These are companies that help keep your track open and have done so in some cases for 35 years. In the case of Stinson's, it doesn't just have to be Racing Fuel, you probably drive by one of their gas stations many times in your travels, stop and fill up and tell them why, when was the last time you saw ESSO buy advertising at Luskville Dragway. With out our advertisers Luskville Dragway could not continue to make the improvements we have made, and plan for the ones we have to come, please remember that the next time you go to spend some of your hard earned cash. And then of course there is the support of Race Tracks themselves and Events such as the Napa Tour Races at Elliott Lake, Wawa and I-Car, again events that have taken a risk to give racers a place to race. In the case of Elliott Lake who will celebrate 16 years of giving not just the racers in the north, but racers from all over Ontario, Quebec and the US a great event, with great payouts. We would ask for anyone that has not been, but has thought about going, DO IT, support an event that back in 1999 took a huge gamble for the racing community, they deserve your support. And if you have never been you are in for the time of your life as this Napa Auto Parts Show Me The Money Tour event is thee best. The same holds true for the Wawa event which is celebrating its fourth year, and of course for the Angers Bros move to keep big dollar racing alive in the Montreal Area with the I-Car event in Sept, all Need and deserve your support as a drag racer. Look at the tracks and the series that are working hard to make it better for you the drag racer, whether it be in improvements or big dollar races SUPPORT THOSE THAT SUPPORT YOU.
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