$13,500 to win Sat
2017 Bracket Bonanza





As we scream towards this coming weekend and the 37th Annual Bracket Bonanza work is full steam at Luskville Dragway as it is every year around this time. This year the weather man has made getting things done even later that we would like but we are certainly trying to make sure everything is done or almost done for the BIG ONE. Everything we have be doing over the last five years is and was our long range plan and we are trying to do thinks right so they don't have to be redone in our time. A new entrance booth will greet everyone when they enter the upper gate on August 3-4-5, and although it wont be completely done it will be almost done and workable for the Bonanza. One day in the not too distant future EVERYONE will be coming in that gate, and that entrance road will be paved, NO MORE GRAVEL ROAD. Some more upgrades in the pits are taking place as you are reading this, and we will have a little bit better parking spots for a few more people come this weekend, these spots will be reserved parking spots. We also hope to get some pavement clean up work done in a number of places if things go well, that too will be quickly noticed by those that are there.

We were not the only ones busting our buts to get things done, as Derek Atwill of Atwill Service Centre and Custom Carts, As will as Mike Piecki of Auto Trim Design (responsible for graphics and wrap) went out of their way to make sure the new Luskville Dragway Golf Cart was ready for this weekend. These guys put other things aside, worked late at night to make sure the Custom Cart was ready for its debut at the Atwill Service Centre Golf Cart Challenge Friday August 4th. Mike at Auto Trim is the same guy who did Ralph Coe's Dodge Polara Super Pro Drag Car and both jobs speak for themselves. Cant say a big enough Thank You to both these companies in giving Luskville Dragway this great looking cart and making it happen for the Bonanza.
*The second race in the MF Chassis Works Outlaw Street Cars series went down under sunny weather and was once again a great success thanks too Andrew Libbey the owner of MF. Although there had been hopes for more cars than the first race, once again a number of drivers where not ready with their cars, but those that where had a blast. Nick Van Remsnyk of Woodlawn, Ontario came out on top in his 1980 Chevelle, we will have the list of the top ten later this week.

*Was a good weekend for Luskville drivers and cars that headed down too Shannonville to show some support for that track. Troy Davis, Kyle Jessup, Randy Urslak, Louis Gagne, and a number of Jr. Dragsters all made the trip. Brandon Barker drove the ADM Motorsports Corvette Roadster to the finals on Saturday against his Brother and Sunday Saw Kyle and Troy in the finals before the rain came and a split was decided on.
Back when i was a kid growing up in Small Town Denbigh, Ontario I quickly realized that I had a love for cars, and in particular cars that raced against each other in a straight line. In our area many of the guys that where old enough went off to work for big construction companies, made big money and bought fast cars. Ford Torino's, Dodge Super Bee's and Roadrunners, SS Chevelle's, well you get the idea. And every long weekend in August the Church in a Neighboring small town would have their annual picnic, and right in front of the church on Hwy 41 was the straightest piece of pavement you ever wanted to see. So once all the older folks had made their way home, all the boys with the fast cars, who always came home for the local picnic, on the long weekend in August would line up on Hwy 41 and do battle until one was declared the winner. That was my first taste of side by side racing, and it would stay with me forever, as would the dates, the long weekend in August. Over the next few years I would go on to follow in these older guys foot steps, leaving home, going to work in the big city and buying a fast car. And yes I too although I'm embarrassed to say it now, did my fare share of street racing back in the days. That however would not last long as I would quickly head to Luskville Dragway first as a spectator and shortly after as a competitor, first in the street cars that I ran on the street and later on to a full tilt race car hauled in on a open trailer. After crashing car in 1980 I was given the opportunity to take over the track and quickly did so, and shortly after doing that created the Bracket Bonanza, to be held the Long Weekend in August of course. The memories I have of those early days, first enjoying some ice cream at the picnic and then enjoying some fast cars running against each other will never be forgotten and the Bracket Bonanza is my way of making sure of that.
The first Bonanza was $1000. to win, and the cars came from all over, they where lined up down Tremblay road as in those days we only used the upper entrance. The race quickly grew in popularity and in dollars, which also started to attract drivers from the US. some of those still come to this day, as the race has also etched itself in their memories as well.

With less than two weeks to go things are moving fast as we approach Canada's Oldest and Richest Big Dollar Bracket Race. So we thought it a good time to inform everyone on the process for the Bracket so there are no questions. And speaking of no there is to be NO cars in the pits other than race cars and their tow vehicles, please don't ask as the answer will be NO. Thurs will be a parking and pitting day, with only the upper gate being open, and parking prior to that must be prearranged and must have a member of the staff present to do so. We hope that many of the local drivers take advantage of being able to move in as early as the weekend of the 29th-30th. Friday will have both gates open at 8 am for parking and pitting and time trials will start at 11 am for the Para Performance Door Car Challenge and the Busters Big Dog Shootout.  No kids or adults who act like kids (lol) on motorized vehicles other than Jr. Dragsters.
*The big race two weeks ago at Elliot Lake was a resounding success and as we where in a rush to get the story out on the Monday after we did not get all the little stories added in. Congratulations and Thank You to the advertisers who posted the bonus money for reaction times. Gary Basbabara and the Snap On Tools people gave out 25.00 each to Brad Silverthorn of Pembroke in Super Pro and Matt DuPont in Semi Pro from Sudbury. On Saturday Night Mike Lacroix who owns the Napa Auto Parts Store in South Porcupine put up $200. for the same deal, best reaction time in a winning pair of round one. The winners where as follows, Bill Yourchuck of Sault St Marie in Super Pro, Gary Paynter of North Bay in Semi Pro, Chris Spencer of North Bay in Sleds/Bikes, and Josh Renaud in Jr. Dragsters. Plus tow truck driver IB Comey put up another $50 for the Jr's which went to Ryan Pinkus for the second best reaction time in the first round win. This type of response is not unusual for these type of races and is so much appreciated by the racers, once again Thank You.
*This is a unusually busy time of the season for us, as we rush too get every little thing done we can in order to be ready for the bracket bonanza, we have been busy trying to get new entrance building built among the regular things that has to be done leading up to our biggest party of the season.

*TAKE A FRIEND FOR A RIDE, first of all want to say a big thank you to all of the street guys and gals who came out last night, making one of our biggest cruise nights of the season. lots of new faces and new cars, the cool think about cruise nights is you can see anything and everything. After plenty of requests, we are going to run a take a friend for a ride program next Saturday July 29. Car must not be quicker than 12:99, passenger must sign in at gate, no extra cost just bring Mom down and show her what its all about. Lets see how it goes, you have been asking for this for a long time, so show us you want it. Passengers who sign in will be given an arm bracelet that they must show if a staff member asks you to do so.

With out question, we are off to the best start ever for the Napa Auto Parts Money Tour and the record turnout of spectators and race cars at Elliott Lake has everyone talking. This could be the biggest year ever, but even with the record turnout of race cars, this year starts off right where last year ended up, with Jamie Tupper and Fred Ellis leading the Napa Points Chase as we head into the second race on the tour. Tupper who will run two entree's this year, the Vega that won the tour last year, and the more familiar Undercover Dragster that many have come to know Jamie for. Fred on the other hand still competes in the very familiar and very popular "Cuda Country" Cuda which he has put in many winners circles. And Fred leads the points because of just that as on Saturday of the Elliott Lake race he put the Cuda Country car into the winners circle and backed that up with a number of winning rounds on Sunday. Although Jamie did not get too the winners circle he did go enough rounds both Saturday and Sunday to leave Elliott Lake with a 500 points lead over Mike Chenier who like Tupper will run a dragster and a door car on the Napa Tour this season. But nipping at both of these drivers heels are Mike Ogilvie, former tour champs Derek Malcolm and Kyle Jessup and Rookie Tour member Brandon Barker. With only one race down this chase is long from being over and the Bracket Bonanza usually has some surprises in store followed one week later by the Wawa Race, so lots of points up for grabs the first of August.
Well hats off to Kyle Jessup and all the folks at Precision Concrete as they got the concrete poured for the kids Basketball Court at the track. This was not an easy task working around what has been a retched summer for rain, but they got err done before hitting the road for Elliot Lake and the first Napa Auto Parts Race. There are a lot of people to congratulate on this, from Tina and the Girls selling 50/50 tickets to pay for it, Tina, Wes, Randy doing the grunt work moving gravel, and of course Precision Concrete for doing what they do best pouring the slab. This was a team effort and all should be proud of once again making Luskville Dragway just a little different than other places. I'm sure the kids and probably some adults will enjoy using the court, who knows rumors already abound of a Ontario/Quebec Basketball Challenge.
*Not sure if anyone noticed but in all three super pro races over the weekend at Elliott Lake, we had a door car and a opened bodied car in the finals. Friday night had Dragster driver Kyle Jessup take the win over Dale Gauthier. Saturday saw Veteran Door Car driver Bob West beat dragster driver Mike Chenier, and on Sunday Ed Fantasia driving an altered beat up on Ron Lachance who was in a 69 Camaro. Maybe all the things we have been doing for the past few years to promote more door cars is working, August 4th.
DAY ONE: We will give you this story from our perspective as we headed out on the road for Elliot Lake on Wednesday July 12 to be part of what is called the most successful airport race in Canada, the North Shore Challenge Napa Auto Parts Tour race. Now for us this is the 18th year of heading down the road in the middle of July to do this race, and for the first time the weather was more like October, than July. Continuing the trend that this summer has been, the weather was wet all the way and cold would be putting it mildly. However things warmed up considerably when we hooked up with Bruno and Lorraine Serre from Blind River and Rob and Terri from Wawa. These are people that we have been so fortunate to meet because of the airport races. After a few pleasantries it was off too the Fireside Restaurant for some great food, some good conversations and many suggestions of how too fix the world. From there it was off too the airport to sit and wait for Friday Morning and the beginnings of the set up for what has always been a great weekend of racing.
DAY TWO: After a solid day of rain on Wednesday it was nice to be greeted by the sun and clear skies when we woke up on Thursday Morning, set up day and it would be a busy one for both ADM Motorsports and the City of Elliott Lake. However the clear skies did not last for long as the tradition of 2017 continued as  brief shower after shower rolled through the early part of the day. Derek, Troy and the rest of ADM (three more trailers) pulled out of Ottawa at 4 am with the hopes of landing in Elliott at noon. ADM would have a new member this weekend as Brandon Barker was travelling with the boys and would drive the D&D Performance Corvette, making this his first ever trip to the North. Brandon's Grandfather Jim and uncle Steve where part of the first ever airport race we did in Earlton in 1995. So by 5 pm the boys had everything up and tested and ADM was ready to rock, and now it was time for the official boys night out. So after everything was packed up the guys headed out for food and fun on what they have come to call their party night.
DAY THREE: With many race cars coming in on Thursday it was quite obvious this was going to be a big one, but along with the dawning of Friday morning, along came some more wet stuff as once again showers where called for, for that part of the day. The forecast looked however with sunshine for the afternoon and sunshine for the rest of the weekend not much more we could ask for. Today would feature time trials and some gamblers races, and a pass by the Black Pearl Jet Funny Car. And guess what we got err all done, YEAH,. not that the weather man cooperated, as we had to spend a few hours drying track, but once things got underway it was full SPEED ahead. Kyle Jessup would take the Super Pro title over Dale Gauthier who would go barely red. In Semi Pro two whiley old veterans, from different ends of the country would go toe to toe for the win in this class, Al Siebart would take on and defeat Dick Stanton for almost 2000.00 in prize money. The sleds and bikes would boil down too just that as long time veterans "The Shield Bros" would defeat Mike Lalonde for the win. So now it was on too Day FOUR. The Friday night was wound up and put too be with a pass from the Wild Child Funny Car and The Black Pearl Jet Funny Car.
DAY FOUR: Well the weather man was right "kind of" as the sun was out for most of the day and other than a small shower that caused a 45 minute delay and things went pretty smooth and quickly. And with over 350 cars in attendance the pressure was on to move things along but by 6 pm we were in great shape with just the finals and the exhibition cars to get done. The little weather delay though was enough to put us behind and not able to finish on time, BUT things where good for Bob West in Super Pro, Fred Ellis in Semi Pro, Justin Provost in Sled, Landyn Urslak in Jr's. and Cody Newman in Street winning king of the streets and $1000. The day was a long one with over 300 cars in attendance plus some exhibition runs by the Black Pearl Jet Car, The wild Child Funny Car and four big rig drag trucks. So now it was wind down for a little and hope the weather man's prediction for a good Sunday Weather wise would hold true.
DAY FIVE: 6 am and the skies looked brutal, the wind was blowing and it was not pleasant, however the forecast was for NO rain so that's all one could ask for in the Summer From Hell weather wise. Drivers would only be allowed one time trial this day as NO one wants to be racing at 7 pm on the drive home day. And although the clouds stuck around all day there was no rain either, as the weather man had predicted, for once they got something right. Things moved along at a very good pace and by 4 O Clock all was said and done and all class's had a champion. In the Jr. Dragster Class Landyn Urslak proved he is the kid to beat this season as he won again on Sunday beating Wawa's Josh Renaud. The sled/bike class which had 33 entree's boiled down too two bikes with Alex Cassel's taking the win light over Taylor Spooner. In Semi Pro Alan Siebert proved he too is one of the best foot brake racers out there as he put a hole shot win on Hub Frappier of Sudbury. The Super Pro Class which saw close to 60 cars do battle saw Sault St Marie's Eddy Fantasia take his first big win over Ron Lachance of Sudbury. So I think it would be safe to say that the weekends event was a success, in fact I think it would be safe to say that records where set on all accounts. Most where saying see you next year, lets hope so as we move in on 20 years for this event.

Brandon Barker did a great job driving
the ADM Motorsports Roadster

Landyn Urslak continued his winning
ways in Elliot Lake

Justin Provost of Sudbury was the
Sled Bike winner on Saturday

Well as most where told last Sunday, kids will not be allowed on ANY motorized vehicle other than Jr. Dragsters, this includes mini bikes, golf carts and anything else unless they have a valid drivers license for all major weekends at the track. This also includes any of those that have a valid drivers license but act like kids as well. I do not have to go into a schooling on why this has to be like this, but can tell you that everyone agrees with the decision. This obviously includes the Bonanza, Paolo's Weekend and the Fall Bracket Finals, and could be done also for all regular weekends as well if we see the need. This is not me being a grumpy old man, this is me looking out for the welfare of everyone, which is my job.
*Speaking of the Bracket Bonanza the new W.O. Stinson & Sons Bracket Bonanza T-shirts are in and each and every super pro and semi Pro driver at this years Bonanza will receive one. This was something we started last year and thanks to the great support of our advertisers we have been able to keep it going this season. Stinson's is of course the supplier of Luskville Dragway's Race Fuel, and all other race oriented products such as oil's and additives. Remember the next time you need Fuel, call W.O. Stinson and Sons support those that totally support drag racing in our area. That's our grandson Cole holding it with pride, Cole also spend all of last Wednesday practice running the 1/8 Mile in the Napa Auto Parts, Ogilvie Auto & Fleet golf cart, as he has indicated he would like to try a Jr. soon, YEAH. Most grand parents go too the park or the zoo when they baby sit, we go to the race track.
*OK with the Bonanza coming we all know what that means parking wise, "everyone gets parked" and this year the gates will open on Thursday at noon, until 10 pm Thursday Night. They will reopen at 8 am. Friday Morning. Both the Upper Gate and the Tower Gate will be open for these two days, so come in the one that best fits where you hope to park, if you are unsure call me 613-715-1029. Time Trials will start at 11 AM on Friday Morning for the Para Performance Door Car Challenge, and the Super Pro door cars and the Semi Pro Door Cars will be on a split ladder. This race will be run in conjunction with the Big Dog Shootout for the dragsters and hopes are to have it all in the bag by 6 pm, which is when the famous Atwill Service Centre Golf Cart Challenge will take place. So Friday will be a full day of racing and fun come early stay late is our motto for this years race.
*Another Weekend in the books and yes the weather turned out amazing by the time Saturday Night rolled around, but there is no question we have a long ways to go to regain the momentum and the car counts we are use too for cruise nights. The clouds stuck around most of the day and it was not until late in the day that the sun came out and let everyone know exactly what we had been saying, we where going to race. But even on a less than spectacular day, there is always something new and exciting that keeps the adrenalin flowing and helps you get to another weekend. This weekend it was this wild Dodge Viper, Turbo, street driven machine that made some very easy low 10 second pass's before demolishing a drive shaft and ending the day. We would remind everyone that even though most of the ADM Motorsports team will be in Elliot Lake the Track will be open Saturday and Saturday Night for time trials and a cruise night.
There is no question that longevity is usually a recipe for success, if that's the case Elliot Lake cook book is one of the best of all time. Heading into 2017 this quaint Northern Ontario Town will celebrate 18 years of producing the most successful airport venue of all time. The 18th. Annual Hi Rail Leasing North Shore Challenge will take place in two weeks, on the weekend of July 14-15-16 and if past years are any indication it will be a blast. The event attracts more cars than any other airport venue in Canada, in fact it attracts more cars than ANY drag racing event in Canada as it pushes the 300 car count totals each and every year. The atmosphere of the race is what is talked about the most, the way the town gets behind the race and not only supports it but in most cases promotes it in any way they can. Dinner at the Fireside Restaurant has become a tradition for ADM Motorsports, as is the town prowl from sports bar to sports bar for the younger ones from ADM. This year like every year there are new faces and new racers who final give in too the attraction of being part of one of the biggest and best weekends of drag racing anywhere in Canada. Brandon Barker of Team Parkhurst who has heard the stories but has never experienced the excitement will do so this year for the first time as will a number of new faces. There really is no words to describe what its like, you really have to be there to get the full meaning of the best dam drag race in the land.
American race teams have always been a part of the Bracket Bonanza, going back too the early days it was Carl Brucher and his killer bantam roadster who saw the winners circle more than once. Then came Frank Mark, James DiCiacco, The Quinton's, Paul Bochon and a few others, most of them still come to Christmas in August and Luskville Dragway's Big One. Last year saw another big name US racer and a family which is steeped in the history of our sport in the North East make their way to our track for the Bonanza. Kyle Cultrera and his Father Steve where part of last years race, and too say they made an impact would be putting it mildly. Kyle is considered one of the very best fast bracket racers in North America and can be found almost anywhere running for big dollar drag race. Kyle actually drove his car and his sisters car last year and even though he went rounds did not get too the winners circle with the big cars. Kyle did however DOMINATE the golf cart race winning the $1000. first place prize money as well as second place. Kyle will be the first to admit that they had a great time, maybe too great a time, but this year they are coming loaded for bare, and with his sister Lauren doing the driving duties of her own car. Kyle is not the only new US racer to head north as Wes Siegel will also make the trek with Frank Mark for the first time and try and take home some Canuck dollars. There is no question when anyone asks me, what makes, what made the Bonanza different and with out question the atmosphere that the American Race Teams have brought too our race plays a BIG part in making this event what it is.
Even when the weather man is a jerk, the racers and teams at Luskville Dragway find something to do too salvage a day, So with things cancelled for Saturday a practice tree competition was the first thing up. This race was won my Mike Chenier out of super pro ranks over Reg Laporte coming from the Semi Pro teams, this was worth $500. for Mr. Chenier. Next up was a a washer board competition where everyone was the winner. Then it was Mike Ogilvie's 50th Birthday Party where even Dragway dog flew in from Florida to take part in Mike's Celebrations. The dog has been spending some time at Disney Land, says the pay is better than Luskville Dragway, but did and will be making some special trips North. Mikes Party was one of the best second only to many of the Bracket Bonanza deals, so yes everyone had a good time and a few drinks, well maybe more than a few.
*This coming Saturday is a test and tune with a cruise night on Saturday Night, then the tear down happens as we get ready to pack up and head to Elliot Lake for the first of 5 Napa Auto Parts Money Tour Events.
Not sure where to start other than it rained AGAIN for the sixth time already this season, makes me wonder why anyone would want to be in a business that is totally dependent on Mother Nature. So with that as a back drop we start off by saying, I have never seen so much rain in all the years we have been doing this. It is not just on the weekends, it has been raining most days through the week, too the point where it has been impossible to keep up with the grass, the ground is so saturated that the water has not wear to go, so it just sits there. However we will prevail thanks to the support of a great group of racers and a greater group of advertisers who make it possible to keep the place going. Heading into the big Canada Day weekend the weather man continued to call for bad weather, and as Friday and Saturday showed he was pretty much right this time around. But even with the retched weather the race teams still showed up for the Randy's Performance Bill Gaw Memorial weekend, but all where met with bad news on Saturday Morning as with rain falling and no clearing until late in the day it was decided to push everything into Sunday which did give us a better forecast. Everything that is except the Para Performance Door Car Challenge which was moved to the Friday of the Bracket Bonanza August 4th. and will be run in conjunction with the Big Dog Dragster Shootout, which should make for one exciting event. So once those items where out of the way the next step was too wait for the rain to quit, and then to start cleaning up in preparation for Sunday. Now as we have pointed out many times Luskville Dragway is a big happy family track with many a party taking place when and were ever and this weekend was different as a big 50th Birthday Party was put on for Mike Ogilvie bringing some smiles to the faces of many, who up until then really didn't have much to smile about.
So on too Sunday and a day that was once again given a chance of showers or thunder showers, and with two races to do we could not afford any down time or delays. Time trials got underway right on time and the first race was over and in the books at 2 pm, the winners of what was some great racing was Randy Urslak in Super Pro making for some great winner circle pictures. Rob Graveline in Semi Pro who is on a bit of a role and could maybe be his year to win the points. The First of two Jr. Dragster Wally's to go out was too Aidan Clarmo who took his Jr. to the winners circle over Landyn Urslak who was working hard to join Dad in the winners circle. Aidan would get back to the winners circle for the second race also but here Brody Bellefeuille would be the winner and would take home the wally. During the first race the weather man proved he could be right when you didn't want him too and things where delayed for a minute or two with some mist, however the storm systems where all around us and we where all hoping they would continue to slide by. That was not to be the case after getting well into the rounds of the second race of Semi Pro and Super as he heavy rain for 5 minutes ended all hopes of finishing things completely.  It was decide that the prize money would be divided amongst the 3 remaining semi pro drivers and the dozen or so Super Pro Drivers with all of them agreeing it was the right thing to do. So it was another weekend of rotten weather, another weekend of juggling things to make it happen or almost happen, I do want to say this THANK YOU too those racers who came even with the bad weather forecast that means a lot in a season that has given us nothing to smile about as of yet.
We kick off the Month of July with some exciting news, Atwill Service Centre has signed on as a major advertiser with Luskville Dragway. In a spring where there has not been much to talk about on track because of the crappy weather, this is great news for the track. Luskville Dragway and the ADM Motorsports team will now be riding on a Custom Golf Cart from Atwill Service Centre. They have a large selection to choose from and also rent them for all occasions.
The Atwill Service Centre family has provided automotive care and customer satisfaction since 1969. Honesty is the only policy and we want our customers to know the process involved when we service their vehicles. They have remained competitive in accommodating for changes in the automotive industry and in keeping up with the latest technological advances

Their licensed mechanics promise to provide a thorough inspection of your vehicle. Atwill Service Centre provides many automotive services including our Ontario Drive Clean Test and Repair Facility. The Atwill Service Centre owners have been actively involved in motor sports for over 30 years including many years at Luskville Dragway. These competitions include father and son team Rick and Derek Atwill who have competed in various truck pull and drag racing events throughout the racing season's. They currently run one of the Drag Pak Challengers at NHRA races when ever they can.  They see their service center as a competitive organization and know that when racing everything must be perfect, which is their motto when your car leaves their shop. They are a unique business which surpasses other garages in customer care and quality service.
Atwill Service Centre is committed to customer satisfaction. We aim for excellence in service, price and professionalism. We are competitive and will ensure that our business has the most current technology through research, growth and prosperity.
We are extremely happy to also announce that Atwill Service Centre and Golf Carts Sales will be the title rights holder to this years Annual Bracket Bonanza Big Dollar Golf Cart Race, August 4th.