$13,500 to win Sat
2017 Bracket Bonanza





Just a reminder, two weeks until drivers meetings, four weeks until we are open for test and tune. Spread the word as we want this year to be bigger than last year, and we really feel we can do it. This meeting is open to EVERYONE, and is the place to ask those questions you may have.

*A number of local drivers, and drivers we race with all season where south of the
 border in Huntsville, Alabama for some big dollar bracket racing. Friday saw the first big race take place where Frank Anger did well going 5 rounds before bowing out, Russ going 4 rounds before leaving the race. For Troy things started off well winning both entrees first round, but in doing so hurt the motor in the Auto Trim Sponsored, Terry Miron owned dragster. This is when the drag racing family came into action as the Angers lend a motor and everyone including some US drivers went about doing a motor swap in the Racetech. Saturday was another day and hopes where once again high that one of the Canucks would make their way to the winners circle however the weather man like in so many cases was the only winner on Saturday. With the forecast no hell for Sunday some of the teams who were driving home left early to do just that. What was really cool about this story, was the fact that so many of the Luskville Dragway Family who where back in Canada followed each and every move of this group on live stream. Once again showing what a tight group we have, and how lucky we are to have so. As we go to press the boys are sitting at a Texas Steack House in Nashville Tenn. have a safe and good trip home. 

*Another week, and another entree into the Para Performance Door Car Challenge held on the Randy's Performance Bill Gaw Memorial Weekend July 1 & 2nd. Dick Stanton of Perth, Ontario a long time supporter of Luskville Dragway is the latest driver to throw his name on the big board in hopes of taking home $5000. first place prize money. "Tricky" Dicky has been around Luskville Dragway since the 70's so can obviously be called a veteran of the small NHRA Track located Luskville, Quebec just outside Ottawa, Ontario. Dick who is a regular on the Semi Pro Program is another driver who very much supports anything we do with door cars, in an effort to promote that class of cars. We appreciate the support of all the Semi Pro Drivers who have thrown their names in the fire, they along with a good turnout of Super Pro Door cars "could" make this event an annual affair. So if you are a door car lover get on the train, get your name on the list.
*Speaking of drivers who support what goes on at Luskville Dragway, Denis Black, who already has his name on the list for July 1st. Door Car Challenge dropped us a line this week to bring us up to speed. Denis has requested a personal parking spot for 2017, saying he will be at Luskville Dragway on a regular basis. Mr. Black wheels one of the slickest roadsters in the country and will be a force to reckon with each and every race at Luskville Dragway. This commitment along with a number of other door car moves this off season, should allow us to run a split ladder many regular weekends as well as the big shows. Door cars a making a return, we like too think that what we have done over the years has played a part. Split Ladders, Door Pro, and the such
*And following up on the Rob Howell commitment to chase the Napa Tour this season, comes word of another Northern Ontario Driver that plans on giving Fred Ellis and Bill Nolan a run for the title. Brian Parker, no stranger to the tour or Luskville Dragway has dropped us a note to let us know that he like Rob Howell will be chasing the pot at the end of the Napa Rain Bow this up coming summer. Brian has been a stead fast on the Tour for years and has always managed to make his way to Luskville Dragway a number of times each season, has not had a full out assault on the points title for a few years now, that all changes in 2017. Brian is a very well liked racer in the pits and this announcement will make a lot of his competitors very happy. This like many other announcements and stories we have talked about this off season, backs up our belief, that this could be the biggest season ever, for the Napa Tour as well as Luskville Dragway. The improvements at the track, the addition of the Canadian Bracket Super Tour, and the strong support of our advertisers and many of the reasons we have this much optimism  
We are extremely pleased to announce that the title right holder of the Big Bill Board at Luskville Dragway will be back with the NHRA Track in 2017 and beyond. Vern & Cathy Hinton the owner of both of these companies which operate out of a very new and very big shop on 126 Walgreen Road in Stittsville, Ontario have been big supporters of Motorsports in our area for a long time. Vern who has owned Hinton Automotive for many years purchased the West Carleton Automotive Machine Shop and Engine building business from Larry Aslagsen who has been a fixture in the drag racing world for decades in this area. This company is as close as you can get too a big
box automotive and performance shop, with the ability to supply you with what ever you need from general maintenance to full tilt performance. 2017 will mark 36 years that West Carleton Automotive has been supporting Luskville Dragway and the Drag Racers of this area. The shop which is state of the art includes a Dyno to test the race engines long before they see the race track. And whether it is a big block Dodge, a small block Chevy or any other type West Carleton not only has the ability but also has the history and the record to build what ever you need. Drivers like Ralph Coe and Ron Smith rely on Dodge Power from Hinton/West Carleton, while Larry Whitty counts on Vern and the boys to make his small block, blown Chevy put out the big ponies. Will Robertson counts on West Carleton for the power that makes his Camaro wheel stand every time it leaves the starting line.  Scott Drummond is just one of many who rely on this shop for work when it comes to making Fords pound the ground with lots of horse power. Yes in the drag racing community this shop can handle what ever make or brand you have when it comes to making horse power, work done by seasoned veterans of the machine shop and engine building business's. Now after that you would think that only drag motors come out of this shop and that is very far from the truth as Stock Car Racing, High Performance Boat Engines, Truck and Tractor Pulling and just plane old street car performance engines are a regular occurrence out of the shop.
The Hinton Automotive side of the building is where the general automotive repair goes on, but besides this work there is a great deal of performance minded stuff as well. Many of the street scene and hot rods locally depend on Vern and the Team for any type of work they require and not just from the engine point of view which they obviously have all wrapped up with the West Carleton Division. But also Chassis work, installation, I have even been in when fiberglass work was being done on a hood scoop for a race car, so yes when we say anything you need, you can get when it comes to Automotive, general or performance. We would like too thank Vern and Cathy Hinton for their continue support of Luskville Dragway and their support of the Motorsports World in our area.
Fred and Frank Anger are well known in the drag racing world, as they have been making an impact and winning races where ever they go. And when they go they go with both guns blazing so too speak, as usually they run at least three cars and sometimes more. The Bros who are very much a large part of the success of the Canadian Bracket Super Tour, have been coming too the Bracket Bonanza for a number of years now, and have been to the winners circle more than once at the NHRA Facility that is also part of the Super Tour. this season will see the Bros enter the Big Dog Shootout with two Diamond Dragsters, and will also see them on the door side with their Dan Davis built Camaro Street Roadster. The "Twins" which they are so well known by, are very much serious about their racing, but if you have ever been around after the racing you will quickly find out they are very much into having a good time as well. Throwing big parties at all Super Tour events is the norm and quite often and other big events as well. With the entree of these two top notch drivers we have reached 18 cars, but look for a number of other entrees as we get close, this will be the race of the weekend.
Lots of news this week, and not all of it good news, it is with great sadness we once again let everyone know of a passing in our drag racing community. This has been happening way to often over the last few years, and is one part of being in this big family that I don't like. Ed "Big Daddy Rat" Hughes passed away early last week, Ed was a fixture on the eastern Ontario, western Quebec Drag Racing scene, and even though he was from Kingston, I think I can safely say Luskville Dragway felt like home for Ed. Even after he retired from behind the wheel, Mr. Hughes would always take in the Bracket Bonanza as a spectator. Ed's son Tim Hughes continues his Fathers passion these day racing his Semi Pro Monza at Shannonville Dragway. RIP Big Daddy"

Not sure if winter is done now, but lets hope so as we are only three weeks until the drivers meeting and the official kick off too the 2017 season. Hope everyone has April 8th marked on the calendar as we shoot to out do last years record setting drivers meeting. Last year saw more memberships sold than any other year in the tracks history so expectations are high for 2017 as we try to out do the previous season. I would remind everyone that personal parking spots will be available to those that are members. Parking spots are on a first come first serve basis, with first option going to those that had one in 2016.

Once again this spring some local drivers are getting a early start on the racing season by heading south for some big dollar bracket racing in the warmer weather. First out the door was Trevor Tandy, Steve Parkhurst and Brandon Barker who made their way to Kentucky where they got in some racing with mixed results. Already packed and leaving this week is Jamie Tupper and Russ Adams who will head to Alabama where they will get their first runs in this season before heading too Memphis the weekend after. Tupper and Adams wont be alone in Huntsville, as The Anger Bros, Troy Davis (driving Terry Mirons Dragster) and Adam Bitzanis will join them there, before they head off to Vegas and the Spring Fling West Coast Style. Terry Miron will fly to Vegas where he will take over the wheel of his car while Troy returns home to get the ADM Motorsports 3 car team together.  Don't be surprised that we are writing about some big wins from this group as all are capable of winning the big ones.

This is the first looks of Mike Chenier's new paint for his new Corvette Door Car this season, is it great looking well you be the judge but I give it a 10 out of 10. Mike is not stopping with the Vette, as the Undercover Dragster is under the paint knife as we speak, with hopes that both will be part of this years Ottawa Custom Car Show, which will have a BIG drag racing presence.

Took in the gators this past weekend and right off the bat you can see that NHRA Drag Racing is alive and well and that's good news for all of us. Lots of cars, lots of people, lots of good signs for drag racing. Had some folks with me that have never been before, and the down time, in particular the first round of alcohol on Friday was horendous and that is not a good thing. The other thing that simply has to be fixed is Super Gas and Super Comp, timers and such have got to go it is the most borrowing drag racing anyone could ever witness.  Prices are in my mind a little over board $10 US for a hamburger seems a little much, however captive audience, and privat vendors, so I think they call that the free market. I could go on and on here about the good things and a few of the not so good but I wont, had a great time.

*Mark this down, we will be running a super pro split ladder on the Saturday of the Malcolm Carpentry Opening weekend, as we anticipate a bigger than usual turn out of cars. As we stated at the end of last season, we would when ever we could run a split ladder in an effort to have an level playing field. Obvisouly we need enough cars, but we firmly believe that will not be an issue and most of our events this season.

*With out question attending the Gators gets the the blood boiling to get back to the track, but some are getting excited about that with out going to the races. One of those is Manitoulin Island Drag Racer Rob Howell who has been a long time supporter of our airport races, the Napa Auto Parts Tour and Luskville Dragway more than a few times a year. Rob called to let me know that he will be back with vengeance in 2017, with a all out assault on the Napa Auto Parts Semi Pro Points Championship. Rob saw how well Dan Sproule did last season and he has let me know that like Dan he will be a double entree at each and every race he attends this season. Rob is definitely one of the veteran racers from up North and has been around since are early days in Earlton (1995) Kirkland (1997) and venues since. Howell plans on being part of Malcolm Carpentry Opening weekend at Luskville Dragway May 20-21 and will take in as many Luskville Races he can this season. This Northern Ontario racer is also considering the July 1st. Para Performance Door Car Challenge.
We are extremely pleased that we can announce that  Speedy Glass of Rockland, Ontario which is owned and operated by a second generation car guy who loves to come out and run his Harley at Luskville Dragway, will be back once again as a major advertiser. Dan Couturier use to come to Luskville Dragway as a young lad and watch his Dad race. Fact is Dan still has the Firebird that his Dad raced back in the day and has restored it with the hopes of one day bringing it out.
Dan will be back with his big advertising sign that covers the front of the tower, and has done so for over ten years now and Speedy Glass Cruise Night Saturday Sept 9th. But new this season, Dan will also add the Speedy Glass Rockland name to the Super Bike Shootout on June 10-11. We are extremely pleased and honored that Dan and his company have been supporting Luskville for this many years. It should be noted that Couturier also supports other events (like poker runs) around the Ottawa area and in particular Rockland.
Couturier who operated the Apple Auto Glass on Gladstone moved to Rockland, Ontario a few years back and now carries the Speedy Glass Title in a brand new state of the art building in Rockland, Ontario. The shop offers much more than just the automotive auto glass that they where mostly famous for on Gladstone, as the new name obviously states loud and clear. Dan is a very community oriented person and plays a big part in many events around the Rockland area, he is very much part of the community. Also as can be seen in these pics, no job is too big or too small for the team at Speedy Glass Rockland, so don’t forget this advertiser if you need the services that they provide. Speedy Glass Rockland is located at 2-2770 Chamberland St. Or by calling 613-446-5050
Randy B" as he is so often called has been around Luskville Dragway for a very long time, starting out with a semi pro S-10 before moving to a hard tail dragster, and then on to a Soft Tail Dragster. Randy is one of those guys that is the first to jump in and help anyone who needs it, even some of his toughest competitors. So it is only normal that many are pleased when Randy goes rounds and wins races, racing a young family (and a young hockey player) this Drag Racer is much like many, running on a budget. But Randy is also someone who has supported each and everything that comes out of Luskville Dragway and that doesnt change when it comes to the Busters Big Dog Shootout. Yes Randy B is the latest to throw his name in the ring of fire so too speak, as this is with out a questiion the richest, most prestigous race in the country, with the winner haveing an oppurtunity to take home $20,000.

Congratulations to Derek and Troy and everyone who took part in what was with out a question the biggest, baddest Winter Nationals Practice Tree competition of all time. Congratulations also to the $1000. winner Kyle Jessup and Runner Up Laura Shepard who travelled all the way from Southern, Ontario to put the pressure on Jessup. Thank you to all of you who travelled from some very far distances, Northern Ontairo, Montreal, Soutern Ontario and the USA, turning this wild event into a one of a kind deal, THANKs to all, once again proving that what ever is in the water at Luskville Dragway is working, as we have something that no other track (and series) have, the biggest family I have ever seen.

Kyle Jessup gets a winners hug
from runner up Laura Sheppard

Neither of these guys won the
practice tree competion, but they
really didnt care either!

Racers came from the North, the
South and all parts in between.

The Angers Bros kept everyone on
thier toes with there skills

USA Racers where well reprented
from many parts of the country

And yes what would a Luskville
Dragway event be with KIDS,

Russ Fraser called this week to let us know that he will be signing on to not only another year of chasing the Semi Pro Points Championship at Luskville an the Super Series but will also be running the $5000. to win Door Car Challenge Event July 1st. Russ who was a regular last season, is a veteran driver who took a number of years off before returning with vegeance in 2016. Fraser's little Mustang is unique being one of a very few in competition these days, but also a crowd favorite because of that. Russ and his entire family have been a very welcome return addition to the Luskville Dragway Family and only a matter of time before they have a family protrait from the winners circle.

*Congratulations to Luskville Dragway protegee, advertising supporter and current competitor when tinme premitts Paolo Giust who did very well at SGMP last weekend. Paula got back into the pro mod wars a few weeks ago at Bradenton before making his debute with the new radial car at SGMP. The Bradenton race was not what they where hoping for, but a few weeks later with the drive train from Pro Mod transferred into the new Camaro Radial Car (basically a pro mod with radial street tires) was great. And the success continued at the first PDRA event of the season with low 3.80's and a trip too the second round. Paolo has a busy summer booked and we wish him and Shannon nothing but more successfull outings and a trip or two too the winners circle.
Lentech Automatics is no stranger to Luskville Dragway, under new ownership for a number of years now, it will shift into high gear as a major advertiser in 2017. Chris Nugteren who  took over ownership of this well know performance transmission shop is also no stranger to the NHRA Facility in Luskville Quebec, and we will have the pleasure of seeing him even more this upcoming season. As a new era of marketing partnerships with Luskville Dragway begins Chris wanted to make sure that even though the shop is famous for its Ford Performance Trans, they work on, and build any make or brand with the same qualifications and results.
Lentech  takes pride in providing you with the most innovative AOD/4R70 transmission technology available. Every product is fully tested and backed by an unprecedented warranty. They are also committed to continual development of new products and refinement of existing products. Their technical staff is trained to recommend only components appropriate to your equipment combination. They specialize in the high performance modification of Ford automatic overdrive transmissions for street or strip. But not just for Fords.  They also supply adapter solutions that allow fitment of your LENTECH modified Ford Overdrive to a GM or Chrysler, with equally good results! You won’t find a more complete selection of AOD/4R70 products anywhere. So if you need a high performance edge, you need a LENTECH…
We welcome Lentech back to Luskville Dragway and hope everyone will come out and join in on their cruise night, with the race date being June 10th and July 8th. Lentech will return as the official title rights holder to the right lane score board at Luskville Dragway as well in 2017. Chirs's shop is located in Richmond, Ontario just minutes away from Ottawa which makes it close for everyone.
WOW, that is about all i can say as the responce to the big bike race on June10-11 as taking on a life of its own and if the early signs are any indication LOOK OUT. After posting a small deal on facebook, and contacting a few people our phone and email has been burning up with interest and it certainly looks like this is going to be a big deal. We already have eight bikes committed that potentially could hold down the quick eight spots, and its only one week out there. John Chen "Johnny Nitro" who holds both ends of the Luskville Dragway bike records was one of the first to get his name on the list, with these few words, BRING IT ON. Bryan Rose of Northbay quickly joined in and said he would be there and Bryan is no stranger too Luskville Dragway with his nitrous equipted bike. Also adding their names to the list was Todd Hope of Delhi, Ontario who is a big name on the Soutern Ontario drag racing bike scene. Joining Todd will be Brad Prong of Paris, Ontario, Frank Allingham of London and Al Caron of Chatham, Ontairo. Also indicating he would be there was Rocky Landry of Sudbury a regular on the Northern, Ontario Napa tour races. Others have also shown interest and we have not gotten the word out to the Montreal are bike racers but will do so with help from our friends down there. We have also created a page with a list of drivers and their pics as they send them into us, so keep it going and spread the word, think we have something going here.   CLICK HERE FOR LIST
Yves Lanthier dropped a note to let us know that he plans on doing a little more drag racing in 2017 than in 2016. The driver who introuduced himself last season got caught up in a new business venture that just took up all of his time and forced him to put the drag racing on the back burner. Well the BW Race Cars dragster is back at Brian Whites and Yves is having in lengthend and will be back at it this summer. There was some talk as well of a possible second car for a second class, stay tuned.
*And speaking of drivers getting back into it, a number of local, regular drivers are going to do just that a little earlier than usual this spring. Jamie Tupper, the Angers Bros and Terry Miron are heading to Vegas and the Spring Fling West in April long before the local season gets going. This is the sister race to the one that is held on the east coast in May and run by Peter Biondo. Terry will hitch a ride in the Angers Trailer and he along with Scott Wilson will drive the whole unit home after the racing is done. This is a very exciting thought and something I would love to add to the bucket list for ADM Motorsports. There is also some talk of a race trip to Atanta at the end of March for some of the same teams, before heading off too Vegas, this one could include a ADM Motorports driver? stay tuned.
*Attention all Bike Riders we are putting together a Super Bike Shootout for June 10-11, two class's with payouts in both, Heads up Shoot Out and Bracket Class, all bikes will get a shot at Qualifying the fastest eight will run heads up, the remainder will got too the Bracket Class. We can tell you that there will be some big name Drag Bike Drivers from all over Ontario and Quebec. Early entree's include Todd Hope of Southern, Ontario and Bryan Rose from North Bay. Make NO mistake about it, this will be the biggest Drag Bike Event to ever come to Luskville Dragway. The repaving has had many class's show an interest in what we are doing and indicating they would like to come and race, and we are going to work hard to make that happen. NEWS FLASH, stay tuned next week for a list of bikes that from the moment we posted on facebook have got in touch with us about being part of what looks like will be a HUGE deal.
*Speaking of HUGE, I am starting to feel the excitment surronding the July 1st Randys Performance, Bill Gaw Memorial weekend and the Para Performance Door Car Challenge presented by Jordan Manufacturing, J&S Collision, and BW Race Cars. This week Gary Painter from the North called and pointed out that he would be part of what he believes will be a great race for door cars. Gary who makes a number of trips to Luskville Dragway during a season drives something that is a little different, but also very exciting with his wheel stand launches. With Gary's entree we have now reached 25 drivers committed to be part of the July 1st. race. Now this is great but we have a long way to go, this is the chance for door car drivers to send a message not to just Luskville Dragway, but other tracks, that they do want door car races. It was 8 years ago that we started the door pro program and our first event had 50 cars committ to being part, now ony 41 showed up but still that was a great number. Remember if you committ to coming, you pay $125. for the race instead of $150. thanks to our advertisers.  
Canada's leading Auto Parts Supply company Napa Auto Parts, will once again hold the title rights too Luskville Dragway, and the Napa Auto Parts Show Me the Money Tour. This is as about as good as it gets at this point in the season, with only two months to go until we kick off another great summer of Championship Drag Racing. There is no question that advertisers play a major role in Luskville Dragways success, and its future, and one never knows heading into the off season where we will stand come the next year with all of our advertsiers, but we have been very fortunate. For 2017 we will continue to stand tall with Napa as the title rights holder of the longest running and richests drag racing series the Napa Auto Parts Show Me the Money Tour, with stops in Elliott Lake, Luskville, Wawa, Luskville and Mirabel. Napa will also continue its title rights to the Super Pro Points Championship at Luskville Dragway which will also include the scoreboard signage of the right lane at the track. As we have for the past 8 years Napa along with Luskville Dragway will present a customer appreciation day at the track June 9-10-11. Tickets for  free spectator admission will be made avaiable at all Napa Auto Parts Stores, Napa Auto Pro Service Centers and Napa Auto Care shops. Customers will be allowed to bring a car load of friends for a day at the races (or two days should they wish) compliments of Napa Auto Parts. Luskville Dragway would like to thank everyone who played a part in helping this decision come about, and Keith Graham at Universal Supply for believing in us 8 years ago and Kevin Patterson at cooperate Napa in Cambridge for sealing the deal for 2017.
We are extremely pleased to announce that Luskville Dragway will once again in 2017 have the luxury of riding around on a custom golf cart from Morrow RV & Auto (Kevin's Kustom Karts), as they did have the last four years. This is not only a great convenience for the track, but is also a great asset in getting the day too day racing activities done, whether it be looking for drivers, or rushing to fix something on the track, the golf cart has come in so handing that it is hard to imagine not having one. Kevin sells many of these carts, and many of the drivers at the track currently have one, and if you don't give Kevin a call so he can fix you up before the season starts. Kevin can sell you a in stock cart or you can have him pretty it all up with plenty of custom items, like trick wheels and such.  We are also looking at storage at the track for those that can not haul them every weekend and we will keep you posted on that as well. We also would like to remind everyone that you must have a golf car if you want to compete in the now famous Bracket Bonanza Golf Cart Challenge which will be bigger and better than ever in 2017. Kevin is a strong supporter of Luskville Dragway, so if your in need of a golf cart or you would like rent one for the Bracket Bonanza give Kevin a call at Morrow RV & Auto Sales in Carleton Place, Ontario.
Kevin can also fix you up with some special interest cars at times such as camaro's or mustangs, Kevin will normally post them on facebook when avaiable but dont hesitate to call if your looking for something.
Another week has gone by and we are one more week closer too another racing season, but lets not forget those that help Luskville Dragway grow, our advertisers. This week we shine the spot light on Fab-Con of Montreal which signed on in 2014 and will continue to be part of our advertising network in 2017.
Fabricated Container Systems (Fab-Con) is connected to a large network of suppliers and terminals and can provide you with a fabulous container to suit your needs.  Moving, renovating or just looking for extra storage space, (even at the race track)  Our containers are a great storage option offering convenience, reliability, security and value.
steel dry containers  can be used for storage in a residential or business application. Units can be stored on your own property or at an outside location. Typical steel dry containers provide an excellent alternative to permanent structures and are suitable for storing tools, equipment, vehicles, inventory and personal belongings
Many containers are used as portable offices, on construction sites and for expansion of existing facilities. Containers are very popular for use in the storage rental business. Fab-Con containers are a fast, secure, easy and low-cost solution.  Units can be located on your property with minimal or no site preparation or foundation.
     2017      FEB.