Eight days after the last racing day of the season, work began on keeping the promise that management at Luskville Dragway made to all in attendance at the Oct Spooktacular Race on the long weekend in October. We made a commitment that we would be making major improvements prior to the 35th Annual Bracket Bonanza in 2016. So as soon as the weather allowed, which was rather quickly, equipment moved in and excavation began in order that more concrete could be added to the starting line pad, which was already 330 feet long. This will give the track one of the longest concrete pads around if not thee longest, ( I-Car being the exception of course). Work also took place in front of the tower side grand stand as the old walk way was destroyed and a new concrete one will be installed, yes we have to work at making things better for the spectators as well. We also cleaned up the area on the pit side of the track where the drainage ditch starts to make it look better and work better, and if we are too move the big grand stand in closer too the pit side lane this had to be done prior too. The completion of the on track work which will be the resurfacing of the remainder of the quarter mile will take place next June and will be done around the scheduling of a out of town race for our drivers.

In an effort to get the straightest
and smoothest transition, a lot
of manual work had to be done.

Once the edges where done things
moved along a lot quicker, but
carefully as well.

This is what awaits Carl and Kyle
Jessup of Precision Concrete, with
hopes of pouring this week.

The old walkway has been taken
down and will be replaced with
pavement or concrete 

We have tried to keep the fans in
mind as well as we move forward
with improvements

We have continued to work on pit
side drainage ditch and that will
 be an ongoing project until done
*Lots of new car news will start to happen in what we call the silly season, which is the time between when racers stop for one year, go crazy before the start of a new season. Jody and Ray Renaud have not only purchased a Motorhome for 2016, but have traded the Vega Funny Car Chassis to Paul Coull of southern Ontario for his 1966 Chevelle, super pro car. We hope that everyone will keep us posted on what is going on this off season, so we can keep everyone else informed as well.
*As we move forward into 2016, we can not point out how important support will be next season as we try very hard to take Luskville Dragway to another level with our improvements that are being done, and those that will be done. Your support will never be as crucial as it is over the next few years, as we have a long term plan for the track and making it a much better place. To those that have always supported us thank you, for those that use too, give it a second chance, for those that have never, give it a try. To our advertisers THANK YOU, for with out you we would not be doing what we are, in an effort to not only make Luskville Dragway a better place to race, but to bring programs that are matched by no one. To the drivers and their families you make me want to do more than we can afford, so please just bear with us as we get it done. Too the fans thank you for being so loyal, and we will not forget about you as we move forward with improvements. You don't have to like the Owner to go and take his money, in fact, that would give me some sort of satisfaction, and lets face it, most of those that don't come still read this web site, why is that? We are prepared to make Luskville Dragway the best place around, it wont happen over night, but it will happen be part of it.
*AGAIN we want to remind everyone if you are booking a room for the Banquet get it done, as of the 28th they go from 119. Banquet Price too 170. regular price quite a hike I know, that is why we negotiated a special prise take advantage of it.
There is really no way to describe the 2015 Semi Pro Drag Racing Season of young Stephen Ballntyne, other than to say it was one of the most dominate of all times, and even at that it would be putting it mildly. Over 10 wins, and when he didn't win he was either the runner up or went deep in the rounds against some of the best Semi Pro racers in the country. And it didn't matter whether it was Luskville Dragway or I-Car where he too proved he was unstoppable. Stephen like so many of the new big car racers at Luskville Dragway came up through the Jr. Dragster ranks, and one can only think that this early learning curve was a definite play maker in making this young man a incredible Semi Pro Racer. The Ballantyne Team is made up of a large, tight family that is at the race track each and every weekend, beginning there racing career when they lived right in the small town of Luskville, although today they call Aylmer, Quebec home, but it is only 20 minutes from the track as well. Stephen was a tough competitor in the Jr. Dragster but nothing like this past season in Semi Pro where at one point at the beginning of the summer he went 7 races in a row winning first place, it was not until the Bracket Bonanza where he was finally stopped. But right after the big one he went right back to doing what he does best, winning, winning and more winning. And even though he did not get a win on our one trip out of town he did manage to make it to the finals on day one of the Napa Tour at I-car where he faced many new faces. As you can imagine at Home most of the semi pro racers are cheering against Stephen, but what was great to see at the I-Car event was that all of the regular Luskville Dragway folks where cheering for him to win, and although he had to settle for runner he stilled proved, AGAIN, that he is one of the best foot brake racers out there. Stephen is joined every week be his family who play a big part in his racing team, they have their own permanent parking area with a motor home that never leaves the track, they have their bar-b-Que, their picnic table this is the families cottage on the weekends like so many others who call Luskville Dragway home. Stephens Dad Rob is a irreplaceable  part of the team, working at keeping the car going as hard as the young lad does at working hard to win. Again like last week the saying the family that races together stays together is very appropriate for this family, as Mom, Dad, Brothers, Sisters, Grandkids all spend most weekends right at Luskville Dragway help making this NHRA Track a very , very family affair. What's in store for 2016, not much will change as Stephen will try and keep the wolves at bay, as everyone will try hard to de thrown the King of Semi Pro in 2015. CONGRATULATIONS
Nothing worse than the morning after the last race of the season, but this year there was no time to think back on the season as for the first time in many years we raced right up until the last day. So Motorhomes and race cars and trailers had to be removed from the track and taken to shops and storage's. Also winterizing the track was started right away, with the removal and storage of all advertiser signage in an effort to give it more life. Winterizing the water system, removal of timing systems and scoreboards are all rituals that have gone every year for 35 years. A second and third trip to the track this past week has us in good shape, and hopefully the weather man will cooperate and we will have some improvements to discuss soon. Once the signs, and other stuff is stored away you really get the feeling that racing is REALLY over for a while, but look on the bright side of things, its only 5 and 1/2 months until we are open.
*You will notice that we have started our Championships write ups as of this week, we also invite everyone to keep us up to date on what you are doing this off season, new cars, new paint, what ever it makes for good reading in the off Season.
*Again a quick reminder for Banquet tickets as they are going fast, and if you want to be at one table with a group better get it done. Also special room rates end Oct 28th so get your rooms booked soon.
*Would also like to take a few moments to thank all of the Northern Racers who help us make some events very special and in some cases help us set car count records which we hope to break again next year. We really appreciate all of those that came from the north on many occasions and hope that we can count on you again in 2016. I like too think that ADM Motorsports has been supporting racing in the North since 1995, and really appreciate when the Northern Racers come and visit us at Luskville Dragway. Opening Day 2016 is the Long weekend in May we are currently working on making it VERY VERY SPECIAL. if we can convince some of the Northern drivers to take part in opening weekend we are hoping to run a big dollar semi pro race, as well as other things we have up our sleeve.
*Speaking of the Northern Teams, Ray and Jody Renaud have been busy the last couple of weeks making a number of changes already for 2016, first off the team has purchase a Motorhome from ADM Motorsports, and have traded the Corvette that they had this past summer with Rob Culliton for one of Rob's Rambler semi pro cars. Look for more news out of this camp as it looks like the Vega Funny Car might be headed down the road for something else as well. Some changes locally as well as Steven Clarmo who grew up big time over last years off season, has grown out of the Jr. Dragster and will move to a big car in 2016 as will Kayle Urslak who has also grown out of the Jr. Program. Clarmo sold his jr. to Max Gauthier who , yep you guest it, out grew his 2015 ride, what are these kids eating these days, as they all seem to be just plain out growing everything. So good news for the top class's but as we said other places in this weeks write ups, we need some new Jr. Drivers to take over.
*And last this week, we are very pleased to announce that all five Napa Auto Parts Tour Dates have been secured for 2016, giving EVERYONE plenty of time to get their schedules done. The Para Performance I-Car race will take place Sept 23-24-25 which is the same weekend as last year, but a few days earlier. This was a incredible race for the first year attracting one of the largest Super Pro Turnouts ever for a Napa Tour race, with hopes that next year we can surpass that. There will be some exciting news coming out surrounding this event so stay tuned.
As we begin our post season champions stories, we kick things off with a brand new kid on to of the Jr. Dragster Series, a position that has been held by Ashley Ogilvie for the past two seasons (2013-2014). Landyn Urslak a small young man who is a total bundle of energy, and a total bundle of fun as the kid has one of the best attitude's we have ever seen. Always with a smile on his face, and always with something witty or smart to say, this kid is well liked by everyone, so with his win came a lot of applause. Landyn who was lucky enough to start the season in Brand new American Jr. Dragster quickly showed that the new car, and the few years of experience that was now under his belt was going to make a difference. But no one believed that it would make that much of a difference as many predicted a battle between some of the senior drivers like former champion Ashley Ogilvie,(who many picked too three peat) Kayle Urslak (Landyn's older brother) or Ben Vanoppen who had been showing championship form through out his Jr. Dragster racing career. However it was this little firecracker of a kid who kept banging away at the lead that was at one time or another held by other people, until he finally got on top and extended his lead to secure top spot. The kid who always has a smile will be the only Urslak Jr. Competitor next season as Randilynne has gone on too University, and older Brother Kayle will be moving to a big car in 2016, leaving Landyn to fend off the competition on his own. However the kid with the big smile will certainly be a contender, and will be so with a big smile I'm sure. On his way to the championship the young gun picked up win after win, and round after round, with none more important than his Saturday runner up and Sunday win at the Randys Performance Bill Gaw Memorial weekend at the first of July. Landyn would make the same move in late August with a win and a runner up at the two day Chew That Racing weekend, which pretty much sealed everyone's else's fate in the chase, however it is not over till its over and that was the attitude that Landyn continued to deliver at the track.
This past Thanksgiving weekend brought home loud and clear just how great the Jr. Dragster Program has been for Luskville Dragway and the sport of drag racing in our area. The crowning of a new Jr. Dragster Champion for 2015 Landyn Urslak, a post that Ashley Ogilvie has held for the past two years just one of the signs of the significance of the program. As Landyn was putting a seal on the championship with yet another win, Ashley was making her first burnouts in the big car, something she only has to wait one more year to move too. Going on at the same time was a Future Champions Shootout amongst four 2014 Jr. Dragster Graduates as Chevy Morrow was taking on fellow Semi Pro racer Dan Pillwein in that side of the ladder, and Rachel Ogilvie was taking on Bradley Shields in the Super Pro Side of things, all graduates of the Luskville Dragway Jr. Dragster Program. Jacob Wilson was also a Jr. Dragster Graduate in 2015 as well but did not qualify for the shootout, but along with the four that did, make five Jr. Graduates to the big cars which is phenomenal. Yes the Jr. Program is working, and this last few years has seen a extra strong car count in that program, we saw that decrease this past summer, and will loose two more this winter, however we have one new one for sure already, plenty of talk of a couple more and maybe one returning who still has some Jr. Years left, but it is a program that works. It should also be pointed out that former Luskville Dragway Jr. Dragster Regular Kenyon Payne was also at the Track on Thanksgiving weekend, making some check out runs in Scott and Jacob Wilson's semi pro Mustang, so one can only hope that we could see the Payne's back at the track in a regular fashion as we did when they did compete in the Jr. Class. So lets hope that some new jrs. come out of the winter months, and lets hope that the evolution of this program continues the way it has for the past few decades.
It is officially over for 2015 for racing at Luskville Dragway, first off we want to thank the advertisers, the fans, the staff, the drivers and their families for making 2015 one of the most successful if not THEE most successful seasons in our 35 years of running Luskville Dragway, From the entire Malcolm Family, THANK YOU.
*We told you about a new Dodge that would be running semi pro next season, well Steve Rasia has sent this first time shot of the new car for us to post. Steve and his Dad will campaign the car in Semi Pro after a number of years of not being around the track. This summer saw them spend quite a few weekends at the track getting back into form with Steve's Motorcycle. The team is looking for a big block Dodge Motor so if you have something of interest, you may want to contact them. This along with a number of other early off season moves make semi pro look very interesting for 2016. The new team will take it step by step but look for these guys to be contenders sooner than later.
*There is so many people too thank for making this last past weekend a success, from Willy Katib who supplied all the turkeys, too Melissa and Phil Vanoppen for taking charge of putting it all together and taking a big part out of their day to get it ready, to all of those that brought food to add to the feast, too those that went out of their way to dress up, decorate their pit area for the kids too trick or treat at, THANK YOU> you made this weekend very special and gave us a great start to what will certainly be a annual affair.
Anytime you  start something new you are always concerned about how it will turn out, and when its late in the year the weather plays a bigger factor than say the middle of the summer, strictly because the weather is more unpredictable. You also have to worry about other events that are established in your area, so when the man gave us as good a forecast as you could expect this late in the season, and the pits started to fill on Friday afternoon there was some relief on both accounts for the 1st. Annual Kal-Tire Spooktacular event. Drivers had arrived from as far away as Wawa, Sudbury, Timmins, Northbay and a large group also from Montreal. Add this to the very loyal local drivers and teams and you get the idea, it was not the Bonanza, but then again the Bonanza is 35 years old not a rookie like this one. So before we get into what went on, i want too make it very clear that we will be forever indebted too those that supported this first annual event, and give them the promise that we will continue to strive to bring more big dollar drag races to Luskville Dragway, and we also give them the promise that we will continue to improve Luskville Dragway as a facility. Luskville Dragway is a full time drag strip, that puts on events each and every weekend and continues to try and make the place better each and every year, and that will continue in 2016 as we repave the top end of the track.
So lets talk about the racing first, as it was first class with 33 REAL super pro cars in competition the action was pretty stellar, and as things wound down it once again showed that if you can win at Luskville Dragway you can win anywhere. In the Jr. Dragster Class things got pretty exciting when Sandra Finateri who was in attendance with her whole family added close to 1000. to the Jr. Dragsters Purse making the winner smile big time when he was presented with $500. in prize money. Brody Belliufulle  did his job and beat Naomi Laframboise in the finals, now that was not the only good news as with Sandra's money each and every single Jr. racer would go home with nothing less than 25 dollars or more.
Semi Pro was a story also as Sudbury, Ontario's Dan Sproule went too the finals which is something he is use too, but this time around he met himself, as he was doubled in and ended up on both sides of the ladder. Dan Pillwein and Eric Corriveau had their chance in the semi finals to stop him but both could not get the job done, Dan pocket. ed $1500. for his efforts.
Super Pro which was a 32 car field, which was pretty good for a first time race, boiled down to local racer Mike Chenier and Montreal native Fred Anger with Anger having the better light and taking the pot of gold with the win light. Bradley Shields was the lone semi finalist. The Bandit Motorsports Super Truck shootout came down to Phil Vanoppen and Jason Laporte of Northbay, with Laporte taking the win and the $500. that went with that, seven drag trucks competed in the first time Super Truck Shoot out. Then it was party time with most everyone getting into the theme of Halloween, with some of the coolest costumes you have ever seen, kids trick or treating at trailers and pit area's that where decorated in great fashion as well. Prior too the kids going around Turkey Dinner was served with all the fixings, thanks to Melissa and Phil Vanoppen, Willy Katib who supplied all the turkey's and to all those that contributed too what was a amazing feast. Once again the Luskville Dragway family showed their stuff and put on what many called the best Thanksgiving dinner they have had. Now as if this was not enough going on lets add in the "Pyro" Jet Truck which was also in attendance, a pretty descant cruise night for this late in the season, and you get the picture it was a pretty busy day. Now if you think the day was busy the after hours party and fire was as busy if not busier as partying went on too the wee hours of the morning.
Sunday dawned with some groggy eyes but the lanes where full once again at 9:00 am as time trials got underway right on time and everyone got to get down the track three times before eliminations. Today would be even more special with the J&S Collision Future Champions Race, which would boil down to Chevy Morrow who beat Dan Pillwein in the semi pro run off, and Rachel Ogilvie who would beat Brad Shields in the Super Pro Run off. In the finals Rachel had the better light and parlayed that into a win light at the strip to win the first ever Future Champions Award, a big thank you to Jamie and Shelia Tupper for supporting this program.
The Jr. Dragster show was once again a dozen quality Jr. Dragsters with the finals coming down to Saturdays winner Brody Bellefeuille and Points Champion for 2015 Landyn Urslak who would stop Brody from Doubling up on the weekend. Semi Pro was a great show once again with Rob Graveline taking home yet another win and the $1000. that went with it, Rob would take on and beat rookie sensation Dan Pillwein in the finals with Redge Laporte and fellow Northerner Dan Sproule settling for semi finals spots.
Super Pro which again was a great field of local, Montreal and Northern Ontario cars boiled down too Frank Anger, Derek Malcolm and Marco Laframboise in the semi finals, with Marco taking the single to the finals. In the Semi Final match up between Derek Malcolm and Frank Anger there was more than just a win at stake, as Malcolm had the opportunity to regain the points lead if he could move to the finals. And that he did with a great reaction time and a run on the dial, which he needed as Frank also ran right on the numbers but a slightly slower reaction time which was the difference. In the finals Malcolm was once again off the line first and looked like he was out too finish the season with a win, however with Marco running right on the numbers and Derek's car running .502 on a .501 Marco was able to take the stripe and the win light. The racing was more than pretty good, and the traction was incredible by the racers accounts. To say the first annual Spooktacular was a success would be putting it mildly, with compliment after compliment sending a clear single on that fact. Now work begins on next year, and with work going on already on a four track intertrack series which would include Luskville Dragway and with Spooktacular on that list, look out for 2016. Again thank you to all involved in making this weekend a HUGE success, see you at the banquet if not next year.

Fred Anger was the big winner in Super Pro
for $5000. beating Mike Chenier in the final.

The most amazing thing about the whole
weekend was the way EVERYONE got into
dressing up, they where amazing.

Brody Bellefeuille was all smiles as he was
joined in the winners circle by his family, as
well as Sandra Finateri and her Family.

Some pretty cool match ups where in store
all weekend, this was just one of them, two
beautiful Chevy II's.

Here's three guys you do not want to meet in
the staging lanes for sure.

it would be safe to say this guy arrived in
taking a spin in Eric Lavigne's fast semi pro

The house of hook, was hooking for sure this
coming from every driver that was there

Joel Lapiere was there with his VERY fast
low four second dragster, he two had
no issues hooking up and getting it done

too say everyone got into the mood would be
putting it mildly, as almost every single race
team put their best foot forward to make this
deal very, very special

Not only where the people dressed up but so
where the pits area's as everyone tried to
make theirs extra special

Jason Laporte was the winner of the BANDIT
Motorsports Truck Show.

The Mission Motor Boys where out in force
and on a mission as they raced all weekend
and also went home with a new purchase
Wow, only one weekend left in the 2015 season, my how time flies when your having so much fun, however we still have one of the most important weekends of the  season left so lets not get ahead of ourselves. Anytime you start something new you have to put a special effort into it, then once it gets rolling it takes on a life of its own, and the event kind of takes over. So for the First Annual "Octoberfast Spooktacular' we have put a lot of big time effort into making sure that it is a success. Not only will you see some fine drag racing but you will see some "ghosts, demons, and clowns as well, as we have turned it into our very own "Halloween Classic, Big Dollar Bracket race with a Turkey Dinner. There is a special J&S Collision Future Champions Shootout on Saturday with Chevy Morrow facing Dan Pillwein, and the winner there facing off between the winner of Bradley Shields and Rachel Ogilvie, who is coming home from Western University just for this event,  for $500 and the title of Future Champion. And lets not forget the last cruise night of the season, with a 100 cars showing up last Saturday Night lets hope we can also go out with a bang here, thanks to Bandit Motorsports.
*ATTENTION TO THOSE COMING THIS WEEKEND, gates will be open Friday for parking and we will have both upper and lower gates open, this is being done for your convenience for parking. If you are parking on the field side of the pits come in the upper gate, if the track side of the pits come in the lower gate by the tower. Once you are in and parked, come to restaurant to purchase your entree car and spectator bands. It is very important that you come and get registered and sign the insurance waivers. We are trying to make it as easy and comfortable as possible for everyone so please work with us.
*We also want to remind all semi pro drivers that there will be a Fireball Performance Transmission given away at the Banquet, to one lucky driver out of a group that currently includes almost every driver in the Semi Pro points chase. The rules where that you must run a certain number of specific dates, clearly marked on the schedule, with only one of those dates left, the Oct. Spooktacular Weekend Oct 9-10-11. As of right now almost everyone qualifies and we will do a reverse draw at the banquet in order too determine the winner out of those that qualify.
*Again we want to remind everyone that Banquet Tickets are available at the track and its much easier to get them there than later on once we all go back to our only little corners of the world until the Banquet. We hope to start some work RIGHT after the last race weekend, but that will depend on weather, but we will keep you posted.
*Congratulations to Derek Malcolm and Bill Nowlan on their Napa Auto Parts Tour Championships, for Bill it is his first one ever, and for Derek it marks his 3rd. in a row a feat that says a lot for this young mans driving ability. We will have in-depth stories on both these individuals as the off season takes over, but a big Congrats to these two.
*We told you about the purchase of the ADM Motorsports Camaro by Paulo and Shannon Giust, which will bring another new competitor too the competition next season, and yet another Lady in Racing, I think Luskville Dragway probably has more Ladies in Racing per capita than any other track. Paolo and Shannon have been kind enough to allow Kyle to finish off the season and his run at a top position in Semi Pro. Look for a new ride for ADM Motorsports in that class next year, or possibly two. We can also tell you that a Semi Pro racer who sold his Chevy this past off season and sat out the summer will be back, and back in a Ford which is what he always dragged raced in the past. We can also tell you about a family that ran a motorcycle on a fairly regular Saturday schedule, and they too have purchased a semi pro dodge valiant out of the Arnprior, Ontario area with hopes of competing in Semi Pro next summer as well. You will all have to wrack your brains to figure this one out, or tune in to luskvilledragway.com nest week!!
*It never stops, even with the season not quite over we have been working hard behind the scenes to get things lined up for next year which has a date or so change, and there could be some slight changes to what we are laying out now. Opening weekend for Luskville Dragway for the points series will continue to be the long weekend in May (20-21-22) Elliot Lake Napa Tour will be July15-16-17, in fact they have already been doing car shows handing out a save the date flyer. Bracket Bonanza will be the long weekend in August even though all three race days are in July (29-30-31) Wawa will be two weeks after the Bonanza this year August 12-13-14, The Napa Fall Bracket Nationals will once again be the long weekend in Sept (2-3-4), We are in talks with I-car and hope to have Sept 23-24-25 sewed up shortly, and once again we will finish the season the Long weekend in Oct 2016 (Oct 10-11-12). Again this is a tentative schedule and will be tweaked slightly, there is some talk of a possible intertrack with the all new Point Rouge facility as well as other irons in the fire. As we earlier stated we have already been contacted by many of our current advertisers, we are talking too new ones, and we are also talking to the contractor, stay tuned. We would also point out that if the weather man does not cooperate with planned on track improvements this fall, we will have to shut down for a full week in June, if that is the case we will try and work that in with one of our partners and what is going on at their track.
   2015        AUG   SEPT