*We want too once again remind everyone that the banquet will be upon is in no time and please don't leave your purchasing of tickets until the last minute as that makes it just that much more difficult for all involved. We believe this banquet will have the largest crowd in quite some time as we have a large number of points members who qualify for payouts and prize's. We will also have 21 Jr. Dragster teams that will be part of the richest payout in prize money and prizes in the history of this class in our country. We would also like too remind everyone that the I-Car Banquet (Oct 26) and the Shannonville Banquet Nov 16) are also coming fast, look for some big announcements at both of these venues for next year.
The boys got home from Numidia really early Monday morning and all though they did not win any races, they had some fun and went some rounds, just like up here this past season rain halted things at Numidia on Saturday so racing only took place on Sunday. Derek Malcolm (driving Troy's car) went too the fourth round (and money) and knocked off a couple of heavy hitters on his way to doing that, including Frank Mark in the first and Peter Biondo in the second, shown here in one of Kyle Jessup's famous top end shots. Mike Ogilvie also did quite well going too the third round which also put him in the money. This trip has certainly got the boys all cranked up for the Million next season, and I personally want and will go, as it has too be something you do at least once. Facebook has been ripe with action centred around a Team from our area (Luskville, Napa Tour, Shannonville I-Car) heading there next year, take it too the bank it is going to happen. And yes many thinks can happen between now and then, but as long as we are still standing next Oct. we are heading to Montgomery, I know that there are some others also, who have said that s they are going WILL DO SO, as they have in the past, So look for Team Canada to BE THERE""

We would also like to bring this next item to all you racers attention, it comes from one of our Major Advertisers as well as fellow racers, Hal Blanchard of Belleville Starter & Alternator. And it comes at the absolutely best time as we head into the off season and everyone thinks about getting stuff freshened and ready for 2014.
"We would like to assist you with freshening up your starters & alternators for your race car or motorhome, golf car generators. We only use high end Parts. If you would like to have a spare we can also supply you with new as well, we can also supply you with new batteries as well. We are a dealer for Trojan deep cycle, Full River ABGM and Odyssey GEL Batteries, we also carry quick cable accessories, we are also a authorized dealer for WARN Winches. Once again this is a great time to support those that support us.  For More information Hal or Jessica Blanchard, Belleville Starter and Alternator, ww.bellevillestarter.ca
So with the wet spring behind us, most hoped that the prediction of a hot day summer would now play out, not quite as once again we would battle the weather man most of the remainder of the season of 2013. However one bright spot did shine through as the Napa Auto Parts kicked off the season in Elliott Lake, Ontario for the 14th. Annual Napa Auto Parts North Shore Challenge. Elliot Lake has always been the premier airport event in this country and that was made even easier with 4 solid days of sunshine and warm temperatures. Elliot Lake was also very warm too Dale Gauthier who would start his march towards his first ever Napa Tour Championship as he collected the first big dollar win of the season and the $10,000. pay out that went with it. What was even more exciting for Dale and veteran of the Tour, Luskville and Shannonville was the fact that his son Max would join him in the winners circle as he took home the Jr. Dragster event on Sunday to make it a two for two day for the Gauthier family. Things would then shift back to Luskville Dragway where a double weekend event would prior too the Bracket Bonanza would Kyle Jessup a chance to get his act together taking both Saturday and Sunday's Super Pro Action.
Now it was time for the Big One, the 32nd. Annual Bracket Bonanza, the Grand Daddy to all Big Dollar Races in Canada, and yes some time for some more rain as both Friday and Saturday's events had to be manoeuvred around the wet stuff, but once again the drivers and the staff made it work and winners where crowned. This event is the marquis deal for Luskville and rumors where rampant that the 33rd. addition would hold some surprise's, the race is also the event where the big dollar high roller races take place and even though they too had to deal with the wet stuff, everything got done as well. Once again the show headed out on the road as the Napa Tour would stop in Wawa, Ontario for the 2nd. Annual event where the car count was up, the spectator count was up, and so was the sun for the most part of the weekend allowing us to get race #3 in the books and take things back to Luskville for the Intertrack race with Shannonville. Weather was not a factor this weekend even though it was not the best of sunny skies, so once again winners where crowned in all class's and the event turned out to be what most of the Intertrack races have, A SUCCESS. Next up the Fall Bracket Finals the 4th stop on the Napa Tour and yes more bad weather, which caused for Fridays events to be rained out and pushed on over too Saturday which would make for a day and a half of racing, but once again the teams and the staff did a great job and by the time Sunday Night rolled around racers who had travelled from very long distances as well as all the Luskville drivers, could comment that they had got it done once again. The following weekend saw Luskville Dragway wrap up its Napa Points Series for Luskville with a nostalgia type weekend, and yes once again the weather was rotten on Saturday forcing the Nostalgia Super Car Shootout to be delayed one day. This obviously like it had all season affected the turnout of cars and fans, but that being said it turned out to be a fun day, with many super cars from the early days taking part in this great event. Things where capped off very nicely with a final back to the bar party at Busters where Steve and Louis went out of their way to make sure everyone had a great time with plenty of munchies and prizes.
So now it was four road trips in a row, First off too Shannonville for the final tour race where things got done just in time as thanks to a hurried up start on Sunday we managed to beat the rain that came in the moment the last pair of cars went down the track. Then it was down the road for two back too back weekends at I-Car thanks to a rain out in May that forced the promoter to reschedule that race. This time around both got done with some great racing the second weekend when it was a couple of $5000. to win. A big win for Derek Malcolm at I-Car on Saturday in the $5000. event pretty much also wrapped up his points title at that point, it was a good weekend for Ontario in the intertrack Ontario/Quebec Challenge which I-Car won in 2012.  Then it was back down the road to Shannonville for that tracks final event and the final  points race in the inter-track series with Luskville Dragway, and although the weather was cool we did finish the season under clear skies and green lights. On positive note we can report that our street car scene was extremely good every weekend, and the turnout of more and more motorcycles continues to happen thanks to guys like Johnny Nitro and Dan Couturier. So as we look ahead after looking back there will be some exciting announcements coming over the next little while and we will start the stories on our champs next week. Once again to our Drivers and their families, to our advertisers, to our fans and the staff, THANK YOU.
*Could a door pro points series be in the works, well that is quite a possibility thanks too the hard work of one of our advertisers to make it happen, we are in talks right now and stay tuned as we get closer too that to be brought back in 2014.
*Looks like some of the boys have not had enough racing, as Tory Davis, Derek Malcolm, Kyle Jessup, Russ Adams, Mike Ogilvie and Jamie Clarmo are headed out too Numidia for the weekend and two $5000. races. We will have a full report on how they do next Friday, weather man is calling for cool but dry weather, there is a lot of big dollar racing going on south of the border this weekend with many down in Montgomery Alabama for the Million and also a big dollar race at Atco.
When looking back at the season that has just gone by the one thing that I quickly comes to the top of the charts is the fact that once again the advertisers of Luskville Dragway where out in force and like every year with out them we would have a hard time making it work. We have always been very fortunate in that we have some of the most loyal and supportive advertisers of any racing facility and for that we are grateful and say a HUGE thank you once again. The year was not the greatest when it came too the weather with old Mother Nature testing us many times this past season, seeing just what we where made of. If you where part of the Intertrack race the Canada Day weekend, you know exactly what I'm talking about, the pits on Friday Night and Saturday Morning where UGLY, but the racers and the staff prevailed, and with out question it turned out to showcase some very GOOD racing with everything getting done. But that was not the only weekend that we where hampered by the weather man as when you look back and count the times it rained on one portion of the weekend or the other it was very BAD as far as weather and we will point that out as we review this past season. And our advertisers who many have their names on cruise nights, would have to be happy with what we would call pretty GOOD cruise nights through out 2013, and although we never hit the 400 car count that is our record we where very consistent through out the year from the word go in April right up to closing night last Saturday. Too the street car scene we say a big thank you, and we will work at making your experience at quarter mile NHRA racing as good as we can in the years ahead.
Heading into the summer everyone was pretty up beat, and with a record sign up of Super Pro and Jrs. and a consistent sign up of Semi Pro cars the season looked like it would have good turnouts for our regular Napa Super Series at Luskville, and that was the case, but those events too, had to deal with the BAD weather. Sometimes as we get through a season when tend to forget the bad things and only remember the good, which is good in itself however when you go back and look at how the weather man affected us most weekends, its hard to figure out how we ended up in the long run with a pretty good racing season.
Things kicked off with opening weekend and the Malcolm Carpentry show the long weekend in May, thanks to a promotion with the Capital Car Show a record turnout of fans came through the gates setting the stage at that point for things too be pretty good in 2013. And yes Saturday was an outstanding day and for Mike Chenier in Super Pro, Mike Doyle in Semi Pro and Landyn Urlsak in Jrs. it was a great day as these three drivers picked up the first wins of the season. Landyn would meet and defeat Ashley Ogilvie in the finals forging a battle that little did anyone know at that time, would continue right through until closing weekend between these two young drivers for the points championship. So yes things got off too with a Bang, but Sunday would give us an indication of what the season would be like as rain forced cancellation of the second day of opening weekend, something it would do a number of times through the season. Things continued to be wet as we headed down the road to I-Car the last weekend in May only to have the entire weekend rained out and postponed until Sept. Next up was another two day weekend with Pontiac Days taking centre stage, and yes once again the weather man had his say also, as showers Saturday Moring had everyone wondering if we would race, but race we did on Saturday anyway and yes Sunday once again fell to rain. That trend would continue as we stepped into the Napa Auto Parts Funny Car weekend where once again the weather was great on Saturday which gave us the largest spectator crowd of the summer, but like many times in 2013 rain would only allow us one day as Sunday would get washed away once again.
So as we headed into the Canada Day weekend, and inter-track with I-Car and Shannonville at Luskville the potential for record car counts was on the horizon, but so was some bad weather as after 4 solid days of sunshine the weather man called for rain Thursday and Friday and Most of Saturday, what else was new. But to the credit of all of the regulars and especially those that travelled from the Series the Trailers Montreal (I-Car) and Shannonville those record car counts where almost surpassed. However with heavy rain on Thursday and Friday the pits where less than welcoming for the race teams some who where coming to Luskville for the first time in their careers (so much for first impressions). To say the least the pits where a swamp as anyone will tell you, it doesn't matter what race track your at when it rains and rains as much as it did that weekend the pits will be bad no matter where you are. Rain continued through out Friday and into Saturday morning but the loyal Luskville Dragway staff continued to dry the track every moment they could and by 2 pm we where racing and oh what racing we had. I can honestly say that once we got underway the racing was terrific, and what was even more spectacular was how the race teams under the terrible pit conditions, kept the track in better shape than it had ever been before. Racing continued well into the night in fact it went right up until 11:30 am something we have never done in our history and hopefully something we will never have to do again. But the racing got done and winners where crowned and everyone had a good time. Sunday was a better day weather wise with only a few stoppages for showers and the weekend finished up being complete.
That pretty much take care of the first half of the season and as you can see when you look back the weather man really did beat up on us. NEXT WEEK PART TWO OF THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY 2013.
*ADM Motorsports and in particular Derek Malcolm would like to pass on a BIG THANK YOU to Scott Wilson who quickly stepped up and allowed the 2013 Napa/Luskville Super Pro Track Champion a opportunity to finish the season behind the wheel of a race car. Derek broke his motor last weekend at Mirabel after winning a $5000. race on Saturday, and looked like he would be setting out the final race of the year. But once again that family we often talk about showed its real presence once again with a phone call from Scott who now owns the Undercover Dragster that Derek drove to the Napa Tour Super Pro Championship in 2012, and an offer to finish the season the way a true champ should.
Well the season for most of us is now over, the champions have been crowned and now the off season begins, however we still have one more adventure on our 2013 schedule and that is the upcoming banquet which we will title the "Celebration of Champions". If you have not got your tickets yet you best do so as they are going faster than any previous year so don't wait and be left out. We would also remind those that are staying for the weekend that there is a block of rooms set aside for the Luskville/Napa group, please use this number when calling in to book your rooms,  CGXADM .
*In order to keep everyone informed with things that are going on its important that you send us any info on your racing plans for 2014, it keeps the wheels spinning all winter long so keep us posted and we will do so also. We will have some special announcements about the track and things that are happening there as we roll through the winter.
*It was great to see Vince Ford of Prescott back out too the drag strip after a decade long lay off from the sport. Vince and Ralph Murphy made up the F&M Dragster team that was part of Luskville Dragway for years and years, they both have taken some years off but now say they will be back on a regular basis to the track and the sport of drag racing. Vince did not loose a step as he made a number of picture perfect shakedown pass's in the very colorful dragster.
*Another end of the season tradition is many people taking someone else's car for a run and that too took place this past Sunday as run after run at the end of the kept everyone guessing who was driving who's car. Some it was too just find out if they like the switch or not, for some it was whether they would move class's come the new year and the 2014 racing season.
With two out of three wins under the belts of the Luskville Dragway drivers on Saturday, Sunday would even turn out better as they would sweep the eliminations with a three for three day in Super Pro, Semi Pro and Jrs. Kicking things off at 9 am again Sunday a good turnout of 24 cars in each class made for a some great racing and some great rivalries most of the say as the last Intertrack race of the season, and for most of us the last race, at least on Canadian Soil" for the year. Kyle Jessup who had been in a hunt to catch Derek Malcolm in the points fell one round short on Saturday with his runner up spot to Dale Gauthier, would not be denied as he went to the line against fellow Luskville driver Randy Urslak for all the money in Super Pro. Jessup would make it a very good weekend with the win and the runner up on Saturday, so much so that talk of a return visit to Numidia in PA, along with some other Luskville Dragway drivers was all the talk at the season ending party at the track following the race. Semi Pro would see Mark Thompson come up just a little short in catching Ian Gould in the points battle, but would not see him come up short in the finals against seasoned veteran John Chatwood who would mirror his son's Jason's runner up finish on Saturday. Yes it was a good weekend for the Luskville Semi Pro racers with two wins, but the Chatwood family, who have been coming to Luskville Dragway since we took over in 1980 have to be happy with two runner up spots, our sport is not like football where a win is celebrated by 30 or more players, so taking second when its one against one is a very good day also. The Luskville Dragway super day would continue as Steve Clarmo would take the win in the finals of Jr. Dragster. After the races the annual Jim Parkhurst Memorial Party and Shannonville Jr. Banquet took place with everyone taking part and everyone having a good time with good food, and great friends. So sadly the season has come to an end, or at least I thought it had, but with the excitement of some drivers on their good showing's talk quickly started about a possible Luskville Train for Numidia in PA for two 5000. next weekend, time will tell?

Steve Clarmo is joined in the winners circle by his entire
Family, and Jen Bridge who was representing her Dad's
Centre Street Auto company, sponsor of the weekend.

With a runner up spot on Saturday and a win on Sunday Kyle
Jessup felt rejuvenated enough to start talking one more
race before the season was over, look out Numidia
We have been very lucky that last few weekends as the weatherman or lady has been very good to us for sure, and that was the case when we headed into the last points weekend of the season and the intertrack race at Shannonville Dragway. Jr. Dragsters certainly felt the sunshine as a record turnout of cars for Shannonville made their way to the first round, and when everything was said and done it was Chevy Morrow last years points champion at Luskville Dragway who came out on top of the large group of day one Jrs. This was a big win for Chevy who from all accounts will move to big car in 2014 . The Jr. Dragster finals was a all Luskville Dragway affair unlike the Semi Pro final which would pit Luskville's Rob Graveline against Shannonville's very own Jason Chatwood, but when the win light would come on it would be two for two for the Luskville Drivers as Graveline would take the win light. So now the stage was set for another Luskville vs. Shannonville race in the finals with Dale Gauthier the current points leader at Shannonville going up against Kyle Jessup a driver who must win every round to catch Derek Malcolm for the title. With the lights coming down Gauthier did what every driver tries to do a .5000 on the starting line to gave him all the room he needed at the finish line for the win. So now the pressure was off for some drivers but tomorrow is another day and winners and champions would be crowned in day two. It should be pointed out the Gauthier's win was even more impressive do to the fact that he was driving , Wife to Be Becky Rays" rear engine dragster after blowing up the motor in his Camaro at the Intertrack race in Mirable two weeks prior.
Well it all comes too an end this weekend with the Shannonville Inter-Track race with Luskville Dragway both Saturday and Sunday. We hope that everyone will be part of this very fun weekend and our last kick at the can for 2013, champions will be crowned in all class's for both tracks on Sunday with a big party Sunday after the races.
*Little bird told me there could be another new semi pro racer next season driving a Chevy powered Ford Mustang, this would be great news if all comes too happen, stay tuned as this story unfolds. The Semi Pro Class is one that could use some new faces as we work hard at building it back too what it was a few years ago, we should have the same amount of Semi Pro as we do Super Pro as the evolution goes.
*Racing season is coming to a close, but the banquet is just around the corner so don't forget to get your tickets early, they will be available at the Shannonville Race this upcoming weekend. If your coming with a group remember they are tables of eight so try and group your buys together.
*For those that plan early please note that the Elliott Lake Tour race will change their date to one week later for the 2014 season. Next year will see tech and parking take place on July 17, full day of time trials on July 18, and the full programs on Saturday and Sunday July 19-20. This should give everyone plenty of time to make plans to be part of what is going to be the biggest and best event ever, as Elliot Lake celebrates their 15th year of holding this event.
*This past Saturday's cruise night was not huge like the middle of the summer but the street guys and gals still keep coming out to enjoy some quarter mile fun. However that all comes to an end this weekend as we present our "Last Chance Cruise Night" and the season comes to an end at Luskville Dragway.
To say this upcoming weekend is going to be fun would be putting it very mildly, as not only is it always fun to race at Shannonville but this time around there are a number of very interesting points battles going on that will be settled this weekend. In the Jr. Dragster class it does look like Ashley Ogilvie will be our 2013 Champion as she heads into the final weekend with a large and comfortable lead over second place driver Landyn Urslak who is book ended by the Ogilvie Girls as Rachel sits in third place and could conceivably reach the second place spot. So even though the top three spots will in all likely hood stay the same the real interesting stuff occurs  between the next three drivers where all three have a chance to make a move in the standings. The importance of this is not just of being in the top five where cash is awarded as well as the awards, but with the prize pool being awarded on standings what you get to choose from will depend on where you finish. Ben Vanoppen, Chevy Morrow and Randi Lyn Urslak all have a chance to make a change in there final spots as they all three are in a two round window for change. The Semi Pro Class, although short on numbers many times this season, has not been short on excitement as we headed down the home stretch, with the points lead changing a few times along the way. Ian Gould the current points leader will definitely have a bulls eye painted on his back with "young gun" Steve Ballntyne still with in striking distance of the Watts and Gould Team. But Steve will not want to put all of his focus on Ian as he too is being chased for second place by Rob Graveline who was the points leader heading into the Long weekend in Sept. Last years points champ Mark Thompson is also with in the numbers game as he is only 1000 points behind the third place driver and mathematically still in the hunt.
The Super Pro championship is all but assured for Derek Malcolm, although nothing is over until its over but heading into the final weekend a 2600 point lead over Kyle Jessup looks pretty comfortable, Kyle also sits comfortably in front of third place drivers. But for Derek who went from penthouse last Saturday winning the $5000. race to the out house, breaking his motor in the warm up on Sunday could be with our a ride this weekend.  Yes  heading into the final weekend there will be plenty of fireworks of who will finish where in the top ten. Troy Davis last years points champion is tied with Randy Urslak for third/fourth, Mike Chenier and Mike Ogilvie are tied for 5/6 and Randy Bellefeuille and John Forsyth are tied for 7/8. So its anyone's guess what the final top ten will look like but be assured it will in all likely hood look different than it does right now.

Derek Malcolm seen here looking over and waxing
his dragster last weekend, could be just a spectator
for the end of the season, with a blown motor taking him
from the penthouse Saturday, too the outhouse Sunday.

Ian Gould and Bruce Watts have their hopes high, just
like the front wheels on their semi pro Mustang has
been all summer. Gould will be watching closely to
those that can catch him this weekend at Shanny.
2013         AUG    SEPT