Although the season is not quite over yet, it has not stopped us from beginning work on next season, and I can tell you this, from the advertisers side of things we are extremely pleased in the companies and individuals who have already committed to return in 2016. I can honestly say that this has been over whelming and hopefully stems from their approval of what we are doing with both the programs and with the track itself. We will have lots to write about as the winter months take over.
*Once again we remind everyone that Banquet Tickets are now available, as well as special rates on the rooms should you require one at the Airport Hilton. Get em early as the price does go up.
*Now that the last Napa Race is in the books we can all turn our attention too our last race of the year, and an event that we really believe is going to turn some heads. The 1st. Annual Spooktacular Octoberfast" is shaping up to be bigger than anyone would have ever anticipated, with the response being just incrediblee. The race is going to be so different than anything we have tried to do in the past, with both big dollar bracket racing, A Jet Truck Show, A cruise night, plus trick or treating for the kids, lots of decorations, a full tilt turkey dinner for drivers and crews thanks too the VanNoppen and others, plus and Mardi Gras atmosphere as all are being asked to dress up, or down which ever works.
*Well the off season shuffle has already stared as Shannon Giust enjoys a seat time fit in her and Paolo's latest purchase. Paolo and Shannon have purchased the 1968 Camaro owned by ADM Motorsports and driven by Kyle Jessup and Derek Malcolm this past season. Shannon will compete regularly at Luskville Dragway in 2016 as she has gotten the itch big time to start racing on a full time basis. The Camaro is a great car as was shown with Kyle almost going too the finals at the Napa Tour Race at I-Car, and has also visited the winners circle in Door Pro with Derek driving and Semi Pro with Kyle driving. This is good news for all as it keeps a good car right at home, and now the search by ADM starts for something to replace it as well as a second semi pro car for 2016.
When you roll into Sept. and Oct. and your putting on a Motorsports event you know you are always at the  mercy of the weatherman, so such was the case as we rolled around too the week preceding the last Napa Auto Parts Tour event, which was to be held at I-Car @ Mirabel. This was an event that was moved from another track that no longer wanted to be involved and also moved date wise, wish was also good news as the old date which was earlier in Sept was a complete wash out this year. So as the 25-26-27 got closer, and the weatherman kept saying it was clear sailing everyone was kind of waiting for the shoe to drop, but it did not and we rolled into the weekend with nothing but sunshine, and nothing but sunshine in the forecast. Moving in and setting up Thursday Night made for a nice relaxing start too the weekend, and with a street night going it gave us a chance to get acquainted with a track that we had some good times at the last few years.
Friday: and a lot of cars showing up to get their licks in on a brand new racing surface for some. And yes a gamblers race which ADM Motorsports is famous for got off the ground right on time at 4pm, and with 30 super pro cars going at it in the first round there was some great action. Heading into the semi finals it was Justin Miron and Russ Adams with Adams taking the win, in the other semi finals Fred Angers beat up on Sebastian in a dragster as well. In the finals Russ was slightly better on the tree and with that the win light and the $3000. going with it. So day one was over, with close to 60 Super Pro Cars on the grounds , and more coming in the gate as we put this part of the story to bed.
Saturday: With a long night for some as a number of parties took place through the pit area, mooring came rather early, but with the coming of daylight things where pretty quite, "at first" as many had to be pulled from the beds. However with the sun a shinning it didn't take long for everyone to warm up to another day of NHRA Drag Racing. Time trials which had been scheduled to start at 10 had to be moved to a start time of 9 in order to hopefully get everyone down the track and ready for eliminations. When Eliminations started it was well known that the track had teeth, in fact someone made the comment this is as good as it gets for us. A number of drivers who where present for the first time laid down some of their personal bests. Along with the normal guys who run the Napa Series, a number of Division one Top Sportsman and Top Dragster competitors where present, Tom Orr, Bill Maloughney, and Luc Anger laid down some track records. Luc Anger who said he was hoping to run a 4:26 missed by one and went 4:27. Luc was the first too say it was as good as any track he had raced on, just coming home from Norwalk the week prior. But getting back to the eliminations, the Jrs, which was pretty much a Luskville Dragway program with a few others, boiled down to Steve Clarmo and Brody Beufieullie with Steve Clarmo making everyone glad he is going to a big car next year. In Semi Pro the kid that has "Killed" everyone, mowed his way to the finals proving once again that what has been going on at Luskville Dragway was NO fluke. So when Marc Levesque took out Steven in the finals there was a sy of relief , that this kid can be beat, but also from the locals point of view, we just beat a heavy hitter. Super Pro boiled down to two Montreal racers and Jamie Tupper with Tupper being put on the traile by Domenic Cincerellia who would meet Fred Anger in the finals with "Left Lane Fred taking the right lane and the win light. A number of show cars where present to add into the action including George & Michelle Levesque and their twin turbo pro mod Mustang, Full Throttle Team of Nick, and of course the Pyro Jet Truck of Rick Kopp, so yes it was a very entertaining day and then the 100% guaranteed fun party by the Angers went into full force and with out question everyone had a great time.
Sunday: Once again the weather man was cooperating as wall too wall sunshine met everyone as they rolled out of bed for another day of 9am starting and hopefully a as smooth day as day one was which was finished well ahead of schedule. Time trials got underway right on time again with another day with the track having lots of teeth. Sunday meant everyone only got two time trials and that got done in a orderly fashion with eliminations getting underway at 11:30, and with more entree's coming in the gate Sunday Morning it was a good thing we did. Once again the Jr. program was dominated by Luskville Dragway regulars with Ashley Ogilvie and Josh Shields meeting in the finals. Josh was no gentleman however in the final as he did not let Ashley be first as he took the stripe and the win light for the Sunday Jr. Win, 10 Jrs where present which was a good turnout for the first year event. Semi Pro like Jrs. was dominated by Luskville Dragway drivers in the finals as Patrick Allaire and Rob Graveline met in that portion of the elimination ladder with Pat driving Chris Collins Dodge took his first win of the summer and the $2000. that went with it.  Super Pro was a big story in itself as the finals edged closer and closer, Kyle Jessup who many consider one of the best drivers out there whittled his way down the ladder driving both the dragster and the door car. By the Semi Finals Kyle was still in with both cars setting up the possibility of running him self in the finals. The bye in the dragster set stage one, and now all he had to do was beat Pascal Barbeau and his dragster with the Camaro and he would do what many have never done. However Pascal had something to say about that has he took the win light in the semi finals sending himself too the finals in only his first year of driving in Super Pro. The finals started off with Pascal once again as he had been doing all week long taking the jump off the line, however Kyle's experience paid off at the finish line as he took the win light and the $5000 that went with it. That wound things up right on schedule at 5 pm and had everyone on the road and home early, the event was with out question a HUGE success and plans are already underway for a return engagement for 2016. The Staff and Management at I-Car where extremely pleased and made it very clear they would like to expand on what they saw this weekend in what they called the Most Successful Drag Racing event ever held at the facility. Obviously these events run smoothly because of a great team of dedicated people who all know who they are THANK YOU.

Russ Adams took day one and took home $3000. for his
efforts in his Diamond Super Pro Dragster.

Nick Landry and Luc Angers put on quite a show
all weekend long

If this doesn't look like old school pro stock shoot out
then nothing does, this seen was seen alot.

Jessup joined in the winners circle by a large
group of family, and friends

Patrick Allaire, Chris Collins and Rob Graveline
savour the win and runner up spots Sunday

Josh Shields was all smiles in this large
winners circle group
Once again we want to remind everyone about some important things that are coming up and happening over the next three weeks, as well as another reminder that banquet tickets are available and ready for purchase. First of all this past weekend marked the last of four weekends left in our racing season, and now there are only three but they are all of great importance as we close out 2015 and set the pace for 2016 and beyond.  This upcoming weekend will see Luskville Dragway open for Time Trials and a Cruise Night and will be the 3rd last cruise night of the season so come on out and enjoy, there will be NO race cars racing this weekend at Luskville Dragway so the track is all yours. The race cars will however be 2 hours down the road at I-Car Dragway @ Mirabel for the last of the Napa Tour Events. This is a very important event as we start another relationship with a track that is our Neighbour, and area drivers that have supported us. Yes we have done this before, but this time around we hope that what worked and worked really well will last and not be taken for granted, and we still believe that working together is the best for the sport and the drivers in the sport. That is why it is crucial that EVERYONE from Luskville Dragway support this inaugural event, like we did a few years back when we started the train to Mirabel and had over 70 Super Pro cars show up. So please support this event, Super Pro, Semi Pro and Jrs. as this will be the race that sets out what goes on next season, with intertrack racing.
And last but least is our final race, the 1st. Annual Kal-Tire "Octoberfast, Spooktacular" presented by Bandit Motorsports of Rockland. This event is what most of you racers asked for last year and with events unfolding the way they did we accommodated you and launched what we believe will be a huge success this year and well into the  future. Here too we need everyone's support, support for a track that continually tries hard to improve the facility to make it better for everyone, and will continue to do so in the future. When many of you drivers suggested a new timing system with all the new tricks, what did Luskville Dragway do, we bought it, and I think everyone was very happy with the results. This is just one example of a track that takes its racers concerns into consideration, and does something about it. So now we are asking you the drivers to support us and our first every Octoberfast Spooktacular event Oct 9-10-11. We have many things going on that weekend, including a special Bandit Motorsports Super Truck shootout for all drivers that compete in a truck. We have the J&S Collision Future Champions race which is between Chevy Morrow vs. Dan Pillwein, Rachel Ogilvie vs. Brad Shields and the two winners run off for the Title and the $500. that goes with it. We also hope to announce some very exciting things at this event as well that will effect racing at Luskville Dragway for the longer future.
And lets not forget the Free Turkey Supper that will take place Saturday Night, the Trick or Treating by the kids Saturday Evening and of Course the "Pyro Jet Truck Show"
NEWS FLASH, THIS JUST IN, Paolo Giust and the Chew That Race team just won the Big Pro Mod Race at Norwalk Paolo and some of this crew members, Jamie Clarmo and Joe Kavanagh are all current or former drag racers from Luskville Dragway, what a amazing story which we will bring you more details of later this week.
Well it started out to be a Saturday Race on Sept 12th, however Mother Nature spoiled that, and then it became a race that was going to be held exactly one week later, "Not" Mother Nature put and end too that also. However with that, we don't get beat attitude the race was pushed off until Sunday Sept 20th, and the good news was that everyone that was part of the 12th, and the 19th showed the kind of support we are hoping to see on Oct 9-10-11 and made the event another record breaking deal. Everyone like the Ottawa Mustang Club, the Gatineau Nostalgia Muscle Car Club, the Speed Glass Super Bike Shootout all said , Lets do it""".
First of all lets not forget why this event had so much appeal, first of all Randy Urslak, as he has done for a decade now, through open his wallet and guaranteed X number of dollars for a super pro win, and then Carl Jessup added to that with another $500. Dollars bring the grand total for super pro winner to $2000. Now add in that Busters Bar and Grill invited everyone back to the bar for some free food  and a good time, well you get the idea why this event took on a life of its own.
So with the strong winds Saturday night doing most of the drying, and the sun shinning brightly in the morning the gates opened at 8am and cars never stopped coming until 4 in the afternoon. The street car scene was nothing short of spectacular as close to 100 cars by the end of the day had registered for a Sunday race. This is un heard of in this day and age and rivals what happens at the once a year airport events. Maybe it was because the last two cruise nights have been rained out, maybe it was because we are finally getting the message through to our street crowd that we are more the welcome when it is a race day, one thing for sure the staging lanes where jammed all day long.
We have lots to report on and we will have more pictures later tonight but lets start with James Nitschke Jr. who reclaimed his track record for a street legal car as he put his Corvette through the gears to a 10:57 to win the Super Car Shootout. James along with a 69 Camaro from the Gatineau Nostalgia Club both run 4 speeds and it took one back to the early days at Luskville watching them bang the gears down the QUARTER MILE. 
The Gatineau Nostalgia club which really help make Luskville Feel like the good old days with 30 early model muscle cars had Gregg Kirkwood win the run off with his 1966 Chevelle take home first place prize.
The Bike Shootout was a great story in itself as former track regular and one of the fastest drag bike drivers in his day Derek Kelly won the eliminations on  a three wheeler. Derek is someone who has been coming to the track since we took over in 1980, but has not been around for a while, and when he filled me in on why, and why today he drives a three wheel motorcycle instead of a two wheeler which is was famous for, his win meant that much more. You see Derek Kelly was diagnosed with MS five years ago, but refused to give up his love for motorcycles and his win brought some tears to his fellow competitors eyes, there is always a story with in the story at Luskville.
We don't have the list of all the Mustang winners, but will get it up later on with some pictures but they did show up in force from the Ottawa Mustang Club and Carol Bass did a good job of keeping them in order in the lanes, in fact all the street car drivers did an amazing job as we had to juggle the lanes to make room for everyone.
In the Jr. Dragster Class Ben Vanoppen showed he still knows how to make his way to the winners circle as he defeated points leader Landyn Urslak for the win. Semi Pro boiled down to, yep you guessed Steve Ballntyne and Kyle Jessup with Ballntyne continuing what has been the norm this year and adding number 10 win to his record.
The Super Pro Class was a strong field of cars with some surprises as we entered the quarter finals as Derek Tapp and Chris Dennique would face off to see who make their way too the Semi's. Derek Tapp would do that where all three semi finalist would be second generation drag racers from Fathers who raced and called Luskville Dragway home. Derek Malcolm would take on Derek Tapp with Malcolm taking the win on a red light start. Russ Adams who would single on buy too the finals would be the recipient of the something in the finals as Malcolm would leave early and Russ would leave with $2000. Although Malcolm would not leave with the $2000. he would leave with the recapturing of the points lead setting up a showdown at the next two events between him, Kyle Jessup and Troy Davis.
So too finish off THANK YOU to Randy Urslak and Carl Jessup for making this prize money possible, and for helping in setting the stage for what we believe is going to be a AMAZING weekend come Oct 9-10-11 and the first ever October-Fast Spooktacular event.
The summer has certainly shot by, and now we are in the last faze of our season and getting close to the end, however there is still plenty to keep us excited for a while. Some things to keep in mind as we head into the last section of the schedule is the Big Napa Auto Parts I-Car Tour race that is coming up in two weeks. This is the final tour event of the season, points race for Luskville Super Pro and an opportunity to support our closet Neighbour which is being run by some racers who support Luskville Dragway. We also have the Awards Banquet Tickets available now and can be purchased right away for the Gala which is held on Nov 21st. Pricing has stayed the same as last year, however we are at a new location which i think will be met with everyone's approval, check out the Banquet page for any info you may need.   BANQUET INFORMATION
*As we head into our last few races of the season, it is easy to see how well the changes in the points series this summer has made things much, much more tight when it comes to positions. Yes we have a couple of run aways like Steve Ballntyne who went on a mid summer rampage where he was unstoppable, but other than that things are very, very tight and will go down too the wire on Oct 10-11 and Luskville Dragway's 1st.  Annual Spooktacular, big dollar shootout. One only has to look at the super pro series where Kyle Jessup, Derek Malcolm, Troy Davis all have a shot at winning the Napa Title. And even further back where Randy Bellefeuille and Randy Urslak are tied for fourth and Mike Ogilvie is knocking on there door. And yes there definably looks like nothing is going to stop young Steve Ballntyne other than a kid napping maybe, but if you look at second and third it is easy to see what we are talking about, Rookie sensation Chevy Morrow is 100 points out of second place in his first season in the foot brake class. So with out question the moves that we made with the points last year are the right ones and would expect it to become the norm at other venues as well.  SPOOKTACULAR INFORMATION
*We are glad to report that one of our new drivers this year who has not been around for a while called too let us know that he has parked the Corvette for the remainder of the season, and will begin some major chassis work on the car for next year. Chris Carmichael wanted everyone too know that he has not hung up his driving gloves and will be back with a fully prepared super pro corvette in 2016. Chris was a nice addition too the track and it was nice he called to let us know exactly what is happening with his racing program.
*Ellis and Nolan set too return to Luskville Dragway for the Spooktacular Weekend Oct 10-11, as they set there sites on finishing up there 2015 campaign at the track they refer to as their home away from home. Bill and Fred are Strong supporters of the Napa Auto Parts Tour and having them commit to running the inaugural Spooktacular Weekend would make any promoter feel good about things. This along with some indications that a number of Northern racers where heading back for Thanksgiving gives everyone hopes for a big turnout like this past Sept Long weekend that saw the track set a new car count record for Semi Pro. Bill and Fred are also packing up with both guns to head to I car for the Canadian Bracket Finals, a first time trip for Bill and only second time for Mr. Ellis, look out competitors at I-car.
*We also want to remind all you truck racers out there, that thanks too Nick at Bandit Motorsports we will be having a Super Truck Shootout on Oct 10th. This was something we talked about at the beginning of the season and are very pleased to have Bandit Motorsports take it on as their own project with a ZERO entree fee for all. We have plenty of race trucks, just have to get them all at the same place on Oct 10-11
I'm sitting here listening to the rain fall on the motorhome roof and thinking how many times the weather man has been wrong this summer, more than you can count on both hands for sure. However in some cases it worked to our favour, like the Bonanza where he called for rain all weekend and all we got was a brief shower on Friday Night after we had got everything done. But that being said he was once again dead wrong again this weekend as by Thursday and into Friday they where still calling for a great Saturday for Luskville, so much so we even posted that on Friday morning on Facebook, but like they have done so many times this summer, well every summer they changed that by late Friday Night, and changed it too the worse of course. So long before Saturday dawned it was quite evident that Luskville Dragway would not see any racing this weekend. So this weeks Randys Bonus Bucks presented by Precision Concrete will go next weekend, Sept 19th with the rain date for Sunday Sept 20th. We will work hard this week to get more money added to the pot so we can make it even more rewarding for all that come, including the Jrs. which got a $100 Bonus compliments of Kyle Jessup, (one of the Jr. Tutors). So with at least a guaranteed first place prize of $2000. for Super Pro, $500 for Semi Pro, and a total purse (right now) of at least $200 for Jrs. you can see what is shaping up. Feel bad for those that travelled to take part as they too where watching the same forecast we where and thinking there is no way they can be wrong 24 hours down the road, "they where". We are also going to work on a last back to the bar party with some free stuff at Busters so lets get er done.
While on the subject of Randys Performance congratulations are in store for this weeks cover shot driver, Kayle Urslak who ran his first competitive Super Pro race in Glen Highlands', (former Randy Urslak) dragster. Kayle is another Jr. Dragster graduate who will be moving to Super Pro in 2016, the ride just has not be chosen yet, but he will compete in a full season and run for Super Pro Rookie of the year. He joins names like Derek Malcolm, Kyle Jessup, Steve Ballntyne, Chevy Morrow, Dan Pillwein, Rachel Ogilvie and Bradley Shields who have come up through the Jr. Dragster programs at Luskville Dragway. The success of this program has been instrumental in not just producing new drag racers, but producing GREAT drag racers. Chevy Morrow a perfect example as he chases for 2nd spot in the Semi Pro Points Championship in his rookie season. The success of graduates like Derek Malcolm, Kyle Jessup, Troy Davis is quite documented on this site over the years, they where part of the first faze of newbie's and this decade of drivers who are coming out of Jrs. looks even stronger. The J&S Collision Future Champion Award is going to be a very special event this season with four rookie Jr. Dragster Graduates running off against each other for the $500. first place prize money and the award that they will carry on their résumé for life. Chevy Morrow will run Dan Pillwein with the winner running the winner between Rachel Ogilvie and Bradley Shields for the title of FUTURE CHAMPION.
Just a quick reminder that Randy's Performance Automotive and its owner Randy Urslak has turned our last regular day into a big deal as Super Pro will be running for a guaranteed $1500. To win. This is our last single day Napa Race at Luskville Dragway with only the October-Fast, two day big dollar event left Oct . We also want to remind all of our race teams of how important it is to support the Napa Tour Race coming up at I-Car on Sept 25-26-27 as we start a new working relationship with our closets neighbour.  NEWS FLASH, SUPER PRO $2000. TO WIN THIS COMING SATURDAY Thanks Precision Concrete, and speaking of Precision Concrete look for a addition to what is already one of the longest concrete starting lines, THIS FALL.
Paolo Giust and the Chew That Pro Mod Race Team just released their new T-Shirt design and its a beauty for sure, just like the new car itself. Most will remember Paolo and his Pro Mod as part of the Chew That weekend at Luskville Dragway only a few weeks ago, and his next stop is this coming weekend at Rockingham, North Carolina. This is a team that has already won a IHRA National Event and with out doubt will win again, in the G-Force built Corvette. We will have some of these T-Shirts on Sale at Luskville Dragway's souvenir booth this fall and next summer.
*Got some pics from Indy, from our good Friend Mike Dora of Kingston who always takes in the Labour Day Weekend big Go at Indy, and one thing was very noticeable, the return of "Title Names" on drag cars. We have wrote about this before, on how in the old days this was a big part of our sport, and a big part of why people followed us from a spectator point of view, they could connect with certain names and want to be fan of them. It along with other things such as "back up girls" for some of the upper class's in our sport that made our sport bigger than life and we desperately need to bring some of that back. So lets hope that what was very visible at the US Nationals this past weekend is a sign of the times and a sign of things to come. All of these in my opinion will make our sport more appealing too the fan, and bring more of them back to the track as spectators, and we all know that out of spectators, comes new racers.
*We are extremely pleased to also announce that Nick from BANDIT MOTORSPORTS has signed on too take the last Cruise Night of the Year, on our Octoberfast, Spooktacular weekend and Jet Truck Show. Bandit Motorsports has become a major player in the Motorsports arena in this area and we are thrilled that they have chosen Luskville Dragway as one of their Major Marketing Partners. A special portion of the Bandit Motorsports Cruise Night will be a special TRUCK SHOOTOUT, so we hope that everyone will get those trucks polished up for what is sure to be a very special night. This past weekend was Bandit's first involvement with Luskville and it is pretty clear they where very pleased with the outcome.

Back up girls where the norm in the
hay day of drag racing, and fans loved
it, bring it back.

It was also the thing in the 60's & 70's
to have names and characters on
ones race car.

Fans loved all of these items and it
was what played a part in what made
drag racing so popular, hope its back.
With the huge success of the Bracket Bonanza back in August it was very much everyone's wonder if that trend would carry over into what many call the Bonanza's little sister, The Fall Bracket Finals. A race very much similar to the Big One but only 25 years in existence, not 35 like the Bonanza's History. So when cars started to arrive on Thurs, much like they do for the Bonanza many started to predict that maybe, just maybe this would be the season for the break out of the Fall Race. The fourth stop on the Napa Tour race had one thing going for it this fall, as the weather man was predicting GREAT weather and that alone is what it takes to start the process of setting records. The Bonanza, as successful as it was would have been much bigger car count wise had the weatherman not being predicting a doom and gloom weekend which it was not by no means. Some of the first cars through the gate came from as far away as Wawa, Ontario where the third stop on the Napa Auto Parts Money Tour stops. Friday dawned and once again the sun was shinning with a prediction that it would all weekend long, in fact right into Monday was what they where calling for. So lets set the scene, pits are jammed and more predicted for Saturday, and racing got underway right on time at 4 pm with plenty of time shots for everyone. The King of the Track race got underway and things where rocking pretty good as Mike Devenny took on Gord Harling in the finals for the $1000. first place prize money. Super Pro would see Mike Ogilvie taken on Frank Auger for the $2000. pot with the Montreal area racer taking the win. In the run off between Mike and Auger, Devenny knew he would need at good light, and his .030 would have won most Semi Pro runs, but with the electronics equipped car going .007 on the tree know one was surprised too see the win light come on in the dragsters lane. A great night of racing, and with close to 50 cars in both Super Pro and Semi Pro everyone knew it was going to be a couple of great days of racing Saturday and Sunday.
Saturday was a replay of Sunday when it came to weather as the sun was up bright and early, even though most racers were not as many gathered at fires and parties as is the norm at Luskville Dragway when the racing is over. Once again Time Trials got underway right on time and the lanes where certainly full at all times as the action started to heat up.
The Jr. Dragster Class which saw some new faces for the first time at the Fall Bracket Nationals boiled down to young Steve Clarmo and Grace VanNoppen with the ladies taking this one. Semi Pro which saw one of the largest fields in the history of the race track (45) was a hard fought battle with Gord Harling and Steve Ballntyne coming to the line in for the big one. in the finals Ballntyne had the better light but it was Harling with the better numbers and the win light at the finish line.
Super Pro was also a huge class and although not as big as the Bonanza's was it was still close too 50 cars, and some great racing would be an understatement. So with the door cars running on one side and the open bodied cars running on the other side things started to heat up as we move to the money rounds which was back to sixteen places in Super Pro. After the smoke had cleared in the quarter finals where 3 door cars and 4 dragsters did battle we moved too the semi finals where the lone door side car, Julie Dube would beat Russ Adams for a chance at the $5000. and Derek Malcolm would beat Fred Angers for a shot as well. Dube who drives the street Roadster of Jim Barry was deadly on the tree all weekend and again in the finals she nailed another good light, as Malcolm will tell you straight up he missed the tree and with Julie's near perfect light it was all over very quickly. Dube would make her way to the winners circle for the second time this season, and too say there was plenty of grins would be putting it very mildly for sure.
Sunday morning was once again as it has been a lot of times this summer the complete opposite of what they predicted weather man wise, as what was suppose to be sunny and clear turned out to be cloudy and dreary. And of course a few rain drops slowed things down through the morning but Eliminations got underway right at 1 pm as was scheduled. First round of Semi Pro was a long one as 50 semi pro cars made up one of the biggest fields ever for that class at Luskville Dragway. So as the rounds went by the action heated up and so did the temperatures as it was definitely a middle of the summer type of day, with close to 30 degree numbers.
Jr. Dragster was a nice size field with a number of out of town Jrs. which made for plenty of rounds for this class as well, and when all was said and done, it was pretty fitting that two D&D Performance jrs where in the finals. Grace Vanoppen and her brother Ben did battle with Ben coming out on top this time around, made for a nice picture in the winners circle. Semi Pro was a story in its own, as Gord Harling made his way to the finals for the second day in a row, and what was even more interesting was the fact that he was double entered and he ended up running himself in the finals, which meant he won first and second. This is something that doesn't happen often, but for some strange reason it happens often at the Fall Bracket Nationals. To say the Harling's where ecstatic would be an understatement.
Super Pro looked good for maybe another door car side win, but that did not happen as Roch Beaudion and Julie Dube from the door side where beat by Russ Adams and Fred Angers . So it would be a Montreal vs. Ottawa final for $5000. and like Friday Night it would be Montreal that prevailed with Angers taking the win and the $5000. back to Montreal.
As someone who can be a bit of a promoter and make things sound a little bigger than they actually are, let me make no mistake in pointing out , that no stretch of words had to be put on this event, IT WAS GREAT.

Gary Paynter of North Bay may drive what many
use to call a grocery getter, but this baby puts it
on the back bumper every pass.

Jim Barry's, Julie Dube' driven Brogie Roadster was
Yanking the wheels with the best of them. And
would make her way to the winners circle on Sat.

Jordan Parniak did a great job with his Nostalgia
Funny Car, and he too enjoyed the incredible traction
that everyone was bragging about.

The Anger Bros not only had there dragsters at
this years Fall Bracket Nationals, but they also
brought this wheel standing Maverick.

Danny D'Anjou came all the way in from Quebec City
to take part in the Fall Bracket Finals

Roch Beaudion was presented with the brand new
Chew That Cup, from his win two weeks prior.

Daryl Robinson was certainly one of the most
popular rides on the weekend.

Gord Harling must love Luskville as he has been one
of few who won and runnerupped in same race.

Was kiind of fitting, that two D&D Performance Jrs.
where in the winners circle at the D&D Fall Nats.

Anger Bros had a great weekend taking home a bucket
of hard earned cash.
   2015       AUG