With I-Car Inter-track successfully behind us we can now look down the road too the final race of the season, in both the Inter-track and the Luskville Dragway championships, in two weeks at Shannonville Motorsports Park Dragway. Championships will be crowned in Super Pro, Semi Pro and Jr. Dragsters at Both Tracks on the long weekend in October. This season has seen a great deal of success with the three race tracks working together, with record car counts coming out of many of the events, which should bode well for the future of Drag Racing Locally.
*Just too clarify something in the semi pro class at Mirabel, some drivers where under the impression that the purse structure was the same as the Napa Tour Events, which would mean the entree fees would have been also. Please note that the entree fees where the I-Car regular fee's as was the payout structure. Only in Super Pro was the entree fee's and the payouts the same as the Napa Tour, which attracted close too 70 super pro cars from Ontario, Quebec and the US.
*Where did the season go, all of a sudden there is two weekends left locally, which means two more Saturday's of test and tune, and two more cruise nights which continue to amaze me this season with large car counts continuing right into the finals nights. So yes we will be open this weekend for testing and street racing and a cruise night Saturday night. Don't want anyone to forget the final points race of the season is in two weeks at Shannonville Motorsports Park Dragway.
The predictions where high, and the excitement was even higher as we all started too roll into Mirabel and the I-Car Drag strip for round #2 of the Ontario/Quebec Challenge Inter-track race with Luskville Dragway. And as many of you had read the last few weeks, we had made very high predictions, well they all came threw as car count numbers surpassed many expectations as things got underway under sunning skies and warm temperatures. Well over 60 super pro cars, over 40 Semi Pro, and close too 20 Jrs. made up the ladders as things got underway very early in the day. many hours later Nathan Haskin of Belleville would take on and defeat current Jr. Dragster Points Leader Ashley Ogilvie in the Jr. Final with Nathan taking the win. In Semi Pro Luskville Dragway's own Ian Gould would take on current and future Napa Tour Semi Pro Points Champ Fred Ellis of Strafford, Ontario, with Ellis once again proving why he is considered the very best foot brake racer in the country. The Super Pro Class, which is where the Ontario/Quebec Challenge is based on would come down too most promoters dreams, and door car and a dragster, and Ontario and Quebec in the finals. For the Dragster and the Ontario it would be Derek Malcolm who has been having an incredible year, and for the door cars, and car that everyone had been cheering for most of the day, Serge Forget and his awesome Orange Duster from Drummondville, Quebec. Malcolm would take his Chromeworx car too the winners circle for the 5th time this season, and would solidify his points lead in the Luskville Dragway points Championship.
DAY TWO> More cars more sun and more great racing as things got underway shortly after 9 am for time trials and testing. Eliminations got started with a bang as one of the first Semi Pro cars lost a trans line right off the starting line and after nearly cleaning out the treat, laid a full trans full of fluid on the track. So with an hour of clean up the pressure was on all the staff and the drivers too pick it up a notch and get things done in a respectable time, and that they did. With the Super Pro finals between Dan D Anjou and Mike Newman coming too the line at 5:30 in the afternoon which for the second day in a row set up a door car vs. a dragster super pro final. This time unlike the day before the door car prevailed and took the $5000. first place prize money with it. Semi pro saw the track champion be crowned with a championship run as Kevin Ouellette met and defeated Dick Stanton of Perth, Ontario. In the Jrs. the Shannonville drivers once again showed there stuff when Daniel Barker backed up Nathans win on Saturday with a win on Sunday . We will post some Sunday pics just as soon as we get them in.

Mike Newman was joined in Winners Circle
by racers he had even beaten in the rounds

The Jr. Dragsters where out in force also
as can be seen in this picture of the lanes full

A little small wagering always goes on as well
at the intertrack events, this one favouring Ont.

Kevin Ouellette celebrated two wins, the day
and the year long series with his win.

Shannonville Jrs. showed their stuff winning both
Saturday and Sunday

Other than the down time for a major oil down
things ran very well all weekend, with over 140

We have showed plenty of these from
Luskville, here's some from I-Car

Fred Ellis has been in the winners circle more
Than anyone th.is season

It was all smiles for the Malcolm's and
crew which included Derek's daughter Olivia

Shannonville Dragway was well represented also
and one of their Jrs. took home the win Saturday
Just a reminder to everyone that Luskville Dragway will be open this Saturday Sept 28th for our third last time of the season, weather right now is looking good, and there is not many left so get out and enjoy some NHRA Quarter Mile Drag Racing for Street cars and Bikes.
A promoter's worse night mare is the weather man, it is the one thing we have no control over and even when you make a call the weatherman can turn around and make you look bad. All the planning in the world is always at the mercy of Mother Nature who this past weekend was not very motherly. as cold temps and high winds made for what many would call a rotten weekend. The forecast on Friday told us that we did not have much of a chance to race on Saturday, but as everyone knows she has known to be wrong, and most of us drag racers like being together anyway, yes it really is our second family. So with close to twenty cars and drivers from Luskville and many from the I-Car series braving the forecast the pits started to fill up on Friday Night, with what many would call summer like conditions. Lots of bench racing, beer drinking and Texas horseshoes most crawled off too bed knowing the our changes of racing Saturday where slim. And after 6 or seven cars had made time trials early Saturday morning, the rains came just like they where suppose too and racing was halted and other activities started to get planned. Casino trips, swimming pool trips, more Texas Horseshoes and yep a few more beers by some. Most with the thoughts of racing the next day, but with the rain pounding down most of the night on the top of the Motorhome I like many others started to think that Old Mother Nature was about too trick us once again. So with rotten weather greeting everyone Sunday Moring, a wet track, and more showers still to come a decision to cancel was made, not too the applause of everyone but the right decision in my mind. This is never an easy decision and one that never pleases everyone, which by the way is quite a feat at anytime. So the only good way too look at it, is nothing is broke, you don't need to fix anything, you don't need to buy fuel and you are all ready for next weekend, as we all head back too I-Car for our second kick at the can in as many weeks.
*Next weeks inter-track with I-Car at Mirabel Airport could if my predictions are correct give us the biggest super pro field of cars since the days of the GM GrandNationals that we produced and promoted  at Sanair back in mid nineties. I firmly believe that with the support of the Napa Tour Cars, The Luskville Dragway Cars, the Shannonville Dragway Cars and the cars of the Series Montreal  Trailers we could hit 70 Super Pro Cars for the first time in a long time. Everyone has said they are coming, and if all those that say they are do we will hit new numbers for a post millennium race. It will once again show the advantage of tracks working together and one series supporting another, and will show everyone just what can happen if we work together like we have this year, personally I am looking forward very much to next weekends event and hope that everyone comes out and supports it.
Now with only four more days of racing scheduled, many of the points contenders will have fewer days to hold off those that are chasing, and few points rounds for those that are trying hard too catch up. The Super Pro and the Jr. Dragster chase at Luskville has some distance between the leaders and those chasing but for Ian Gould in Semi Pro the current points leader he has to keep looking over his shoulder at Rob Graveline, Darryl Jensen and Mark Thompson, Mirabel next weekend and Shannonville the long weekend in October will be very interesting in the decision of the Semi Pro championship.
Cash prizes, trophies, special awards, hoody's and a  candy bar is what will great all 21 of this years Jr. Dragster Points members when they take part in the Luskville Dragway awards banquet on Nov. 23, at the Talisman Travelodge. Yes with out question it has been a great year for the Jrs. with some of the richest race days in the history of Jr. Dragster racing in Canada, more than one or two special clothing presentations, and now a Banquet to be matched by none. And this has been made possible thanks to the generous support of many advertisers, and the hard work of the Mom's who worked hard selling 50/50 tickets all season long at the track and of course too those that bought the 50/50 tickets. This week we thought that we would just announce a couple of the items that the Jr. kids will be privy too come November 23rd. First of all we are pleased to announce that Malcolm Carpentry will be constructing a "Candy Bar" like only a construction company like Malcolm Carpentry can build, he may get some help from his wife Taz. Ogilvie Auto and Fleet the company that is a major backer of Luskville Dragway and is also the title rights holder to the Jr, Dragster High Roller event that takes place at the Bracket Bonanza each and every year, has added a Napa Trax Vehicle too the list of prizes that the kids will get too choose from. ADM Motorsports and Luskville Dragway will add a I Pad Mini too the table of prizes for one lucky Jr. Dragster competitor to win. There will be more announcements as the fall goes on and we get closer too the November 23rd. Party of all Parties and the Jr. Dragster Pilots will agree whole hardy with that statement this season. We have many companies that have already indicated that they will support the prize table and we would welcome anyone else too do so also, the Jr. Drivers are the future of our sport and we have a great group of them to say the least. The drivers will all receive Snap On Tools Hoody's compliments of Snap On Tools, the top five will also receive Trophies and cash, and then the fun will begin, in a reverse order of their points finish they will get too choose from the Prize Table with each and every Jr. Dragster driver receiving something. All of the kids as well as any other young and "older" will then be welcomed to visit the Malcolm Carpentry Candy Bar. SPECIAL THANKS TOO:
:Aylmer Auto Performance, ADM Motorsports, D&D Performance, Snap On Tools, Ogilvie Auto & Fleet, Randy's Performance Automotive, Jordan Manufacturing, Le Spot, Winchester Auto Pro, Bleeker Stereo & TV and the 50/50 Girls
Well we told you we would have many stories from last weeks event at Shannonville so here we go, but before we do that we would like to remind everyone that there is still plenty of racing to go before the season is over, with this weekend seeing the Luskville/Napa Points series continue at Mirabel Airport in Montreal and the I-Car Drag racing circuit.
*One of the things we pride our selves on is giving the drivers as good a starting line as we can, and this past weekend at Shannonville was a perfect example of that as the traction thanks too the scraping and the spraying of the track with VHT Traction Compound. One of those such indications of just how good that traction was, was the wild wheel stand of Andy Faulkes 10 inch tire Chevelle. The only problem with the huge ski high wheel stand is that what goes up must come down, and down did come Andy's Chevelle after the huge wheel stand. The cover shot shows the wheel stand this picture shows how hard it came back to earth, luckily Andy was able to fix everything and continue racing what very quickly became the fan favourite car of the weekend. By the way
*Another indication of how good the traction was, was the return of Top Dragster racer Tom Orr of Shawville, Quebec who switched to a blown motor this past winter in an effort to be top qualifier at the Top Dragster races he competes in. Tom has been a little leary at racing locally for the simple reason that obviously he needs a great starting line to get the high horsepower dragster down the track. After back to back 4.47 runs on Saturday Tom felt very comfortable and went a few rounds on Saturday. Hopefully this will mean that we will see Tom and Billy back racing with us once and a while when their busy Top Dragster schedule will allow.
*One of the local Super Pro racers who doesn't race a lot with us, but could see that change in the future is Jr. Dragster graduate Christine Scollard of Peterborough. Christine was looking forward to the Napa Tour very much as she was coming off a big Super Pro win at Shannonville back in August when the track held one of its regular programs. Christine runs a older hard tail car and has quickly caught on to what a super pro drivers need too do in order to win races and especially at these big events. Christine went a number of rounds both days and had the misfortune of having the shifter kick into neutral after cutting the better light off the line on Sunday. Put this girl in a soft tail dragster and I personally think she would win her fare share of races.
*Another female super pro racer who has been doing real well lately and getting plenty of attention from her fellow racers is young Ashley Kennedy. Ashley did not come out of the Jr. Dragster program but is a second generation driver taking over for Dad Doug a year or so back. Ashley has been improving each and every time she comes out too the drag strip and this was evident last weekend as she went a number of rounds each day and went too the money rounds as well. Ashley and her Dad have been dong everything they can too support the sport and have made a large effort when there is door car races or split ladders, showing their support for the continuation of just that. I'm sure Ash and her Dad will be pleased with the story that follows below, as I hope each and every door car driver will be.
*Rodney House was a surprise entree after blowing up his motor back at Luskville and the second last Napa tour race, everyone thought this Ford Pilot was done for the year, Not. Rodney was lucky enough to have a neighbour/friend who was willing to lend "Lighting Rod" a car to finish the season and finish his chase of the Napa Tour Points Series. Rodney came rolling through the gates on Friday Night with a "Chevy" of all things and a very nice one too say the least. Yes Rodney would show up with  big block Chevy Yenko Nova and would go on too do quite well finishing in the money both days. Rodney has confirmed that he has not traded brands but is grateful for the Chevy too finish the season. Rod you look good in a Chevy.
* The ONDR cars where also part of this past weekends event at Shannonville and although the turnout was smaller than previous years the racing was still very good. Many of the teams let us know that they where able to run their best times of the season with great preparation of the track and for that they where extremely pleased for. The ONDR cars still have a couple of events left on their calendar before they finish things up as well.
There is no question that what we have done at Luskville Dragway and on the Napa Tour with the door cars has made a difference and we very much plan on not only continuing it but also moving forward with what we believe will be even better for our sport. The running of Door Pro and the Door Car Challenge, the splitting of the Super Pro ladder at all major events and at most of the Napa Auto Parts Tour Events has not only brought out more door cars, but has made the racing that much more entertaining for the spectators that frequent our events. We have had comment after comment on how they the fans have enjoyed seeing more and more door cars at the events, which at one time was starting too look like a dragster only events.  yet even with the changes that we have implemented over the past few years, the wins by the dragsters continue to out number the wins by the door cars side by a HUGE margin. Just this past weekend both Saturday and Sunday saw a dragster not only win the event but also take the runner up spot as well. This has been something that has happened at almost every event of the season and is something that we have watched and have been discussing on just how we could make a few more changes to try and even out the playing field even if its just a little bit more. Right now we run both sides of the ladder down too the money rounds and then we re draw that ladder mixing the door cars and the dragsters prior to the beginning of the money round. What we are looking at next season is going one more round before we mix the ladder, meaning that we would obviously have a few more door cars in the money as we would be paying out both sides of the ladder one round prior to the mixing of the dragsters and the door cars. We have already gotten a commitment from one of our advertisers who says he will continue to support Door Pro in any format we can put together. We have also heard from one of more dragster teams that they are planning on adding a door car or roadster to the stables for 2014, including long time dragster supporter Frank Mark who has been competing in a borrowed door car for the past two years.

With the Shannonville Napa Tour now out of the way we all focus our sites on I-Car and the first of two back too back weekends at the Mirabel Airport, where two days of racing will take place Sept 21-22 and Sept 28-29th. The series has supported their two races at Luskville Dragway very well so we all hope that everyone will do their best to repay the support, the Inter-Track series is working very well and has made for some very exciting racing.
*The fans at Shannonville got some extra action this past weekend as a number of different exhibition vehicles where there testing, one such car was this pretty wild Ford Mustang Pro Mod. The car got everyone's attention every time he came out, and was a great addition to the excitement that happened all weekend long.
*We will have plenty more too say and post about this past weekend and the weekends coming up, right now just trying to get results up so check back tomorrow morning for more NEWS
Well we did it, yep broke a super pro car count record for the season as 60 entree's made their way too the fist round on Sunday Morning, breaking our July 1 weekend Luskville Dragway count by 5, and look for that too go even higher on the Sept 28-29 Weekend at I-Car, Im predicting close to 70 Super Pro entree's for what will be the biggest field of the season. But yes we where happy to say the least with this turnout for the Sunday Portion of the Napa Tour at Shannonville, and someone else who was happy was François Paradise of Montreal driving for the Angers Bros and their Para Performance backed race team. Francois made his way through the largest super pro field for the season beating some of the best drivers in the US and Canada including one of the winningest drivers of all time, New Jerseys' Frank Mark, who was doing double duty this weekend, driving a door car and a dragster. In the finals Francois would take on Russ Adams of Ottawa with both drivers leaving the line at a dead even start, but the win was not too be denied the "Boys from Montreal" as the Para Team added another $5000. to the one they won back in Luskville on the Long Weekend in July. The Semi Pro side of things had its own story with one driver having the misfortune of having to make two reruns, something which is every track promoter and every racers worst "Nightmare". For Ian Gould of Team Watts and Gould it was no deterrent as he not only won the reruns but would go on too defeat Brian Parker of Northern, Ontario who's long drive home was made a little easier with the runner up spot. You have heard us say many times that every race weekend has a 100 stories, and we just never get time to tell them all, well the Jr. Dragster portion of the weekend was just that as current points leader Ashley Ogilvie had some special on lookers on Sunday when her grandmother and grandfather where present to watch the girls race, well not only did they get too watch, but they got too join Ash in the winners circle for pictures after she met and defeated Josh Birks of Belleville in the finals.  The Street Class was once again the domain of Steve Cyr and his little red Mustang taking another victory and making it two in a row. Yes the weekend was  pretty awesome, Saturday nights cruise night was large thanks to Glen Conway and Mike Dora for promoting it and getting the word out, next stop I-Car in Mirabel for back too back points weekends, Keep in mind Luskville Dragway is open for Test and Tune and Cruise Nights well we are away.

Ian gould survived any drivers nightmare "two reruns" only to go
on and win $2000. and the trophy, for first place in Semi Pro

GREAT Wheelstand was served up all weekend long,
including this one from Rick Stonier, we have lots more to show

Tommy Orr was a pleasant surprise entree with his low qualifier
Top Dragster, Tom laid down a number of 4.40 pass's

There is no question the split ladder format is working as the
door cars where almost equal too the over 30 dragsters
With the parking lot full of registered racers everyone was anxious for the road racing to get over so the Drag Racers of the 2013 Napa Tour could roll in and take over Shannonville Motorsports Park Dragway (the drag racers use the road course for parking). And how huge was it, well how about 40 Super Pro Cars signing up on Friday Night alone, this sent a message very early that this years event was going to be a BIG one and a big one it was with clear crisp skies meeting everyone Saturday morning and more racers meeting the registration booth as the gates swung open at 8 am and time trials got underway at 9 am sharp, with Semi Pro which was also a large field where the first down the track followed by the Jrs. and then the ONDRA cars. With everyone getting three time trials the real deal got underway at 1 pm just as planned and that's when the  fireworks started to happen as upset after upset took place in a day that saw many big name drag racers go down too defeat. In the end Jamie Bridge who would have too call Shannonville his home track as he lives just down the road would take on and defeat Montreal driver Adam Bitzanis in the super pro final. Semi Pro was a different story as current Napa Auto Parts Points leader Fred Ellis showed once again why he deserves the title' Best Foot Brake Racer in Canada" as he mowed his way through the field to meet Darryl Jensen. Ellis would once again hang the wheels six feet in the air as he had been doing all day long, and hang another trophy on his wall along with the $2000 that went with it. The Jr. Dragster race saw close to twenty cars head too the lanes for first round, and after many rounds Randi Lyn Urslak would take on and defeat Chevy Morrow in the finals. The street class was taken by local racer   as well as a number of winners in the ONDRA class's that where also part of the Saturday Show this season once again. The fans where treated to a number of exhibition cars including a very slick Pro Mod that had everyone's attention every time he came out. The Terminator Jet Car was also a huge hit, especially when he did a night run for the first time in Shannonville's history too the delight of a a HUGE turnout of street cars  that took over the place at 6 following the regular program, this was an addition to Steve Cyr and his Mustang wining the actual street eliminator clas. Would like to thank Glen Conway and Mike Dora for getting the word out too the street crowd, and too the street crowd for being part of this weekend.

Jamie and Lyn Bridge are joined in the winners circle by their
Daughter Jennie.

Fred and Lorrie Ellis travel all over the country in search
of championships and wins, and they do just that.
Russ Adams returned to his dragster driving roots this weekend as he took over the driving duties for Troy Davis's ADM Motorsports Dragster as Davis was away on holidays. Russ who grew up behind the wheel of a door car moved too a dragster a decade ago driving for ADM. Russ did a excellent job by making his way too the semi finals in the Mullis Dragster only to have his one day team mate Derek Malcolm beat him in that round. This dragster is one of the many cars that are currently up for sale as the season winds down and many start too look at what they want too do for next season.
*The Nostalgia Super Cars where a great addition too the closing day program and saw some real cool deals like this 69 Camaro of Kingston's Dan Tierney. There is no question that this Sunday like the Gatineau Mustang weekend where we had over 50 street cars at the track on a Sunday to go along with our regular program made for a very fun race day and took many of us back too the days where it all began when 50 street cars where the norm on a race day. Of course now with our very popular cruise nights it is not always easy too get the street cars out and sit in line to make runs along with the race cars. Its much more easy for the street guys to be there when the track is all theirs and the dont have to wait for anyone, so thank you to the street car guys and gals who did take part in any of Sunday race days. We will be working hard to make it even bigger and better in 2014, don't forget we still have 5 more time trial days and 5 more cruise nights before it is all over.
*If anyone thinks the great traction is pure luck at Luskville Dragway think again, as it takes a lot of hard work and effort on the part of the team and in particular Ben who normally does all the scrapping of the track during the week. This picture clearly shows what takes place each week prior to any race cars gong down the track, as a process of scrapping the old rubber off and cleaning the starting line usually well out past the 60 ft mark before any spraying takes place. This time around it was a team effort with a number of the racers helping out making sure that things where tip top for everyone who ran on race day. Mike Ogilvie was quick to point out that this past weekend gave him his very best sixty foot time of the season and ever for his very powerful supercharged dragster. Some people think you just go out and spray the track and the magic happens , nothing could be further from the truth. Thank you to those that helped out this past race weekend.
As the Steppenwolf song from the movie Easy Rider would say, its time to "Get your motor Running"  "Head out on the Highway", as the Napa Tour and the Napa-Luskville Super Series does just that starting this weekend as we head to Shannonville Motorsports Park Dragway. From there we head on down the highway to I-Car at Mirabel for back too back weekends and some big dollar racing. The season then wraps up back at Shannonville for the long weekend in Oct and the final points race for Semi Pro , Super Pro, and the Jrs. As we head out on the highway Derek Malcolm, Rob Graveline and Ashley Ogilvie all have targets on their backs as they are the points leaders in their respective divisions. Both Derek and Ashley had good final round days at Luskville with both drivers going live to the finals adding to their already substantial leads in Super Pro and Jrs. Rob Graveline was a buy back so didn't get as many points as he would have liked but still leads going into Shannonville. Its going to be a big weekend at Shannonville and with 8 more racing days in total none of the drivers can take anything for granted.
Well once again the weather man played a part in our last Napa Points weekend of the season, but in the long run it all worked out very well and too the benefit of the fans who came out on Sunday. With the weatherman calling for a wet and cloudy Saturday (which did not happen by the way) the Nostalgia cars decided they would rather come out on Sunday as the forecast for Sunday was for Sunshine, so it was agreed that they would be added to the Sunday's activities. This along with a pumped up payout, thanks too Randy Urslak and Randy's Performance Automotive, made for some extra cars and some excellent racing for the final points race at Luskville Dragway this season. So with Sunny Skies and cool air racing go underway right on time with Semi Pro making the first pass's which is the norm each and every race day. Jim Hewitt a veteran of the Semi Pro field like the feel of the air and the feel of the cash when he made his way to the winners circle in his trusty Chevelle Semi Pro car. Hewitt would meet and defeat Mark Thompson in the finals with Rob Graveline and Jason Fletcher taking home the semi finals spots. The Jr. Dragster race wound down to a all family affair as current points leader Ashley Ogilvie would take on older sister Rachel who would come out on top of this days finals and take home the trophy and the cash. Super Pro which saw a good field of cars and even some new faces as we wind up the racing season at Luskville, however when things would make their way down too the finals it would be two of the steadfast every weekend supporters who would go too the finals as Mike Ogilvie and his Ogilvie's Auto and Fleet Super Charged Dragster would take on points leader Derek Malcolm and his Chromeworx car. Malcolm who has been having a amazing season in his D&D Performance Dragster would take the win, both drivers cut identical .004 lights as they left the starting line but Malcolm would take the win light with a closer too the dial finish line number. In the Nostalgia Super Car event Eric Lavigne would take home all the money as he put his 1970 Dodge Challenger in the winners circle. All in all it was  a great day of racing with everyone heading back to Busters Bar and Grill for some complimentary food and some great door prizes.

This was just one of the many pre 80's  Hot Rods
that took part in the Nostalgia portion of the program

Ray Pillwein was very happy with his first outing
with his new purchase, and the fans loved it

All the track prepped paid off, as this wild wheel standing
Monza showed on every pass, Mike Koch went to quarters

Even the old staff shirts where brought out for this pic
Eric Lavigne was the Nostalgia Super Car winner
Just a reminder that this upcoming weekend is the Nostalgia Super Car Saturday and Car Show, last year was the first event of this type in a long time and the excitement from that race brought forward an even bigger effort this year. The day will be capped with another very popular Cruise Night which has seen a steady 200 car count all season long which is very incredible to say the least. The street guys love the quarter mile and that has shown all summer, It has also seen our street class on Sundays show an increase as well as a number of new faces have competed each and every weekend, it is something we will continue with in 2014.
We are also very proud to announce that Randy's Performance Automotive has Guaranteed all prize money with the advertising backing of this event. Randy Urslak has been more that just a huge supporter of Luskville Dragway and he proves that over and over each and every year.
*You folks that frequent this site have heard me brag over an over about the great drivers that come out of Luskville Dragway, well this weekend was another weekend of just that only this one is even more sweet. Paolo Giust who will quickly point out that he got his drag racing start right at Luskville Dragway, and has continue to race his top dragster there when ever the schedule would allow. Paolo who also went Pro Mod racing last fall won his first race ever this past weekend at a PMRA race at Grand Bend, Ontario, beating seasoned veterans of the class. Congratulations to Paolo and the team which also includes some other racers from Luskville Dragway, by the way he beat Derek Hawker who also has done a share of racing at Luskville Dragway.

*Also keep in Mind that closing points day at Luskville Dragway is Sept 8th. and will be followed with a back too the bar Bash at Busters Bar and Grill. We will then head out on the road for four weekends of points for Luskville Drivers at Shannonville and Mirabel Dragway's. Yes the season will soon be over. We would also remind everyone about tickets for the awards banquet Nov. 23rd. they will be available this weekend and for the remainder of the fall at the race tracks we attend.
*Banquet Tickets are now available at the races we are at, whether it be Luskville, Shannonville or Mirabel.
*Could there be a new race track (drag strip) coming to the Sudbury area, stay tuned as this story takes on life of its own.
*Look for some teams to be heading to Numidia Dragway after our season is over stay tuned.
*The new car season is just around the corner, some major changes happening keep in touch.
With two days of racing, three high rollers and the king of the track all on the line, the pits at Luskville where over filled with racers who came to take part in the annual D&D Performance Fall Bracket Nationals, and Napa Auto Parts Tour race. Friday once again as it has all season saw rain interfere with the plans but not the excitement as once racing was ended a practice tree party took place in the bar, Darren Frasso was the big winner of this $500 dollar to win race, yes we pay more money for practice tree competitions than some race tracks do for super pro winners. Saturday dawned with once again the weatherman being wrong, only this time in our favor as once racing started at 10 AM we didn't stop until 11:15 pm Saturday night. Some drivers put 20 runs on their cars as we ran the super pro $5000. the semi pro $2000. the inter-track challenge for $4000. the regular jrs. a high roller for jrs and Semi Pro and last but not least the king of the track. Yes there was plenty of racing for everyone and everything came off with out a hitch. The Jr program for points was won by Kayle Urslak with Ben Vanoppen taking home the $400 to win Jr. high Roller. In regular Semi Pro action Steve Ballntyne was the winner of the $2000. race over Mike Devenny, with Kevin Ouellette taking home the $800 high roller affair. In Super Pro Richard Arnold showed that even though he doesn't race much he still knows how to win and win he did, $5000. over Jamie Tupper who had the steering wheel break in his hands as he left the starting line. The race that had gotten the most attention was the Inter Provincial Super Pro challenge which boiled down to Randy Urslak representing Luskville Dragway against Richard Arnold representing I-Car, with Randy pulling out the BIG WIN. And then it was on too the King of the Track race with Frank Angers taking home the win and the golden Wally to go along with it. The was capped with a great Jet Car - Fireworks show the finished the racing part of things, then things moved back into the bar where many racers had a blast singing along with Karaoke.
DAY #3: SUN SHINE , SUN SHINE, something we have not had the pleasure of seeing much of this season greeted everyone in what turned out the be a even bigger day than Saturday with a number of new cars coming through the gates to bump the numbers even higher. After a few rounds of Qualifying first round came too the plate right on schedule at 12 noon sharp. The Jrs which once again have numbers that are the envy of most tracks across the country with 24 cars taking too the track this weekend. Once the smoke had all cleared it was once again another young Urslak in the Winners circle, this time Randi Lyn took home the trophy and the first place prize money as she beat Ashley Ogilvie in the Finals. Semi Pro saw Mike Labelle of Sudbury do his thing with a win over Ian Gould who turned on the red light in the finals. Mike and Nancy put a ton of runs on the very strong running Orange Corvette. Super Pro was a big story as once again the friendly inter-track rivalry was very much at the forefront each time a pair came to the line. With an I-car winning Saturdays $5000. the pressure was on for the Luskville Dragway regulars to perform, and perform they did with two of them going at it in the finals. Troy Davis a driver who is no stranger too the winners circle, but has had a up and down summer would take on Terry Miron who is not a regular but does support the Luskville Dragway when ever he can would face each other. With both cars leaving the line almost dead even on reaction times, and both cars breaking out we are glad the the computer does the calculation as the margin of victory was very, very little but in Terry Miron's favour. For Terry the win was a sweet one as it has been a while since he has been too the winners circle and like everyone that wins it rejuvenates the excitement of going too the races. Next Weekend is closing points weekend for the Super Pro, Semi Pro and Jrs at Luskville Dragway, we then head out on the road for 4 points events that take place with two at Shannonville staring Sept 14-15, Mirabel Sept 21-21 and 28-29 and then back too Shannonville too end the season the Thanksgiving weekend. Luskville Dragway will be open for cruise nights right through until the long weekend in Oct.

Yes there was lots of Dragsters once again, but
but the good news was, there was as many door cars

Bob Therein was out with his mint vintage
Corvette Semi Pro Car

One of the winningest drivers in this country
Charlie Kenopic was part of the D&D Performance
Fall bracket Finals

Bill Yorkchuch was a surprise and pleasant addition too
this weekends festivities

Michael and Diane Bastien have been coming from
Montreal for years to run at Luskville Dragway.

Adam Bitzanis was a reprehensive for the I-Car team
and a good one at that running two cars all weekends

Mike Labelle is one of those racers that will race as much
as possible and that paid off this weekend with a $2000 win

The Urslak Jr. Team was winners on both Sat and Sun
Kayle was in the winners circle Sat. and Randi Lyn Sun.

Shawn Oliver had all the Dodge people rooting for him
over the weekend, which seemed to work for this Sudbury driver

The Angers Bros where out in force, and it paid off
as they walked off with KING OF THE TRACK
2013        JULY   AUG