$10,000 to win Sat
2018 Bracket Bonanza



BITS FROM THE PITS: August 28/17
Well the big one is once again upon us and once again parking and pitting will be of a premium at the track for the long weekend in Sept, so here are a few important rules that MUST be followed.
1. Gates will be open all week, but parking can only happen if we are present to make sure you are parked properly, do not drop trailers off, if you have left one there with out prior asking please call now to have it taken care of.
2.  Upper (off Tremblay road) Gate will be open from 12 noon on Thursday until 6 pm any thing other than that must be pre arranged, and once again must be done with management present.
3. Both Upper and Lower gates will be open Friday at 10 am, please come in the gate that fits your parking preference, if unsure CALL before you leave.
4. ABSOLUTELY no vehicles other than race cars and ONE tow vehicle allowed in the pits, this will be strickly enforced, Do not ask for exceptions the answer will be NO.
5. The plans are to run a gamblers race for Super Pro and Semi Pro Friday Night, time trials will start Friday as early as possible 3-4 PM. Time Trials will start Saturday at 9 am.  Sundays time trials start to be announced on Saturday. There will be a gamblers race Friday night for super pro, 100. buy backs first OR second round. Semi Pro will be a $50. gamblers race first OR second round buy backs.
6. NO one without a valid driver's license is allowed to drive ANY motorized vehicle except for Jr. Dragsters NO EXCEPTIONS. This rule is in effect until he conclusion of this event this weekend.
*Just a quick reminder to all Luskville Dragway points chaser's, don't forget that the last race at I-Car in Sept is a points race for the Luskville Dragway Napa Auto Parts Points Championship 2017. This has been posted all season, so this is just a little reminder for those that may have forgot.
*Don't think I need to explain to everyone just how bad the weather has been this season, and how much our sport and our track is dependent on good weather, in order to have a good season. And good seasons mean money made for improvements, however a good season it has not been. That being said we did make a promise to drivers of the Napa Tour and the Super Tour that we would continue to improve things, and in particular expand the paved pitting, in order to accommodate more cars on big weekends. And that promise was fulfilled last week with the large expansion of the paved pit area. In a year that has been less than stellar we hope we are sending a message that we are very committed to the future of Luskville Dragway, and making it better in any way we can. This latest improvement is also the first stage in paving the entrance way all the way out to Tremblay Road, so after 50 years cars will no longer have to drive down a gravel road to get too the track. The future will also see many other improvements, and many changes, (preferred camping, more on track improvements and much more) all we ask is for your support.
*The paving wasn't the only thing getting finished up in time for the big weekend as Wes and Tina Clarmo along with help from Randy and Shannon Bellefeuille, as well as Carl and Kyle Jessup put the finishing touches on the new Basketball Court, that is right across from the new entrance gate. This effort was once again a prime example of what makes Luskville Dragway different, and what makes Luskville a very family oriented race track . The effort that was put forth from racing the funds, to the physical work that went into it shows the type of people we have at the track, we are very lucky, and would invite anyone to come join in. Look for that first Basketball game to take place as early as this weekend, as challenges have already started floating around.
What has been a tradition for many years will once again see the Napa Auto Parts Money Tour touch down at Luskville Dragway Sept 1-2-3, featuring drivers from the North, the South and the East doing battle for big dollars and big points. And like what has been the case for many years, heading into the second last race on the tour, see's a number of drivers battling it out for the title of Champion. And NO where is that more evident than in the semi pro class where two former champions from Southern Ontario are chasing each other with only a half a round separating them heading into this weekends big event. And one can not rule out Dan Sproule from Sudbury who is with in sticking distance of both Fred Ellis and Bill Nolan. With this weekend and the last event of the season at I-Car Sept 23-24-25 this is a championship chase that will go down too the wire. Super Pro also see's two former champions going at each other for first place, but they too are being chased by a slew of drivers who only need for the top two to stumble and they will make a move. Kyle Jessup currently leads the chase as we head into the Long weekend and does so with a 900 point lead over another former Napa Tour Champion Derek Malcolm who as we have reported had an amazing Bracket Bonanza, and Wawa Weekend to close in on Kyle. However eyeing these two are Bob West in Third, Mike Chenier in 4th, and Brandon Barker in 5th. tied with Mike Ogilvie for points. So heading into the Three big days the first to stumble will be the first to fall back, so yes the pressure is on these drivers to preform well. The Semi Pro Chase is anyone's too win and when we say that we mean any of the top ten drivers are all with in sticking distance of North Bay's Ashley Muttart who has lead from the beginning of the season. But with only 700 points separating the top ten, and two rounds separating the top four you get the picture. Semi Pro is going to be one crazy weekend of racing and by all accounts ALL will be present to chase the title.  And for many they also have the Luskville Points to worry about as well as for the second year in a row, The Canadian Bracket Super Tour.
If the weather man allows Champions will be crowned in the Canadian Bracket Super Tour, and the reason for say if the weather man allows, should we not get both days done we would then count one of the races at the last event of the season at I-Car later in Sept. But the plans are full steam ahead to get it done the long weekend in Sept like last year when Kyle Jessup and Fred MacDonald where crowned the initial Super Tour Champs. We will also be crowning a Jr. Dragster Champion this weekend as well and there too the points chase is a nail biter between Landyn Urslak, Dylan Chatwood and Naomi Laflamme. The Super Pro Class see's Fred Anger with a very strong lead, and will have to have a disastrous weekend to see his 1100 points lead over Shawn Fournier of Vermont disappear, however it is possible and can happen with what we believe will be the biggest Super Pro Class in the history of the track. For Shawn Fournier of Vermont he will not only have to concentrate on catching Fred, but will have too continually look over his shoulder at the 6 drivers who are two live rounds or less behind him.  Dale Gauthier, Derek Malcolm are only 1/2 round behind, and Brandon Barker  and Adam Bitzanis are only 1 round behind  (1/2 round is a buy back round, 1 round is a live round). And don't count out Al Ray or Andre Ballebey who both are only two live rounds behind. So that shows quite well that it will be a nail bitter for everyone but will make for some very exciting racing at this years D&D Performance Fall Bracket Finals and Jet Car Night of Fire.
BITS FROM THE PITS: August 21/17
With the new car announcement below of Darryl Jensen buying a new car, and Jerome Albert becoming a new racer at Luskville Dragway with the purchase of a Camaro super pro car from Paolo Giust, it gives one something too cheer about in this summer from hell weather wise. And also now you can add the fact that Kenyon Payne a former Jr. Dragster pilot will hit the strip in 2018, in Semi Pro with a Camaro they are working on right now. Kenyon spend some time driving for Scott Wilson and has decided they are going to go all in and field their own car for next season.
Will we ever get a weekend with out rain, don't think we have had one this season where the rain has not affected us on some part of the weekend, whether its Luskville Dragway or on the road, this season has SUCKED. The grounds at Luskville Dragway have been un repairable all season, and every time we try to get some work done, it too is affected by the wet weather. The drainage ditches have not once this season been with out some water in them and that has never happened before. I'm not sure what we did to piss off the weather Gods, but they certainly have it in for us, and every where we go this summer.  Not going to lie to you, the sooner this season comes to an end the happier I will be, lets get it over and start working on 2018 because 2017 has been the summer from hell.
The MF Chassis works Outlaw Street Car event was also part of the Honeywell Works Weekend and here saw a new winner for the 3rd. time out of three races. Scott Hollywood and his low 9 second Camaro was the big winner in this go around for the Outlaw Cars. Scott who is no stranger to the drag strip made his return this spring after a number of years of being away, and this day he made that return pay off. Andrew Libby the owner of MF Chassis Works is seen here presenting Scott and his wife with the winning award for his be victory.
*Luskville Dragway is open this coming Saturday for testing and a cruise night, Closed on Sunday in preparation for the Napa Auto Parts, Canadian Bracket Super Tour, Jet Car Night of fire long weekend in Sept. Big thank you to all who came back too the Busters Bar and Grill back to the bar party, great time by all, keep in mind the next and last one is Sept 10th. BE THERE. Support those that support us.
Well Saturday wasn't pretty but we got er done, with winners crowned in all class's and payouts done even though the track had to be dried a half dozen times. The Car count was once again less than what we hoped for and once again mother nature certainly scared off some. However a positive side of things was the début of Dave Sillikers new dragster which is definitely a nice piece and will be very competitive. In Jr. Dragster racing it turned out to be a very special day for Olivia VanNoppen who picked up her first win ever as the youngest Jr. Driver the track has in competition. We where also able to finish up a rain delayed race from  June 25 in the Jr. Class and here Brody Bellefeuille would come out on top and take the win and the points. Rob Graveline continued his torrid pace with another trip to victory lane with his win over Darryl Jensen in the finals of Semi Pro. Super Pro saw Brad Shields who just graduated from Algonquin College go up against Jamie Clarmo who had been killing the tree all day long. In the Final go though it was Bradley Shields who had the better light and took his first win ever in Super Pro eliminator, Day One got er done.
Sunday dawned sunny as they had predicted, the good news was the heavy rain they had also predicted never materialized over night, which meant a little break for the staff, Yeah. With better weather also came better car count as both Semi Pro and Super Pro saw a increase in the numbers from Saturday. It also saw another new car as Martin and Denis Chouinard début their awesome looking 68 Camaro super pro car.  With Time Trials getting underway right on time, and eliminations so things where looking good for a on time finish and a trip back to Busters Bar and Grill for a Back to the Bar Party.
In the Jr. Dragster final it was Brother against brother as Aidan Clarmo got the better of his younger brother Ryan and took his JR. to the big win in this class. Now everyone would wait to see if their Dad Wes would join them in the winners circle as he would go too the finals of Semi Pro. Once things where said and done the answer was yes, Wes would be crowned the winner and something special was about to happen. Not very often has a win by both parent and kids occurred but when it does its a very special time for them and for everyone at the track as can be seen by the winners circle picture.
Super Pro was the next big story on the Honeywell Works Weekend in August, and here too the story was a good one as Julie Dube one of lady racers would mow her way through the competition making her way to the finals. Mike Chenier would be doing the same on the other side of the ladder, and with the stage set Dube and Chenier would come to the line for the $2000. first place prize. Julie would have the better light like she had done most of the weekend, and would proceed to take the win, the money and the trip too the winners circle. Once again even with crap weather we where able to get everything in and done, and once again we would like to thank Paolo and Shannon Giust the owners of Honeywell Works for making this big dollar weekend happen.

Brad Shields was also a first time
winner in Super Pro.

Rob Graveline kept the streak
going with his third win in a row

Olivia VanNoppen won her first
ever Jr. Dragster race Sat.

Another new car that showed up
was Martin & Denis Chouinards
slick looking 68 Camaro

Was an exciting day for Wes
Clarmo and family, as he and
the boys went to the winners circle

Albert Jerome's Super Pro
Camaro was the third NEW
local to be present Sunday
Darryl Jensen has been supporting and racing at Luskville Dragway since 2005 and has been a very loyal customer and supporter to Luskville Dragway and anywhere he can make it that we put races on. Darryl hails from Edmonton, Alberta, where his Dad was a racer also, obviously answering the question how he got started in this great sport. Darryl has won a number of titles over the years as well as big races, 2007 Quad Royal Title, 2008 Track Semi Pro Champ as well as 2011 Napa Auto Parts Tour championship. All of this, he has done so in a small tire car, 1969 Chevelle that is pretty much still a street car other than the drive train, and that's exactly where it is going to go, as Darryl has purchased a brand new ride. This new ride is certainly exciting news for Darryl, Joan and Gabriel who make up DGR Motorsports, and we wish them nothing but the best of luck, oh and by the way, great color.
BITS FROM THE PITS: August 14/17
First things lets apologize for being so late with the web site posting, we just got back from the North and another successful tour race. However age is definitely catching up as I'm usually not this late or this tired, we will get caught up as there is no time to take a break just yet. Please check back this week for more pictures and updates as well as points standing, as there was some moving and shaking over the Wawa Weekend.

One of the big changes that will come for next years Bracket Bonanza Race will be the expansion of the racing too three days of points days with set purses for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The golf cart race will continue to go on Friday night as it worked well with making the Bar-B-Que a little more orderly and successful, even if we had to deal with shit weather this year. Split ladders will no longer happen if there is not enough door cars, as it was evident this past year that the door car contingent do not care if it is or not which was shown in their lack of support for this years event, 40 dragsters, 15 door cars does not allow for a good show, and does not allow for a good split. BUSTERS BIG DOG will still be part of it but will be run on Saturday after the $10,000. race. will except door cars and dragsters.

*Luskville Dragway is gaining a new Super Pro racer as Albert Jerome has purchased the 67 Camaro that Paolo Giust owned and will debut the car this upcoming weekend. Albert came out for one of the cruise nights and fell in love with the sport and has jumped in with both feet, this will be a great addition at a time we need more door cars at the track for sure.
*Speaking of this upcoming weekend, gates open Friday for parking and pitting, free camping with weekend pass. Time Trials start on Saturday at 12 noon, and Sunday at 10 am. $2000 to win super pro Saturday and 1000 to win Super Pro Sunday, $500 to win Semi Pro each day BE THERE. Would personally like to thank Paolo and Shannon from Honeywell Works for their tremendous support, Who will get their name on the Honeywell Cup.

*Look for some rule changes next year with Super Pro Drag Cars as we look at what we feel is a very serious safety issue that most don't ever think about. The wearing of what was originally called the "HANS DEVICE" something that has and will save drivers from injury and in some cases death. After the horrific accident that Jacque Laverille at Napierville Dragway and one of our Tour Races, it was made very clear that everyone going over a certain speed should be wearing one of these devises. The paramedics that recovered Jacque from the car made it very clear if he had not been wearing the device he probably would not be with us today. So for 2018 we are "Recommending" that everyone going over 130 in the 1/8 mile wear one of these units. We have also worked with Tony Paton at Fast Eddie who has given us a group price on the two units they carry, one by Impact Safety Equipment and one by Simpson Safety Equipment. The Luskville Dragway, Napa Tour price is $699. for the Impact and $749. for the Simpson. We drag racers are a complacent bunch, and sometimes forget just how dangerous what we do really is, so some times need a little push to things that are right. I know that when we instituted the dial in boards there was some resistance but one only has too look at how few if any dial in mistakes have been made this season. We hope that everyone will realize this rule recommendation if for you the drivers safety.
*This past weekend marked the 8th rain out for the season of 2017 so far, yes it has been the summer from hell, and anyone thinks there is no climate change is on drugs. In the 40 years I have been doing this , this is without a question the worst summer of all time, and the weather is so violent when it does happen, one mm of rain becomes 50 as was seen on the Bracket Bonanza weekend. Oh well we cant do anything about it besides bare on and hope for better weather for the balance of the season. Hope everyone will come out this coming weekend and have some fun.
*As everyone has been reading lately Derek Malcolm has been on a tear, going to four final rounds of big dollar races in the past 2 weeks. One of the things we would like to mention is that Dereks dragster was sent to BW Race Cars last winter to have Brian White put the front suspension on it, I think that speaks for itself in the big picture. Derek will be the first too tell you that the car is more consistent and leaves the starting line even better than it did before. If you have a dragster and it does not have the BW front suspension ??.
We arrived in Wawa on Wednesday Morning do a large welcome back contingent which obviously makes one feel pretty good. Weather forecast was good for the weekend but not so good for set up on Thursday and Friday morning but we have done that before as well. The rest of team ADM arrived later on Thursday afternoon along with a number of race teams including some from home. Thursday night is a fun time with some drinking, some bench racing, and some fun, it also included a lot of re meeting some friends we only get to see once a year. The rain by the way on Thursday was hard and never stopped all day, while the members of the committee and the volunteers worked right through it getting things set up. ADM would hope for better weather early Friday morning for their set up and work.
FRIDAY AUG 11: Set up day for the ADM boys and the teams of racers rolled around with a forecast of more rain in the morning at least, that would prove to be almost correct as a small amount of showers went through early, but then things dried up for the rest of the day, so by 2 pm time trials rolled around and everyone got plenty. By 6 pm we where into all of the gamblers races and things rolled along at a smooth but steady pace crowning winners in all class's. Brian Parker won the street class shootout, Fred Ellis redeemed himself from the Bonanza with a big win is Semi Pro. In the Super Pro Finals which Saw 20 cars do battle it boiled down to Mike Ogilvie and Kyle Jessup. At the green it was Mike O first at the light but Jessup took the stripe and the win light. A good start to a weekend which at one point looked like a complete wash out, forecast for Saturday now, wall to wall sunshine.
SATURDAY AUG 12: With time trials scheduled for 8 am things where up and underway very early, in fact could have been frost on the pumpkins for sure. Sun shine was the name of the day and that meant things went along very well and by 4 pm things where heading to wrapping up. The Semi Pro class was a barn burner, and with Hub Frappier of Sudbury Ontario coming out on top over Harry Valiant. In the Jr. Class a young lady from Elliot Lake, Tessa Leveille took home the win over Aiden Roy. King of the street which was a 1000. to win went home to Sault St. Marie and second generation drag racer Ben Fantasia. The sled and bike class was a little down on numbers but not down on competition as Tristian Savoie took home the win over first time runner Olga Janssen.
The Super Pro Final for $10,000. was pretty exciting for Derek Malcolm who was making his way to the fourth big dollar final in a row. His competition would be Louis Gagne of North Bay who was having what many would call a spectacular day. In the finals Louis would cut the better light and that was enough to give hive room at the finish line and take the win. For Derek the runner up was bitter sweet after winning the Busters big dog shootout he has managed to get too 3 finals, where in each case he has had to settle for second best.
SUNDAY AUG 13: Once again the racers were greeted by sunshine and clear skies with time trials getting underway at 8 am, and two shots only for day three. By now most had been down the track well over a dozen times at least. Today would be a little more full speed ahead as everyone is always anxious to get on the road and home, but a lot of money would be paid out again today for some lucky racers. In the Jr. Dragster class which was running for $1000 to win and Kealy Rainville held up her home town pride in style with a big win over Rebecca Weldwood. Semi Pro would see the two touring pro's Fred Ellis and Bill Nolan come to the line for the finals with Nolan taking this win. The Sled Bike class would once again on Sunday be owned by Saturdays winner Tristan Savoie. Super Pro would be another nail bitter as three dragsters and a lone door car would fight it out for a birth in the Finals. Troy Davis, Mike Ogilvie, Kyle Jessup would hold the dragster cards while Mike Plastino would hold the only door car spot. Plastino and Jessup would prevail in the Semi's and Jessup would come out on top in the finals of what was a exciting day to say the least.

Not only where the Jrs. running
for a $1000. but all were given
really nice sweat shirts

One never knows what be in
the other lane win the Napa
tour rolls into town.

Two veterans who have supported
airport races for ever, Bill
Yourchuck and Doug Quinton
It was a busy week leading up the the 36th. Annual Bracket Bonanza, with building, paving and painting taking place on in many areas, trying hard to meet the deadline of the August 4th weekend. And that was on top of all the regular maintenance that has to take place every week to keep Luskville looking as good as possible. And on all accounts most of the work got done, there was a couple of items that will get done before the next big race, but time was just not on our side for everything.

The Bonanza always has some surprises and in particular new car début's and we had one of those from a local guy, Bob Therein of Aylmer who brought out his new ride for the first time ever. Bob who has been a long time supporter of Luskville thrashed day and night the get the Falcon ready for this weekend.
*Derek Malcolm is no stranger to winning, since taking up the passion of drag racing Derek has won more than his share of races, points championships and competitions. But to say this past weekend was a "Dream Weekend" would be putting it mildly, as not only did he get to all Three Super Pro Finals in the Bracket Bonanza Weekend he did so in two different cars. Winning the $10,000. Busters Big Dog Shootout in his dragster, Running up to Frank Mark in the Super Saturday Portion of the Bonanza with his dragster and taking the  runner up to Brandon Barker in the finals of the $10,000. to win Sunday portion of the weekend. This final was not the typical one, as do too fast lapping the car a heat issue had the boys use some ice to cool things down between semis and finals, coming to the line a small amount of water could be scene tripping and this got under the tires causing the car to get out of shape. Nothing Derek couldn't handle but aloud Brandon Barker, who had the better reaction time to take the big win.
Thursday Aug 3: Move in day and move in they did, with parties going on at every street corner so to speak, Frank Mark from the New Jersey set the tone with numerous tastes of what was in store on Saturday Night and the Fireworks Show. Big Bob from Numidia Dragway in PA, had sent a bunch of special fireworks up for Frank to entertain the crowd with and that he did, and this was only Thursday. However once again like all season the weather man was going to play a part in the weekends activities, as the forecast alone would cause some to stay home, and rain would affect the Bracket Bonanza one way or another. To those race teams that did come too the 2017 Bonanza under less than ideal forecast THANK YOU, you showed you do support your local drag strip and care about its survival, too those that didn't, well your actions speak loud and clear as well.
Friday Aug 4: The skies did not look good when we woke in the morning and the forecast was not good as well but it was only Friday and they had also called for rain on Thursday and it did not as it was a beautiful day. However this time they had to be right, and the rain started to fall around 7 am and it looked very much like it would not be a good day for racing, however it was early and no one was giving up on anything at this point. And as it turned out, the bad weather got a little better and with the the determination of the staff the track was dried and things got underway at 2 pm. Even though there was a small delay with a brief light shower all time trials where run, all eliminations where done and winners where crowned. The rain delayed Para Performance Door Car Challenge had Ralph Coe and Fred Angers going to the final, with Ralph  triggering the red light giving a up in smoke Fred Angers the win. The Busters Big Dog Shootout was a race with $9000. cash to go to the winner and Derek Malcolm and Mike Ogilvie would come to the line for all the marbles after Mike had taken out Adam Bitzanis in the Semis and Malcolm got the bye. In the finals Mike who knew Derek had been hammering the tree all day would be a tough competitor, which made Mike push the tree as hard as he could which was a little too much and up game the red light and the win light for Derek. Next up the annual Atwill Service Centre Golf Cart Challenge and once again this year 50 golf carts including last years winner Kyle Cultrera from the State of Main, took part in what has become an annual and hilarious event.
Saturday Aug 5: Well the weather man was not done with us yet as Friday over night saw another heavy weather system pass through and once again drown the grounds and the race track, so drying and cleaning had to start all over again Saturday Morning. To put it quite mildly it has been the summer from Hell as far as weather goes. Saturday is always the biggest day, and it is always the day you cross your fingers and hope to get great weather, not to be in 2017, surprise, surprise. So with a record spectator crowd coming through the gates , which created a line up all day at the spectator entrance, one was starting to think of what could be. However it was not too be as the rains came, and came so racing was halted half way through and hopes where high that it would stop enough for the band to play outside, not to be but not all was lost when Ambush agreed to move everything inside the bar and play, and play they did. For anyone that has not heard these guys get out there, for anyone looking for a band this is the one to get. With the bar and the outside area of the bar PACKED, Mark and the boys made everyone forget about the bad weather.
Sunday Aug 6: So now we where into day four and we had to finish up day three first, and finish it we did with Rob Graveline taking out Dan Pillwien for the Semi Pro Money and Wally, Brody Bellefeuille beating Landyn Urslak for the Jr. Dragster win. In the finals of Super Pro it would boil down to American Frank Mark and Canadian Derek Malcolm who was already on a great weekend of racing with his big win Friday in the Busters Big Dog Shootout. With the back of the starting line loaded with well wishers both drivers left the line dead even, but at the big end Mark would take the stripe and the win. So with one day of racing behind us it was time to get into the actual Sunday Race. Race number two would go off with out a hitch, works well when the weather man works with us, and Ryan Clarmo took advantage of the great racing and beat Brody Bellefeuille for the win. Semi Pro would see Rob Graveline go too the finals for the second time and too the winners circle for the second time taking home $5500. for his efforts. Derek Malcolm would continue his torrid pace as once again he would go to the finals after beating Kyle Cultrera this time around with his Corvette Roadster. This would set up a match with Brandon Barker and the Parkhurst Motors Dragster where Brandon would not stop Derek from getting to THREE finals for the weekend but would stop him from returning to the winners circle for another time. As you can tell by the winners circle picture Brandon is one of the most popular kids at the track and the number of friends and fellow racers in the winners circle shows that very clearly. The weekend was capped with a run from the Black Pearl Jet Car, once again we would like to point out that the spectator crowd on Saturday was a record setting one, and Sundays was almost as good, making one positive about the future.
Anyone that knows me knows I'm a car guy, not someone who has ever had any interest in scenery, or rocks and tree's, however after driving the Trans Canada Highway around Lake Superior to get too Wawa I have learned to appreciate our country even more. It is simply beautiful and is worth the trip to Wawa alone, besides the great drag race that takes place there every second weekend in August. The Provost Construction Northern Nationals has fast become the place to be if you love great drag racing in the North. The race in only six years as generated a following that would be envied by many, and that has a lot too do with the community itself as everyone gets behind the big race. Things will kick off on Thursday with everyone gathering at the Madawaska Inn, and yep there will be a party, drivers are also able to register and get ready to pour into the airport on Friday Morning. If you have never been you need to come and take it in, if you have been, we know your coming back.
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