Just a quick reminder that the track will be open for parking on Thursday afternoon, and the gates will then reopen at 10 am for the rest of Friday, we will be using the upper gate on Friday and will open both gates that evening to make it convenient for everyone to get in the way it easier for them too park. We will be running our King of the Track Race on Friday Night for a Wally and it will be run like a gamblers race with Semi Pro on one side of the ladder and Super Pro on the other side. This race is open to all winners in Super Pro and Semi Pro from Luskville, Shannonville and Mirabel this season.
*Also keep in Mind that closing points day at Luskville Dragway is Sept 8th. and will be followed with a back too the bar Bash at Busters Bar and Grill. We will then head out on the road for four weekends of points for Luskville Drivers at Shannonville and Mirabel Dragway's. Yes the season will soon be over. We would also remind everyone about tickets for the awards banquet Nov. 23rd. they will be available this weekend and for the remainder of the fall at the race tracks we attend.
We have been anticipating this one all season, the Top 16, TOP DRAGSTER INTERTRACK CHALLENGE, between Luskville Dragway and I-Car a drag strip at Mirabel that we have a working program with. The Eight Points Drivers from each track with a few alternates will face off in the Ontario/Quebec Challenge with lots of money and even more prestige on the line. The race will be part of the Saturday Night , Coors Light Night of Fire and will joined by Diamond Jims Jet Funny Car and Fireworks, but there will be plenty of fireworks long before the Jet Car as everyone will want to win this highly touted race.
Derek Malcolm    VS.

Richard Arnold
Randy Urslak        VS

Marco Laframboise
Troy Davis          VS

Frank Angers
Tad Kaminski        VS

Russ Adams

Kyle Jessup         VS

Fred Angers
Mike Chenier        VS

François Paridis
Mike Ogilvie    VS

Denis Souliere
Jamie Tupper  VS.

     Adam Bitzanis
Day one of the Shannonville-Luskville Inter-track series was met with sunny skies and real nice temperatures as things got underway, first up was the Morrow RV Door Pro Race where Shelly Ray of Belleville took home her first win ever. Shelly is the daughter of Al and Linda Ray and her older sister Becky has been racing for years, but Shelly who has always worked the tower at the racetracks decided she wanted to go racing a few years ago, and she finally made her way to the winners circle. So yes it was a happy time in the Ray pits Saturday afternoon. In the Jr. Dragster program Brody Bellefeuille was the big winner as he picked up his first win of the season and his second career win ever. In The Semi Pro action Glen Tandy showed everyone why he is still considered one of the best as he beat Luskville Dragway points leader Rob Graveline in the finals. Super pro was another cool story as Derek Malcolm could not be present for the event do too a wedding commitment, so back up driver and the man who is chasing him in the points Kyle Jessup was doing double duty in two different dragsters. And wouldn't you know it, Kyle would go out early on his life, but would go all the way too the finals where he would meet sophomore driver Brandon Barker who is having a very good year. Jessup would put the 2013 Chrome Worx dragster in the winners circle once again this season with a better reaction time and a win light at the stripe. There was also a high roller Jr race which saw Dan Pillwein take the win to add to his collection this season.
Sunday would see even more cars come through the gates for the Greenbelt/Chew That portion of the weekend with 32 super pro dragsters and door cars making up the field on Sunday. The Jr. Dragster program was the first too get underway with over 2 dozen cars in attendance everyone new it was going to be a great afternoon. With things whittled their way down too the finals it was Dan Pillwein against Landyn Urslak with the win going to young Landyn as Dan was Just a LITTLE to soon on the tree turning on the red eye.
In Semi Pro Chris McEvoy did his job as he took out Rob Graveline in the finals of this class which saw some great racing with both Luskville regulars and Shannonville regulars, however Shannonville came out on top with Tandy winning on Saturday and Chris on Sunday, can the Luskville Boys take it back on the return visit too Shannonville in Sept. Super Pro was a pretty exciting story, as after having such a great day driving Derek Malcolm's car on Saturday that it was deciding to run it again on Sunday with Derek driving Kyle's car. Now add into that factor that Kyle was also driving his dodge door car on the door side of the ladder which meant if jessup went all the way too the finals on both sides???YES he would meet himself and that is exactly what would happen as he beat Dale Gauthier in the semi finals to put KYLE JESSUP into the finals agains KYLE JESSUP. What a weekend for Jessup,

Chris McEvoy does his fare share of winning at Luskville
Dragway as he vists the winners circle once again

Landyn Urslak maybe the smallest Jr. Dragster Pilot
but he has a BIG desire to win and he did so this Sunday

John Forsyth is no doubt one of the fans favorites with his
wild wheel standing Malibu.

Brad Silverthorn dong one of his patent crazy smokey
burnouts prior to each and every run
Calling all door cars, next Saturday thanks to the generous support of Kevin Morrow and Morrow RV's we have another "Door Pro" race and the last one of the season. This race is important for the future of the Door Pro Class as it will send us a single of whether the door car guys and gals want this program too continue and there is only one way of doing that, we need to go over 32 cars entered to show management that you do want the program to continue. If we go over 32 cars we give you are word we will not only work hard at more Door Car only events next year, like our $5000. to win Door Car Challenge, but also work hard at bringing back a points program for the door pro events like we had in 2012. It's pretty simple, got a door car, want door car only events to continue be there and enter the door car event, the door car guys tell me that they want this here is your chance to show that. This is a inter-track event with Shannonville so that too will give the class a boost and a better chance of going over the 32 cars.  No Roadsters allowed in Door Pro.
*Things really don't slow down now until the week after the long weekend in Oct. as we have a big inter-track with Shannonville this weekend, the Fall Night of Fire and Inter-Track with I-Car, then closing points day, then Napa Tour at Shannonville which is points for Luskville, as is the final three races of the season at I-Car and Shannonville, we will be on the run until Thanksgiving.
*We are pleased to announce that we have added Karaoke in the Luskville Dragway Bar for after the races on Saturday Night Sept 31st. All in One Karaoke and DJ services will be supplying the entertainment and those that remember a few years back will quickly tell you that this is one fun time after everyone has spent the day racing. As we have said many, many time we take our racing very seriously at Luskville Dragway, but once that is over we take having fun just as serious, and as most will tell you do a great job at that as well.
*Want to remind everyone heading up too Luskville Dragway for the Inter-Track race with Shannonville and Luskville Dragway that this is always are traditional "Texas Holden Poker Saturday Night" weekend as well. Defending champions Arnie Malcolm 2011 and Trevor Tandy 2012 will certainly be there to defend and retain their prior years championship, game takes place after the regular racing in the LD bar.
*One of the things the drivers will notice next week is some more?
A record turnout of Mustangs, wall to wall sunshine and some extra cash thrown in on top, made for a great day all around for everyone as we got in one of our last regular race days of the season. Coming off a big cruise night it was great to see almost 50 street cars show up in our annual Speedy Glass, Gatineau Mustang Club shootout, yes a great deal of them where Mustangs, but there was also some wild looking old school muscle cars, our best street car Sunday this summer and bigger and better things to come. There is no question that this was the biggest and best regular day at the track in over 30 years, it was so reminiscent of how things where many years ago before the cruise night scene took over for street cars. Yes at some times the staging lanes where so jammed that cars could not get into them, it was a great day all around and went off with out a hitch.
The Speedy Glass Mustang shootout was met with a ton of enthusiasm and excitement and boiled down too two new comers too the sport with Michel Piche and Roger Bourdeau taking on each other with Rogers red convertible coming out on top.
Jr. Dragster had its own excitement as a family affair as the drivers made their way down the ladder with Ben Vanoppen and Grace Vanoppen dueled it out in the finals. Grace at been killing the tree all day long and won the semi finals with a perfect light giving her the chance to take her first win ever. Well she did just that as she took out older brother Ben in the finals making this a very special day for her, her Mom and Dad and of course Grandpa and Grandma DeCooman. Semi Pro also had some new faces in the early rounds but some old face in the final as Joe Doyle and Pat Allaire would meet there with Pat and his Mustang taking the win. Super Pro was a great show and with a $1000. up for grabs all that where present took to the first round with their eyes set on the winners circle. Kyle Jessup, who normally drives a Undercover Dragster that the family owns, has been doing some driving of the Chris Collins owned Dodge Super Gas Car. Carl and Kyle had the car at the shop for a few weeks and have gone over it from top too bottom and it showed on Sunday as the car was running some of its nicest and straightest runs too date. So as the rounds starting winding down, and the little blue and white Dodge starting taking out some big guns everyone started to wonder if it could go all the way. Well after beating Randy Urslak in the second round, and Derek Malcolm in the Semis the chance for that too happen would be a reality. On the other side of the ladder it first time finalist was also makeing his way to the dance. Scott Wilson had his Undercover Dragster on a roll and would beat Randy Bellefeuille in the semi's giving him a shot at his first ever win. Well once again as the green light came on the little Dodge would leave first and would never look back taking the stripe and the win light and the $1000. that goes with it. Once again thank you too the advertisers that made today possible, thank you too the racers and the fans that took us back a little in time to the days when a regular day was a BIG DEAL at Luskville Dragway and this day was very reminiscent of just that.

As you can see this race team is a HUGE family affair, as
Grace Vanoppen gets her first win ever

New Cars continue to arrive every week even as we near the
end of the season, Bob Murray is another one of those
John Chen has been coming to Luskville Dragway for years and years, and over those years he has been one of the fastest bikes to ever run the quarter mile at Luskville Dragway. Now John will quickly tell you that he is only the second fastest bike over the years at Luskville as his good friend Dustin holds the track record but John is right there with the second fastest pass and many of them. So as we headed into the Speedy Glass Rockland Super Bike Shootout, no one was surprised too see Mr. Chen in the number one qualifying spot with a very fast 9:75. And even fewer where surprised as he mowed his way through the field and ended up in the finals where he laid down yet another sub 10 second run and took home the Speedy Glass Super Bike Title. Everyone was quite pleased with the turnout which saw one of the biggest nights of the year for a cruise night, add in the Kowlaity One Bike Dyno Trailer and it was a wild night at Luskville Dragway. Thanks to Dan and his family for always being there to support their event, and boy did they bring a ton of people with them, THANK YOU.
When drag racers have fun they love being at the races, when drag racers do well and have fun, well they love it even more and such has been the case this summer at Luskville Dragway and in particular the two North races at Elliott Lake and Wawa. And when drag racers are having fun they don't want the fun too end such is the case for many of the Northern drivers who don't get to race a lot, as many have indicated they will be making the long trip to Luskville Dragway for the Fall Bracket Finals. Bruno and Lorraine Serre where the first too throw their hat in the ring as they indicated back at the Elliot Lake race that they where planning on taking the trip south something they have not done for a number of years, but have done many times over the 15 or more years that we have known them. Zarko Sakovic of Sudbury who wheels a very strong Camaro will also be part of the Fall Night of Fire as he also indicated that he would be coming to do battle in the split ladder affair. Wayne & Kyle Burke have also added their names to the list as Kyle will also be doing licensing runs for his up grade to a super pro dragster that he is taking over the driving duties from Dad. After the Wawa race another number of drivers as well as some spectators have said they plan on making the trip including Ed Loftstrom out of the Sault and  Collin Peterson and his whole team out of the Wawa area. Collin is a perfect example of someone who got the bug after watching our race last year in Wawa, and now has a couple of cars and just purchased a dragster for competition. Peterson is also someone who has caught on real fast going a number of rounds at each event in Elliot and Wawa and taking home some prize money as well in his rookie season in Super Pro. Through this into the fact that all the tour regulars will be there, and the fact that it is a inter-track race with I-Car, well you get the picture it could be a huge turnout of race cars for the fall race and could possibly beat the Bracket Bonanza turnout. Would also point out that a number of fans are travelling to Luskville Dragway from the North in the search of race cars and in particular Jr. Dragsters so get for sale signs on your cars if you are planning on moving up in the off season.

Ed Loftstrom and his bright green firebird will catch
a lot of attention at the Fall Brackets as usual.

Zarko Sakovic is another driver who plans on making
the Fall Bracket Nationals a stop on his tour for 2013

Bruno and Lorraine Serre are a big part of making the
Elliot Lake event happen, and they too are drag racers

Collin Peterson has been a surprise Super Pro Racer this
season going a number of rounds in his rookie season.
Yes is still a few weeks away but excitement just got greater for the Coors Light Night of Fire, as a Quebec/Ontario Top Dragster Challenge as been organized. This event will feature 8 of the best dragsters from the Series' Montreal Trailers which is run at I-Car and 8 of the best opened bodied cars from the Napa Series ran at Luskville Dragway. This event will run in conjunction with the regular inter-track race and will be featured along with the Night of Fire finally on Saturday Night. Other additions to this weekend are being worked on as we speak. As of right now the Quebec drives have a major strangle hold on this competition as they have won both events at Luskville and going back too last year also won the race in I-Car where François Paradise beat Troy Davis in the first of these Challenges. Jet Cars, Top Dragsters and Fireworks all under the lights should be spectacular.
*Chris and Lori Manza showed up at the 2nd Annual Provost Northern Nationals with their brand new top sportsman corvette and where voted best appearing car of the event by the good folks at J&S Collision of Tilsonburg. The bright yellow eye catcher also did well in eliminations going a few rounds each day on only its second race ever.
*We have all the results listed below and will be posting some pics later this week, so make sure you check back and catch up with the scene at Wawa and the third Napa Auto Parts Tour Event this past weekend.
DAY ONE: The Napa Tour continued its cross provinces tour and set down in Wawa, Ontario for the third stop on the circuit and the 2nd Annual Provost Contracting Northern Nationals. Weather man laid out a pretty good forecast as we got into town on Wednesday for some pre race promotions, race car display and big kick off party with Nashville recording artist Asylum Country. Friday morning  was a cloudy day with the forecast for rain later in the afternoon, so work began in earnest to get things set and working before the rain came if it did. You could see first thing Friday morning that the car count was going to be good, as more Super Pro cars than last year where already on the grounds with many more still in route for the weekend. It was good to see the points leader Dale Gauthier roll through the gates even though he made the trip all on his own. So with all that in mind we headed into time trials a little later than we hoped as some of that rain showers they forecast did hit us and hit us all afternoon. But that being said everyone kept their head too the wheel and we got plenty of time trials in, and a gamblers race which featured a great field of cars. Derek Malcolm continued his winning ways with a victory over Mike Labelle, but with a different twist, Derek was driving Kyle Jessup's Dragster. Kyle who is a unofficial member of ADM Motorsports said he was not interested in driving in the Gamblers but preferred to just help out, told Derek to go ahead and drive his car. Well drive it he did all the way too the winners circle for car owner Carl Jessup. Diamond Jim
Crownhart then came out with the sun well down, and with Fire truck lights flashing and Jim Flaming, had the crowd which was VERY large for a Friday night Screaming for more, which they will get tomorrow with a full day of racing.
DAY TWO: Sun was up  and so where many of the drivers as early morning brought temperatures in the single digits for the first time this summer, if these past few months can be considered summer. So with a record turnout of cars for the second year things got under way at 8:30 am which is about a little later than we normally start but it was strictly done to allow a little more heat to build into the track and the air. This was not the coldest we had seen on a Northern Tour, as back in the late Nineties in Kirkland we actually saw snow and freezing rain one race day morning. The Jr. Dragster field was more than double of last year and was a warm up race for the big $1000. to win race to be held on Sunday. Rachel Ogilvie would show that she is still a force to reckon with as she took day one in her very fast Ogilvie Auto and Fleet race car. In Semi Pro Joe Running Cloud, who now lives in Calgary but comes home for the two North Tour races was the man to win as he took first place in that class. The Street Car Championship for $1000. boiled down to Brian Parker and Ray Knobel with both drivers out of the North, Brian used his Tour Experience to take home the big pay day.  Dale Gauthier showed once again that his Camaro is still a car to win with as he picked up his second big day pay day with a win in the finals over Brad Slivertorn who was also having one of his best outings of the season. One of the big stories on Day two was Bill Nolan who broke his motor and put out the call for anyone with a spare, well a local garage owner not only supplied the motor but also the shop, tools and anything else required as Bill, Fred Ellis, Rodney House and the Shop Owner replace the blown motor with a good one so Bill could race on Sunday
DAY THREE: Once again the air was fresh, not like Saturday but more like fall than summer, however the sun was out and that was what they called for all Day. So at 8 am cars where going down the track and the last day of the Provost Northern Nationals got underway. Time trials flew by with not one delay and as Eliminations got underway before 10am all the staff was kind of waiting for that big oil down, or something else that would set us back, however it never happened and by 3 pm over 160 race cars had made their way through the qualifying and eliminations and all winners had been crowned. The Jr. Dragsters where the big story as this day saw this crowd racing for $1000. to win and it would be Rebecca Wellwood of Sault St. Marie who would take home the crown as she bested Taylor Gilchrist of Sudbury, Ashley Ogilvie and Jenna Gilchrist where the semi finalists. Semi Pro saw 2012 Tour Semi Pro Champ live up too his title with a big win in the finals over Sault's Bob Newman, John Speers and Doug Quinton also of Sault St Marie where your semi finalists. Super Pro was like Jrs where the boys and girls where running for $10,000 to win and it all boiled down to two door cars, as Jamie Tupper with his corvette and Mike Plastino and his 55 Chevy went head to head with Plastino's 55 taking the win light. So as the crew started too pack up and get ready for the long drive home everyone was in unison on just how well the weekend had gone much like Elliott Lake a month earlier, and how successful the 2nd annual Provost Contracting Northern Nationals had been.
We have wrapped up another version of  Canada's best Bracket Event and now all eyes shift north to Wawa, Ontario where we head for this week for next weekends third stop on the Napa Tour . Drivers have looked forward to this stop for quite a while now and it is finally here, some have to make a detour to get there as Jamie Tupper will head to Michigan first for a Saturday event before heading north to the Golden Goose country. Things kick off on Thursday with big kick off party at the Wawa In, where everyone stays.
* It was a big weekend for Derek Malcolm, as he made his way to the finals both days and managed to make his way too the winners circle on Sunday. Derek was also the recipient of the Best Appearing Car Award voted and selected by the good folks from J&S Collision. Derek's new Chromeworx car is with out question a well deserving winner of this award.
*Just a reminder to all of our regular teams that will not be taking the trip too Wawa, Ontario drag strips that we have a partnership with are open this weekend and not far down the road. Shannonville and ICAR are both open for competition and would love to have some of the regular Luskville Cars join them at their facility. Luskville Dragway will be open for Street cars and a cruise night, NO RACE cars this weekend guys its all yours.
*Congratulations also good out too the Devenny Racing Team who picked up the best appearing crew award this past weekend. Mike did well also in eliminations making it too the money rounds in every race.
*We will have lots of pics later on today so come back and visit.
DAY ONE: Well once again we had to deal with the weather man as even though day one dawned bright and sunny the threat of rain was in the air by noon, and as sure as anything by the time the TV camera's had done their thing and left, and the track had just finished being sprayed, the rain came down and did it come down. So once again the crew and a great bunch of racers and crew members set about the task of getting things dried up and ready to race. And even though the threat of rain was always around us, no more fell and racing continued until all the high rollers where in the books and winners crowned. In the Jr. Dragster action, Chevy Morrow lived up too the reputation that won him a track championship in 2012 by beating Dylan Wheeler in the finals and taking home $1600. in doing so. Once again the Jr Dragster field is full, well over 24 cars with some from as far away as Vermont.
Semi Pro pitted veteran Dick Stanton over Steve Ballntyne who is having a remarkable season going many rounds and taking his share of wins. But that was not the case this night as Dick and his best appearing looking S-10 would come out on top and take home the $3000. first place prize money.
In Super Pro it boiled down to an all family affair as Frank Mark Sr. driving a borrowed Camaro from his buddy John Davis taking on Frank Mark Jr. who had made his way too the the $10,000 final by beating Fred Angers in the finals of the dragster class. The Senior Mark had taking out the Wheel standing Malibu of John Forsyth for the win on the door side and the right to go too the finals and take on his son. In the finals it was all youth though as Frank Mark Jr. took the big win, the $10,000 and the High Roller Wally. So with the pits jammed too the rafters so too speak the partying began and day one was put too bed.
DAY TWO: Once again the drivers where met with cloudy skies and a sky that looked like it could rain any minute, but that did not deter more teams showing up and by now the pits where over filled and teams where parking well down past the quarter mile scoreboards. And rain yes, all around us but none on the track until the last car went down including a impressive run by Diamond Jims Jet Car. But yes it did rain and put a SMALL damper on things but after the wet stuff everyone got in the mood once again, and the Steak B-B-Que was one of the best ever, the golf cart race was also thee best ever and the Band Raw Sugar Rocked the place all night long. In  Jrs Dan Pillwein finally made his way to the winners circle something he could not have done at a better time. Dan met and defeated Daniel Barker of Belleville for the win. In Semi Pro another Shannonville regular would take on a Napa Tour Regular for the finals, Chris McEvoy would take on defeat Bill Nolan of Southern Ontario. Super Pro was were eyes all where with $10,000. on the line, Derek Malcolm and Frank Mark would come too the line for the chance to win it all. Mark the seasoned veteran driving a door car would take the advantage of the line and turn it into a win light and a huge pay day. Like we said following that a storm came through down poured on everyone but did not stop anyone. Derek and Troy got the Golf Cart Race going, the band started playing and everyone partied all night long.
DAY THREE: Sunday morning at the BB is considered the morning after, as many have partied way longer than they should so some teams where met with clear skies and sun shine but maybe not so clear heads. However that what Luskville Dragway's Bracket Bonanza is famous for, FUN,FUN,FUN with a whole bunch of prize money. So yes the skies where clear, to begin with,  and the air was about as fresh as you would want it for this time of year. Once again the staff did a great job at getting the track prepped and time trials got underway once again right on time. However that is where the rollercoaster began, as very light shower, after very light shower would pass us by, just making things damp, this would happen off and on for most of the day. However everyone endured including one of the biggest Sunday Bracket Bonanza spectator crowds ever. By 5 pm the pop up showers where by, and it was clear sailing until the end which did not happen until 8:30 Sunday evening. As the excitement built towards the finals Jr. Dragster would boil down to a family affair with Randlyn Urslak taking on younger brother Landyn. With Randlyn going red it was all over right on the starting line with Landyn taking the win and the Wally. Semi Pro would see veteran Napa Tour racer Fred Ellis take on and defeat one of Luskville Dragway's very best semi pro racers Rob Graveline. Super Pro would see Derek Malcolm and his best appearing winning Chrome Worx Dragster take on veteran Jamie Tupper in the finals. This was Derek's second trip to the finals as he also made it there on Saturday against Frank Mark, the first final saw him settle for second, but not this time as his dead on reaction time gave him the edge at the finish line and the $10,000 pay day. The final was met with a starting line and return full of supporters making for a very exciting finish to what was a incredible weekend. This was with out question one of the roughest weather weekends for the Bonanza in recent memory, but the staff, the drivers and the fans proved once again that Luskville Dragway is the place to be for NHRA Drag Racing.

Luskville Dragway regulars where out in force for the
32nd Annual Bracket Bonanza

Here is the Ogilvie Auto and Fleet Jr. Dragster High
Rollers, looking good in their complimentary Hoodies

Chevy Morrow was all smiles with his High Roller win
of course the $1000. that went with was good also.

Dan Pillwein couldn't have pick a better time to get his first
win of the season, as it came with a Wally.

Dick Stanton was the big winner in Semi Pro along with
Fred Ellis and Chris MacEvoy

Chris McEvoy and his Bride, who just happens to be Jess
Tandy, where all smiles in the Semi Pro Winners circle

Bill Nolan "WOW's The fans where ever he races and
he did so this weekend at Luskville Dragway

Frank Mark Jr. began his racing career at Luskville and
this weekend he managed to pick up a $10,000 pay day

John Forsyth had the fans on their feet every time he
came to the staring line, one example of the wheels up

Rob Lang's roadster was just one example of the great
looking race cars that where at this years Bracket Bonanza

Devenny Racing was voted best Appearing Crew of the

Bill Harling and his family have made Luskville Dragway's
Bonanza a must be stop on their summers racing schedule