With the last weekend of August now behind us we only have 7 More races left in the season, but there is some very special ones coming up in those that are left for sure. Starting with this weekend when we produce the last Napa Auto Parts Tour event at Luskville for 2015, and it will kick off with the NHRA King of the Track event on Friday Night under the lights. This event is open to all who have won a race either on the tour, or at Luskville Dragway, and the list is a list of the best for sure. The Super Pro contingent is a who's who of Super Pro Racing in Canada starting off with Troy Davis who is considered the big winner this season, winning the New York State Championships and the $15,000. US that went with it, but he will have his work cut out for him as he will have to compete against the very best Super Pro Racers in this country. Names like Russ Adams, Derek Malcolm, Kyle Jessup, Jamie Tupper, Roch Beaudion, Adam Bitzanis, Marco Laframboise, Dale Gauthier, Randy Urslak and a number of others. On the Semi Pro side of things Steve Ballntyne leads the pack and the track points championship but will have stiff competition from Bill Nolan Napa Tour points Leader as well as others, like Rob Graveline, Chevy Morrow, Tim Fearrey, Gord Harling, Devon Smith, and others. 
*We also have another Semi Pro qualifier race that is shaping up and that is for the Fireball Automatics NEW Transmission of your choice. The criteria was pretty simple, run five races and qualify for the new trans and all you had to do was run a select number of races (5) and you immediately had your name in the draw that will be a reverse draw at the awards banquet this fall. Heading into the Long weekend in Sept, which is another one of the qualifier races you have Ballntyne, Jensen, Thompson, Doyle, Graveline, Fearrey, Morrow and Stanton all still in line for the draw, again they must run the remaining two events to keep their qualification intact. This is another one of the programs that we put in place too encourage the semi pro teams to support Luskville Dragway as we worked hard at increasing this class.
*Another program that is heading to a climax also is the J&S Collision Future Champions Award which includes a $500. first place prize will also be contested on the Long weekend in October, and right now there is only 4 rookie drivers who have come out of the Jr. Dragster program that will have a chance.
*So lets see now, how many times has mother nature been wrong this summer, its almost too the point you hope their calling for rain, as they are usually wrong, such was the case this past Saturday as Saturday Morning forecast said good to go for entire weekend, how the hell could they be that wrong. The morning dawned great but by 5 pm you knew it wasn't going to last, and with small amounts of showers stopping things first and then a steadier shower making it impossible to continue, or even think that we might be able too. However for the large group that came out early, there was lots of time for runs and plenty of them. Even some new toys showed up including this SWEET 64 Chevy II of Larry Whitty of Ottawa, running a small block Blown West Carleton Auto Prepared Small Block. Larry got in some smooth and easy check out pass's before the rains came, and said he planned on being back Sunday. Also on hand was Ryan Clarmo who was getting his first shots in on the track, after watching his older brother Aiden shine all summer in his rookie season. Ryan who was driving the car that was bought from Ray Renaud, who had bought it from Randy Urslak was under the watchful eye of Mom and Dad all day, but did very well and will join the competition very soon. So even as we get near the end of the season, new cars, new teams start too emerge making the future of our sport that much better.
* The Napa Auto Parts Tour and  D&D Performance Fall Bracket Nationals and Jet Semi Truck Show is just around the corner and once again we remind teams that both gates will be open for parking on Friday, so please access the gate that fits which side of the pits you wish to park on, if available. If you are going to park on the track side of the pits please come in the lower gates by the tower, if the opposite side is where you plan on parking please come in the upper gate off of Tremblay Road. We are expecting a great turnout of cars with many Northern Teams planning on the trip so once again the NO EXTRA CARS IN PITS rule is in affect, please do not hit me with excuses why you need to by over there, as i have heard them all over the past 40 years. NO Trailers are to be dropped off with out myself being there unless otherwise arranged. We will be here Thursday from noon on to park those that wish to come in early.
*What has been a tradition for a number of years now for our last regular day in Sept will continue once again this season, as Randy Urslak of Randys Performance Automotive has quarantined $1500. to win Super Pro on Sept 12th. Randy who is already a Major Advertiser at Luskville Dragway with his Randys Performance Automotive has continually been a huge supporter and has always done something extra each and every season for the last regular day at the track to kind of go out in style so too speak. Randy is one of the winningest drivers of all time at Luskville Dragway and has been supporting the track since 1980 when the Malcolm Family took over the operations of Luskville Dragway. Randy who as we said earlier is a large major advetiser to begin with has already committed to that program again in 2016, continuing a tradition there as well. We have said many, many times that we are very fortunate that we have people like Randy supporting Luskville Dragway and it is what keeps us gong for sure. When asked which happens quite often, why do we keep doing it, one only has to look at some of the people that we are involved with and the answer is loud and clear.
Where has the summer gone, next weekend will be the first of Sept and only five races left in the Luskville Dragway Napa Auto Parts Super Series 2015, it has gone very, very, fast. However we still have five to go at Luskville and two at I-Car before we start rebuilding for 2016, but the time really has flown by this summer, and we are now heading into the fall period of racing, and the climax to all of our points series which really have been a tight battle in most cases all season. Other than Semi Pro which saw Steve Ballntyne put plenty of space between him and his competitors with his strong run this season, but the rest of the spots are still up for grabs. Now the first thing that you would have noticed is the total confusion as far as who was driving what as many of the super pro drivers where doing what is usually kept for the last day of the season, driving each others cars. However with the last race of the season being a big $5000 to win deal, it was obvious that no one wanted to do it then, so if the helmets don't look familiar in the cars that there in there is a reason. For example Derek Malcolm was driving Kyle Jessup ride, Kyle was driving Derek's, Mike Ogilvie was driving Troy Davis`s car, so you get the idea. A good field of Semi Pro cars all had one thing in mind, beating young Steve Ballntyne so things got under way with Mark Thompson having the first shot at him. Ok but lets go back to Jrs Dragsters where Brody Bellefeuille met and defeated Nate Vanoppen who is getting use to being in the finals after his first trip too the winners circle a few weeks ago. Brody has shown that with the right car he can win on any given weekend which he did this Sunday driving once again Rachel Ogilvie's former car. Semi and Super pro have a tied in story as once again and for the second time in his career Kyle Jessup drove both the super pro dragster and the semi pro door car too the winners circle , the irony of this win is both cars belonged to ADM Motorsports as good friends Kyle Jessup and Derek Malcolm had agreed to drive each others super pro dragsters in competition. And it got even more weird as in the finals it would be Kyle in Derek's Car and Derek in Kyle's car into the finals with Jessup pulling out the win. Now this was following Jessup's finals round win in Semi Pro over Rob Graveline in Semi Pro where Kyle was driving the ADM Motorsports Camaro. This switching of cars is something that always takes place with the drivers at Luskville Dragway and is usually done the last weekend, but because this year the last weekend has so much money up for grabs it was decided to do it this weekend which really did add a lot of fun to otherwise quiet weekend.
Well we finally did it, it took almost 9 years but we broke the all time track record for a cruise night , 303 registered entree's made this past Saturday Night the bench mark for Luskville Dragway. They started coming at 4 pm and the gate was lined up most of the time with long lines of street cars. A big thank you has to go out to the Valley Imports who worked really hard to make this happen, Autovation Inc, who owned the title rights to the cruise night, Ladies in Racing and Shannon Giust. It was pretty spectacular and makes one wonder can we reset it before the season is over, next Saturday Night is Speedy Auto Glass, Rockland Cruise Night, and  in two weeks it is Bandit Motorsports Cruise Night AND the Jet Semi Truck.
*Also part of this weekend was the TK Environmental "Let us Never Forget" Day as tribute was made to all of those we have lost from the drag racing community over the last couple of years. People like Diamond Jim Crownhart, Bruce Schnob, Dominic Finateri, Gary Moorhead, Pat Allard, Bruce Hays, and of course the tragic death of 2014 Rookie of the year Andre Fearrey. A special presentation was made to the Fearrey Family by track photographer John Chambers of Andre surrounded by all of his friends and competitors in the Semi Pro Class. We will make sure that each and every year we make a huge effort to remember all of these great people that are now watching the races from above.
The Excitement surrounding the Chew That Weekend was hard to explain, yes everyone seemed to be doing what they could to promote it, on social media like Facebook and any other form they could, and I mean everyone. The fact that Paolo Giust had announced that he was bringing his BRAND NEW C-7 Corvette Pro Mod, and then turned around and won the IHRA Pro Mod Championship at Grand Bend the weekend before, The fact that George and Michelle Levesque had their twin Turbo Pro Mod Mustang there, was all part of the what made this weekend have the potential to break all kinds of records. And break records it did as we talked about in the Bits from the Pits, and even though we did not set records for car counts in the regular class's we did have a big turnout making the racing action as good as it gets as well. In Jrs. Landyn Urslak showed why he will be a force in the Jr. Dragster Championship in 2015 with another trip to the winners circle on day one of the Chew That Weekend. Landyn like all the other winners where presented with a special commemorative placks by Tad Kaminski and Laura Lapointe of TK Environmental. Semi Pro was the domain of Steve Ballantyne once again as he met the fast learning semi pro racer Kyle Jessup in the finals. In Super Pro Tory Davis who has been on a summer tear took yet another trip to the winners circle in the Blue ADM Motorsports Dragster. Davis met and defeated Mike Ogilvie in the Finals for the $1000 pay check. It was a great day of racing, capped off with a great night of street racing as over 303 cars registered for the Autovation Inc. cruise night, now on to Sunday.
So with day one behind us, and some hangovers hanging around Sunday morning dawned bright and sunny once again as things got underway right on time with Semi Pro Time Trials. Now even though we gained a number of new entree's on Sunday, because of breakage and in some cases other commitments the fields pretty much stayed the same for day two. Something else to make life interesting also took place on Sunday as Carl Jessup of Precision Concrete started the ball rolling with a $50 bounty on the head of Troy Davis who has been winning everything, it quickly grew to $220 which Randy Urslak made use of in the first round as he laid a spanking on the tree against Davis and the win. As things wore on though it wound not be Davis or Urslak that we would be talking about as it would wind up to me Mike Ogilvie and Roch Beaudion which would give us every track operators dream final, door car vs. dragster. Mike who drives a big block Dodge supercharged car would face Beaudion and his very low 5 second 1995 Camaro. In the finals it would be all Mike Ogilive on the start line, but it would be all Roch Beaudion on the finish line as the win light came on in the door cars side, as Mike Broke out after cutting a slightly better, but what a race.
The Jr. Dragster finals looked very much like Saturday with Landyn Urslak going too the line against Nate Vanoppen where Landyn would not make it two in a row as Urslak would turn on the red eye to give Nate his win. This was not just any win for Nate either this was his first ever win, now he has watched older brother Ben win, younger  sister Grace win, but now it was his turn and he was smiling ear too ear.  In Semi Pro the unstoppable Steve Ballntyne would take on Rob Graveline in the finals where  once again Ballntyne was unstoppable taking home the $500. first place prize money. A special Thank you has to be said once again first to Paolo and Shannon Giust (Chew That Racing), George and Michelle Levesque (Geo-Mich Motorsports), Tad Kaminski and Laura Lapointe (TK Enviromental.

George and Michelle Levesque did their patent burnout
on every single run, as they have always done.

To Say we are looking for you, puts it mildly in this shot

Landyn Urslak is making a move to win the 2015
Jr. Dragster Track championship.

Davis and Ogilvie share the winners circle as Davis
claims another win in 2015.

Too say the place was packed Saturday would be putting
it very, very mildly, and fun was had by all.

Troy Davis who has been winning a lot lately ended up
with a bounty on his head , that Randy Urslak won on Sun.

Nate Vanoppen is joined in winners circle by family
and Paolo and Shannon Giust

Ralph Coe was a welcome addition to Sundays
Program with his wild West Carleton Auto powered Dodge
More good news this week for the Jr. Dragster class that runs at Luskville Dragway, as Wes and Tina Clarmo (a new team this spring) have added a second Jr. for their younger son to drive as a teammate to Aiden Clarmo. This Clarmo Family like the original one (Jamie & Sherri Clarmo) are a pleasure to have at the track and have been a welcomed addition to the Luskville Dragway racing family. Ryan Clarmo is one happy camper to say the least as the new car was brought home from up North by Mike and  Vicki Ogilvie, another large member of the Luskville Dragway racing family. We are a very, very fortunate group as everyone is more than willing to help each other out, makes being part of Luskville Dragway way greater than one could ever explain. This is also great news for the new movement in Jr. Dragsters as we have certainly lost a number of these drivers to the big cars, where as was pointed out last weekend the graduates have started to make waves. This along with last weeks announcement of the new Semi Truck for Phil Vanoppen is another good sign for Luskville Dragway.
*Just a quick reminder that the Fall Bracket Finals and Jet Truck Show is fast approaching, and if the talk that was going around in the North comes true, we could have a bigger turnout for the D&D Performance backed race than we did for the Bonanza, come on weather man. A number of drivers some who have never been too Luskville Dragway say they want to show their support of our cars supporting the Northern Races, again everyone working together makes things so much better, and is the only way race tracks, and events can survive. This along with the GREAT support we have been getting from the Montreal area cars should make for some wild times at Luskville Dragway on the long weekend in Sept. Of course it will also be the first visit of Rick Kopp and his Phyro Jet Semi Truck.
It was a hot summer day, yep it was with out question the hottest day of the summer and it was Speedy Auto Service Day at Luskville Dragway and the racing was as hot as the temperatures. With the addition of the Mustang Shootout Challenge the pits and the staging lanes reminded everyone of the old days of drag racing for sure. In the JRs the finals would pit rookie sensation Aiden Clarmo against Brody Bellefeuille who has been having a great time driving Rachel Ogilvie's car of late. In the finals two families that hang together, party together and race together would look on as their two young sons would dual it out for the win on Speedy Auto Service day. The two young lads both cut a good light but Aiden Clarmo who made another trip to the winners circle in 2015.
In the Semi Pro Finals it would be Chevy Morrow another rookie against Gilles Michaud of Gatineau, with Chevy Morrow finally getting the job done and taking his first ever win in Semi Pro. In Super Pro a small field of dragsters only put on a good show with Mike Ogilvie taking on Kyle Jessup in one Semi Final, with Jessup taking the slightly better light and the win light at the finish line. In the next Semi Final Tory Davis would take on Rachel Ogilvie who has been on a tear lately doing a great job of going rounds, this day would see Troy Davis take a .522 light over a .523 light and that was enough for the win light on a double break out run. Davis continued his streak of incredible lights (.02) and another win in his great season so far. Davis would also close in on the lead for the points championship as Derek Malcolm was absent and Kyle Jessup would drop 200 points in the finals.
The weekend that the Gatineau Mustang Club makes their annual trek to Luskville Dragway is always a great weekend, and this year was no different, expect for they put out a friendly challenge too the counterparts in Ottawa, which double the numbers for 2015. They were lined up at the gate long before time trials started and they never stopped coming for most of the morning, setting the stage for what would be the best Mustang Day ever at Luskville Dragway, as more and more great signs for the little NHRA Track nestled in the Gatineau Mountains. After a number of rounds the winner was declared in the Gatineau side to things and that would boil down to Danny Deshaves vs. Rene Larocque with Larocque winning the race. In the next race it would be the best of Gatineau against the best from Ottawa and here two the Gatineau driver who had beat out all of his fellow club members also met and defeated the Ottawa Mustang Club Representative for the over all title. The final Pitted Rene Larocque against Chris Klein of Ottawa with Laroque once again showing that all of his Saturday night practice has paid off as he took this wiin also. All and All a great day for the Mustang with close to 50 cars being present to represent both Ford, Mustang lovers and the two local clubs.
Now that we have had a few days to absorb the Bracket Bonanza I would like to make a few comments on it and how successful it was, it was with out a question the very best ever and I firmly believe that the 35th annual will be even better as we move forward.
*Most will agree that the improvements that have been made and those that where just made went along way in making the facility more appealing to all, and other than the fact that we obviously need to continue the expansion of our pit area, which we will.
*The weather man did us no favours with its forecast or there is no question that more racers would have been there, and more racers would have made it just that much more incredible. There were racers who i even booked rooms for that were scared away by the forecast, which we all now know was completely wrong.
*The drivers who in most cases worked very hard to be in the lanes, too finish each day in a timely fashion and put on what I think was some of the best racing ever at Luskville Dragway.
*The Golf Cart race which went ahead even though it was a little late in doing so but once again over 40 Golf Carts competed in the richest golf cart race anywhere, over $1000. to win. Elvis and the band entertained everyone well into the night, Elvis was a gamble that turned out quite well and will be done sometime down the road as most had a great time with him.
*One of the cool things about the Bonanza is you know you are going to see anyone and everyone that ever had anything to do with Luskville Dragway, as they all come back for the Bracket Bonanza as was evident again this year with many former drag racers making their annual visit. Yes the Bonanza is Luskville Dragway
*So with the announcement of next years version paying out $20,000 to win on Sunday what will the turnout be like, we hope that it will blow all records out the window.
*The show cars of Jordan Parnak and Lou Pierrea where outstanding doing everything they could to put on a show, as well as the Terminator being part of the fireworks show Saturday Night.
*On the down side, the only disappointment was those that did not come after committing too, whether it be because of the forecast or that was used as an excuse, everyone knows we do not give up very easily and had those that where suppose to come done so, well Great could have been GREATER.

With all the excitement surrounding the 34 Annual Bracket Bonanza last weekend a new car purchase by a someone who will be a regular at Luskville Dragway pretty much went unnoticed. Phil Vanoppen and Father in Law Ed DeCooman of D&D Performance showed up with their new purchase which just happens to be Dick Stanton's former Semi Pro Truck. This is such a great move for everyone, as we had announced over and over we where certainly hoping that the slick looking truck would stay at home, and with the boys at D&D buying it that is exactly what will happen. Saturday saw them make some check out runs with everything going very well, in fact so well that they entered it in competition on Sunday only too have a transmission failure prior to eliminations. It will be prepared and it will be a regular fixture in the Luskville Dragway Semi Pro Wars, a win, win situation.
*Fred Ellis who has been a fixture on the tour races over the years had what most would call an off weekend at the Bonanza, which ended with a blown motor in the popular "Cuda Country" car. Like many drag racers when that happens, Fred's first comment was he was done for the year, but also like many drag racers, when a few days had passed he had already found another motor for the car and the season is not over. Now to top that off, his closets competitor in the points Bill Nolan made a "HUGE" unselfish move by buying Fred's number in Wawa so Ellis would still be in the hunt for the championship. Fred and Bill are neck in neck for the Semi Pro Napa Auto Parts Tour Championship, and Fred not being at Wawa would have almost for certain guaranteed Bill the title, but Nolan said no, we are going to fight this thing to the end. In all my years of doing this I have never seen such an act of unselfishness and Bill Nolan showed just how big a man he is, many racers upon hearing this made the same type of comment.
*Another side story to the Wawa race was Doug Quinton out of the Sault who blew a motor first thing Friday and pulled his back up out and put it in the little Pontiac, only to have the rear end give out next pass down the track. Doug and crew worked overnight to get things fixed and like Fred Ellis showed the determination not too give up no matter what.
The train left Ottawa on Tuesday morning for a smooth and eventless trip to Wawa, the nice thing about Ogilvie Auto & Fleet taking care of your Motor Home"  its always problem free, staid over night in the Sault Ste. Marie and got into Wawa Wednesday AM. Fueled up at Davidson's Esso, to support an advertiser of the event and then settled in to the Wawa In for a couple of days of activities. A little bit of help too the organizing committee, and just some relaxation which was good after a busy weekend at the Bonanza. Dinner with Bruno and Lorraine from the Elliot Lake event, who are also here early to lend a hand, cool how the two Northern Races work together for the benefit of each other, and this set the stage for the weekend.
*Race cars start rolling in, track construction starts and the excitement is building for sure, as the big one for Wawa gets closer, The party and parade on Thursday night is as popular and as much fun as it always is, and the fans, the racers flock to the Wawa Inn for Supper and some fun. Friday morning, weather man says things are not good, well that is what they say on Thursday, so changes are made to scheduling , the ADM Team put the track together in the early morning in order to start at 12 as the weather is suppose to be bad Friday evening, but not, and the weather is great and so is the racing. So after wearing everyone out with more time trials than many of these racers would normally get in a full race season three gamblers races got underway. The Jr. Dragster one came down to Ashley Ogilvie and one of the Weldwood's girls from Sault St. Marie with Ashley taking a much needed moral boosting win. The foot brake race was won by Brian Parker who is a staunch supporter of the Napa Auto Parts Tour and here too someone who has not been to the winners circle in a while, Brian was joined in the winners circle by all his family. Super Pro was a hard fought battle that boiled down to Kyle Jessup and Jamie Bridge with Jessup taking the advantage off the staring line and taking the win light. THEN, one of the best night time Jet Shows we have ever staged took place with The "Chicago Rush" and the Terminator Jet Cars putting on what was a spectacular show enhanced by a incredible Fireworks display. Yes the packed grandstands where on their feet screaming for more when this one came to a close.
*Saturday, once again the weather had been forecast to give us some issues and although it did give us a little shower over night for the most part Saturday was clean sailing from start too finish. It was a big day so things got underway at 9 am and when all was said and done the jet cars closed the show at 5:15. Jr. Dragster saw Ashley Ogilvie keep up her winning ways going to the finals once again, and once again like she did on Friday all the way to the winners circle for back to back victories, now the big one Sunday and $1000. will be her goal, and finish a triple crown. Semi Pro was a hard fought battle with some new cars, some old cars and some familiar cars, and when it was over it was a very familiar car in the winners circle as Bill Nolan would make his way to the winners circle after he met and defeated Peter Gilchrist of Sudbury in the finals. The King of the Street $1000. race would go to Jay Totman and his late model grand prix, the street class was a nice mix of old and new cars with some Dodge Hellcats even being in the fray. This was nice to see as it reminds me of the good old days when you bought it in the show room took it too the track and raced it, lets hope that continues.  Super Pro was a good field of door cars and dragsters, and like what has happened more this year than at any other time, it would be a door car and a dragster in the finals. Home town boy Jacque Millette would have the crowds support as he took on Troy Davis and his Chromeworx Dragster out of Ottawa, Davis had been on a roll of late winning over $20,000. in the last month. Well that momentum did not change as Davis would cut the better light and take the stripe for a $5000. pay day on Saturday. Once again Dave Wagner and Jordan Parniak would put on a great show with their nostalgia funny cars, as did "Brazil Nut" Lou and Dan Sullivan with the jet car show, Saturday went very well, lets hope the weather man keeps it going for Sunday. And keep it going he did, even though they once again continued to call for showers it did not.
The story of Sunday had to be the Ogilvie Girls, all three of them but in particular Ashley and Rachel, this had to be wit out question one of the best days for this race team ever. Ashley who had already won two event this weekend went on to take the 1000. Jr. Dragster pay day on Sunday giving her a triple crown weekend. Vicki Ogilvie had one of her better outings as well going a number of rounds before bowing out. But the big story was rookie and future super pro star Rachel Ogilvie who beat some of the best super pro drivers there is to advance to the finals for the $10,000. shoot out. Now the story doesn't end here, you see Mike Ogilvie is having a pretty good weekend also and he has made his way to the semi finals where if he beats veteran Jamie Tupper, he will run his daughter in the finals. However what was shaping up to be a Hollywood script came to and end with Tupper taking the win over Mike, and then advancing past Rachel for the big pay. Even though Rachel did not win, she showed very evidently that she will be a force to reckon with in Super Pro. Brian Parker made his weekend a little better with his big Street Car 1000. win on Sunday also. Even though the weather man gave us no chance of getting everything in, we did and did so in record time, hats off too everyone who played a part in a very, very successful Napa Auto Parts Show Me the Money tour event, next stop Luskville Dragway long weekend in Sept.

King of the streets Champion in winners circle,
saw Jay Totman a happy man, $1000. smile

Ashley Ogilvie was having a great weekend when this
picture was taken , her second win in as many days.

Some of the folks got too see what it looked like from
a helicopter ride, its a pretty cool look.

Renaud Racing made sure the all Jrs. where taken care
of with sweat shirts and medals.

Bill Nolan is the man in Semi Pro this season, at least so
far, look for Fred Ellis to return at the fall race.

Davis continued his winning ways with yet another trip
to the winners circle, joined here by the team

The Jet Cars put on an amazing show Friday Night, and
continued to do so on Saturday.

The Funny Cars of Jordan Parniak and Diesel Dave where
also part of what was a great show car portion.

Brian Parker had a great weekend with his Mustang

Devon Smith also used a Mustang to make $2000.
Well the big one is over, but the busy part of the season is not for us as we have already packed up and will be heading to Wawa, Ontario for the 3rd Napa Tour Event of the season this coming weekend. Yes NHRA has their Western swing, but we have our summer tour which started with the Elliot Lake race and will end this weekend with the Provost Northern Nationals. Four Big Dollar Races in four weekends is hard on the body, hard on the parts but makes one feel good that we can do it.
*The rained out Lentech cruise night will be rescheduled to a date in the final part of the season. Chris and the folks over at Lentech were pretty disappointed with the weather man last time around but looking forward to another shot at it.

*Congratulations to Marco Laframboise for winning the best appearing car award at this years 34th. Annual Bracket Bonanza, and a very well deserved choice by all means. Marco and his family are always a treat to have at our events and Marco is also someone who can win those races as well.
Thursday July 30 saw a major rain storm go through Ottawa, but missed Luskville Dragway completely which it often does, and with the sun shinning most of the day the largest number of race cars ever for a Thursday showed up to be parked for the weekend. The atmosphere was great through out the day and well into the evening as many partied on what is called "Thirsty Thursday" at the Bracket Bonanza, with time trials not starting until 2pm the next day going to bed late was OK. Cars continued to roll in well through the night as the track side of the pit area was pretty much full by nights end.
*Friday dawned with the sun out in full force but yet there was still a threat of rain from the weatherman as the humid temperatures continued into Friday, but with no major systems to the west everyone had their fingers crossed that things would work out like they did on Thursday. The entree's continue to roll through the upper and lower gates as racers made their way to what has become the Grand Daddy of all Big Dollar Bracket Races in Canada. Friday saw things get underway and some trials get done, but it wasn't long before the weatherman's prediction come true and enough showers rolled through to stop what was shaping up to be a good night. What did that mean, well Saturday would be double header day with the Friday eliminations going first and then the Saturday stuff. So at 8am things where underway and with only one time trial it did not take long to get into the action of finals. The Ogilvie Auto & Fleet Jr. Dragster High Roller was won by young Steve Clarmo who showed his power by beating Kayle Urslak in the finals. Now Steve didn't stop there as he came back in the regular program too take that win also in what was certainly a good day for this young man. In the Door car high roller it was Derek Malcolm and his 68 Camaro against Pat Kohl and his strong running Chevelle, with Pat prevailing and taking that title and the Wally that went with it. In the Big Dog Shootout it was Frank Mark and his Camaro against Denis Souliere and his Dragster and Denis would take home the biggest payday of his career. So then things kicked into high gear for the Saturdays portion of the show with things boiling down to Rob Graveline taking home his biggest win ever in his Copperhead Roads Opel. Super Pro was exciting but like you would expect, as most times it ins up being dragsters in the final or at least a dragster and a door car, but NOT this year as for the first time ever  two door cars would meet in the finals, Adam Bitzanis from Montreal would take on Darren Frasso with Bitzanis Blistering the tree and taking home $10,000. What a day but it wasn't over as the 1000. to win Golf cart race would take off right after the 500 steak dinner bar-b-Que, and mean while the band played on as well,  in fact Elvis kept the party going to almost 1am. all in all, would have to say that this was a record setter in many ways.
So far so good weather wise, as only Friday nights stuff got postponed and into Saturday, and Sunday's forecast was great (which has to scare you as they are always wrong) however more entree's more spectators continued to arrive at what was turning out to be a spectacular weekend. Time trials got underway right on time, and things moved along a very good clip with eliminations as usual starting right on time, thanks too the cooperation of all involved. As things moved a long it was great too see the same big crowd come through the gates on Sunday from a spectator point of view, which is very encouraging in this business. Steven Clarmo has called Luskville Dragway home for ever, as a kid watching his dad, as a jr. dragster pilot , and this weekend he used that advantage to his benefit by winning all three Jr. Dragster races taking home over $1000. in prize money. Steven met a beat Max Gauthier in the finals another young man who is having a great year in the Jr. Class. Semi Pro saw some new entree's as Sunday rolled around, but when things got down too the finals it was Gord Harling and Jim Hewitt doing battle for the wally, with Gord Harling taking the big pay check back too Sudbury. Super Pro saw 61 entree's make it through the gates for the 34th annual event, and that included 41 dragsters. But as you read above that didn't make a difference on Saturday as two door cars where in the finals, well the opposite happened on Sunday when two dragsters made there way to the finals. It was a US vs Canada battle in the finals which was written just like a movie script. Marco Laframboise would take on Frank Mark Jr. in the battle of the dragsters. You could feel the excitement as both cars came too the staging lanes, and you could certainly here the screams from the Canadian contingent when Marco turned on the win light. This final was special as all finals are, but with a weather forecast telling us that we had NO chance of getting the racing done it was an even sweeter one. To top things off, ADM Motorsports announced prior to opening ceremonies that the 2016 Event which would be the 35th anniversary would feature a Super Pro purse of $20,000 to win on Sunday. All in All it was a GREAT Bracket Bonanza with most everyone leaving with smiles, spectator records, car count records, smiley face records to top if off. But the work was not over as packing starting right away under the guidance of Derek Malcolm for the tear down, load up for the trip to WAWA and the 3rd stop on the Napa Auto Parts Tour.

Tuesday of BB week saw Ralph Coe do his
magic, and made Luskville look great,
new paint everywhere.

When everyone woke up Friday Morning they
where greeted with sunshine a rapidly
 filly pit area.

Rob Graveline was all smiles in his winners
circle picture.

Adam Bitzanis and Darren Frasso showed
everyone that door cars can still win races.

Steve Clarmo not only won the regular Jr.
Dragster Program but the high roller as well

Pat Kohl was the winner of the Big Dog Door
Car race over Derek Malcolm

Gord Harling was all smiles in the winners
circle in 2015.

Cars where abundant and fast all weekend
as this picture shows, and they never stopped

This is how good the traction was, as it was
wheels in the air all weekend long.

This is what the action looked like all weekend
Long with car after car pounding the pavement