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                     DOOR PRO RACE MAY 17/2014
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First off just too let everyone know, we will be cleaning up our Drag Mart Section on the web in order to make sure we are up too date, if you have something on there that you want left on, let us know. We expect lots of stuff going up for sale as the seasons comes to a close, scary eh, thought we just started the season and here we are talking about the off season.
*As was talked about this past weekend there is going to be a special payout purse for closing points day Sept 7th thanks too Randy's performance Automotive but we are also going to do something special on the Saturday Sept 6 during the afternoon, we are going to run a all run foot brake race, yep dragsters , super pro, semi pro all in one class, just NO ELECTONICS, should be interesting.
*We are a little short on news this week, not because there is none, but strictly because we have lost enough time to talk about things, we thought things where busy in July and the beginning of August but things have not slowed down and we are on the run too keep up with everything. We will have one more Door Pro event too finish up the season and that will be announced this week so stay tuned.
With races once again taking place at many drag strips in our area including North Bay, Mirabel and Naipreville it was very good to see all the rigs and race cars that came streaming through the gates on Friday Night at Luskville Dragway, indicating right away that this would be a big weekend. Luskville has been very fortunate to have the diehard support that it does, and this was very evident this weekend with so much else going on, yes the intertrack with Shannonville was shaping up to be big. Lots of Points Chases where still on the line with plenty of time for those that where chasing to do some catching up. First up was the door pro class which would have its last race of the season, once again a good but not great turnout of cars will make for some long thinking over the winter months of whether to try and keep promoting this class. Going into the semi finals Jason Chatwood would take on Kevin Morrow and Becky Ray (driving husband Dales Camaro) would take on John Forsyth. Morrow would move on as would John Forsyth as two Chevy's would do battle in the finals. In the finals Forsyth who had been deadly all day was deadly late and with Kevin going .518 on the tree it was all over by the 60 footers, Morrow would pick up his first Door Pro Final of the season.
On the Jr Dragster side of things a great turnout of nearly 20 Jrs. would make for some interesting racing with the finals boiling down too a Luskville driver, Grace Vanoppen and a Shannonville Driver Max Gauthier. Max would use his starting line advantage down track to take yet another win at Luskville Dragway and do so on day one. With the Door Pro and JRs. behind us we then headed into the Super Pro and Semi Pro rounds which would wind on for the rest of the afternoon with some very exciting racing. Semi Pro would see a good mix of Shannonville cars and Luskville cars but in the end on day one it would be current points leader Steve Ballntyne taking on Darryl Jensen with Jensen picking up the win. In super pro it was the Steve Parkhurst show all the way too the finals with great light after great light put him into the money rounds twice on a double entree. And Parkhurst would show no mercy in the finals as he cut a .515 Light giving him the win light over Tad Kaminski in his Racetech Dragster. It was a good day for both drivers and would only set the stage for an even bigger day on Sunday.

Steve Parkhurst made it worth the trip with a $1000. win

Darryl Jensen was the big winner in Semi Pro

Max Gauthier, and Gracie Vanoppen share winners circle

Kevin Morrow may have won what is the last door pro race
With the big turnout of cars on Saturday it was hard to believe that any more would come through the gate on Sunday, but they did as the car count grew  larger than day one. Time Trials got underway at 10:30 which was welcomed by everyone as the night before had been a long one and even longer for those that participated in the Annual Poker Tournament where Tim Fearrey beat Derek Malcolm in the final table for the 2014 Championship. But now things was all about drag racing and the $2000. to win purse that was up for grabs thanks to Paulo & Shannon Giust and their company Chew That Pet Food and Toys Galore. Was it the weather, was it just the competition, but we saw some of the best racing we have ever seen continue on Sunday with.000 lights after .001 lights all through the rounds. This was the very best racing we have ever seen from a competitive stand point, don't ever remember seeing that many unreal reaction times in all of my days at the track. So with all the good racing things wound down pretty quickly as the afternoon wore on and as Final rounds started to shape up some interesting things where happening. John Chatwood would make his way to the finals of Semi Pro as would his grandson Dylan in the Jr. Dragster Class, I don't think there was anyone who was not cheering for a all Chatwood winners circle in these two class's. But Mark Thompson in Semi Pro was going to try and say something about that, and Ben Vanoppen in JR. would have a say in that outcome also. But no one was going to stop John Chatwood this time around as he finally got back too the Luskville Dragway winners circle for the first time in a long time but a place he has visited many times of the decades of racing. Grandpa John would be joined in the winners circle by Dylan but Dylan would have to settle for Runner Up spot as Ben Vanoppen spanked the tree and took the win. In Super Pro Derek Malcolm would wind his way back to a final in what has been and amazing year for him, in the final he would meet Franco Cantusci Jr. who used a .001 light to Kyle Jessup's .499 red. So the finals would pit a second generation drag racer against a second generation drag racer, and a door car against a dragster. Off the line it was Franco Cantusci with the better light and was his all the way down the track until he lifted after looking right and not seeing the hard charging 150 mile an hour dragster that was coming on like gang busters for the stripe and the win. For Malcolm it was another addition to his long list of wins this summer and a fitting end to what was a GREAT weekend of drag racing. This was again a very fun weekend which is what drag racing is all about, and it proved again and over and over the great relationship that Luskville Dragway and Shannonville Dragway have and how working together with them and I-car has made for some very good times at the tracks. We now look down the road too next weekend and things do not slow down with the Inter Track with I car, and the D&D Performance Napa Tour Race and Coors Light Night of Fire Jet Car Show.

Derek Malcolm was joined by friends in what has been
an amazing summer of visiting the winners circle.

This was one of the niecest shots of the weekend as the
entire Chatwood Family where all part of the winners circle.

Ben Vanoppen made his way back too the winners circle
where he was joined by Grandma and Grandpa Decoman.

It was great run after great run this past weekend with more
perfect or near perfect lights than i have ever seen.
Well this next post is not a good sign, "Banquet Tickets are now available" and of course what that means is we are now on the back side of the season, and where did it go. It is however up until now been a good season, anytime you get the weather like we have had for our first 3 Napa Tour Races its been a good season so far. But yes we still have two more Tour Races to go and hopefully we can get them in like the first three with perfect weather, but everyone knows the deal with numbers.
*We are finally going to find out who really does have the fastest truck in eastern Ontario and Western Que. as on Sept 6th we are running our fastest truck championship to just find that out. The truck guys and gals have always played a big part in our street racing and our cruise nights at Luskville Dragway and on Sept 6th someone is going home with a trophy that says he is the winner of the Fastest Truck Championship. Track will be prepped and we expect to see some very fast pickups, SUVs'. This event will be part of the Extreme Auto Care Cruise Night which if anything like that last one will be HUGE. And I can tell you they are putting up some real nice stuff for their second cruise night, how's this sound, $250 in store credit or fastest import street car on street tires, plated and driven to the track, $250 In store credit for fastest domestic again street tires, plated and driven to the track and $250 for the fastest overall car no limits, slicks not street legal trailered in whatever.
*We can also tell you that our last back to the bar party will be extra special and will take place on Sept 7th at Busters Bar and Grill the official Sports Bar of Luskville Dragway. This will be in conjunction with our closing points day at the track, which will also be extra special thanks too Randy Urslak owner of Randy's Performance Automotive who has for the past many years done as he is doing this year, Making the price money extra special. The only stipulation will be that you come to the Bar to collect some good payouts. We will have those posted long before we get there.
* We also want to remind everyone of how important our next weekend is as well, as it is our second inter-track with Shannonville, with the next two of those inter-tracks with them at Shannonville Dragway. These events always produce some very good times and some very good racing as this is a group from both tracks that have been hanging out together for a long time now.
*We are also pleased to announce that Clean Media will be at our Napa Auto Parts event at Shannonville Dragway Sept 12-13-14, so make sure your cars are all prettied up for some great pictures that you will be able to purchase right on site. Dwayne was there a few years ago and it was one of the best weekends he has had in all of his days of doing this stuff.
Racers and fans alike where met with Sunshine, if you came through the gates at 6:00am, but by 7 the fog had rolled in and completely blanket Luskville Dragway. So drying was not an easy task as Mother Nature took the sun until about noon, however it got done and racing got underway by 11:00 am. Some big news prior too the beginning of racing was that Mike Ogilvie had cut a deal with ADM Motorsports for the remainder of the season on the Mullis Dragster which will continued to be run by ADM Driver Troy Davis on big weekends and Mike or girls on other weekends. So for this smaller than normal regular day it was decided Mike would get his feet wet with the new purchase and Troy would drive the ADM Motorsports Truck. Well not only did Mike take the car too the finals against Randy Urslak, but he also picked up the extra $50 for best reaction time presented by Carl Jessup of Precision Concrete finishing. In the finals it would be a continuing good news day for Mike as he would take the win light even though the better reaction time would go too Randy. Mike dead on 5.02 for the win in the new car.
In Semi Pro it was Stephen Ballntyne "New Hair Cut" and all taking the win over Vic Tierney, In the Jrs. Finals Ashley Ogilvie and Rachel Ogilvie redeemed themselves after a less the great Wawa outing by going to the finals where Rachel who cut the better light would take the win over Ashley. So as we have said many times , this race has a 1000 stories the Mike Ogilvie win was one of the them stay tuned for more. Next weekend intertrack with Shannonville Dragway for two big days of racing.

Mom, Dad and the Girls in the winners circle

Mom, Dad, Girls and everyone else in the winners cirlce
Diane Provost had never drag raced before this Sunday, so whether it was beginners luck, or that she learned real fast it don't matter she came out on top  of two dozen mustangs from the Gatineau Mustang Club. The Speedy Glass Rockland Gatineau Mustang Shootout is always a good time, and it kind of takes us back to the days when street cars played a big part in the Race Day action at the track. The day started out with lots of fog and not much sun after about 9am, but the mustangs showed up in big numbers as they always do for their annual trek to Luskville Dragway. So with Eliminations under way things boiled down to two ladies still in once the semi finals rolled around, however after the semis it was man vs. woman in the finals. Diane Provost would go to the line against Denis Paquette wit Provost taking the win light and the big trophy that went with it. Bruce Robineau was the fast car in the Mustang Class with his late model Red Mustang, so all in all it was a great day at the track for the Mustang Club of Gatineau, bigger and better things for next season.

Mustangs where fast and furious at Luskville Dragway

Fastest Mustang went to Bruce Robineau
So far the Summer Napa Tour has been incredible, first there was the smashing success at Elliott Lake, and then it was the record breaking weekend at Luskville Dragway's Bracket Bonanza. So it was very easy to get up the energy to head back out on the road to Wawa, Ontario the day after the Bonanza, the excitement was still very high and the 12 hour drive seemed to just fly by. We landed in Wawa on Tues Morning just in time to see a cooperate Lear jet drop off two, fisherman from Oklahoma, fully catered Lear Jet, on china, not paper plates. What was really cool was  what happened next, talking with the two Gentleman, and telling them what i was doing here was met with a quick response that they would now pass up on fishing for two days and take in the races, no it was not Royce Freeman, but he did Know who Royce was and what he did, going to be an even more fun this weekend.
*Landing in Wawa it was once again evident how much the locals enjoy and feel they benefit of their race, time after time we where met with, "Glad Your Back' Nice to see you", it really makes one feel very, very fortunate to be doing what we do. Wednesday was more radio, more talking of course and more arrivals of the race teams. We did not actually move in and set up until the rest of team arrived on Thursday, which was also a big night at the Wawa Motor Inn Bar, which takes you back too the hey day of mining in the north, when money was like water, its quite a place to just see. Fun, Fun, Fun.
*The Friday Night crowd at Wawa was quite a site too see, as with out question it was one of the biggest and best we have seen this summer anywhere. The fireworks that accompanied the last run of the night of the Show Cars was pretty spectacular sending everyone home in a frenzy.
* You have heard us tell you that each race has a thousand stories, and we just don't get time to write all of them, but Dan Zygmont asked me to not only tell this one, but too thank those people who where involved. Dan broke the trans in his dragster on his last pass Saturday evening, as well as the fly wheel, well he was ready to pack it in. But not was the case for Jamie Tupper who just one week earlier had been in a similar situation. Well Tupper, John Simeoni and Rob Lacroix all went to work to switch and repair everything that was wrong with Dan's car allowing him to make first rounds of eliminations. Dan did want to publicly say thanks to all.
*Points are posed as well thanks too Jenny, and we have some interesting chases about to happen as we head into the Fall Brackets and the Shannonville Napa Tour. With only two weekends left the field in Super Pro is anyone's, as the top guys are all with in striking distance of each other. Derek Malcolm took over the lead with his incredible weekend at Wawa, but Kyle Jessup also made a major move by going too the finals live on Sunday. Jamie Tupper who had what many would call an off weekend has been bumped down too third but still with in range of taking it all at the last two stops on the tour. The Jr. Chase is a little deceiving as dont forget they only get too count three of the five events so this will change up the points greatly before the end of the season, a number of teams have not run the three races and that will change things. Semi Pro is the only race where Fred Ellis has a strangle hold on top spot, but anything can happen and it is never over until it is over.
*Another big story this weekend was home town hero Jacque Millette who showed some driving skills in 2913 doing quite well, but this year he showed he has learned very fast. Jacque who does not get too reach much entered both super pro and semi pro ala Fred Ellis. Well he did not win two days in a row but on Sunday Millette took his Camaro too the finals in Semi Pro and the Semi Finals in Super only to be beat both times by the winners of both class's. The crowd was naturally on his side every time he came up and it made for some exciting races all day long. Good Job/

The party has begun, record turnout of cars, record turnout of spectators, was what everyone had to play with at the third annual Provost Northern Nationals as Friday rolled around, so the roll continues. Up 150% in Super Pro alone had everyone talking and the talk never stopped all weekend long as all class's where up significantly and what was even more impressive was the fans as Friday night saw a packed house for the show and the fireworks display. On the racing side of things some familiar names where once again in the lime light including once again Fred Ellis and his high flying Cuda Country Car which was the big winner in the sei pro gamblers race, Fred beat Ian Gould in the finals for $1000. The super pro was a all northern final as Doug Quinton of Saulte St. Marie was second best too Dan Zygmont of Sudbury. The cool thing with Doug Quinton was the fact that back in 1995 when we did Earleton Airport for the first time it was Doug Quinton who was the first driver through the gates way back then. So day one down, Successful, hell yes, we are on a roll lets hope it continues.

This guy was in charge of the staging lanes so not many
gave him any trouble too say the least

This man right here was the first car through the gates at our
first airport race back in 1995, and Doug Quinton is still coming.
What's going on, there is suppose to be a bad economy, well no one told anyone in Wawa, not drivers or not spectators, as record turnouts in both Race Cars and Spectators where what everyone was greeted with come Saturday Morning, as the trend from Friday continued on into Saturday. And the weather continued on as well, as wall too wall sunshine greeted all of those who came out for day two of the third Napa Auto Parts Tour event of the season. Kicking things off today would see the Ogilvie Auto and Fleet Jr. Dragster Championship series kick into high gear as once again the Northern kids would play a part. And it would be a young northern lady who would wind up in the winners circle as Super Pro driver Ed Wellwood's young daughter Rebecca would beat Rachel Ogilvie in the final for the Jr. Dragster Division. In Street class Ray Koppel out of Sudbury would take home yet another victory as he took his 1970 Dart Swinger to victory lane and the $1000. pay day. In Semi Pro, well you know the story by now, if Fred Ellis is in the house the competition better look out, and they where all looking over their shoulders on Saturday as Fred drove too yet another podium finish in his high flying Cuda Country Car. The Sled bike win was another northerner as Craig Colbourne would meet and defeat Nick Parnick in the finals. would take the win light and the big dollar payout. The real story for this event was the super pro class, where 49 competitors took part in the opening round of competition, that is a huge increase over last years car count and added to a record setting car count weekend. As thing wound down it would come down to a dragster and a door car once again, with former tour Champion Derek Malcolm, driving the Troy Davis entree and Mike Plastino and his crowd favorite 55 Chevy. Troy was unable to make the trip this year because of a wedding, so Derek was driving his car and the Mullis car normally driven by Davis. Well the final was a good one as Plastino who had been nailing everyone on the tree, did not do as well against Mr. Malcolm and Derek added another trophy to his already large collection in 2014. This win in the Mullis car, added to his win in his own car one week ago in the High Roller event at Luskville, and his runner up spot in the ADM S-10 gives Derek final round appearances in all three team cars.

Fred Ellis is the man to beat in Semi Pro in 2014
evident by yet another victory on Saturday in Wawa

Rebecca Wildwood has grown up racing on the tour,
and this weekend she got her first big win.
As the sun came up, you knew it was going to be another HOT day, but little did anyone know just how hot the action would be as the drivers would compete for the third day in a row, and this time Super Pro would be running for $10,000. For anyone that has been around the sport of drag racing, they understand whole heartily how hard it is to win one of these events. The competition on the Napa Tour is considered the bet racers in Canada so if you win one of these babies you have done very, very well. To Win two in a row, the same weekend it is unheard of. But for two drivers to do just that on the same weekend in two class's really kind of tells you just how good some of these racers are. Those two racers where Fred Ellis in Semi Pro and Derek Malcolm in Super Pro, and for Malcolm he did it in two different cars, as he was running his own entree, as well as team mate Troy Davis's Dragster. For Ellis this was the icing on the cake, after winning big in Elliot, it was kind of a dry Bracket Bonanza for the Cuda Country, but winning back to back semi pro events, and doing so as one of the most popular drives out there made for a very exciting weekend for sure. Malcolm on the other hand did OK in Elliot Lake but in the ADM Motorsports Truck where he made it too the finals on one day to be defeated by Jamie Tupper. Derek then had a great Bonanza winning the Big Dog Big Dollar Shootout.  This weekend however Malcolm could not be stopped as he mowed his way through round after round usually cutting the better light and more often than not running dead on. Weekends like this don't happen very often too a racer so for these two guys I'm sure the savory of the moments will last for a long while. Another huge story that goes hand in hand with what we have just written was that of home town Wawa hero Jacque Millette who was the runner up to Fred Ellis in Semi Pro and lost in the semi finals to Derek Malcolm in Super Pro driving the same car and basically hot lapping it. the crowd would go wild every time Millette would win and come back up the return road which at these airport venues is right in front of the fans. So yes it was a very exciting finish to these two class's on Sunday, but they where not the only winners as Rachel Wellwood would win the biggest race of her young career winning $1000. in the jr. dragster class after beating another Wawa racer Josh Rainville. The sled bike class was taken by Andrew Hoge over Bonnie Fortin with Roy Koppel adding to his already lucrative weekend by winning the gamblers race. So as things came to a close I think that everyone was really just shaking their heads and realizing just how BIG and how SUECCESFULL what had just gone on over three days had been.
*The Best appearing car award which is presented and backed by J&S Collision is always a very prestige's award so when your car or cars are chosen you can take some pride in the fact that they have. This years Bonanza brought about a hard decision for Jamie and Shelia Tupper the owners of J&S Collision, as this year had more cars than ever, and more GREAT looking cars than ever. And the winner was
*Now that the Bonanza is over the next road trip is up, and this time it takes us to Wawa, Ontario and the 3rd. Annual Napa Auto Parts Northern Nationals. This maybe the longest trip but it is certainly the most beautiful one as the scenery is unreal, and if you have never taken the trip around the great lakes then do so, and hopefully do so this weekend. This event is much like the one at Elliot Lake with the same type of atmosphere and only with less cars as this is only the third year for the Wawa Race. But for anyone that has taken the road trip they will quickly tell you, it is well worth the time and money.
*We would like to publicly thank Ralph Coe and Trillium Pave Mark for making sure that Luskville Dragway look its best for this years Bonanza, arriving on Thursday and making sure that every conceivable piece of pavement that was painted making the track look better than it ever has at any other time, THANK YOU.
*Although we did not enter a Thursday as day one we can tell you that by Thursday Night of the 33rd. Annual Bracket Bonanza there where as many cars on the property as there would normally be by Friday Night every other year. You could feel it in the air as trailer after trailer came streaming through the gates including surprise entree's like Dick and Sue Stanton, Dick had been sick and was expected not too compete at the Bonanza under going surgery not that long ago, Dicks comment was the Bonanza comes only once a year, enough said. By 10 pm the track side of the pits was completely full as the last team came through the gates, Bill Harling and the Mr. Transmission Team out of Sudbury.
*One of the additional attractions at this years Bracket Bonanza was the return of track record holder for Jet Cars, Dan Sullivan the Chicago Rush Jet Dragster who promptly went out and reset that track record with a 3.73 at 210 miles an hour. Too say the fans went crazy would be putting it lightly, and then he came back out at 10.00 that night to take part in the Fireworks show. To say it was the best one ever is not saying it strongly enough, most fans who had been there for the day stuck it out, listened to some great music and what turnout too be the Night of Fire.
*Randy Urslak's big win on Sunday was good news for him for sure, but it was also good news for all the drivers as like so many other years Randy made it a fact that he would be making the closing day Sunday at Luskville Dragway in Sept a special day with BONUS BUCKS like he has done so many other times. Stay tuned as we put it all together, but it is now shaping up to be a big weekend, with Extreme Auto Care taking the cruise night, and now Randy promising big money for Sunday, we will go out with a bang for sure, it will also be our last back to the bar party and we will do it up in style like last year.
* Congratulations also go too Fred and Frank Angers for being chosen as the best appearing car award recipient by Jamie and Shelia Tupper owners and operators of J&S Collision in Tilsonburg, Ontario.

With the pits continuing to fill (over fill) as race team after race team came through the gates you really got the feeling you where going to be part of something big, bigger than any other, better than any other and with out question that best dam bracket event in this country did set all kinds of records. By Friday afternoon the campground was full, the pits where full and race cars where now being parked on the spectator side. So with the High Roller races about to get underway everyone knew this was going to be big, this was going to be special and special it was. The Jr. Dragster High roller was the first to go to a final it was Max Gauthier against Grace Vanoppen with Max Gauthier come out on top for his second BIG win at Luskville Dragway in not too many years. They say that some things never change and in the finals of the Semi Pro High Roller it was the case as Flying Fred Ellis  who won another big pot of money with a final round victory over New Jersey USA base driver Peter Personal. The big money was in super pro and of course all the attention was in Super Pro and when the finals boiled down too another American, Frank Mark and Canadian stand out Derek Malcolm, too say the the crowd was excited would be putting it so mildy that it would be a lie. So with the Dragster winner Derek Malcolm and the door car winner Frank Mark coming to the line everyone in the house was on the starting line, and with the race in Canada of course most where cheering for Derek Malcolm. Well Malcolm did not let the down and the crowd erupted in cheers when his when  the win  light came on, it was one of the most exciting finals we have ever seen at Luskville Dragway, a lot of it had too do with the US vs Canada but it was FUN. So day one down, no rain, now onto day two.
OK now is Saturday Morning, the Campground is over full, the pits are on both sides of the track and the sun is out for the third day in a row, it don't get no better than this, well yes it does how about the largest spectator crowd in the History of the Bracket Bonanza, yes that's right wall to wall people it was spectacular. So with time trials getting underway right on time things progressed nicely with Eliminations starting right on time at 12 pm. Once again things progressed nicely with only a small down time for a small oil down and other than that it was Jr. Dragster final first. And for Ashley Ogilvie it was a great day with one of the biggest wins of here career over Matt Menard. In Semi Pro once again the US contingent played a part and a familiar named made his way too the final, Peter Personal who had been on the winners list on Friday was back there again running against Track Points leader Joe Doyle. Joe too did not let the Canadians down as he bagged the biggest win of his career. And then on too the Super Pro Finals and how good does it get for $10,000. Kyle Jessup driving a borrowed car, and Fred Angers who was driving double going head too head. Over the last couple of years the Montreal racers and the Luskville Racers have become closer and closer all because of the efforts of Arnie Malcolm and Luskville and Richard Arnold at I-car working together. So yes this was a friendly final but it was a good one, and when Angers left the line with the best light it was pretty much over for Kyle. Fred Angers would be the first $10,000. winner of the weekend, day three  and no rain, now on too day four, and the WALLY.

The band was a first time deal for us, but was probally one of
the best of all time. again just making one more thing the
best ever at this years Bracket Bonanza
Now coming off a record setting day on Saturday everyone was dumb founded to witness a big a spectator crowd come through the gates on Sunday, normally when you get the size of crowd like we did on Saturday, you don't get that again on Sunday, not this Bracket Bonanza. Yes what had been predicted was all coming true, as things could not have worked out much better, weather wise, racing wise and crowd wise, the event was a 150% success on all fronts. And for some drivers it was a 150% success as also as in the JR. Dragster Class, which features the kids between 7 and 17 the winner was Rachel Ogilvie who is in her last year of Jrs. before moving to a big car. Rachel has watched younger sister Ashley when on Sat and Sunday was her turn and she did her job. Semi Pro was a hard fought battle once again with John Adams, Bill Nolan and Mike Reynolds heading into the semi finals, for Adams it would be his second trip in as many days, and as fate would have it his last trip in the White Duster. As promptly after loosing to Mike Reynolds in the semis John took a deposit on the car from a racer from up north and the Duster will have a new home come next week. So it would be Mike Reynolds and Bill Nolan in the finals where Bill Nolan would show his starting line skill and take the $2000. first place prize money. Now on to the super pro class where there would be action, drama and everything else. In the Quarter Finals Jamie "Money Maker' Tupper would take the win light, but coming up the return road he new that he had broke a gear set, now what. Well the ADM Motorsports Trailers and team is the first one you pass after you leave the ticket booth, so Jamie pulled in there, let everyone know what had happened and with in seconds, every driver who was not in competition was franticly working on the Undercover dragster. Now you have to understand the rear-end must come completely out, the gear set replaced, put back in and the car put back together, well they did it and did it in record time, it was quite a show on its own. Hats also go off too the Anger racing team who waited a little longer than they needed, to give Tupper a chance to repair it, they where still buckling the car together in the lanes as he pulled in beside Angers. Tupper's car was definitely put back together as he went on too win and advance to the finals where he would meet Randy Urslak who would single to the finals. In the finals though the Cinderella story came to an end as Randy would when his first big race of the year and the $10,000. dollars to go with it. Stories like this is what makes the Bonanza what it is, the work that went on to get Tupper's car fixed is usually only seen at National events, but for Bracket Racers the Bonanza is their Nationals. And to top off the day, Dan Sullivan once again wooed the crowd with another stellar pass, however the Saturday pass would hold up as the new track record (3.75@210). 
Im not sure how too explain how good this Bonanza was, anyone in the racing industry knows it has not been easy the last few years to get big crowds, and lots of cars to come through the gates but we did, and did so with record numbers. The improvements the track has made played a part, the weather definetly played a part, the relationship that Luskville Dragway has with I-Car and Shannonville played a part, and the history of the event also did its part. So now as soon as the clothes are out of the dryer we are back on the road as the Napa Tour heads to Wawa, Ontario for its next big stop. We don't have all the pics in yet so if we miss you on this post we will get you later today, tonight or tomorrow. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who made it all possible.

The pits where lined down both sides, the new pit paving
couldn't have happened at a better time.

This picture tells the entire story of how drag racers go
out of their way to help each other, it was cool to see.

Bill Nolan made another trip to the winners circle and now
he will make a trip to Wawa, for the third Napa tour race.

Rachel Ogilvie the winner and Kayle Urslak the runner up
join each other in the winners circle.