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                     DOOR PRO RACE MAY 17/2014
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First thing we want to bring to everyone's attention and say a BIG THANK YOU to is the street cars that call Luskville Dragway home, and showed that support and loyalty this past Saturday Night. With the forecast for a thunders storm, and bad weather for Saturday afternoon materializing many would have said that's it no since even going down too the track tonight. WELL it did rain, and the staff worked hard to get it dried up with most thinking not many would show up, well show up they did, in fact group after group made their way through the gates even though in most cases it was a little later than normal as many waited out the weather also. In the end the biggest cruise night of 2014 went into the books, and by all accounts everyone had a great time, the staff had the track back in tip top shape as a few drivers will back up as a few broke axles where to show for it. So hats off and once again thank you, to the street car guys and gals who call Luskville Dragway home. We have some special nights in the works with some fast car awards coming up so stay tuned, looking at June 29th. for fastest import and fastest domestic night.
*A number of wife's of current Super Pro Dragster drivers where getting their feet wet this past weekend with the plans of maybe moving into a dragster program in the near future. Vicki Ogilvie, Laura Lapointe and Monic Chenier all made some runs in their husbands dragsters on Saturday and Sunday of the this past weekend and will continue to practice this coming Friday Night as the track will be open for just that as well as any street guys that want to come out. The Ogilvie's already have the second dragster and Vicki is very anxious to get enough practice to start racing, their is now question that Luskville Dragway is very excited about more female Super Pro Drivers as we along with most everyone else agree that more Ladies in our sport is good for our sport. Congrats to all three girls who did a great job, see you on Friday evening.
*With the paving plants being a little later than usual getting things up and running we have not got the work done that we had planned as of yet, but have been guaranteed it will be done in the next couple of weeks and well prior too the June 14-15 weekend. A couple of racers have also showed interest in having some paving done in their pit area specifically, and we can do that for them or anyone else that would like too have that done.
*We would also like to announce a couple of small schedule changes as we have decided to switch race days for two races in July in order to accommodate a number of things including working with some other venues. As of right now we have moved the Sunday July 6 and July 13 events to the Saturdays of those weekends and will not be open on the Sundays. Please check schedule to be assured of those changes.
*Randy Urslak debut his new Race Tech Dragster and did so in fine fashion making it all the way to the semi finals in what is one great looking car. Another new car out for the first time was Jeff Keyuk and his new Cavalier who also had a great weekend for the first time racing in a number of years.
Once again the weather man played a big part in the racing at Luskville Dragway as a massive thunder storm rolled through on Saturday afternoon around 4.00 pm making for some wet track to dry up. And again on Sunday cloudy skies and a threat of showers all day was a constant back drop for everyone. Add in the fact that most bridges closed for the City of Ottawa's marathons and the turnout was not what one would have hoped for, but not un expected like in past years for this weekend. However for those that did battle the bridges and the weather the racing was as good as ever and for three drivers who took home the wins on Sunday it made double ups for them already in 2014. Rachel Ogilvie showed that she means business in her quest for winning the 2014 Jr. Dragster Championship with her second win of the early season. And even though it is early her win as well as Kyle Jess up in Super Pro and Joe Doyle in Semi Pro, all of which where double wins so far this season, all three have sent a warning shot that they have their eyes set on a title. Rachel met and defeated Landyn Urslak in the finals of the Jr. race and did so with a top in charge after Landyn hit the tree off the line. Joe Doyle made it two in a row also with his win over Steve Ballntyne giving Joe the early season points lead in Semi Pro. Kyle Jessup who would put Willy Katib on the trailer in the semi finals would meet Derek Malcolm in the Finals after he beat Randy Urslak who took his brand new and gorgeous Racetech to the semi Finals. In the Super Pro Final it was pretty much over on the line as Jessup laid the tree down with a great reaction time giving  him his second win light of the season in Super Pro. Next Saturday and Sunday will see racing both days with a cruise night Saturday Night, we also plan too be open on Friday Night for testing and street cars.
Ray Bros Construction is a name that has been in the construction business around Belleville, Ontario for a very long time, and the owner of Ray Bros. Construction Al Ray has been around Drag Racing for even longer than that. One of the original Drag Racers out of the Belleville Area Al and Wife Linda have been going too drag races since the days of Mohawk Dragway (Desoronto) and they are still going to this day. Back in the early days it was driving the car too the track, then it was flat towing it, then it was trailering it, quite a change too these days where they haul to the races with a huge Motor Coach and Stacker Trailer with two race cars in it. So yes Al has been pretty dedicated to the sport of drag racing and that dedication shows through loud and clear these days as he once again throws his companies advertising support behind the Napa Tour Race too be held at Shannonville Motorsports Park Dragway on Sept 13-14. Al is also very much involved with the operations of the drag strip that is just down the road from where Mohawk Dragway use too be, bringing other advertisers to the track and working to get the races done on race days. These days daughter Becky drives the rear engine dragster most of the time, and beginning this summer Becky's sister Shelly will begin driving the families Super Stock Style Camaro. Yes there is a saying in our business that the family that races together stays together and the truth is they are always together doing something they love. Ray Bros Construction does everything you require in the construction business from building houses and anything else you require. And once again a clear indication of the loyalty that racer's with business's have towards the success of drag racing in our area as they put their money behind events like this. And even though I have said it over and over again this is another time when we have to point out how fortunate Luskville Dragway and Shannonville Dragway are when it comes to this.
It was great to see as many cars as we did over the weekend, and that was with many teams still working on their cars, trailers and such. The weather man once again was not the greatest too us, with heavy rain on Friday messing up the pits, cold and cloudy skies making Saturday nothing like the weatherman's predictions, and Sunday be partly sunny and cold. That being said those that where there did a great job of doing what they do best, drag racing and having a great time with their second family. And Family it is and that point was made loud and clear when one of the teams broke down on there way home about three miles from the track, the road way was jammed with motorhomes, trucks and trailers as everyone stopped to do what they could to get the Bellefeuille Family back on the road and home, and that they did.
*We would be amiss if we did not thank all the racers from the north who made their way to Luskville Dragway, Sudbury, Northbay and Wawa teams where a big part in the large car count that made up Malcolm Carpentry Opening weekend. A number of these drivers where also part of many of the payouts over the weekend which included Dan Allard winning Door Pro over Kyle Jessup and his new ride (door pro and split ladder weekends) S-10 Pro Truck.
*Ogilvie Motorsports was out in force this past weekend also, with Rachel taking home the Jr. Dragster win on Saturday, Mike Ogilvie resetting the Fastest ET for a Bracket Car at Luskville Dragway (4:48) Vicki Ogilvie making her first pass in the new dragster that Mike actually drove on Saturday and then lend to another competitor who had broken, for Sunday. The Ogilvie Motorsports Team lending of their second dragster to Randy Bellefeuille on Sunday came as no surprise as once again and over and over the true meaning of racing family comes through loud and clear at Luskville Dragway.
*To say the traction was good at Luskville Dragway on the weekend would be an understatement as was evident most of the time on numerous pass's of race cars. The picture too to right is just one example of what the spectators where treated to over and over at opening weekend 2014.
* It was also nice to see Claude Ruel back at Luskville Dragway after about 15 or so years of not racing. Claude and Sharon had their little Vega out and where having a great time. This is a car and driver that will be worth watching, season drag racer, and even over the years that he was away from the sport as a driver he has always followed what was going on at his home track.
Well the weather man has not been a race tracks best friend this spring, and that is a huge understatement to say the least. So everyone watching the forecast at the beginning of the week a forecast for wet weather was not unusual, but with the forecasters being right percentage not very good, calling for rain five days away may not be a bad thing. And sure enough as the weekend got closer the forecast got better, but not with out a bad day of rain on Friday, which they finally did get right, and we got it good. So once again we where working around less than ideal pit conditions, but once again the drivers and the teams did a great job of keeping the track clean, and the staff kept it sticky. In fact with only one street night on the track I think everyone was amazed had just how fast, and how good the traction was there.
First up on the agenda for Malcolm Carpentry Opening weekend was the Morrow RV Door Pro Event which saw 20 entree's run for the cup in the first race of the 2014 season. That being said it was very disappointing as, as many drivers that where entered, there was that many that where not there for one reason or another. However when all the smoke had cleared it was Dan Allard of North Bay, Ontario taking on Kyle Jessup in his brand new door car(door truck actually) in the finals. Jessup who did not get any pre season testing done, was pretty deadly all day long with a new ride that run as straight and true as could be. But Mr. Allard was not to be denied as he continued too show his stellar reaction times, and did so in the finals which was enough for the win light. Rachel Ogilvie showed she means business in her last year of Jr. Dragsters as she met and defeated Nate Vanoppen for the win in the finals of that class, closing out the first portion of the day long event. Next up was the finals of Semi Pro which took place around 6 pm Saturday night just before the cruise night started. Veteran campaigner Joe Doyle went up against one of the young guns Steve Ballntyne with the seasoned veteran taking the first win of the year in Semi Pro. Super Pro was a story with in a story, as Troy Davis as of Monday was with out a ride as the Mullis dragster had been sold to a gentleman from Edmonton who flew in on Mothers Day to look at the car, and negotiate a price, well that all happened but when money transfers did not and as the opening weekend got closer it was decided to load er up and go racing. Well go racing Mr. Davis did as he whittled his way through a very tough Super Pro Field to meet Kyle Jessup who was now driving the families Undercover Dragster. Once again however Jessup would have to settle for the runner up spot as Troy would not let his unreal string of incredible lights end with out one last one in the finals to take the win light. Troy who was no worse that a .08 all the way through Eliminations showed that maybe not selling the car at this time was not a bad thing, a great start to the season for the 2012 Points Champion.
So after one successful day in the books, a very successful cruise night everyone was ready for day two of the May2-4 Weekend, with maybe just a little better weather on our side. For Kyle Jessup he was just ready to go racing, after making his way to two finals on Saturday, only to be denied both times of winning the trophy, Kyle want another crack at the cat so too speak. And crack at the cat he would get as once again Kyle Jessup one of the best drivers in the country would make his way to the final round of Super Pro. Jessup beat up on some of the best to get his undercover dragster into the finals and would go up against fellow Valley Boy (both from Renfrew, Ontario) Eric Stroud who was driving a similar Undercover soft tail dragster. Eric had met and defeated his mentor Charlie Kenopic in the semi Finals, which in itself made Eric's weekend a success, but it would of been nice to put the icing on the cake. However Mr. Jessup would have something to say about that as his better reaction time was all it would take to finally take a win after three shots at it. Kyle had to be happy with things though as many would have given anything to get into one final let alone three in one weekend.
In the Semi Pro class a good field of cars would race for $500 to win, with some old veterans and some new blood both making up a field of cars that made everyone smile. In the end it would be all veterans in the semi finals and on, as Gord Harling of Sudbury would take home third, Glen Tandy of Toronto was the runner up, and Luskville Dragway seasoned veteran "Tricky" Dicky Stanton would take his first win of the season. Stanton and his awesome little pic up truck had a great weekend finishing in the money in every event he was entered in over the weekend. The Jr. Dragster class would come down to Brody Bellefeuille and Ben Vanoppen with Ben taking home his first win of the season in what will once again be a hotly contested points battle. All in All it was a great weekend, one of the best turnout of race cars for any opening weekend, which always has a number of guys not ready, a great cruise night, a perfect Sunday and not the greatest of weather has to make everyone smile to start the season, see you next weekend.
James Locke the owner and operator of the Interstate Batteries company in Ottawa has been a tremendous supporter of Luskville Dragway since he moved here from Toronto with his family to take over the company. James is also someone who totally enjoys the sport of drag racing and makes his annual trips to Luskville Dragway, sometimes spending the weekend camping and enjoying all the aspects that the track has. The green and white Interstate Batteries Company Trucks can be seen going up and down the local highways in our area, servicing and supplying many of this area's garages and dealerships. The Interstate Batteries Logo is one that is very much a familiar one if you are any kind of Motorsports person as their name has been seen on the sides of Nascar for many years, and more importantly for Drag Racers the side of Mike Edwards NHRA Record holding Camaro. Once again we want to thank James and Interstate Batteries for their support at Luskville Dragway, and would encourage all to think interstate when you are in need of Batteries. When ever you need to purchase a new battery or replace an old one support those that support us and choose Interstate. Interstate batteries is most known for their car and truck batteries, but they do carry much much more, such as the new division of the company called Interstate All Battery Centre's, which is exactly what it says, all types of batteries and accessories. Once again giving everyone a perfect opportunity to support this great advertiser. Interstate Batteries is located on 171 Macfarlane Rd. Unit C. Ottawa, Ontario K2E 6V4 or call 613-798-9700
We would also like to point out that we will be carrying the Interstate Batteries in the Bar at Luskville Dragway so if you need batteries please support those that support us.
Just a reminder that we will now start publishing our major weekly report on Monday Mornings or the first day after race weekends that we can get it done and posted. We normally publish on Friday's through the off season but with race reports something most look forward too, we will try and have them up as quickly as we can on Monday's. We will have some pre weekend reports on some Fridays when there is important information to get out too you, so check back often.
*Well its finally here opening weekend and our first door pro race, the weather looks real good and the track Luskville Dragway is ready to rock in the 2014 season. Some racers had already arrived from up north on Thursday and more are arriving Friday so looks like a big turnout to start 2014.
*Don't forget that our first weekend is also brought to you by Busters Bar and Grill where we all plan on going after the races on Sunday for our first back too the bar party in keeping with the Luskville Dragway motto keep the fun going.
*We will also be keeping tabs on some local racers who are out of town this weekend as a large contigent of Napa Tour Racers are down in Bristol for the spring fling, and Paulo Giust is down in Norwalk for some NHRA Pro Mod racing, we will try and keep everyone up to date as the weekend goes on.
James Locke the owner and operator of the Interstate Batteries company in Ottawa has been a tremendous supporter of Luskville Dragway since he moved here from Toronto with his family to take over the company. James is also someone who totally enjoys the sport of drag racing and makes his annual trips to Luskville Dragway, sometimes spending the weekend camping and enjoying all the aspects that the track has. The green and white Interstate Batteries Company Trucks can be seen going up and down the local highways in our area, servicing and supplying many of this area's garages and dealerships. The Interstate Batteries Logo is one that is very much a familiar one if you are any kind of Motorsports person as their name has been seen on the sides of Nascar for many years, and more importantly for Drag Racers the side of Mike Edwards NHRA Record holding Camaro. Once again we want to thank James and Interstate Batteries for their support at Luskville Dragway, and would encourage all to think interstate when you are in need of Batteries. When ever you need to purchase a new battery or replace an old one support those that support us and choose Interstate. Interstate batteries is most known for their car and truck batteries, but they do carry much much more, such as the new division of the company called Interstate All Battery Centre's, which is exactly what it says, all types of batteries and accessories. Once again giving everyone a perfect opportunity to support this great advertiser. Interstate Batteries is located on 171 Macfarlane Rd. Unit C. Ottawa, Ontario K2E 6V4 or call 613-798-9700
We would also like to point out that we will be carrying the Interstate Batteries in the Bar at Luskville Dragway so if you need batteries please support those that support us.
Well we finally got some half decent weather as the sun was shinning and the skies where mostly clear as things got underway for the time at Luskville Dragway in 2014. However the wind made for a so, so day as it blew out of the north west well into the night and the first cruise night of the season as well. A number of drivers where out testing in anticipation of the grand opening weekend May 17-18. Dan Allard and Roch Beaudion hauled all the way from North Bay just too make sure they were ready for the two day weekend coming up. Claude Ruel was out with his new super pro Vega and probably made as many runs as anyone at the track getting reacquainted with the does of a drag car after a decade or more absence from the sport. Claude looked like he was having a good time and should be already for the grand opening next Saturday and Sunday. Tim Fearrey and Patrick Alarie where two Mustang drivers that where out also testing their machines and although both made runs, both headed home with some minor adjustments too make things 100%. Rookie of the year candidate Dan Pillwein was also out with Dad Ray getting use to the Chevy II in readiness to his kick off season next weekend. A couple of other drivers where headed home with more than just a couple of adjustments as Bob Murphy and his yellow Camaro had major Transmission problems and did not get down the track, and even though Pat Kohl made a couple of easy runs he headed home with the most damage as his brand new motor hung the rods out making for a pretty rotten day for Kohl Racing. The cruise night was not spectacular but was good with over 120 cars for the first one of the season, a reminder to all the street crowd that we do the same thing all over again next Saturday Night. And just as a closing note, the response to the Win a Ride Contest has been great so keep it going and we will announce the first winner before June 14th.

Dan Pillwein getting his first licks in

Tranny troubles sent Bob home early

Goodtime Racing #2
Things are looking a lot better for Saturday than they did at the beginning of the week and the track will be open  tomorrow morning and will post on Facebook any changes to that if there is. A number of Super Pro drivers, some from out of town planned on coming to test, and some are planning on leaving their stuff here for next weekend, so we will be working hard to try and get a full day in , however mother nature is in control as we all know. Please don't hesitate to call first if you are even a little bit unsure, however right now we do have plans to be up and running for the first time this season, Time Trials will get underway at noon and the cruise night starts at 6.
I would like to personally thank Mike, Vicky, Rachel & Ashley Ogilvie, Jeff Keyuk and Dean, The Bellefeuille's, Dwayne Shultz, Kyle Jessup, Mike Chenier and everyone else that was part of last weekends car show for all the help. Car Shows are a long and tiring weekend and with out the support of all the racers and teams would be impossible to do, so thank you for your support and taking your personal time to promote Luskville Dragway, with out you we would not do any where near as good a job.  We once again had a great response to this area's quarter mile Dragstrip and hope to see many of those that where at the show, for opening day May 17-18 2014.
*We can now also make public that Randy Urslak is the owner of the new Racetech Dragster we talked about last week on this web site. The car got home this week as Randy along with Mike Ogilvie and his big rig made their way to the Carolina's to pick up the new entree. Randy is pretty excited to say the least and dove right into getting his motor and transmission combination between the rails of the new car so it would be ready for debut at the May 17-18 Malcolm Carpentry Opening weekend. We can also tell you that long time Luskville Dragway competitor Glen Hyland of Arnprior is the new owner of Randy's other Racetech car with work on going with it to also get it ready for competition.
*With help from Ray Pillwein of Aylmer Performance Auto we will be running a contest over the summer months in an effort to increase our Facebook numbers. We will be asking people to share this add, and by doing so getting more and more to join our facebook page in a large effort of networking, and by doing so both the sharer and the new sign ups to our facebook page will have a chance to win a ride in Rays Wheel Standing Nova. As we move into the new generation of advertising , marketing we have too look at all aspects of keeping connected, and especially to those that are computer elite, which is almost everyone and is certainly the new generation of people. We hope that everyone will help us by sharing the flyer that promotes this as we try everything to keep ahead of todays world of advertising.
Things have been a little quite on the High Roller front but that all changed this past weekend as three more entree's came in for the biggest and richest bracket race in Canada, the 33rd annual Bracket Bonanza August 1-2-3. Yes there is no question that the 2014 Bracket Bonanza High Roller Open Class has gotten a lot of ink over the winter months, and all well deserved as this race has turned into a monster. And that Monster just grew another limb this week as three more entrées have joined what is going to be one of the biggest, baddest, richest, Drag Race's in the history of this country. With this weeks addition of Mike and Vicki Ogilvie's second car, Randy Bellefeuille's Dragster and Jeff Keyuk's Cavalier we are now going where no racer has treaded before, so too speak. The Dragster count is now at 34 cars which in itself will be one of the best races that Luskville Dragway has ever produced, and will be well worth the price of admission alone. This years event will with out question, be talked about for years to come and if you have a opened bodied car and you are not in what is going to be the richest payout of all time (and no buy backs) then you really don't have much confidence in your driving ability or your attending a wedding! Randy Bellefeuille has been a regular at Luskville Dragway for the past 10 or more years starting out in a little S-10 but quickly moving like many to a dragster, where today he competes with every weekend. We wrote about Ogilvie Motorsports purchasing a second dragster and what the intentions where for that, but Mike made it very clear over the weekend that with that much money up for grabs he was entering both of his dragsters, with the driver of the second entree not too be decided on until the Bracket Bonanza. Mike was quick to point out, If I had 10 dragsters they would all be entered, this is the richest dragster only race of all time, nuf said. The third entree this week is another door car, which we truly believe will also pick up once the season starts, Jeff Keyuk who we have been talking about for some time this off season will also compete in the Door Side of the High Roller Event. We have never seen so much excitement around one event, and oh what an event it will be with someone taking home more money for one race that at anytime in Canadian Drag Racing.
W.0. STINSON is the only race fuel dealer in our area, and up until this week did not carry leaded race fuel, but that all changed as they have been signed to be the official VP Racing Fuel distributor for our area. Stinson will carry everything that VP Racing carries and it will be available to you at there bank street location as well as other locations, or delivered right to the track if you so wish. Stinson will continue to carry Pro Fuels unleaded products which we have all been using for years, but the new addition will certainly be welcomed news for some. Jim Kelly who is head of VP Racing Fuels in the US is also very excited about this new partnership and admits that he has been trying to put this together for years now. Kelly actually called us at Luskville many years ago with the hopes of getting Luskville Dragway on board with VP, and that has now happened. Look for some very aggressive marketing from W.O Stinson and Luskville Dragway in an effort to promote this product line. VP Racing Fuel is with out question the best known fuel name in the motorsports industry and carries a lot of weight when it comes to racing and race fuels. We are very excited about the new relationship and what it brings to our race teams, whether you are a pro mod team or a street team, Stinson has everything you need to go racing. As a side note VP is also the maker and distributor of a very successful line of traction compound which can now also be purchased through Stinson's which is obviously a benefit to Luskville Dragway and our Napa Tour Events and those tracks we are associated with.
We are extremely please too announce that 1000 Islands RV Centre will return as advertisers with Luskville Dragway and the Shannonville Napa Tour in 2014. This is a relationship that has been going on with Luskville Dragway for over 10 years now, and followed with us during all of our Napa Tour events, our 4 year successful stint at running Capital City Speedway. 1000 Islands is one of this area's leading Motorhome, travel Trailer and race car trailer stop's just to name some of the products this company carries. They have always been incredibly supportive of the Motorsports in eastern, Ontario and Western Quebec and are also heavily involved with Brockville Motor speedway in Brockville. 1000 Islands also has a large number of racers who use their products, including Pro Mod driver Paolo Giust, Super Pro Racer Rich Stonier, Dirt Modified Driver Danny O'Brien, Super Pro Team ADM Motorsports and many, many more. These drivers are just a small sampling of teams and drivers that have supported those that support us. 1000 Islands RV Centre is located at 409 County Rd 2, R.R. #2 Gananoque, which is right off the #401 with easy access. Besides the sales of all of the items we have mention they also have a full service department to take car of all of your needs also. For more information on 1000 Islands please check out their web site at  www.1000islandsrv.com . Keep tuned to this web site for special racer deals on Motor homes and trailers as well. Would also like to point out that 1000 Islands is also a distributor for the ATC Models of Aluminum Trailers that everyone seems to be going too. Local racers Ray Pillwein and Mike Chenier are two drivers who have and appreciate this model of race car hauler.
Well here we go again with the weather, another weekend and more weather forecasts for rain which if they are correct will once again delay the opening for another week. We know that everyone is chomping at the bit to get going, as are we, but we have no control over mother nature, lets hope she is getting it all out of her system early so we can have a great summer. We will once again wait until Saturday Morning to make the call but will do so early so everyone can plan their day. If your not going down to Luskville Dragway then drop around and see us at the Car Show as we will have a huge display and some of us will be there all weekend. Stay Tuned to this web site and our facebook page for decisions on Saturday tomorrow morning.
Here is what Jeff Keyuk's new paint looks like, and I think everyone will agree that it turned out quite nice on the new ride for 2014. Jeff hopes to get some testing in over the next week or so to get the feel of the new car, its been a while since Jeff was behind the wheel of a drag car but we all know that its like riding a bike, once you know you don't forget. If your heading up too the track on Saturday don't forget too stop around and visit with us at the Classic Car Show out at the Earnest Young Center as we will have a number of cars on display getting the word out about Luskville Dragway and everything it has to offer.
*I don't know how many people will remember my positive comments and observations after attending the NHRA Gator Nationals in Florida in March. But huge crowds and some great changes to the racing format and programs made for a very enjoyable outing for me and many, many others. Well last weekend that trend continued as this announcement right from Graham Light of NHRA will confirm, "The NHRA announced early Saturday afternoon the O’Reilly Auto Parts Spring Nationals at Royal Purple Raceway was sold out. That news pleased Graham Light, NHRA’s Senior Vice President, Racing Operations". I really hope that this trend spills over to us smaller tracks like ours, as we too continue to make changes in many area's hoping for the same results.
In an effort to take Super Pro split ladders one more level and too hopefully see that generate more and more door cars to come too the race track, Luskville Dragway will go one more round in eliminations before merging the door cars and the dragsters. What does this mean, will first of all it means that both the door cars and the dragsters will reach the money rounds before the merge takes place. In the round of 16, dragsters and door cars that loose that round will be in the money, then the cars that are left in the round of 8 will return too the tower to redraw the ladder for the quarter finals and on. The same amount of places will be paid as there was with the old system, just that the combined ladder will be done one round later. We have seen a large increase from the Super Pro door car side of things since we introduced split ladders and door car racing to the format at Luskville Dragway and we hope that this move will be met with the same enthusiasm. We like too think that what we started quite a few years back as help give some drivers a reason to once again drive a door car, and we think that other tracks feel that way also as they have followed suite in one way or another and we believe we will see more do the same. We also believe that this format will also give reason for some teams to field two cars, one for each side of the ladder and we do see that happening already with some teams , and this too is good for drag racing and Luskville Dragway.
It was by no accident that Jamie Tupper won his first big dollar bracket race at the Napa Tour many years ago in Elliot Lake at the North Shore Challenge. And it is by no accident that he has won many, many more since that one way back then, in fact today Jamie Tupper the owner of J&S Collision of Tilsonburg, Ontario is considered one of the best Super Pro, Top Sportsman, Top Dragster racers in Canada. Jamie Tupper is a driver who has and will haul clean across the country too support the Napa Tour so it is by no accident that he also supports the program with advertising dollars as he has for many years now. J&S Collision does deal with accidents though as their repair shop  deals in Automotive body and paint and is a shop that is very busy at all times. Tupper experience and perfection in his day to day running of his shop is very clear in his race car as well as they are some of the best looking cars you will find at any race track anytime. Jamie has also been very prominent in arrange the purchase of first class race cars for many other drivers as well, including as late as last fall when he sold Ray Pillwein the beautiful Nova that he will compete in in 2014.  J&S Collision will once again be presenting best appearing car awards through out the season at selected events, a way to reward those that try to have as good looking cars as the J&S Collision Team does.
We are very pleased to announce that we have two new radio stations that are official radio stations of Luskville Dragway, and we will be working with them closely to put more fans into Luskville on a regular basis. Spectators which every entertainment or sporting event must have in order to be successful are not as easy to get out too the drag races as many of us die hard quarter milers may think. You don't have to look very far to see that Motorsports in general is spending a lot of time, effort and money in order to get more spectators in the seats. Our sport in particular is not the easiest to explain or have the average spectator understand , so it makes it even harder to sell it too the average person who just wants to come have a good time and be entertained. So we hope that with the help of two of Ottawa's leading radio stations that we will do a good job at doing just that, putting more butts, in the seats. This city is not that easy to even begin to purchase radio, as it has more radio stations per capita than any other city in North America. So it makes it that much harder when it comes to choosing radio stations to spend your advertising dollars on. For years we stood by the Bear and they by us, however things change and they really changed this off season, leaving CHEZ as the only true rock station in the city, and of course if your going to listen to Country well there really is only one station Y101. Both of these stations are owned by the Rogers Communications Group as is K-Rock in Kingston a station we use for our Napa Tour Race at Shannonville, so we hope that success is helped by team work. Chez will be the official presenter of this years Bracket Bonanza and Y101 will present the fall Napa Tour race and Coors Light Night of Fire Jet Car Show which will be the show of the year. The radio stations will also be doing a lot of web site and on air ticket give a way's to attract the awareness of those that don't know about us. These two radio stations will also become very visible at the track as well as they will take possession of the Large Signage area on the top of the Control tower. We hope that this new venture along with some other radio stuff we will be doing with one other radio station's will help inform many more about Luskville Dragway the little track that has roared every summer since 1969, and this season it is going to really ROAR
The Bracket Bonanza may be celebrating its 33rd anniversary, but one of the new fun things that takes place that weekend is only heading into its 4th. year. What has turned into  an annual affair, the  4th. annual Golf Cart Race will once again take place at this years Bracket Bonanza happening the weekend of August 1-2-3. This is just one of the many new things, along with the High Roller Events for Friday Night, and the added booked in Nostalgia Funny Cars that have made the BB what it is. The Golf Cart event like last the two years will take place Saturday evening following the regular racing program and during the famous 500 plus steak dinner racers Bar-B-Que. The first  years deal was kind of thrown together at the last minute but was so popular with everyone involved it was decided that we would make it an official part of the weekends activities. The second and third year was even more successful so it was a no brainier that it would happen again this summer.  The second organized year saw more entree's once again making it clear this had to be an annual affair. The race as can be seen in the picture to the left features some pretty wild looking rides to say the least, as many of the competitors take as much pride in the golf cart as they do their race cars. Even though 2013 was hit by wet weather it got started and it got done thanks to everyone involved. The event has gotten so much talk that other events have followed in suit with trying too stage the same type of fun thing as part of their weekend race's. WE NEED AN ADVERTISER TO MAKE THIS THING EVEN BIGGER GET ON BOARD.
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