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With the posting this week of the awards banquet and the final write up of the 2013 Champions next Friday with Derek Malcolm the Super Pro Track Champion we will be closing in on our Christmas Break, yep it will soon be here. We would also like to take this time to remind everyone once again too keep us posted on what your are doing with your racing operation for the new season. We would also like too here from folks on anything else of interest that our readers might be interested in reading about. Just too give you an example, did you all know that one of our Jr. Dragster Pilots, Matt Menard is a pretty good hockey player, in fact he is number 3 in scoring in the province of Quebec in his division.

*Even though the season came too a close a while back the work and improvements did not come to an end as more improvement continued to be done as the season came to a close, and these things where announced at the banquet last Saturday Night, too everyone's approval. The expansion of some of the staging lanes, the expansion of the area behind the water box's in an effort too make it so cars can drive through the water box and not have to back up. Gone is the water barrels that use to sit in the burn out area, as water has been piped to the water boxes to again give the drivers more room. Gone is the over head wiring as we will be running all the wiring for the new timing system through new and separate piping, as we will keep the back up timing system wiring intact and separate. Along with this wiring new print shack printer wiring is being installed. We have also removed the old apple tree that sat in the middle of the pits, and the useless fencing that surrounded it in an effort to give us some more pitting spots in what is quickly become a over run pit area. We have also gave a commitment to continue the upgrades on track in an effort to make the running of race cars and races just a little more "Smoother".
*We will also begin our advertisers reports either prior to Christmas or right after, but we do want to remind everyone that supporting those that support us is very, very important. It is your support that shows our advertisers that you do appreciate what they do too keep Luskville Dragway open and growing. For example we have two major engine shops that are very much involved with us and have been for a while, please take that into consideration when you are thinking about getting your race engine redone for 2014. These shops are the ones that give back too the sport we all love and it is crucial that we support them, if not we will not have them as advertisers in the future, and the engine shops are just one of many advertisers that we can and hopefully do support. When you are looking for goods or services please take time to check out our advertisers page and take those that are on there into consideration when you need something. Let me give you another example and a very easy one when you think about, W.O. Stinson has been a major advertiser for years, we are heading into the winter months, if you use home heating oil or propane hopefully you already use Stinson's, but if not please make that change. If your out driving and you need gas for your car or truck, there is plenty of Stinson Gas Stations all over the area. It is support like this that, that will keep our advertisers with us and possibly bring new ones too our family as well, and never before has it been more important for advertisers than as we head into the new season.
*We have put the word out too all those interested , we are considering bringing back the Jr. Dragster Championship on the tour, we would love to here from anyone and everyone that would be interested. We have already heard from a number of the Northern Teams who are very interested, so lets see if we cant make this happen it will require a title rights holder, but should be good for the kids, the tour and the sport.
I know it is a well used saying, but there is no question that it fits this years awards banquet and fits it clearly by all accounts of everyone that was in attendance at the Talisman Centennial Ball Room. The excitement that preceded this years awards banquet was the best ever, and a lot of that centered around the over $5000. prize pool that the Jr. Dragster Drivers would share in. Greeting the kids and everyone else in a attendance was the beautiful Malcolm Carpentry Candy Bar which had everyone  talking, and testing right from their arrival, this was a huge hit with everyone and we Thank Derek & Taz Malcolm for this effort. With a room full of close to 175 people, everyone sat down to what is always, and was again a great meal put on by the Talisman staff. Awards stared with the kids and all 21 where brought too the front of the room in reverse order of last too first, which meant the the new Track Champion was the last to step too the stage. Ashley Ogilvie after a few moments to compose herself, and with some support from her older sister, gave a acceptance speech that many adults would envy. Ashley was very gracious in her first ever championship and thanked all those she felt the need to thank. Ashley was the then informed that she would be the first to return to her seat, and would also be the first to choose from a great array of gifts from the Prize Package Table. All 21 Jrs would in first to last order get a chance to choose from some very incredible prizes, and once they had done that all the kids that where present and not current Jr. drivers where brought to the stage and each and everyone of these future Jr. Drivers where given something as well. Hats off too Genève and Shannon for a great job and thanks to everyone who participated in the 50/50 draws, and a special thank you too those that gave too the prize package table over and above everything else they did. Following the Jr. class all of the Semi Pro drivers from the Luskville Dragway Series where introduced and presented with their cash and jackets, including the intro of Ian Gould as the 2013 Track Champion in Semi Pro. The Super Pro Track contingent, like the Jrs. was a very large group and they too where brought too the stage and introduced and here to concluding with the intro of 2013 Super Pro Champ Derek Malcolm. Semi Pro was also brought too the fore front again when Jason Fletcher was introduced as the Track Semi Pro Rookie of the year, Jason would join Grace Vanoppen who had already been presented with the Jr. Dragster rookie of the season. Next up with the induction of Mike Ogilvie, Derek Malcolm, Tory Davis and Kyle Jessup into the "Monster Mob". The qualification for this is putting in many hours of racing, and or assisting in the set up and the running of races, either on the tour or at Luskville Dragway. And doing this in a non stop, long hours effort with only the use of Drinking Monster Energy Drinks to stay awake. This little bit of humor was then followed by the presentation of the Napa Tour Semi Pro Champs with Fred Ellis being the last called up as he was the Champion and the only repeat winner of such from the previous season. Super Pro saw long time supporter Dale Gauthier take the Napa Tour Super Pro Championship title, as he followed a large group of Super Pro Drivers to the stage for their awards. Dale was also very gracious to everyone in excepting his wins, including a big thank you to his wife of only 10 days Becky Ray for standing by his decision to run the complete tour in 2013, which in hind sight was a good decision. The final award of the evening was the one that most anticipate with the greatest amount of excitement, as it is the Driver of the Year award. And award that is not won, but voted on by other people including other drivers so it carries a great deal of honour too it and is highly coveted. Fred Ellis was named the 2013 Driver of the year, which marks the second time in his career that he has won such. Fred was very gracious in his accepted speech and received a standing ovation for his win, Fred like the other champions are true winners and great ambassadors for our series, our track and our sport, congratulations too everyone.
It has never been a secret about how the Luskville Dragway track operator feels about door cars and how we need more of them and how we have done everything we can do too make sure they are around and prosper. So it will not come too anyone surprise when we announce that we will once again put forward a 5 race Door Pro Series in 2014 with the hopes of securing a title rights holder for a full out points series with a champion being crowned in the upcoming season. This along with a small change in the the split ladder format should once again make it a little better for those that decide to compete behind a windshield and doors. We are actively looking for a title rights holder for a season long points series so we can crown a champion like we did in 2011 and 2012. We are also still in the active area of doing our schedule so stay tuned for more info on the exact dates as they become available, but they will be centered around major events at the track , such as inter track weekends. We currently have the support of two advertisers too cover two of the races but we need a lot more, and with question having a points series title rights holder is crucial to make this thing a good deal. Kevin Morrow was the 2011 & 2012 Door Pro champ and has made it clear he would like nothing better than having to defend that title in 2014.
Well its finally here, the banquet takes place tomorrow night at the Travel Lodge's Centennial Ball Room, and will see Drag Racers from Luskville Dragway and the NAPA Tour take part in the richest Points payout in Canada for Drag Racing. Just think of that for a minute, more points money than other series in this country whether they are pro's or amateurs , other series from bigger demographical areas of the country, more prize money than any. The Jr. Dragster competitors alone will take part in close too $5000. worth of awards, prizes and cash. We will update the news from the banquet as soon as we can early next week, hopefully we will have some good photos as well.
*And with the banquet this Saturday night we have been hearing from some of the Parents of the Jr. Dragster drivers, that excitement is at a all time high for some of the kids and here is part of the reason. Over the last couple of weeks we have been listing a number of the prizes that the kids will have a choice of come Banquet Time, and here is the last installment of that with a picture of some more of the prizes that will be part of the prize table at the Banquet. Genève Menard and Shannon Bellefeuille who where some of the mothers who sold close too $3000. in 50/50 tickets this past season where also responsible for purchasing prizes for the kids with this money. All the Mothers and everyone involved with this program can be very proud of what you accomplished this past season, lets keep it going for the kids in 2014, we have often said we can be as big as our imagination lets us, so just IMAGINE????
*We are also now taking entree's for the 33rd Annual Bracket Bonanza High Roller events taking place at the 2014 Bracket Bonanza, Super Pro Open, Super Pro Closed, Semi Pro and of course Jr. Dragsters. The spots will be made available first, to those that where entered last year and they have until the end of January 2014 to reserve their spots before we take new entree's. This portion of the Bracket Bonanza has become a major hit with everyone, the drivers and the fans as some of the best drivers in North America put on a great show for some HUGE money.
2014 will be a year that Bruce Watts, and driver Ian Gould will have many memories of, and most of them will be high points of their racing career. The Ford Semi Pro Team from Pembroke, Ontario have been a big part of Luskville Dragway for a number of years now and when conversations took place in the off season their names where mentioned as possible new champs. But before we go into this story to far, I would be amiss if I didn't mention the sad part too this year for the team, as the team also included Bruce Watts companion Pat who lost her battle with cancer and past on before the boys got to win the championship this summer. It is very sad that she never got too see the boys reach the top, she was a staunch supporter of their racing, and of Luskville Dragway in fact in here last days she would come and stay in the motorhome just so she could be there, she will be dearly missed. Ian Gould who does the driving for the team has done his fare share of winning in his short career, but when 2013 rolled around you could tell Ian was on a mission. Add too this the fact the car was now working better than it had ever done at anytime in the past. More horsepower and lots of chassis work now had the little Mustang pulling the wheels on each and every pass, so not only did it make the Mustang see the winners circle more often, but it became a big hit with the fans as well. The cover shot of the Mustang shows very clearly just how it left the starting line every pass, whether it was Luskville Dragway, Elliott Lake, Shannonville or I-Car the Ford was a fan favourite. The Team started off a little slow as they sorted out the new set up and the new horse power, but once they did they quickly became unbeatable if not a constant threat each and every weekend. Even through their sorting out time though, they managed to keep in the thick of things with drivers like Mark Thompson, Rob Graveline and Steve Ballntyne. And heading into the final weekend of points for the Luskville Dragway Semi Pro Championship it was still anyone's to win. But with some steady rounds and a big win Ian was able to power his way too the lead and hang on for his first ever championship.
A.D.M. Motorsports has been around the drag racing world since 1979, and has gone through many stages over those years as well, and many drivers have come through the team over those decades of racing. Originally it was just Arnie & Diane Malcolm, then a Jr. Dragster that was piloted by Derek Malcolm was added, and then in and around 1995 the team started to expand with the addition of Carl Jessup who took over the team leadership position. Back then Carl drove a 1981 Camaro door car for the team, and as time went on more and more drivers where added, including Troy Davis, Tim Miron, Russ Adams and Carls son Kyle Jessup who began his racing career in a S-10 Chevy Truck which he started out in Semi Pro with. That truck still competes at Luskville Dragway these days under the very successful guidance of Dick Stanton. Through the 90's and most of the first ten years of the 2000's many cars, many drivers and many wins came for the ADM Motorsports Team. A couple of things was evident as the years went by, the color Yellow was always the predominant color or colors that was on the teams cars, hence the nickname of "Team Yellow", something that is brought up many times even these days as the team cut back to only two cars. Something else that was very evident as the years went by, the team got away from Door Cars and swung over too dragsters as they too followed the trend of what everyone else was doing. Meanwhile Carl and Kyle Jessup had branched off and created their own winning team in a rear engine dragster, but even though the two teams where separate the tightness of the group would make most people think that they where still all just one. Another thing that has been evident to anyone that knows ADM Team owner Arnie Malcolm, is the fact that he is a adamant promoter of Door Cars in Drag Racing, with the Door Pro series, the split ladders and the continuing comment that the team would own a door car before too long. Well too long is over and Team Yellow will be Back in Black and behind doors come the season of 2014 with the purchase of the X Pro Stock Style Chevy S-10 Super Pro Truck.  The all tube chassis truck that has a ford nine inch rear, strut front end and wildwood disc brakes on all four corners, also comes with a complete fibreglass body. The only thing that is remotely from a S-10 might be the door hinge brackets.
Something else will be brought back also, Former Team Driver Kyle Jessup  will be part of a three driver ADM Motorsports team effort that will campaign the Truck in both Super Pro and Door Pro. Yes Derek Malcolm, Troy Davis and Kyle Jessup will share driving duties in the new venture and all are looking forward too it very much. This does not mean the Kyle will not be driving his Dad's Dragster as he will continue to race the Dragster for CJ Racing as will Derek and Troy with their ADM Motorsports Dragsters. There is plenty of excitement surrounding the new ride and the engine has already been taken too D&D Performance where Ed and Rolly will do their magic on it to hopefully make it a winning combination also come 2014. This partially fulfills ADM Motorsports promise to support door car racing as much as they could, and in as many ways as they could, and it might not be over just yet. As of right now there is no plans to paint the truck yellow, but you bet that any lettering that goes on will be predominantly yellow.
We want too once again remind everyone that the banquet will be upon is in no time and please don't leave your purchasing of tickets until the last minute as that makes it just that much more difficult for all involved. We believe this banquet will have the largest crowd in quite some time as we have a large number of points members who qualify for payouts and prize's. We will also have 21 Jr. Dragster teams that will be part of the richest payout in prize money and prizes in the history of this class in our country. It makes it very difficult to plan the banquet when some leave it too the last minute to get there tickets so please make our job a little less difficult and GET YOUR TICKETS. We would like to point out that NO tickets will be available after Nov 16th.
*JR. NATION gets stronger again, there seems to be no stopping the growth of Jr. Dragster Pilots at Luskville Dragway and the Napa Tour. Brian Parker emailed me this week to let me know that they have purchased the former Gilhcrist Girls car that was for sale on the Drag Mart section of this web site, and that Daughter Cassie is very anxious to become part of Jr. Nation. Brian has long been a strong supporter of the tour, and is now excited about being even more involved with his daughter and the sport of drag racing. Brian is now bringing his daughter too the banquet so she can meet as many of the current Jr. drivers as possible. We are extremely pleased with this movement and has us re thinking of the fact that maybe JR. Dragsters  should once again have a championship portion of the tour, stay tuned.
Some stories are fun to write, and this just happens to be one of them,  as the next addition in our year end wrap up of all of the champions in our different classes at Luskville Dragway and on the Napa Tour. This story actually starts back in about 1983 when young Dodge Car Nut from the Smith Falls area would show up on the weekends with his orange Duster, years later it was a Dodge Rampage that Mike Ogilvie would show up at the track with. Now flash forward and over two decades to the fall of 2010 and once again Mike Ogilvie would visit Luskville Dragway, now don't get me wrong Mike had been there numerous times over those years, but now it was different. A big rig was hauling a Dodge Powered rear engine dragster and two young girls where part of the crew. Mike and wife Vicki's two you daughters where now tagging along to the race track, and they quickly took up with some of the kids that where running Jr. Dragster's at the track. Well this is kind of where the story started, but we like too think that it got spun into high gear when Mike and Vicki and the Girls joined all of us and the regular bunch that would go back to Busters Bar and Grill for our after the races party. This is where the talk about buying ONE Jr. dragster too see if the Ogilvie girls would really like it or not, obviously there was a lot of arm twisting and convincing on our behalf, as well as drivers like Troy and Derek of ADM. Well Mike did go out and buy one Jr. but that was followed very shortly with a second one so both young ladies would be ready to go in the spring of 2011. Well to say the rest is history would be pretty much correct as with in no time at all both girls took to driving a Jr. dragster like they had been doing it for a long time, in fact come banquet time of 2011, both Ashley and her older Sister Rachel where voted Rookies of the year. 2012 would see Ashley and Rachel continue to improve with wins coming with regular occurrence's. Now I should point out that this is a story about the Track Champion in Jr. Dragsters, but it hard to tell the whole story with out many times including Rachel in the story, as this really is a family effort. Ashley who will turn 13 this December says her favourite NHRA drivers are Anton Brown, Clay Millican, John Force and Troy Davis. This very  competitive young Lady attends grade 8 at the Wolford Public school not far from their home in Jasper, Ontario and besides drag racing she enjoys soccer, volleyball and cross country running. Mom and Dad are not surprised that Ashley is a drag racer as she has always drove anything she could get her hands on, whether is was a skate board, a bicycle, a scooter or a golf car if it had wheels Ash was willing too drive the wheels off them. Yep even too this day if the golf cart is sitting still after a day of races, you have to take the keys out of it or Ashley might be seen trying to find a hill to climb with it. Winning the track championship in only her third year is an huge accomplishment and came with some pressures as the season neared an end and other drivers where making their charge to over take Ashley, but that did not happen. So what's next well obviously she will be defending her title in 2014 at Luskville Dragway, the track she calls home, she has constantly asked Mom and Dad to drive the big car so that is something we expect too see one day down the road. Ashley even talks about growing up and maybe becoming an airplane pilot, yep anything with wheels, this would be taking much more air than she has with the golf cart. Congratulations to someone who could not be a better representative of our sport, the class of Jr. Dragsters and of course a incredible ambassador for Luskville Dragway.
We want too once again remind everyone that the banquet will be upon is in no time and please don't leave your purchasing of tickets until the last minute as that makes it just that much more difficult for all involved. We believe this banquet will have the largest crowd in quite some time as we have a large number of points members who qualify for payouts and prize's. We will also have 21 Jr. Dragster teams that will be part of the richest payout in prize money and prizes in the history of this class in our country. It makes it very difficult to plan the banquet when some leave it too the last minute to get there tickets so please make our job a little less difficult and GET YOUR TICKETS. We would like to point out that NO tickets will be available after Nov 16th.
*With all the excitement surrounding the announcements last week of the new door cars that have come too the area, we can confirm that Door Pro Races will be a reality next season. How many and whether there is a full out points series for these cars will depend on how well we do in signing advertisers to help with the races them selves as well as a points fund at the end of the season. This will mark the 4th year that we have strived to put forward a program for the door cars and it is a program that needs everyone's support, to make it happen, and have it continue. There will not be a Big Dollar Door Car Challenge event like last year as we felt that it did not get the support it deserved and required in order to have it continue. Instead we will once again put our efforts towards making a 5 too 6 race series and points fund work instead. We can announce that we already have two commitments from advertisers to help with making this happen, and although it is just a start, we are on our way to putting the whole thing together. If you or your company feel that you would like to get behind the promotion of the door car program, please don't hesitate to give us a call. We will have many more announcements about this program as the off season continues.
*Some exciting news for the Semi Pro class at Luskville Dragway being released this week, as once again the evolution of our sport kicks into high gear, and our Jr. Dragster Program shows its stuff as another Jr. Driver moves up the ladder. Dan Pillwein the son of Super Pro Racer Ray Pillwein will make the big move from Jr. Dragster to Semi Pro and will do it with a pretty cool ride. Dan will take over the driving duties of the Family owned 66 Chevy II seen in picture to the right, when Dad drove it the past couple of seasons. The car saw limited action as Ray concentrated on his Son's Jr. Program which was a very successful one also, but will now see plenty of racing as Dan takes on a new portion of his drag racing career. With Ray acquiring the 1970 Door Pro Nova from Jamie Tupper this fall, everyone was certainly hoping that he would not get rid of the 66 Chevy II, and as you can see that was never in the cards. The plan all along was to run a two car team with the younger Pillwein taking over the Chevy II, and Father Ray concentrating on Door Pro and Super Pro events at Luskville Dragway in the new ride. Dan will certainly being racing for Rookie of the Year in 2014 and also trying to win as many races as he can. We wish nothing but good luck and success too the new two car team as we look down the road at 2014 and what has begun to shape up as a great season of racing, with a number of new entree's already being announced, and more too come.
*More great news for the Jrs. as we head towards the banquet, Randy and Carey Urslak of Randy's performance Automotive and Ed and Rolly of D&D have added to the prize package table for the kids on November 23rd. D&D will be adding a 250. dollar visa gift card for the kids, which they can use too buy what ever they want, so if they don't see something they like on the Table, yep you guessed it they just take the visa card. Randy and Carey have added a set of slick Beats Headphones, something every kid would want to have, as well as some of us old folks. The kids are certainly going to be spoiled, but why not, with out question the largest number of Jr. Dragsters at any track in Canada, maybe even North America so they deserved to be spoiled.
This is not the first time we have written this story, and the one thing new we will add is the fact that Fred Ellis has once again ADDED another championship to his long list of accomplishments. From 1994 win he bought the car Fred has been the driver to beat at any event he has gone too. So like he has done since his first days of racing, Mr. Ellis dominated the competition through out the 2013 season, and ended up with yet another title in the hotly contested Semi Pro class on the Napa Tour. Fred and Lori his wife, and crew chief have followed the tour  since 2001 and have a number wins and a number of titles to show for it, and they can now add the 2013 one to that list as well. Their first ever win actually came at Elliot Lake way back in their first year on the tour, and with out question this is their favorite stop as they have won the race 5 times since the first one. In fact back in 2009 Fred who is usually double entered, not only won Elliot but was the runner up as well with his second entree. The team which hails from Sebringville a small town just outside Stratford, Ontario have to drive away and past 3 local drag strips to follow the tour but do just that as well as a number of other events that draw their interest with large payouts. Fred started his defence of his 2012 Napa Tour Title by heading down the road to Elliott Lake, Ontario where  the Napa Tour kicks off each and every season, and a place that Mr. & Mrs Ellis truly enjoy the fans. And although Fred would not get too the winners circle at Elliot Lake in 2103 he would make it too the semi's on Saturday Live and  also picked up some valuable rounds on Sunday to leave Elliot Lake with the Points lead. Next up would be the Bracket Bonanza @ Luskville Dragway, another event that Fred and Lori have had some considerable good luck with. And good luck is only made with great driving and great driving put Fred in the Winners Circle on Sunday where Fred would take home not only the  Wally trophy but a big $2000. to go with it. Speaking of Wallies, Fred has won his fare share of them at Luskville, in fact Fred has four of them on his shelf. So now it seemed like he was on a roll as we rolled right into Wawa, Ontario the very next weekend, where the "Cuda Country" driver would back up the previous weekends win with yet another one on the Sunday of the  Wawa Tour Event.  Now things where interesting , as only two races where left and both where being held at tracks that Fred was very familiar with and had won many  races at. So as the Tour and Fred headed back to Luskville Dragway for the Fall Bracket Finals the end was in sight, but like they say its not over until its over and that was the attitude that Fred would carry into that weekend. But things would not go the way they usually do for the team at Luskville Dragway, as they where shut out all days of the three day event, which would have them leave Luskville with a tighter chase than they had wished for. However the steadfast driver of one of the winningest cars of all times put his number one game on the track when the tour headed into Shannonville for the last points race of the year, and hear Fred would not be denied as he would take home yet another win on Sunday of the Shannonville  Race. Once again Ellis would hang the wheels high on each and every run at Shannonville as he had done through out the summer of 2013 as he wheeled his way too the championship. Fred and his Cuda Country car is a very popular car at any of the tracks that it travels too, and the wheels up action is one of the reasons. And when it comes to drivers who represent the series and the Napa Tour Fred is a elegant one to do just that, as this soft spoken gentleman always has time to talk with the fans. Fred who originally hails from Eastern, Ontario has called Southern Ontario home for many years now, but there seems to be something that draws him back to this area as he continues to do a tremendous amount of racing with the racers from this area. So it was too no ones surprise when Fred and Lori showed up at a big Inter track race between Luskville Dragway and I-Car at at the Mirabel, Quebec Airport venue, and it was less to anyone's surprise when the Cuda Country was in the winners circle at the end of the day on Saturday. Yes this driver from Stratford, Ontario can win any where and right fully deserves the title of Best Foot Brake Racer in Canada. So as we head into the new season in 2014, Fred and Lori will mark it by calling the season their "20th. Anniversary Tour" and Fred says he would like nothing to better than to celebrate the 20th. with yet another Championship, so yes "Cuda Country" will defend his title, good news for the fans, bad news for the competiton.
*As we kick off the month of Nov. we have some exciting news to tell you about which you will read as you go on. We would also remind everyone to keep us posted on anything new you are doing, as everyone likes to keep abreast on what is going on, and the only way we can write about it is if you tell us about it, keep us posted on new cars, new advertisers, new programs.
We want too once again remind everyone that the banquet will be upon is in no time and please don't leave your purchasing of tickets until the last minute as that makes it just that much more difficult for all involved. We believe this banquet will have the largest crowd in quite some time as we have a large number of points members who qualify for payouts and prize's. We will also have 21 Jr. Dragster teams that will be part of the richest payout in prize money and prizes in the history of this class in our country. We would also like too remind everyone that the I-Car Banquet (Oct 26) and the Shannonville Banquet Nov 16) are also coming fast, look for some big announcements at both of these venues for next year. It makes it very difficult to plan the banquet when some leave it too the last minute to get there tickets so please make our job a little less difficult and GET YOUR TICKETS.
Some exciting news can be announced this week about not one but two former Luskville Dragway, Drag Racers returning too the track in 2014. We would like to think that the resurgence of the door cars at Luskville Dragway has played a part in this as both drivers have bought cars to compete in Super Pro and Door Pro, and yes they are both Door Cars. The first driver too let us know that he would be returning too the sport after a 18 year absence is Aylmer, Quebec's Claude Ruel. Now although Claude has not raced in 18 years he did not stray far from the sport as he has continually been a visitor not only to Luskville Dragway but many other drag strips across the country, keeping up on what was going on in the sport. Ruel was a regular at Luskville in the early days with his 69 Chevelle, and plans on doing so once again with his new 1977 Vega pictured here. The car is a former Super Gas Car and as anyone who follows the sport knows these cars make Superior Super Pro Rides. Claude has joked that he will need some help with all the new electronics and buttons that now a day cars have, as like Claude said we never had any of this back in the day.
The other great story, and great news for Luskville Dragway is that Jeff Keyuk another former drag racer from the Aylmer area has also purchased a new ride which will put him back behind the wheel after a two decade lay off. Jeff was a comp eliminator driver who then went the road of so many of us back then, to the super gas wars. Not sure if many of you will remember Gary Smith and his Monza, but that was the former Jeff Keyuk Super Gas Car. Jeff has purchased a super gas Cavalier which he plans on running in the 2014 season. These two returnee's is great news for the sport and obviously for Luskville Dragway and its programs, whether it be the Door Pro Class or Super Pro. Welcome back to both of these drivers, we will have more on both later on. These stories along with the story on Ralph Coe's return to action in 2014 makes things sound pretty interesting for the new season that is only 6 months away. Work will continue on the door pro class as we hope to sign a number of advertisers to make a 6 race series a real possibility for 2014, we would love to here from the door car guys to get a feeling of support for this series which was set aside in 2013, but what we would love to bring back for next summer.

For 43 year old Dale Gauthier 2013 was going to be a special year, as he and long time lady and drag racer Becky Ray had announced that they would be getting married in November after the racing season was over. Little did Dale know at the time that he would also be celebrating his first ever Napa Tour Championship in the same year. Dale who originally hails from Kingston, Ontario now lives just out side of Belleville, not far from Shannonville Dragway, the track he would call home with Luskville Dragway definitely being his home track as well, as that is where it all began back in 1992. Although it was the early nineties when Dale began racing it really seems like he has been around Luskville Dragway since we started running it in 1980. You often heard me say when I'm writing about Derek (our son) that the words and the stories come easy as I have known him all his life, well its almost the same with Dale as it seems like he has always been there supporting what we do. And that support was always evident when we started to take the show on the road, as the picture shows as Dale along with Derek and Carl Jessup are seen here taking in some slow time at an airport race up North many, many years ago (I can tell by the uniforms Dales is orange and Derek's is clean). When Dale started his racing career and lived in Kingston he would travel to Luskville with a number of racing friends, many who no longer do so, but the stories they would create where as good as they get, from a quarter mile run on foot (after many a beer) to many a arm wrestling, beer drinking Bracket Bonanza events. Dale did not begin his drag racing career in his current ride but did start in a Camaro, a red one, today of course he is know for his "back in Black" 1981 version which over the years has won a ton of money on the airport venues as well as Luskville, Sanair and two track championships at Shannonville. The Camaro has also made a number of visits to tracks outside Canada including a number of trips to Bristol as well as the race of Champions in Norwalk, Ohio. Yes Dale is no stranger too the winners circle and in particular at big dollar events including two $10,000. wins at Sanair as well as a number at Luskville and on the tour, including a 10,000 win this year at the  Elliott Lake Napa Tour Event where he went live to set the stage for a run at the championship. Gauthier's next stop on his 2013 campaign would be the Bracket Bonanza where he would find his way too the quarter finals on Sunday, and even though he did not win the $10,000 he picked up valuable points in his championship quest. However the next weekend in Wawa, Ontario and the 3rd stop on the tour Dale would not only pick up valuable points but his second $10,000 pay day in less than a month as he would beat Brad Silverthorn in the finals on Sunday. This win was crucial as the rest of the August and Sept where not a repeat of the first half of the season, but with his large points lead Dale would survive the final Napa race which was held at Shannonville and claim the title. However Dale's engine would not survive the next race as everyone headed to I-Car for a couple of five grander races, which would set yet another stage in the conclusion of a incredible year for Mr. Gauthier. Heading into the final event of the season, and the last points race in the Shannonville track championship Dale and Becky, his wife to be where the only two left with a chance to claim the title, but Dale was left with no race car. Well like the wedding vows say for better or for worse, and this was the worse case outlook for Dale to have a shot at the title, well like the vows also say, "I will" and that is exactly what Becky did, I will lend you my dragster for the final race. And that proved to be good for both drivers as Becky would go on too win the championship with here great run on day one, and Dale would go on too win the actual race on day two in Becky's dragster. But don't think for a moment that this dragster win has changed Dales thinking about Door Cars as he made it quite clear in the winners circle that he would not even phantom the thoughts of switching to a dragster. So with the season over, and a wedding in Jamaica to get ready for, and then two awards banquets, there really would not be much time to savour the victory. The Napa Tour Championship was a long time coming, as Dale goes back to 1995 and the very beginnings of what is today the richest drag racing series in Canada, and Dale will be a little richer come November 23rd. when he receives his winnings for that.
As we sat down to write our encore to Dale Gauthier's Championship season we received some great news from the 2011 Super Pro Napa Tour Champ Ralph Coe who took the entire 2013 season off. Coe will return with vengeance in 2014 and an attempt to regain his championship. Ralph who drives one of the most popular door cars on the circuit and at Luskville Dragway took the entire past season off, as his TPM business just overwhelmed him with work, and the fact that he wanted to spend more time with his family on what few weekends he did have off. Ralph and his 1964 West Carleton Automotive powered Dodge where unstoppable in the 2011 season and where rewarded with his first ever championship. Ralph informs us that the car will debut with yet another new West Carleton Auto/Hinton Automotive power train with hopes of repeating the 2011 summer.
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