You may have noticed the flyer on the front page, but yes closing day is fast approaching for the Napa Auto Parts Series, and this weekend we close things out in style thanks to Randy Urslak who is one of the most supportive advertisers we have ever had. Thanks too Randy most everyone will be in the pay out window come Sunday Night, and we will then wrap it up in style at our final back to the bar party at Busters with goodies for everyone there also.
I would also like to remind everyone that banquet tickets are now available and going fast so get yours early, reminder that late purchase costs more.
*With this weekends Napa Tour Race behind us we only have one tour event left, and that will take place at Shannonville Motorsports Dragway Sept 13-14 and will be culmination in the crowning of Napa Tour champs in Super Pro, Semi Pro, and Ogilvie Auto & Fleet Jr. Dragster Tour.
*This weekend was made extra special when Tim and Lyn Kavanagh dropped into Luskville Dragway to say hello, Tim and Lyn who where regulars at Luskville from the days we took over moved to Victoria BC a year or so ago and where back visiting. Tim and Lyn said they where home for a short visit and had a list of people to say hi too, we where honoured that Luskville Dragway was on that list. The sport has some extremely nice people in it, Tim and Lyn are with out question on that list. They plan on a year or so more in the beautiful surroundings of Victoria and then are coming home and say they will be back racing at Luskville. Tim has too Super Comp, Super Pro Ford Thunderbirds, and one is still for sale.
With trucks and trailers hauling race cars started moving in on Wednesday you knew that this years D&D Performance Fall Bracket Finals would be special, and that trend continued well into Thursday to the point that it looked very much like the Bracket Bonanza. Time Trials for the King of the Track event got underway right on time thing ground down to the finals of Super Pro and the Finals of Semi Pro, In Semi Pro Fred Ellis who is having an amazing year beat Dick Stanton for the money and the chance to face off with the super pro winner for the Wally. In Super Pro 16 winners kicked first round off but when things got down to the finals it was Richard Arnold of Montreal and Denis Souliere of Ottawa taking each other on, with Arnold taking the win light and the opportunity to meet Ellis for the Wally. With the burnouts done both drivers staged, and with the reaction times clearly having an advantage to Richard the win light once again came on in his lane giving him his first ever Wally and the title of King of the Track. A third gamblers race which saw everyone driving each others cars, it would come too Kyle Jessup driving Russ Adams car beating Russ Adams driving Kyle Jessup's Car, the night was capped with the first run of the weekend by the California Smokey Jet, 69 Camaro.

Bruno Serre made the long tow from Blind River to take
part in the Fall Bracket Finals

Bruno's Grandson Denis also tagged along with his new
ride, Denis is hooked on Drag Racing wonder why!
It's not the first time we have done it, and probably wont be the last as we like to think we pride our selves on getting our races in and getting things done. So with the forecast not in our favour for Sunday, but giving us a good chance to race all day on Saturday management made the decision to start at 9am Saturday Morning, and run until both Saturdays program and Sundays program where both in the books. The forecast and the radar told us we had until about 9:30 before we would have a good chance of some showers, well they where right on, as the jet car was running and the fireworks where going off the light sprinkles started to fall, but we where done, we had crowned winners twice in all class's, and we would not be racing on Sunday as the forecast of showers all night and through Sunday were correct. The decision was a good one as many drivers had driven from many long distances and had done so to race for two shots at the money, and that goes a a long way in sending message to everyone that if you come too one of our events we will do everything to make sure they happen.
Race # 1 set the stage for what was going to be a wicked day of racing, of Smokey burnouts, of wild wheel stands, of incredible reaction times and some unbelievable racing. The Jr. Dragster class would see Max Gauthier gain some ground the the Napa Auto Parts/Ogilvie Auto & Fleet Jr. Dragster Series. Max would meet and defeat Matt Menard who was back at the track on a off hockey weekend for him. Matt would do well in the second race also as he would once again be the runner up this time to Ben Vanoppen which made for a great winners circle photo, as Ed DeCooman of D&D Performance the title rights holders to the event is the Grand Father of Ben. Semi Pro saw a great field of cars from the North, the East the South and locally do battle with things winding down to in the first race to Joe Pacheco and Mark Thompson with Joe making his way to the winners circle for the first time ever at a big dollar race. In the Second race which would not wind up until 9pm Saturday night would see two different faces heading into the finals, Jim Hewitt of Ottawa and Peter Gilhcrist of Sudbury taking each other on, at the green Peter had the better light with his Dodge Truck and that was enough for the win. The winners circle was made a little different as Peter took the ALS ice bucket Challenge donating a portion of his $2000 price money to ALS. Super Pro was very exciting as close to 50 cars made the call, and this was after a number of teams lost entree's do to engine failure on equipment that was nearing the end of the season. Troy Davis, Mike Ogilvie, Don Vincelli, Willy Katib where just a few of the teams that limped home on Saturday night with hurt equipment, which is the norm when thing near the end of the season. Race number one was a great show and would be in Don Vincelli's favour as he would break the motor during eliminations in the second race, but the only thing he broke in the first race was everyone else's back and his went round after round with the win light coming on in his multi colored Pontiac Trans Am. Gianni Cantusci was the the runner up in the first super pro final to Vincelli, Cantusci did so driving a dragster for Willy Katib which send a clear message to everyone that Gianni would be tuff in a dragster for sure. The Second Super Pro race saw the possibility of another door car going too victory lane as three door cars where still left in competition as we went to the quarter finals, however that would materialize as Rock Lafontaine and Fred Auger would come to the line with Fred taking the win light after loosing the battle on the starting line. So then it was time for the Jet Show with California Smokey and Smokey red getting ready to fire up, however with a problem on the starting line with the one jet which had to be shut down, the 69 Camaro Jet Car would accompany the Fireworks as the crowd then soon heading for the exit. It was a tuff day, but a good day, it was long day but in the end well worth while as no sooner had the jet inched to the starting line a light mist started to fall with more rain fall over night, making the early decision to run both races the right one for everyone involved. On another high note we would like to point out that Fred Auger also reset the ET record for a door car at Luskville Dragway slapping down a 4:77 out of the grove pass that had everyone on their feet to say the least.

Ed DeCooman stands behind his Grandson Ben Vanoppen
with D&D Performance Partner Rolly Doucette to the right.

Joe Pacheco and family where some happy campers with
their first ever big win.

Max Gauthier and dad Dale are joined by Ed and Rolly
of D&D Performance after Max's big win.

Class act by Peter Gilhcrist as he took the ALS ice bucket
challenge and donated part of his winnings

this was the norm all weekend long as the traction as usal
was incredible at Luskville Dragway.

The Augers have made a habit of visiting Luskville Dragway
and the winners circle on many of their visits as well.

The Auger bros also brought their Turbo Pontiac down too
Luskville and left with the track record for door cars.

Dave Douitt and his Smokey Red 1969 Camaro Jet Car
was a big hit with everyone, see everyone next year.