just a quick reminder once again about two things, Banquet tickets and Semi Pro Drivers Meeting Oct 26th at Busters Bar and Grill, @ noon, be there this is an important meeting for the growth of the Semi Pro Class, Starting in 2015. Another thing you will notice is that we have switched to Friday Publishing as we normally do in the off season.
*ADM did not take long to get things on the go for 2015 as the "Jokers Wild" S-10 went straight to BW Race Cars for some small upgrades, and the dragsters went to D&D Performance to be gone over prior to storage. The S-10 will get new side exit exhaust which will make less alcohol fumes in the cockpit. The S-10 was always right in the thick of things but never did get as far as the winners circle, making it too the finals only once this past season. The Truck will also see a different look for the new season as plans are to have it go from night to day.
*Congratulations to two Napa Tour Regulars Dan Zygmont and Roch Beaudion, who where winner and runner up at the Turkey Nationals down in St. Thomas last weekend. Both of these drivers have seen their fare share of wining rounds while running tour events at Elliot Lake, Wawa or Luskville Dragway and once again proves the point that our drivers are GOOD. Roch turned on the red light in the Quick Sixteen Saturday night giving Zygmont the Win Light. Speaking of Dan he called to let me know that he has just signed on THE ROCK Harley Davidson Dealership in Sudbury for the 2015 Season. Dan is having his Harley and his Race Car wrapped in the colors and will have them at all of the tour races in the new season. THE ROCK will also have a events "swag" Trailer at some of the races next season which should be great for everyone, who doesn't want to own a Harley T-Shirt. This is a great sign of things to come this off season I believe, and congrats to Dan and his team for being one of the first with some great news like this. Dan also has a Very Big Black Truck and Trailer that I'm sure we will see the new logo on as well. It would be great to see more Advertising deals like this and with a number of Harley Dealerships in the area who knows.
We have said it over and over that Luskville Dragway is very fortunate to have the advertising support that we do, as over the years they have been the reason that Luskville Dragway has grown like it has. The advertisers have made it possible to do the improvements we have, they have made it possible to pay the purses we pay, and they play a HUGE part in the great atmosphere that is prevalent each weekend. One of those such advertisers is Randy's Performance Automotive who has been at Luskville Dragway from the very beginning, first as a driver in 1980 while he worked for Bills Competition Automotive which was an advertiser at the time. Today not only is Randy Urslak a competitor but he continues to be a advertising supporter in a big way with his finical support to the track. In the early days Randy drove a not so state of the art Camaro, then he moved to a 66 Malibu, then came a 1970 Nova, A street Roadster, and then a string of dragsters culminating with the beautiful Race Tech Dragster he drives these days. Randy has also won Driver of the year two of the last number of years which also indicates just how great a driver he is, and this all along while taking care of three young Jr. Dragsters competitors two young boys and his 15 year old daughter, who also do their fare share of wining. Randy has always been the first advertiser to sign on at the beginning of the off season, but he has also kind of been the last advertiser too sign on at the end of the year. You see for the past number of years, over and above the package Randy takes to kick the season off, he always steps up and makes closing day extra special for the drivers with a significant amount of extra prize money on that last day of racing. We have always said that our advertisers are special, and we don't say that just because they are financial backers, and this is a prime example of that, Randy does his part with advertising support but then steps up and does more, which we can not say enough about. Once again I will say very loudly Luskville Dragway and its racers are very fortunate to have people like Randy Urslak supporting us.
We start the champions stories this week with Max Gauthier a young second generation JR. Dragster racer from Belleville, Ontario who is the son of Dale Gauthier someone who has been racing at Luskville Dragway for as long as I can remember. Max who call Shannonville Dragway his home track, like his Dad would be quick to point out that Luskville Dragway is like home also, and here he has done his share of winning. Max like his Dad is studier of the sport has turned into a tremendous Jr. Dragster racer, and an even better one once they purchased the new and much faster car. It should be pointed out that not only did Max win the Tour Jr. Dragster Championship but he also won the Shannonville Track one as well, excepting his awards on the final race of the season. Max started his tour off at Elliot Lake, Ontario in mid July where his runner up spot on Saturday would give him a start at the title. Next Up in the 3 race series was back too Luskville Dragway and the Annual Bracket Bonanza where Max would take the premier event of the year the $1000. High Roller Race. Next up the Fall Bracket Nationals and here too Max would show his stuff and take a big win and a points lead on Saturday of this event, and with only three races being counted this put Max in the Drivers seat for the Championship. However Max put the icing on the cake by winning the final tour event of the season down at Shannonville, where he met and defeated his closest competitor Ashley Ogilvie in the finals, what a season for this young man, congratulations Max. This is not good news for the competition, as Max has a number of years left in the Jr. DRagster class, before any thought of moving up starts, so be ware this may not be the last write up on Max Gauthier.
As we have been saying all year long, "the face of motorsports in our area will be different next season"  and it has started and its not over yet. Running a race track is not as easy venture and is even harder in this day and age, kids don't grow up wanting to be race car drivers, they grow up with I-Pads, I-Phones, Computers, Computer games. This past summer 10 Short Tracks in Indiana closed, a very popular stock car and drag strip facility in Rochester New York is closed and for sale, if it doesn't not get sold its CLOSED. There are so many things these days that affect race tracks, and we all still have the biggest culprit, THE WEATHER. If one was too look back too 1969 when Luskville Dragway opened, and think of the things just in our area that are here now for peoples entertainment, that where not here back then, and we have to compete with them all. So as the fall rolls on, more changes will happen oh and by the way Luskville Dragway opens April 25th/2015. Thank you to all of our Fans, Advertisers and Racers for making that happen.
*The new car news will be warping up as the off season kicks into high gear and now where will that be more greater than up North where the Napa Auto Parts Tour touches down. We have a couple of reports this week from regulars on the tour, and some from drivers from the North that make Luskville Dragway a regular stop a few times a year. First up is Sean Patterson who was at many of the tour races over the years, but was absent this past season, well we find out why, he has been working on new Turbo Ford Falcon for the 2015 Campaign. Collin Petersen and his team have never stopped which would be the best way to put it, these guys are a perfect example of "getting hooked on Drag Racing" and the newest project is a new Corvette for Super Pro in 2015. The P&F Performance Racing Team will once again compete with a three car team, but have all moved up the ladder very quickly in the car department.
*One thing I have noticed over the years is that a drag racer hates to be with out a drag car, and when guys tend to sell their cars with the intentions of checking things out before they buy, that doesn't happen. They seem a little lonely when they don't have the race car close by so they can look at it, touch it, and get er ready for the next race however long away that is. Such is the case with Russ Adams who we documented on here of selling his ride a few weeks ago, well Russ has a new one coming home pretty soon to sit in the spot where the old one use to be. Russ has bought a new Diamond Dragster out of Ohio and will have it home in the next little while, we will have another new dragster coming home to talk about next week as well as the Luskville Dragway off season continues to spin the wheels and create a stir.
*OK Semi Pro Drivers the work begins Oct 26th. at noon, at Busters Bar and Grill as we start to take on the challenge of making Semi Pro a bigger and better class for 2015. We need everyone to be there which will indicate right off the bat that we all want the same thing.
*With lots of talk about Semi Pro for next year and also lots of talk of new car news, Al Ray has put his late model Camaro up for sale which would definitely make a great Semi Pro car for someone, and hopefully someone locally. The car comes turn key and is set up for Super Pro where Shelly drives it, word is that Shelly is moving too the dragster next year, and Al will replace the Camaro with a Chevy II, which they are shopping for now, for Becky who will move back to a door car where she started.
With the promise of clear skies, and not to bad a temperatures most racers who  had a little left in them, and those that were in the points battle all made their way to Shannonville Dragway for the Last intertrack race of the season. In fact close to 40 entree's from Luskville Dragway made their way to Shannonville to compete in what had been a traditional weekend for the eastern Ontario 1/8 mile facility that is part of a much bigger road course circuit. With close to half of the field of total entree's being from Luskville it was statistically probable that a number of Luskville Cars would be in the final rounds, and that turned out to be quite true. So we will start with the fact that although the weather man had called for sunshine, very little came through, and although the weather man called for decent temperatures that too did not come true. So there was no question that time was not on our side and with significant larger turnout of cars than what the track is use too, it did take until 6 pm before the finals for the last run would take place, however it did take place. The first Final was Darryl Jensen from Luskville Dragway taking on Chris McEvoy, and home field would pay off for the man who leads that points at Shannonville as he would be the recipient of a red light start from Darryl and take the win. The Jr. Dragster Final would also pit a Luskville Dragway racer and a Shannonville Racer in the finals and here too, home field would play its part as Josh Birks would take the win over Randi Lyn Urslak who was driving here Jr. for the very last time as it has already been sold to Jody N Ray Renaud of Wawa, Ontario. So now it boiled down to Super Pro where two Luskville Dragway Drivers and one Shannonville Driver would go into the Semi Finals where Brandon Barker the Shannonville Driver would get the by to the finals and Randy Urslak and Kyle Jessup two Luskville Dragway regulars. In the Semi's Kyle would take the win over Randy, and Brandon would single for the task of taking on Kyle in the Finals. In the Finals it was all Jessup as both cars entered the speed traps you could here Kyle wamping it twice, which as all standing on the staring line new it was his win light that would come on. This day also decided the points series for the jrs and the semi pro but did not settle the super pro series as it would have to wait for Sunday. So after winners circle pictures where done, it was time to see what and why we are very fortunate too be involved with the group we are involved with at Luskville Dragway. Phil an Melissa Vanoppen took charge and put on what has become a traditional TURKEY FEAST like no others. This BANQUET and there is really no other way to describe it, was and has been INCREDIABLE, many of the Luskville wives bring some stuff to add on, and Phil and Melissa put it all together with their deep fried Turkeys and the food was Great. So with everyone full of food the bench racing went on for a while, and then everyone got in where it was warm.
DAY TWO, and this time the weather man was completely right, IT WAS VERY COLD, but the sun was out and shinning brightly, but everyone new it would be a while before the track was warm enough to get out on. Once again expectations where high for the Luskville Dragway contingent, as once again half the cars at Shannonville where from Luskville Dragway. In the Jr. Dragster class 12 of the competitors where from the track that has the very best Jr. Program and that showed on Sunday as Randi Lyn Urslak in a repeat of Saturday, but this time the outcome was reversed as Josh Birks would be the runner up and Randi Lyn would take the win light. Semi Pro would also see a Kid who had come up through the ranks of Jr. Dragsters racing at Luskville only too graduate too Semi Pro driving his Dads Chevelle. Chevy Morrow showed that his name was given too him correctly as he went to the finals against Kevin Cardinal who would take the win, but what an outstanding day for Chevy who will run for Rookie of the year in Semi Pro in 2015. Super Pro was the largest class once again on Sunday and once again was the last final too come too the line, but prior to getting there the story of the day was with out a question the fact that the same Chevelle that Chevy would go too the finals in , in semi pro would have a chance to double up in Super Pro, but first Kevin Morrow would have to get by 2015 Napa Auto Parts Super Pro Champion/ Luskville Dragway Track Super Champion Derek Malcolm. Although the race was close it would be Derek Malcolm who would go too the finals against Jamie Bridge who would single too the finals with a by run in the Semi's. In the finals all eyes where on the starting line as many believed it would all be settled right there, WRONG, margin of victory 000 but all on the finish line with Bridge taking the win. However for Malcolm the weekend was rewarding as his victory over Kyle Jessup in the first round gave him back to back Luskville Championships and allowed him to join Ashley Ogilvie and Mark Thompson as 2014 Track Champions.

Jessup had to get around Randy Urslak in the semi finals
before he met and defeated Brandon Barker in the finals, Jessup
was still in the points hunt with this great showing.

No this is not team mates but yes they look like they
could be, Jamie Tupper and his corvette, and Becky Ray with the M&M Dragster

This was the run that settled the Luskville Dragway Napa
Auto Parts Championship, as Derek Malcolm met and defeated
Kyle Jessup in the very first round to claim the title.

Again one of the nice things to see at the end of the season no matter what track you are at, is new cars. This
Pontiac Firebird was just that, and very impressive also.
We kick this weeks bits from the pits off with a reminder of couple of things, first off this is our last race weekend of the season as we all head down the road to Shannonville and the intertrack event there. It is points for both tracks and will see champions crowned in all class's at both tracks. It is also the last chance to get banquet tickets in person as we will have them with us for your convenience. For Luskville Dragway it is the last time trial weekend and last cruise night of 2014 as we wrap things up and start working on next summer which you will read some about in the following stories.
*There where some key observations while at Norwalk for the Shakedown, the spot was clean, the grass was cut, they had a kids playground, and Motorhome families where welcomed with open arms, sound familiar. They also say that you should learn something every time you visit someone else's track, and yep think I did a few items that we will use at Luskville Dragway.
We have been talking about the Semi Pro Class for a while now and it has been for good reason, we really believe that this class is a very important cog in the wheel at Luskville Dragway and we are dumb founded to understand why it is not bigger than it is. It is not just our track, as we travelled around the country this past season, we quickly saw that all other venues where suffering the same fate as we where, "Low Car Counts in Semi Pro". Other than our two airport events where the Semi Pro class is incredible at the once a year venues, I-Car and Shannonville like us have not seen the growth, in fact there has been a reduction in the number of Semi Pro cars that are out there racing each and every weekend. We have documented numerous times on this web site the new blood that is coming into the class, yet each and every weekend this past summer we suffered to put a good field of semi pro cars together, this is a class that should have larger numbers than Super Pro, yet each and every weekend super pro would have more cars than Semi Pro. Even the Bracket Bonanza where in past we have had 50 semi pro cars, this past few years we have had to scamper to reach 40, that's going backwards. So we are going to work very hard this winter at getting things headed the other way in Semi Pro, we will start by having a post season Semi Pro Only Drivers Meeting that will be prior too the Banquet and will be for all Current and potential Semi Pro Drivers to attend, so we can discuss and investigate what we can do too make the class a huge success in 2015. If you look at the new blood that is out there right now, and available for next season its hard to understand WHY we can be hugely successful. Lets begin with the fact as we have pointed out, we have a great core group of semi pro racers too start with, drivers like Joe & Mike Doyle, Jim Hewitt, Darryl Jensen, Mark & Claire Thompson, Rob & Steve Ballntyne, Rob Graveline, Mike Devenny, Mike Reynolds  and Dick Stanton. We also have the new blood that came along this last couple of seasons like Vic Tierney, Jason Fletcher as well as a great group of 2014 rookies like Good Time Racing #2, Jacob Wilson, Dan Pillwein. And then we look at next year and the announcements that have already been made for Chevy Morrow and Dylan Wheeler, who are moving out of Jrs. and into Semi Pro and you can see that there is some great potential, but we have to work at it too make sure that it grows big time, which it should. I will be the first to admit that I have not put much thinking into improving Semi Pro over the years, as it was always a class that has taken care of itself but our track like everyone else's has seen this class hurt, and that we have to stop. NOW that being said it will also take help from those drivers that pick and choose when they come, WE NEED EVERYONE to make this work and we can make it work.

Luskville Dragway has as great core group of Semi
Pro Drivers, like Rob Graveline

Jim Hewitt, although not there every weekend is one
of the original Semi Pro Drivers & part of the core group

Jason Fletcher is relatively new but not a rookie and he
too is one of the drivers we need every weekend

If the Doyle Boys miss a weekend there must have been a
earthquake as they are there all the time.
Running a race track does keep one busy and close to home, and does not allow for many trips to other races while our racing season is going on, but this year offered a great opportunity to travel to Norwalk, Ohio and the Shakedown at the Summit Pro Mod race. The trip was not all pleasure, as usual we worked some business into the long travel as we went to Illinois first to pick up the new Dragster for Troy Davis and his 2015 racing season (more on that at another time). The reason for taking in the race was obvious as we could travel right by it on the way home from picking up the car, a number of other racers where going to watch, and Paulo Giust was also going to be one of the Pro Mods racing there. So with Derek, Angie and Troy in charge of Luskville Dragway we headed off on another road trip that would also have some relaxation in it, well at least that's what I called it. After picking up the new car we headed off to Norwalk to meet up with Dale Gauthier, Al Ray, Jamie Bridge, Billy Smith and Darren Frasso at Summit Motorsports Park, which is today considered one of the slickest racing facilities anywhere. One of the things that I would like to point out loudly, the roads in the US SUCK, they are some of the poorest kept roadways I have ever travelled on, I here people whining about the gas taxes in Canada and the Booze Taxes in Canada, well I will take our highways any day of the week over there's, and keep in mind many of the interstates' are TOLL roads, just an observation. However upon entering Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio i will also point out that I would take it over any other race track in the country, as this state of the art facility is amazing, and really is a marquee for our sport. There is no question that if i was able too, and could do I would have our track very much like this one, the food court, yes food court made you feel like you where at Disney land, and the how about $1.00 for a 1lb. of ice cream, yes money can do amazing things, and even though I know we could never be just like that, we could be a smaller scale and that would be nice. However no matter how great the facility is, we all have something in common, THE WEATHER, and Friday was impaired with showers and high winds.
I would also like to point out that there where plenty of Canadians at the event as well as  Paolo Giust, Derek Hawker and Bruce Boland Pro Mod Drivers that have all raced at Luskville one time or another, The Anger Bros where there with both of their Top Sportsman cars and they where flying. Kevin Darryl MacMillan, Cedric Beaulieu, Louise Quileute just to name a few of the other drivers who where making the Shakedown at the Summit one of their stops. Saturday rolled around and it was not raining, however if anything had been falling it would not have been rain, it would have been snow as it was that cold. I have to say after 40 years of running race car or races I really don't make a very good fan so staying to the end was out of the question as it was so cold, how cold was it, too cold to drink beer what does that tell you. But the experience and the chance to see the track was well worth the short way out of our way. However with cold and wind forecast for Sunday there was no staying for a second day of the frigid-non-drag racing type of weather. Only one more weekend before the off season and work on 2015 goes into high gear.

The Angers Bros , all three of them where entered in Top Sportsman
Timmins, Ontario Louis Ouellette was also running T/S , far side

This one is for all you ford guys, one of the nicest Mustangs
I have ever seen running in Top Sportsman

Derek Hawker of Belleville had problems on his first qualifier
when the Lenco would not go into reverse

Hawkers problems where minor however to this Top Fuel
Harley Driver who crashed at the finish line going 200

Turbo's was the name of the game for this race as they where

Bruce Boland was one of the few to lay down a good pass on