$13,500 to win Sat
2017 Bracket Bonanza





Opening Weekend where do we start, you knew it was going to be big by Friday afternoon, as race car trailer after race car trailer rolled through the gate. But how BIG would it be, well it was the biggest car count in the history of opening weekend at Luskville Dragway. And to top it off the weather man was even better than first thought. Congrats to all.

*We often talk about the Luskville Dragway Family and how they all look out for each other and do things at all times to make our place just a little more special. Well Mike Chenier the owner of Speedy Automotive made that loud and clear when he announced on opening day that he was paying all the regular Luskville Dragway Jr. Dragster Kids , buy backs for the entire year. Just a incredible move on Mikes part and once again said loud and clear "we are family". Speaking of Mike Chenier he debut his new colors and his new corvette to much fan fare as this is a team everyone will want to watch this season.

Even though its been slow, the Super Sled High Roller Shootout is still a few months away and when ever we get a new entree will feel pretty good about the race to held August 4th. This week the Shield Bros, long standing sled racers who call Shannonville home, and where part of the good days there when 20 or more sleds would compete on a regular day. Stu and his brother where the first out of the box to throw their support behind this event, and have now added a second sled to the fray that will take place as part of this years Bracket Bonanza.

*Just a quick reminder that next weekend the big car racing shifts to I-Car for the first Super Tour Race of the season, look for this series to once again set all kinds of records where ever it goes this summer. Luskville Dragway will be open for testing, time trials and a cruise night Saturday Night.
*Last but not least, please note a date change on the Banquet, I know, I know its a long ways away but we to do things in advance so everyone has plenty of time to make arrangements. New Date for the Color Me Green, Show Me the Money Banquet is Nov. 25th.
Every year we all wait patiently for open weekend at our track, Luskville Dragway, and this year was no different, other than it rained for a month leading up to the long weekend in May. Most of you reading this will know about all of the troubles that many had if they lived near the Ottawa River, which we are also very close too. However Luskville Dragway was spared the horrendous damage that others received, so yeah we where probably a little more anxious to get open this season than others. So as we wrote earlier when the cars started too roll through the gates early on Friday, and campers where setting up on Thursday you knew no matter what, this weekend would be special. Friday saw over 50 cars do test and tune, which was more than we expected even though we knew it would be big as it had rained for three weekends prior and NO ONE had a chance to test. The test paid off very quickly for some as Landyn Urslak beat Olivia Decooman for the first Jr. Dragster winner of the summer. Patrick Alaire would be $750 dollars richer when he met and defeated Ashley Muttart in the Semi Pro Finals. For Ashley it was a great outing in a car he had just bought from ADM Motorsports over the winter. Speaking of ADM Motorsports they would meet Denis Black in he finals of Super Pro, as Denis completely missed the tree and gave Troy in the American Chromeworkx car plenty of room at the finish line for the win. However we were not over yet as per tradition up next was the Super Pro High Roller race which saw last years Super Tour Points champion take the win over Rachel Ogilvie. So day two in, with great weather and with the forecast getting slightly more up in the air for Sunday a decision was made to start early once again to give the track the advantage against mother nature. So no sunny skies to start of Sunday (barely) and with Southern Ontario tracks called it off we knew we had to get er done before the rains came. Time shots got underway at 9 am sharp with eliminations going at 10:30 in the morning, yep that's right eliminations at 10:30. The finals of Jr. Dragsters would see Julian Laporte of North bay taking the runner spot as Landyn Urslak doubled up on his weekend with first place. Semi Pro would also see Saturdays winner going too the finals but the outcome was not the same this time around as Sudbury's Claude Trudel would take the $500. back to Sudbury. The Super Pro was a very exciting battle as many of the heavy hitters where put on the trailer by Rookie Ashley Ogilvie who would go too the finals where she would run Denis Souliere. However the cinderalla story would end for Ashley in the finals even though she cut the better reaction time Souliere took the stripe and won the race. No matter what though this was the story of the weekend as Ashley last years Jr. Dragster Points Champion was making her first race in the big cars, ended up driving her sisters car as something went wrong with her own on Saturday, doing so with no pre season testing thanks to the rain out after rain out, GREAT JOB Ashley.

For Troy Davis opening weekend
was a good one with his big win.

Patrick Alaire was the day one
 winner in Semi Pro over Muttart.

Landyn Urslak took the first Jr.
win of the season May 20th.

Mike Chenier's Corvette was a big
 hit with the fans on opening day
will be so all season long

Mike was not the only one with a new
corvette as Derek Malcolm debut his also
Luskville Dragway has some great cars

Three roadsters where part of
opening weekend Denis Black
went to the finals on Saturday
Over and Over we had spoke about how fortunate we are to have the great advertisers we do, and once again this week that message was made loud and clear. Following on the heels of the announcement last week, that Interstate batteries had stepped up and taken the presenters rights to the Saturday Super Pro portion of the 2017 Bracket Bonanza comes this weeks announcement that Ogilvie Auto & Fleet have done the same with the Sunday Super Pro Show. The Bracket Bonanza is THEE event of the season for Bracket Racers and attracts drivers from all over for what is the biggest super pro car count for a race in Canada. Last year saw 73 super pro cars compete and most believe that this year could be even bigger. Ogilvie Auto and Fleet is a full service Napa Auto Pro Repair Centre in Jasper, Ontario which also services trucks and motorhomes of all sizes, including fleet service for a number of companies. Mike and Vicki Ogilvie have been solid supporters of Luskville Dragway for many years now and this support is GREATLY appreciated. Once again we make this statement and make it loud and clear, SUPPORT THOSE THAT SUPPORT US.
OK its time, this weekend is the first official race of the 2017 season, are you ready, the weather man did not help everyone get a chance to test but the weather has been a lot worse to others. However we do plan on testing on Friday as early as we can get going for those that want as earlier posted the cost will be $30.00 car and driver, and yes the track will be sprayed. It will be good too get back to racing which I'm sure many others have the same feeling we do.

Phil VanNoppen and the crew at D&D Performance have added another semi pro car too the rank, a 1980 Camaro will get some D&D Power for competition this season. As we move forward we have seen our Jr. Dragster numbers dwindle very rapidly, and when one family has four young guns in the class its only a matter of time before all of those are done with Jr's. And that is just the case with the VanNoppen/Decooman race team out of D&D Performance. This year the oldest Ben, moves out of Jr's. and now looks like he might be moving into a Camaro, or an S-10 Truck the other foot brake car in the stable. This is a family that is steeped in the history of drag racing in our area, so it is so nice to see that history continue, something I'm sure Grand Dad and patriarch of the family Ed Decooman is pleased to see also.
With two weeks in a row of rain outs, snow flurries and a number of racers be dealt heavy blows with flooding, there has not been much to get to charged up about heading into 2017. That is until a phone call from James Locke at Interstate Batteries and Interstate Battery Centre, who pleasantly told me he wanted to increase his involvement with Luskville Dragway. A long time supporter of Luskville Dragway for many years now, the interstate battery signs have been a fixture on both sides of the track for over a decade. This year however will also see this logo associated with the Richest Drag Race in Canada, The 36th. Annual Bracket Bonanza, Canada's longest running continual event. Interstate will be the Presenter of the Saturday Super Pro Event which see's the winner take home a hefty $13,500. in first place prize money. This is incredible news and is the type of thing we obviously need, even more so at a time when the weather man has made it pretty hard to get excited about things. Thank you too James Locke, and remember the next time you need a battery or battery accessories drop by Interstate Batteries @ 171 Macfarlane Rd. Unit C, Ottawa, or call 613-798-9700
Yes the racing season is coming fast, and the Malcolm Carpentry Opening weekend is this coming Saturday and Sunday, which kicks off the Napa Auto Parts Super Series Luskville Dragway 2017. But following right on the heels of that comes the beginning of another series, The Canadian Bracket Super Tour, which kicks off at I-Car @ Mirabel, Quebec. This is the series that generated recorded breaking car counts at Luskville Dragway in 2016 and has the potential to reset those records all over again in 2017. The first event is the weekend of May 26-27-28, with parking taking place Friday as well as a gamblers race that evening, Saturday will see Super Pro-Split Ladder, Semi Pro (Pro) and Jr's. as will Sunday. If you have not joined the series points fund you can still do so, and can also do so right at the event on the weekend. This series, along with Napa Auto Parts Money Tour, as well as the Luskville Dragway Points programs gives local racers more to race for than any other groups of racers across the country, please support all of the above.
OK boys and girls thanks to mother nature there is now only one time trial day to go,  before the big Malcolm Carpentry Opening Weekend May 20-21. So that leaves this upcoming Saturday May 13th. for everyone to get their stuff together , plus we have decided to hold a test session on Friday May 19 for those that wish, cost will be the same as Saturday's $30. car and driver, if the spectators are here for the weekend their will be just the weekend fee's for them. Gates will be open all week, as usual for those that want to come in early and get set up. We also want to remind everyone once again that NHRA SFI Inspector Steve Lecour will be present on Sunday May 21 to certify chassis' so let us know if you want that done.

*We have wrote a number of times about Stewart Addley, a former Luskville Dragway regular racer who moved to Southern Ontario and quite drag racing, got married, had kids, raised kids, kids moved out, got divorced, going drag racing. After buying the car Stewart kind of got caught up in one of those, " oh yeah, i can do you motor, and get this thing ready dog and pony shows. Well too make a long story short he has pulled everything home and will head to West Carleton Automotive, and have Vern Hinton take care of everything, which was the original plan. Stewart was quick to point out how lucky we are here in this area to have engine builders that you can trust and who support the local track and drivers that race there. The big dodge should be a need deal and can anyone say, Ralph Coe and Stewart Addley to the starting line please.

*I know we have already done this, but I wanted to say it once again, THANK YOU to those Luskville Dragway race teams and advertisers who helped us make this years Motorama one of the best car shows this area has ever had. For the racers who took time out of their very busy schedules, and put that time into promoting drag racing and Luskville Dragway thank is not enough. As far as the show goes, there is never enough people and Sunday was much better than Saturday, with the weather conditions being better for a car show than the Hockey dominated Saturday was. See you next year for bigger and better.

*Brian Swayne of Carleton Place will hit the drag racing circuit this season in full force after a complete rebuild of his early model Camaro. And over the years when you thought about the Swayne Boys, whether is was Brian or his late drag racing brother Ross, you associated them with red cars, not this season as Brian has covered her in Black and it looks great. Swayne plans on competing as much as he can get out and has already joined the Canadian Bracket Super Tour. Brian has also added his name to the list of drivers committed to supporting the $5000. to win door car show the first of July.

*The flooding that took place this past week left its mark on many racers in the area, some of them pretty close to home. Steve and Pam, long time semi pro racers at Luskville Dragway where forced out of their home when the roadway to their house was washed out. They loaded their motorhome up and headed for higher ground, yep believe it or not Luskville Dragway is 50 feet above see level and far enough from the river that they where safe there. So after getting plugged in and hooked up to water the family will sit tight at the track in the Motorhome until they can return too their house.
Stinson's and Sons have been involved with Luskville Dragway for more years than one can remember, and they have always done as much as they could for our sport and the racers in it. And this spring is no different as in order to give the drivers and competitors as many choices as possible Stinson's has added the Sunoco Brand of products to their lines available to racers. Stinson's will continue to carry ALL the other product lines like they always have, including VP Racing Products, and a lower priced no name alcohol for those that want. Stinson's is the only Official VP Dealer, Kendall Dealer, Brad Penn Oil Supplier and now Sunoco Race Fuels Dealer in our area, and they support Luskville Dragway in a big way, so please support those that support us. The Sunoco Race Fuels products fits in with Luskville Dragway very well, as this is the official fuel supplier of NHRA. Remember support those that support us.
Another yearly milestone has come and gone, the annual custom car show, and now we set our sights squarely on opening weekend May 19-20-21 and the Malcolm Carpentry Opening Weekend presented by Precision Concrete Finishing and Busters Bar & Grill. The Car show gives us an opportunity to talk with people who may not know anything about the NHRA Drag Strip that is only 20 minutes from Ottawa, so for that it is good. We where well represented to say the least with a great array of local drag cars in the Luskville Display as well as numerous others. I have to say this years car show was one of the best since it has been reborn at the EY Centre and hopes are high for future years as we move forward with trying to regain some of the glory days of Autorama. Luskville Dragway was well represented thanks to Mike Ogilvie & Family, Russ Adams,Patrick Alaire, Paolo & Shannon Giust, and ADM Motorsports new corvette roadster.
 *While the car show was going on Luskville Dragway was open for the second time this spring, and once again even though the weather was not "Great" there was a great turnout. This also included some Northern Ontario Cars who where getting some testing in before the Opening weekend which is coming fast, only three weeks to go. Even as the cruise night time rolled around and the temperatures and the wind made it very uncomfortable, car load after car load made their way into Luskville Dragway for a night of fun. The street scene is very good in this area and Luskville Dragway says a big thank you to their support, hopefully the MF Chassis works Outlaw Street Car races will see this great support as well.
We are extremely pleased to announce that once again in 2017 the family owned Stittsville Trailer company will be part of the marketing family at Luskville Dragway. Orville Hartwick and his family owned business has been supporting motorsports in this area for longer than anyone can remember and he will continue to do that this season at Luskville Dragway. The company located on Main Street in Stittsville, Ontario has a modern day facility that not only sells any type of trailer your require but can repair any trailer, install any accessories that you may require to tow that trailer down the road. They can also fix you up with any type of hitches, trailer wiring, truck caps and many other items of this nature. Haulmark, Leer, Cargo Pro, Featherlike, and JDJ Trailers are just a few of the brands they carry, from open car haulers to enclosed race car trailers, from Horse trailers to dump trailers, if its got wheels and its towed then Stittsville Trailers has it. Their service department is the best in the country and as earlier stated can help you with any aspect of accessories. And speaking of accessories if you need a cap or box liner for that truck you use to haul the trailer with, Stittsville Trailer can assist you with that as well. A family owned business that has a respected reputation, and Luskville Dragway is very proud to be associated with them. This family owned business supporting another family owned business says it all for the saying of support those that support us, so please do just that.
The Nostalgia Super Cars Shootout will happen again this season, even though its 2017 and some of the cars involved are 50 years old, those that drive them know that this is were drag racing began, and they are not about to forget it or let anyone else forget it. For a number of years now this event has taken place and Robert Spooner the organizer says he has no intention of ever letting it stop as he like many others totally enjoy these cars and their performance. It is one of the coolest days at the track, as it really takes one back too 1969 and the early days of Luskville Dragway, when one could look out from the tower and see nothing but these types of cars. This was long before the era of rear engine dragsters and pro stock style door cars which fill the lanes these days at Luskville Dragway. But most will agree that it was the 60's that set the stage for the drag racing we have these days, the love of our sport and our cars started then and continues today. So mark Sept 9th on your calendar for a full day of NHRA Drag Racing, todays style as well as what it was like in the early days.
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