Two future champions got a good start too their season last weekend as Both Chevy Morrow and Brad Shields began their racing careers in what we call the big cars. These two along with a number of others will be chasing what is new, and what is very exciting this year, as J&S Collision presents the Future Champions award. Both Brad and Chevy had good outings and where the only two present that qualify for this new and very prestigious award, others will have some catching up to do with their late start. Others who will be in the chase and will be competing in the next couple of weeks are Rachel Ogilvie, Dylan Wheeler, Jacob Wilson and any other driver who is moving too a big car out of the Jr. Dragster Program.
*We are working hard to put a Door Car race together for the June 13-14 it would be run like our Door Car Program of the last five years, NO WE HAVE NOT GIVEN UP ON DOOR CARS, but we need to here from drivers. We had a great turnout of door cars for opening weekend and that got me excited for the class once again, so here we go. We only have a few weeks to put it together so lets get it done. We are also going to run a open bodied high roller for that weekend with the first sixteen dragsters getting the spots, the entree fee will be $200 with the winner and the runner up deciding how the money will be split. These events will take place following the regular program which will get underway at 10:30 am. And as quickly as we announced it at the track, Grant Honeywell has already confirmed that he will take part in the door pro race on June 13th, lets get this done.
*Speaking of door cars, we briefly mentioned that there might be a second Pro Mod coming to our area, well it has arrived and it is a beauty, after being done up nice by the good folks at Auto Trim. We are going to let you folks do some guessing but it is a Ford Mustang and it will have a twin turbocharged engine it it, WOW.
* And speaking of door cars, another door car truest has gone the root of the dragster's, and even though we hate to loose a door car from the fray we are very excited about the future winners circle visits by this driver. Bill Harling has purchased the rolling BW/Undercover soft tail formerly campaigned by Mike Chenier (Spiderman #1). Bill will install his potent big block engine from the yellow grand am and be ready to go racing very, very shortly, in fact Bill picked the car up on Friday and called to tell me he was already installing the motor on Saturday. We have watched drivers who get new cars, (even myself) and we are like a kid at Christmas, and yes we want to go racing.
As we wrote on our Facebook page last week the weather man has been pretty good to us so far this spring, not a lot of wet stuff has fallen, and for that we are grateful. In fact I think that it would be safe to say that this is the driest spring ever for Luskville Dragway, the grounds are in great shape, we where able to keep the grass cut with out sinking the tractor, and we have been able to continue getting things in tip top shape for the racing season of 2015. With this weekend only being a single day race the track was set for time trials, testing and a cruise night for Saturday, and once again Saturday was met with wall to wall sunshine.  Now although it was wall to wall sunshine it was very cold to begin the day cold enough to freeze the water box hose, however it did not take the sun long to get everything back to where it was suppose to be. A few surprise's kick off this weekends time trials as a number of Rookies where on hand to get some licks in including Dan Pillwein, Daryl Jensen's son for the first time ever and Aiden Clarmo doing some more practicing, young guns make the future look good. The cruise night was once again a very successful one although it looked for a while like it would be quite. However around 7 pm they started rolling in and that didn't stop until well into the night, and although it was not our biggest of the year it was a very good night to say the least. As we have said many times cruise nights are a blast, as a fan you get too see almost any type of car run, from Ferrari's to Fiats, and some of the are very, very fast.  Sunday rolled around and once again the weather man was calling for sunshine, and with a lot of racers already on the property it looked like it would be a good day for the West Carleton Auto Sunday. Now for once the weather man seemed to be right on, and finally the temps felt more like summer, unlike the Friday night where once again it felt more like early April. Time trials rolled out right on time at 10.30 and with a laid back Sunday attitude everyone looked like they where having a great time.
Well we often say after a big weekend comes a quite weekend and it was quite this past Sunday compared to opening weekend, but not every weekend can be a Bracket Bonanza. But for those that where there fun was had by all and some pretty good racing was seen by a number. Everyone was told that no one would be called to the lanes as we would just let them come as they pleased and as long as they where in the lanes they would run, and run they did. So even on a quite day there was some excitement in the air as two rookie lady drivers came to the line in the quarterfinals, Vicki Ogilvie and Laura Lapointe had all eyes on them with Laura shinning the brightest and moving on too the semi finals where she would meet Mike Chenier. However Laura's day would come to an end in the semis against Mike Chenier who would move to the finals against Randy Urslak who would receive the bye in the semis. In the Finals Chenier cut the better light but would break out by 1000 of a second to hand the win light to Randy for his first big win of the season.
Semi Pro which was also a small field  saw Tim  Fearrey loose to Steven Ballntyne who would take the win light and the money that went with it. The Jr. Finals would pit brother against Sister with Randy Lyn Urslak taking on Landyn Urslak. Here too like the big cars, the looser of the round would be the driver who cut the better light as Randy Lyn would take the win light and get to join her Dad in the Winners Circle.
So once again another weekend comes to a close and we look ahead to next week when we run Saturday and Sunday for the Napa Auto Parts Points series, and the Canadian Armed Forces weekend presented by W.O.Stinson & Sons.

Wonder what this part time Jr. Driver
is thinking?? fits pretty good.

Steven Ballntyne showed why many
believe he could be a champion

Laura Lapointe showed she has what
it takes to win in Super Pro.
Luskville Dragway has always prided itself on being a leader when it comes to new ideas for the drag racing at the track, new programs that drivers like, no points systems and what ever. And once again Luskville Dragway will have a first, and this one was not even put forward by the track, however we will take credit for having a first of its kind. 2015 will see for the first time ever at Luskville and maybe most of the country a Mother and Daughter competing for Rookie of the year in Super Pro eliminator, Vicki Ogilvie and her daughter Rachel will both take a stab at winning Rookie of the year, now they will have others too compete with like Bradley Shields who is already off to an amazing start with his great showing on opening weekend. However many will be watching the two ladies as they both get behind the wheel of a rear engine dragster for 2015. Both got their feet plenty wet the Monday after the Opening weekend as they rented the track and tested both Friday Night after everything was done, and Monday. The Ogilvie Family who started the season with Three rear engine cars all ready to go, had a small set back when a broken fly wheel on the Diamond Car sent it to BW Race Cars for some chassis work, nothing serious but it will be out for a couple of weeks, leaving the family with the recently purchased Mullis Car as well as Mikes Blower car that he drives. So Rachel will stay in a Jr. for another weekend while Mom does her thing in the big car. Then once the Diamond is back together Mom will take the handle of it and Rachel will drive the Mullis. This of course bring up all kinds of scenario's such as a Husband and Wife Final, and Mother and Daughter Final, well you get the picture. Now this Super Pro Rookie of the year even gets more interesting when you mix in the fact that besides Brad, Rachel, Vicki we can add Laura Lapointe who will be driving Tad & Laura's Race Tech Car, and Chris Carmichael who will be running his 63 Vette in the Super Pro Class in 2015, and you can see that not only do we have a great crop of Rookies, but we have a great looking future as well.
If this weekends opening weekend is any indication I think we are in for a great season of drag racing at Luskville Dragway, record turnout of cars and fans sets the bar pretty high for the rest of the summer. Over 20 super pro cars sent a message that this class will be a very, very competitive one this season, and with the new points structure look for all class's to go right down too the wire and the final race of the season on the long weekend in Oct.
*Speaking of super pro, Bradley Shields got all licensed up at Luskville Dragway on the weekend and he will be a force to reckon with for all of the other super pro drivers. Brad was under the learning curve with step Dad Paulo Giust who has done his fare share of winning at Luskville Dragway over the years, before stepping up to his current Pro Mod ride.
*Northbay area racer Dan Allard showed up for opening weekend with his Super Pro Vega, but not the same color this year as Dan has switched from the traditional purple to shinning black, looked awesome. Dan had the Vega working well going to the quarter finals on Saturday by taking out buddy Roch Beaudion who had the fastest door car at the track once again. Opening weekend was the huge success it was because they came from Montreal, too Wawa, to be part of the tradition at Luskville Dragway and we thank each and every racer that did.
If you thought Saturday was a good day, then you would have loved Sunday and day two, as more and more cars came through the gate making this years Malcolm Carpentry Opening weekend the best one ever. No question the sunny weather and near perfect temperatures did play a part, but so did the $1500. to win in both Super Pro and Semi Pro. So with time trials getting under way right on time as well as eliminations the drivers started to focus on the Precision Concrete Mulligan Sunday, and getting the winners circle. The Jr. Dragster show was a good one with a number of out of town cars helping swell the numbers to close too 16. But once again it was a local and regular pair of competitors who went too the finals, Brody Bellefeuille and Landyn Urslak with Brody taking his first win of the season. In Semi Pro it would be Mike Reynolds and Darryl Jensen with Mike Reynolds showing is stuff with a big win in the finals and $1500. to go with it. Super Pro boiled down to four semi finalist, Gianni Cantusci against Mike Ogilvie and Russ Adams against Kyle Jessup. The finals would shape up with a door car against  a dragster, Gianni Cantusci in a Camaro would take on Kyle Jessup in a dragster. In the finals the better reaction proved once again to be a upper hand as Kyle parlayed just that into a win light and the $1500 pay check. Opening weekend was incredible and if it is any sign of things to come LOOK OUT, where back bigger and better than ever see you next weekend.

Brody and family in the winners circle

Chris Carmichael was back for another set of
runs, going quicker and quicker on each one.

Gianni and Kyle in the finals

New cars where a plenty, like Dick & Sue
Stanton's new ride
When the pits started too fill up on Friday Night we new it was going to be big, did not expect it to be as big as it was, and thanks to many of out of town racers we set a new record for entrees for an opening weekend. Now like some many events last year the weather man played a part in making things just a little ruff, however the staff and the racers worked together to get things done, and done they where. For many racers this was the first time out for their race cars, and for some it was also ruff going, and with a little bit of rain early Saturday Morning it did not help those that needed the extra runs. So with things getting underway around 1 pm which was about an hour late things where very rushed to say for sure. So with the cruise night looming closer and closer things where put into high gear and even though we did go over into the cruise night the street guys and gals understood and cheered on the finals. And the finals boiled down to a story with in a story in Semi Pro as Tim Fearrey with his Son looking on from Heaven took the first win of the season which really could not have been anymore sweeter if someone printed the script. If you are a reader of this web site you will know what I'm talking about, and every drag racer in the place had a tear in their eye when the win light came on in Tim's lane. In Jr. Dragster Rachel Ogilvie drove in what could be her last to second last race in a Jr. as testing will begin Sunday to move too the big car, so Rachel didn't waste any time in making sure she went out of Jrs as a winner. Rachel met and defeated Grace Vanoppen in the finals for all the marbles. Super Pro was also a story with in a story as the Finals rolled around with Derek Malcolm and Troy Davis taking each other on in the money round. Troy beat John Forsyth in the Semis and Derek beat Kyle Jessup for the chance to run of a 1000. dollars. In the finals of which Davis also won last season, he did it again this season as Derek turned on the red light giving Davis the win for the second year in a row on opening weekend. Bits from the pits has few more tidbits from Saturday.
Don't even know where to start with this announcement but too say we are VERY EXCITED about the newest member to our advertising family at Luskville Dragway. What does internet and drag racing have in common you might say, well both are built on speed would be the best way to put it.  High Speed Canada’s hybrid technology network makes it unique amongst Canadian Internet Service Providers. They service mostly rural areas of Canada, many of HighSpeed Canada’s customers live in areas that are not served by cable Internet, DSL, or HSPA stick or hub. If you live in the country, you have probably been missing out on what many of us take for granted, High Speed Internet Service. Discover the world, reacquaint with old friends, connect with others. Broadband internet provides you with the freedom of knowledge and the excitement of the unknown. And when it comes too getting it, HighSpeed Canada makes it easy, Free Site Survey, Free Equipment, Free Installation, there is no charge for them to evaluate your site and cover all of your basic setup costs. With broadband allowances as high as 100 GB, you can stream 225 movies in one month, and if you are dissatisfied with your service for any reason, you will receive a refund if subscription is cancelled within 30 days of activation, it don't get any better than that. So here we grow again, and this is a fist of its kind type of Marketing Partner that we are very excited about being involved, they will be at many of our races this season to answer any questions you have. So we welcome Arthur Taillon and all of his team as we start the season off in a very fast way to say the least.
The City of Elliot Lake and the Organizing Committee for the North Shore Challenge Drag Race are pleased to announce that HiRail Leasing will become the new Title Rights Sponsor of Northern Ontario’s most successful drag race event. In addition, Maslack Supply Ltd/Smartech will become the Supporting Sponsor. Castrol remains as the Presenting Sponsor. “These are exciting times” for the North Shore Challenge, comments William Elliott, Chair of the Organizing Committee, he continues, “we are seeing new interest in our event from these very well established Northern Ontario businesses and we are looking forward to further developing successful relationships with our new partners”. HiRail Leasing Vice President, Shirley Foster states that “HiRail Leasing is extremely proud to be the Title Sponsor of the Sixteenth Annual North Shore Challenge Drag Race. As a local employer committed to corporate and community growth, we see this as the perfect opportunity to lend our support to this important event which has such profound economic and promotional implications for the City of Elliot Lake. We offer our congratulations to all sponsors and organizers, past and present who are responsible for its enduring success”. Presenting sponsors, Castrol have supported the event since 2006 and state that “Castrol is proud to continue our partnership with the North Shore Challenge. We feel our support is not just about drag racing but helping provide the community with a fun, children friendly event that everyone can enjoy. ”Maslack Supply Ltd has joined the event as the Supporting Sponsor this year and in a statement said, “Maslack, in conjunction with Smartech, is proud to support a Northern Ontario event that has attracted thousands of people to Elliot Lake and has benefitted the community in such a positive way”. Arnie Malcolm, the Race Promoter, indicates that “most drivers will tell you it's more than just a drag race, it's like family coming home for Christmas...it's something you just don't miss, and for ADM Motorsports that feeling is dead on. This event is much more than just a drag race, the fun, the atmosphere and the people make it like Christmas in July!” The event is held at the Elliot Lake Airport from July 17 – 19. Tickets will be available mid May at the Elliot Lake Welcome Centre. For further details see the event website at
www.elliotlakedragway.com  AND too learn more about their new title rights holder visit them at www.hirailleasing.com
Well its finally here, the beginning of the 2015 Napa Super Series at Luskville Dragway kicks off this Saturday with cars from all over Quebec and Ontario coming out for Malcolm Carpentry opening weekend. This is an exciting time for all as we now know for sure that winter is over and RACING SEASON IS HERE. CLICK HERE FOR OPENING WEEKEND FLYER.  We would also like to remind everyone that NHRA SFI is available on Sunday of the Long weekend, and we will have a drivers meeting in the restaurant on Saturday Evening.
*We don't know all the details but we do know it was a serious industrial accident that former Luskville Dragway regular drag racer Rob Lacroix was involved in at work in Calgary. We understand that Rob may have had a arm severed as well as other serious injuries. His daughter and someone who has also raced at Luskville Dragway was flying out too Calgary to see her Dad, we will keep you posted as info comes in.
*Even though the weather man said we wouldn't we did not listen to them and  we got this past Saturday's test and tune in at Luskville Dragway. For a number of new race cars and new drivers this made them very happy including Russ Adams and his new Diamond Dragster who made some good check out pass's in preparation for Malcolm Carpentry opening weekend. Chris and Steve Carmichael was also out with their new 63 Vette Super Pro car, this is one sweet piece and these folks are another nice surprise this spring. There where a number of other cars and also a number of drivers just dropping their rides for next weekend. All in all it was another perfect example of not listening too the weather man, as they are usually wrong, and for those that did come out they got done what they needed to get done.
Mike and Monik Chenier have become a big part of Luskville Dragway and all of the activities that go on at the facility each year. In a very short period of time they have made many friends and have become one of the more competitive teams to watch each and every race day.
Mike who also owns and operates Speedy Auto Service in Gatineau, was gracious enough to also become a advertising supporter of Luskville Dragway and will continue to do so in 2015 as he will hold his spot on the "Advertising Tower of Power"  control tower at Luskville Dragway. Mike besides being a solid advertising supporter is also a strong race car supporter who will be back in 2015 with a new car and we are extremely pleased for that. Mike and Monik have there special spot at the track where they park each and every weekend and when the on track racing is over, this couple can usually be seen in the campground entertaining other racers or friends, of which they bring many to the race track. We often talk about how fortunate we are to have the advertisers we have, and forget to talk about the new people they continue to bring to the track which is so true in the case of Mike and Monik.
What is called Speedy Auto Service started out with a different name many years ago. Speedy Muffler King opened its' first store in 1956 and was one of the first muffler replacement specialists in North America. Speedy Muffler King understood the importance of building strong customer relationships and was one of the first automotive repair service chains to establish standards of performance to assure its' valued customers consistently high levels of service at each and every one of its' locations across Canada. Over the years Speedy Muffler King expanded its' products and services and in 1993 changed its' operating name to Speedy Auto Service In December 2007, Speedy Corporation acquired Speedy Auto Service. The Speedy Auto Service Gatineau auto repair shop specializes in offering the very best while-you-wait service for all makes and models of cars, light trucks and SUV's. Although muffler replacement is still a primary service, Speedy also specializes in brakes, shock absorbers, struts and front end repairs as well as the sale of tires, road safety inspections and vehicle maintenance services that include oil, lube and filter replacement. Our Gatineau auto repair shop which is located on 372, boul. Maloney west, takes pride in being able to help keep the citizens of Gatineau safely on the road, because at Speedy you're a somebody.
The Speedy Auto Service race team will debut a brand new car , and a brand new paint scheme for opening weekend this season at Luskville Dragway, and like the previous one this one too will be an eye catcher. Mike and Monik where busy testing on the weekend of the car show, so have had a chance to make sure everything is working good when opening day rolls around this weekend coming, look for this team to make a charge for the championship BE THERE
It seems like it was a long time ago that we crowned the Luskville Dragway Class Champions for 2014, and that is because most of us drag racers dislike the winter time. But with the opening of the Napa Auto Parts Super Series at Luskville Dragway this coming weekend we know that 3 drivers who are extra anxious to get going, so they can begin the defence of their 2014 Track Championships.  Ashley Ogilvie in Jr. Dragster, Mark Thompson in Semi Pro and Derek Malcolm in Super all have their work cut out for them, as there are a number of others who would like nothing better than to dethrone them from the positions. For Derek and Ashley they are not only defending what they did in 2014, but also 2013 as they where both repeat champions, and everyone knows how hard it is to just repeat titles in anything let alone three peat. Ashley who has had a tremendous Jr. dragster career will not have her sister as a Jr. dragster teammate, as Rachel Ogilvie has moved up too the big cars and will debut in a Mullis soft tail dragster this season. The other driver who has a chance to do something no other super pro driver has ever done (win three championships in a row) is Derek Malcolm who took the title in 2013 with a brand new Chrome Worx Dragster and then went on to defend that title in the same car in 2014. Malcolm will try and make it three in a row this summer in the same car, which will go on the for sale block and the end of the season in earnest with the hopes of a new car in 2016. The Third Driver who will have his work cut out for him in 2015 is Semi Pro second generation driver Mark Thompson of North Gower, Ontario. Mark like many of the other semi pro drivers is very excited about the new Title Rights Holder to Semi Pro (TDL Truck Repair) and the extra cash that it has brought to the table. There is no question that the new points system will make the chase for the championship a lot tighter, as this year drivers will earn 100 points per round won after a buy back, it will stay at 200 points per round for live runs. We firmly believe that all chase's this season will be tighter than ever and will probably go down too the wire and the last race of the season on Oct. 10-11.
As you can tell by the date above we have now headed into the Month of May and things will start to pick up considerably as we get closer and closer to our first official Napa Race of 2015, May 16-17 for the Malcolm Carpentry opening weekend. Some notes , Dick Stanton still has his last years Semi Pro Truck for Sale, very surprised that someone has not picked this winning drag truck up as it is NICE and a winner. There really is not a lot for sale out there and this is one that we hope does not leave the area and Luskville Dragway. We have been working very hard to make sure the track is in great shape for opening weekend, and have spend a great deal of time doing so. We hope that everyone is working just as hard to get their race cars ready for the 2015 racing season, and in particular opening weekend which sets the pace for the summer. We will also be having a racers discussion meeting in the restaurant the Saturday Night of Opening weekend, we will do so shortly after racing is over. And last but not least we will swing over to Monday Publication next weekend as we get ready for the Napa Super Series to start, we will continue to have updates on our facebook page, so stay tuned too both
*Here is the latest look at Collin Peterson new Corvette super pro car just before it was to be loaded into a trailer to head our way for good, as Collin and crew are moving too Renfrew, Ont. This has been a winter long project and the boys are obviously anxious to cut it loose and burn some rubber so too speak, and that will all happen very soon as plans are to be at Luskville tested and ready for opening weekend.
* Speaking of race teams we are pleased to announce that another local team has a web site up and running, Goodtime Racing, the Ford Mustang Team have done a great job and deserve a look see by all. This is a perfect way to promote yourself, your team and obviously your sponsors so hats off too Jason and the boys. This is a team that will be competing for the TDL Truck Repair Semi Pro Championship this season, Check it out at GOODTIME RACING.
*As we told you a while back things have been very good on the advertising front and we are pleased to say we will be announcing a very "high" up the ladder advertiser in a little while. We feel this new marketing partner will fit in with Luskville Dragway and all of its "speed" as we continue to be one of the few NHRA Drag Strips in "Canada". So with out spelling it out for you stay tuned for the big announcment.
We often talk about the changes (evolution) of our sport, but it really happens to each and everyone of us in every day life, things continually change and are never like they where. And something's don't change very often and one of those things that has not changed is the support the Tapp Auto has shown towards Luskville Dragway over the years. Now for Chris Tapp the owner and car guru of Tapp Auto some things have changed, gone is the low 9 second sport compact that he use to come and run at Luskville Dragway, Today its either a Porsche or a BMW which was exactly what he had last weekend as Chris was the first official car down the quarter mile for 2015. Back in the 9 second days it was just Chris and his wife who would normally be with him at the track, these days she stays home to look after their twins, yes something's really do change. However one thing that as not changed is the ability of Chris Tapp to make things go fast, and the ability to continue to be one of the busiest shops in Ottawa. Yes Tapp Auto still does custom performance stuff but they do a lot of regular repairs and maintenance and especially on high end vehicles. Tapp Auto is located at 39 Cleopatra Drive Ottawa, Ontario or you learn more by visiting their web site at tappauto.com
No its not like the old days of Autorama, but then again nothing is like the old days anymore, but this past weekends Custom Car Show was well worth our time as Luskville Dragway was on display all weekend at the Earnest Young Centre. For any of us that did the Autorama Show at Lansdowne Park, this is a much different show with a totally different atmosphere and yes in most cases a totally different crowd, however anytime you can get in front of thousands of people, many who have never been to the track its good, real good. Luskville Dragway as we have done for the past 35 years was well represented with some of this area's coolest cars. We want too thank Mike Ogilvie of Ogilvie Motorsports, Will Robertson of Wills Auto Service for bringing his cool Camaro, Randy Urslak of Randy's Performance Automotive, Mike and Joe Doyle, Paolo Giust who chose the Luskville Dragway Display to locally debut is Unreal new Pro Mod Corvette and of course Tory and Derek. Now there is someone else I would like to thank also, Wayne Young even though Young's Speed Shop is no more Wayne Continues to help us out when ever he can. Mr. Young came through with some exciting DVD's of drag racing for everyone to view on the Big Screen, (supplied by Bleeker Stereo and TV) at the Luskville Display. But not only did Wayne supply them, he went out of his way to get them too us as well, what can I say but THANK YOU. The show although we would prefer earlier in the spring was well attended and well worth the while, next year we understand there could be new owners with new ideas and new dreams.

Paulo & Shannon Giust's New G-Force Pro Mod
C-7 Corvette stood out too say the least

Once again the Luskville Dragway/Napa
Auto Partsdisplay was the nicest in the show

Ottawa Drive Shaft & Steering who are a big
part of Luskville where also part of the show

Will Robertson has one of the nicest Camaro's
in the country, and we where fortunate
to have it in our Luskville display
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