SEMI PRO  HIGH ROLLER

                        SUPER PRO DOOR HIGH ROLLER

                      SUPER PRO DRAGSTER HIGH ROLLER
                       JR. DRAGSTER HIGH ROLLER
                     DOOR PRO RACE MAY 17/2014
                    JR. DRAGSTER PRIZE PAGE
*Look for Mike and Vicki Ogilvie too be back with two cars for the Bonanza as they have purchased a new motor from Tom Orr that came directly from Koffle's in the US to replace the broken one in the Diamond Dragster that broke back a while. Mike has been competing in the Blown Super Charged M&M car since breaking his number two ride but will be back in full force for the Bracket Bonanza everything going well.
*Just a heads up to those wishing to come in and park early for the Bonanza, we would ask that no earlier than Wednesday and that everyone must be parked by an attendant, as everyone must through out the parking and pitting process. We would also point out that this is one event that we DO NOT ALLOW any vehicles other than two vehicles in the pits, so if you have a second car leave it in the spectator parking lot, please do not come in and say, oh i just have to drop something off. We will need all the space we can get. The only vehicles that should be moving around in the pits are RACE CARS and pit bikes, carts. We don't want too sound like dictators but we just want everyone to have a safe and fun time.
*Congratulations to Laura Shepherd for the big $10,000. win at Esta Safety Park on Saturday of the two day big dollar bracket race. Laura is of course a protégé of Jamie Tupper so no big surprise when all the tutoring pays off as Jamie is one of the winningest bracket racers in Canada.
Big Dollar Bracket Racing was un heard of  in Canada back in 1980 when we took over Luskville Dragway, but it was something that we knew we wanted to make part of the track, but little did anyone know that it would be around for this long, and be even bigger than ever. The concept for the event has some unique history as the date was chosen because this was the date in my home town when an annual church picnic would be held, and all of us gear heads would come home, bring our fast cars, and when everyone had gone home from the picnic we would "street race our cars. Yes back then racing on the street seemed like a smart thing , we now all know it is not, however everything from Mach I Mustangs, SS Chevelle's, Hemi Road Runners, and 429 powered Torino's where part of our annual "who's got the fastest street car". So the long weekend in August was always a special time for me when i was growing up, and then I started to go too Cayuga's Dragway Park and what was called the Winston World Championship of Drag Racing each and every long weekend in May, where on Saturday night they would have a huge corn roast and a band to go along with the drag racing, something I felt was really cool, as did everyone else that was there. So become the Bar-B-Que and the band for the Bonanza to go along with the Big Dollar Bracket Racing, so yes the Bonanza really does come from my history book of good times in this sport we call drag racing. Over the years the Bonanza has had its stories, how about the fact that Bob Brown was the very first Bracket Bonanza winner, that Carl Brucher from Pennsylvania was unbeatable for a while, and then the Jersey Boy's era with Frank Mark, Jimmy Dejocco, Joe Cortieze and Paul Bochon (who actually comes from PA). These guys for a while were unbeatable, and then José Mongeon broke that area with a big win over Frank Mark, driving her dads Dodge Challenger and doing so with only a foot brake against the boys and all their buttons. The Kids that have grown up being part of the Bonanza, Frank Mark Jr. who was coming to the event, even before he was born, as one winners circle picture will show, Frank and a very pregnant Beth in a winners circle pic. Derek Malcolm made is first pass ever in a big car at the Bonanza, it was an undercover car we where buying for him and Derek went out and with 100's watching laid down a .500 light for the crowd of on lookers. Yes this event really is the heart and sole of Luskville Dragway and to this day is an event that many plan for from the beginning of the season, and many travel too from afar so they can be part of Christmas in August. Today of course it is even bigger than ever and for the first time ever drivers will be racing for close too $100,000. dollars, you will here others claim that they have the premier sportsman events in the country, but the truth is it is the Bonanza at Luskville Dragway each and every long weekend in August.
With nothing but sunshine in the forecast and in the air for the weekend of Elliott Lake, it was easy to get spoiled, but heading into our second road trip in as many weeks and our first visit to I-Car the weather man did not have a very optimistic outlook. So this along with the fact that a number of teams had headed south to Esta Safety Park Dragway just outside of Syracuse, New York for a $10 Grander, the turnout of cars on Friday night was not what we had hoped for. With gas prices the way they are some teams almost need a guarantee to race before they will pull out and hit the road, so once again something else makes running any motorsports event that much more difficult in this day and age. As usual we where the first ones to arrive at the massive Mirabel facility that is more than just a drag strip, and usually even if your early you can watch some cars running on the road course, but not even that this day, which once again indicates that not even the road courses are selling out like they use too, Its not easy out there in the Motorsports World. However with that being said by 6 pm we were not the only trailer lined up, and with the sun still shinning you could do nothing but have a optimistic feeling for the next day, at least. Coming to Montreal is always fun, and with this the weekend before the Bonanza it would also give us an opportunity to talk to others about coming to what is Luskville Dragway's premier event August 1-2-3.
Saturday morning and the weather man did not work hard over night to make things any better as sunshine soon gave way to cloud cover and the forecast was still not on the racers side. However for those of us that had come to race their was no water falling out of the sky so it was time to get things underway. By the time first round rolled around we had 36 cars in super pro, 23 in Semi Pro and 12 Jrs. not great but not bad all things considered. The Jrs. was an all Luskville Dragway Final as Ben Vanoppen and Ashley Ogilvie did Luskville Proud with Ben Vanoppen coming out on top in the finals, Danny Caron a local kid was the lone semi finalist loosing to Ashley after his chain broke right on the starting line. Super Pro was not a good day for Luskville Dragway cars as when things got down too the money rounds not a single Luskville regular was left in the program, not that they didn't try, but you know the deal some days are diamonds some days are gold and some days are "Sh''t. Heading into the finals it would local dragster driver Andre Ballabey  from I-Car and Rejean Parent from Quebec city and the Point Rouge track. Now we have seen three finals in the last two weeks with a door car and a dragster in the final and up until today it was the dragsters come out on top, not this time as Rejean and his wheel standing super stock looking trans am took the win light and the money that went with it.
However the same could not be said about Semi Pro as Mark Thompson stood tall for Luskville as he whittled his way down too the finals where he would take on seasoned veteran Alain Cauchon. Cauchon who was drag racing back in the days of the Molson Grand Nationals where he was then running super comp. So Mark was in tough and when Alain cut the better light it was pretty much over as Cauchon is a tough customer and that is how it worked out, however Mark did a good job driving very well all day.
So the second Inter-Track was over and with rain called for the next day the facility called the Sunday portion real early
letting everyone know they would not be racing on Sunday. So this was good news and bad news, bad news as everyone was hoping for two days of racing, but with the big one only 6 days away, if your stuff was not broken being able to consintrate on the Bonanza was not a bad thing.

ADM Motorsports was thankful for the lone of a dragster
for Troy Davis to drive after his car broke.

George and Michelle Levesque where out making some laps,
we have not seen them in a while it was a pleasure
It is with deep heart that we lead off this weeks news with some very sad news, Jessica Forsyth the daughter of Long Time Luskville Dragway regular super pro racer John Forsyth has passed away. Jess was a regular when ever she could at the track cheering her dad on, and she missed it very much when she got too the point where she was too sick to come. I know that everyone that is involved with us at Luskville Dragway, the Napa Tour as well as all of the Malcolm Family send our deepest condolences to the Forsyth Family. We know that Jess will be watching down over her Dad and the rest of the racing family at Luskville Dragway.  Diamond Jim will have someone with him to watch over us at the Bonanza, but we will miss them both deeply.
With one Napa Tour race under our belts things only get that much busier as we pack up and head back to Luskville Dragway, only to head right out again to I-Car in Mirabel, just outside of Montreal for our second inter-track event with Series Trailers Montreal. The first event held about a month ago at Luskville Dragway was a huge success and we fully expect this to be even bigger as we expect on 60 or more super pro cars. And then its back to Luskville Dragway and the Grand Daddy of all Canadian Big Dollar Bracket Races and with out question the richest one to this day. August 1-2-3 will see Luskville Dragway host what has become the National event for Bracket Racers in Canada, drawing the VERY best Canadian and American big dollar bracket racers for over $100,000. in
*Some of the speciality awards coming out of Elliot Lake was the annual J&S Collision Best Appearing Car Award which this year went to Collin Peterson and his team out of Wawa, the three car team which has their cars all painted identical are fairly new too the tour but have fit it like a glove.
*This up coming weekend at I-Car is a points race for both Luskville Dragway, and I-Car, and we firmly believe that we will have a big turnout as many racers have not raced for a couple of weeks now. The inter-track relationships that we have with I-Car and with Shannonville are very important to the advancement of our sport locally, and beneficial to the tracks involved for their survival. We have been very lucky with the support that the racers have shown for working together, and in many cases have seen that support continue even when it is not a intertrack event, and that too is the key ingredient to this program working. We know for a fact that racers from Luskville who have never been too I-Car will be making the trip for the first time, including current Semi Pro Points Leader Joe Doyle who has not race anywhere but Luskville Dragway for the past 12 years. He too see's the reasoning being tracks working together, and making it better for everyone in the sport of drag racing including the tracks with out race tracks you have no drag racing.
*And as we expected with the Bonanza only two weeks away a flurry of activity has started to happen including a number of racers showing an interest in the High Roller events just to name one thing. One of those such racers is another Montreal Racer, as Daniel Lanctot has entered his new VEGA Super Pro car in the door side high roller for the August 1 event. Dan who is a former Semi Pro driver made the move up the ladder with a great looking, and strong running Vega, still to this day one of the most popular drag cars out there. Mr. Lanctot who is a member of the Series Trailers Montreal at I-Car will be  a force to reckon with, as he is one of the Montreal drivers who has been too Luskville Dragway a number of times during his racing career, and has always been competitive there as well as his home track. Mike Devenny has thrown his name on the Semi Pro High Roller, stating he hope this kick starts this class as we get closer too the August 1 Event, which will be a big part of this years Bracket Bonanza. Mike a former rookie of the year not that long ago, does not show any green horn ways these days as he is one of the most competitive Semi Pro Drivers out there, already making his way too the payout window a number of times this season, a season where he will only be able to race on certain weekends.
It is Thursday July 17 and after tearing down at Luskville Dragway last week in the POURING RAIN, it was a welcome site for the ADM Motorsports team to be greeted by Sunshine after a 8 our drive, to begin setting up for what is considered the very best airport race anywhere. As the event grew in size it was only a natural step to make Friday a full day of time trials but in order too that it meant that everything had to be put together one day early, and with the city employee's doing their thing, the North Shore Cruisers doing theirs and the lads from ADM Motorsports, things came together rather nicely in a timely fashion. All through this time race cars and race car teams where rolling in getting parked and getting set up for three days of exciting NHRA Style Drag Racing. A number of show cars where already in town with some taking part in a down town race display in an effort of taking the excitement already seen through out the town to a whole new level. You could tell by Thursday evening that with out question this would be the largest turnout of Super Pro Cars in the 15 year history of the event as the S/P pits where swelling with new and old entree's. Once the track was up and running it was time for the Team to head into town and join some of the show car teams for dinner at the Fireside supporting those that support our race. It looks like a wild weekend.

The Big Top of Canadian Drag Racing began to take
shape early Thursday Morning

This shot shows what we start with, we will have pictures
showing what it looks like when we are done.
It is now Friday Morning July 18th and time for a full day of time Trials, gamblers races and show cars, it should be fun and the Sun is still out, in fact they are calling for Sun Shine all weekend so lets keep our fingers crossed. The call to the lane went out at 9am. Friday would also be the busiest day at the gate as many cars where still lining up to get into what many call the most successful airport race in Canada. And coming in they did all day, and well into the night as the pits swelled to over full making it look that this would be the biggest one ever. While the cars where coming in many drivers made more runs in a day than they would in a month at other race tracks as the staff was on their toes Getting err done. Three Gambler races where held to cap the full day, with Jamie and Shelia Tupper winning the big one when final round opponent  Joe Passero blew a hose and had to be shut off. In the Semi Pro/Sled/Bike race it was a sled that did the job taking the win as Sudbury's James Goudreau was the winner. The street gamblers went to a slick 67 Camaro, Randy Tool out of Timmins which was more than the little sliver S-10 could handle. The Night was capped completely off with the first runs of the weekend by the Jet Trains which had what was a pretty good Friday crowd on their feet screaming and hollering for more, more which they would get Saturday All in All a very, very good Friday with a large crowd and a close too record number of entrees.
Saturday July 18, With Friday behind and most dialed in it was time to get into some serious Money Race's yep the well known saying "SHOW ME THE MONEY" came from just that, when we started these events, and was trying to convince racers to come too them, they would say, show me the money. So by Saturday morning the pits where JAMMED with record turnouts in most of the class's including Super Pro which saw 50 cars make the call for first round. FIFTY CARS, just think of how many race track would die to have that many cars in Super Pro, making this race take on the mood of we are going to set some records.  Racing got underway at 8 am as everyone was told the night before and this gave many to once again get in plenty of time trials on day number three. It would be a jammed packed day of racing to say the least and for Young Ethan Scott of Sudbury a very exciting day as he would win his first ever Jr. Dragster Napa Tour Event beating Max Gauthier in the Finals in a class that was filled with previous tour winners. The Street Class which was is called king of the streets because it pays $1000. to win went to the little S-10 of Danny Sproule who was the runner up on Friday, so this driver had already made it a wild weekend for sure. In Semi Pro Fred Ellis proved once again that he is the man to beat as he powered his way to the finals with wheel standing run after wheel standing run to meet and beat Rob Howell in th finals. Fred who had been running both Super Pro and Semi Pro was looking to maybe win both as he went deep in the rounds of Super Pro as well. In Super Pro Jamie Bridge who has taken a likening to Elliott Lake, winning here last year as well, did it again taking home $5000. with his win over surprise finalist Jacque Millette of Wawa. Luskville Dragway regulars Carl and Kyle Jessup where the two semi finalists, with seasoned veteran Carl showing that he does not have to race every weekend to stay sharp, Sunday will be fun as its $10,000 to win . And now it was time for the show cars, and what a line up of show cars we had, The Crazy Train Wheel Stander was the first out to get the crowd cranked, driven by KC Jones who put it down the track and through the win lights on its back wheels. Then Diesel Dave and his "Insanity" Nostalgia Funny Car, Dave is a regular up North as he hails from Sault Ste. Marie. Then what everyone had been waiting for Smax Smith and the Top Fuel Dragster, we had told the crowd that this would be different and let me tell you the crowd, which was huge and had stayed too the end made it well know that this was the best they had ever seen. Well the best until the two Jet Trains came out and just about had the crowd jumping out of the grand stands, these guys are with out a question the very best and the Train concept is exactly what is needed more of, as it really had the crowd a fire. This was with out a question the very best single day for an airport event since we started doing this way back in 1995. Stay tuned until tomorrow.

Jamie Bridge has taken a likely to the airport venues,
winning two years in a row.

Fred Ellis has always liked the airport races and it would
take both hands to count how many times he has won

Beaudry and Prevost a team where unstoppable
on Saturday.

Danny Sproule made the tow all the way from Timmins
but made it all worth while with over $2000 in winnings

Ethan Scott was a big winner on Saturdays Jr. Program
look for this kid at more of the Napa Tour events im sure

P&F Racing where probably some of the happiest racers at the
Track, with their best appearing award from J&S Collision
Sunday July 19, once again the weather shown like it has never shown for this event in the past, and once again even though there was only one day left, more cars came through the gates making sure that record numbers where attained. Sunday of course in the past has not seen as large a spectator crowd as Saturday, but this year Sunday gave Saturday a run for its money so too speak. Thinks kicked off with Jr. Dragster racing and by the time we got too the finals it was Rachel Ogilvie beating Taylor Gilchrist of Sudbury. The girls dominated the final three as Ashley Ogilvie was the lone Semi Finalist. Prior too the start of the Jr. Dragster eliminations it was announced that this class would be part of the Napa Series and that Ogilvie Auto & Fleet Service would carry the title rights too this class, it was decided that the kids would count three out of the five races for the championship which will give everyone a great shot at something new. Sled/Bikes was a big numbers class also and it had some great racing, James Goudreau of Sudbury had been having a very good weekend so far, so when he headed into the finals against Cody Ledasseur most new it would be a great battle, and it was a battle the Cody would win. What can you say about Semi Pro , other than we think we are going to change the name too Ellis Pro, yes once again and for many times in the past, Fred Ellis of Strafford, Ontario too his wheel standing Cuda Country Dodge too the winners circle in a field of 140 cars, this time beating travelling friend Bill Nolan. Fred was running both Semi Pro and Super Pro and besides winning both days in Semi, he made it too the money rounds both days in super Pro, including a semi final round spot on Sunday.  The Lone Semi Finalist on Sunday in Semi Pro was young Austin Weaver who has shown he has been learning very well over the last couple of years and will make it too the winners circle someday soon. And Now for Super Pro, over 50 cars, yes that's right over 50 cars made the call for the first round of the $10,000. dance and the fans got too see some of the very best super pro racing of all times. By late afternoon the class had been whittled down to 4 cars, with Derek Malcolm driving the Pro Stock S-10 against Calgary, Alberta's Rob Lacroix who made a surprise appearance. Rob who is know for his wheel standing antics put many a top racer on the trailer in order to get to the final four. But here the luck would be on Malcolm's side as Rob would roll in the beams triggering the red light and sending the S-10 and Derek to the finals where he would meet the winner between Jamie Tupper and Fred Ellis. The two Southern Ontario drivers had everyone on their feet, and with out question Ellis who would be considered the underdog in this battle was receiving most of the support from the crowd. However it was not too be as Tupper would win a berth in the final of the $10,000 race against Derek Malcolm. Now one would quickly believe that it would be dragster vs. dragster but that was not the case as this day Malcolm was doubled in driving both the teams Dragster and the Teams Pro Stock Truck and it was the truck that Derek made his way to the final in. This also gave us two days where it ended up dragster vs. door car/truck which once again had the crowd siding with the vehicle with the doors. At the green it was the truck and Malcolm with a slightly better reaction time, giving some hope that maybe it would be doors in the winners circle, but that was not too be as Tupper drove by him at the stripe and took the win and the Huge Payout. The day was once again capped with all of the show cars making runs, and driving the fans crazy as we wrapped up another VERY SUCCESSFUL Napa Auto Parts Tour Event. There really are no words to describe how big and how successful this event is, they say that seeing is believing, well I have seen it's birth, its growth and its success, and would invite everyone to make plans for 2015.

Sunday also saw us having to shut down the races in order
to land, refuel and OPP Search Helicopter, nothing extra for
this feature attraction

Too say the pits and staging lanes where packed would be a
grave understatement, over 50 Super Pro, over 130 Semi
Pro and the list goes on and on.

The Crazy Train Wheel Stander was just another reason
why this years race was the BEST EVER

Rachel Ogilvie took the announcement of a Napa Tour
Series for the Jrs. Seriously, wining Sundays Final
Work was wrapped up this week on the final stage of improvements at Luskville Dragway and those improvements got everyone's thumbs up this past Saturday with nothing but positive comments coming from all. This final stage has once again made our track that much better, and we keep the promise of continuing the improvements as we move forward in the years to come. I have often said if the vault was full i could really show everyone what type of a track we could have, but we also have to be realistic and make sure that everything we improve on is paid for as we go, so we can keep the upgrades coming.
Just a reminder to all, that Luskville Dragway is open for the next two Saturdays for Time Trials and Cruise Nights only, its time for the Napa Tour to kick off as we head to Elliot Lake for the first of five stops. So a great time for all of you street guys and gals to have the track to your self, time trials will start at 12 noon as usual and run until 11 each Saturday, ENJOY.
*We would also like to remind everyone heading to the North and Elliot Lake for the first Napa Tour Event, the plans are too start time trials on Friday at 10. AM, Tech and parking will take place on Thursday giving everyone lots of time to get in, set up and settled in. We do plan on running more than one gamblers race on Friday afternoon/evening so their should be lots of time for lots of runs at the most successful airport race in Canada.
*The Extreme Auto Care and Performance cruise night had a great turnout with some very fast cars competing for lots of prizes, and here is a list of some of those winners, it was one of the best cruise's of the season so far. The baddest one and fastest was Tyler Cavanaugh with his 1980 Malibu who picked up $100. cash for the fastest pass in the round that counted. Fastest SUV went to Mike Gagion who went 14.66 for the title and the large prize package from Extreme. Fastest Street car with  street slicks (turned in ticket) Phillip Couzino, The fastest street cars with street tires went like this Third Place was won by Nikki Laframboise who went 13.26, second place was James Rafferty who went 12.37 and the fast street car with street tires was  Corey Griffin who made a number of low 11 second pass's that impressed everyone in attendance.

Paving started at 6 am Friday Morning and was wrapped up
by Noon.

Saturday saw close to 20 Semi Pro cars making great use
of the new paved parking.
With the upgrades all done, many of the drivers who rolled through the gates this past Saturday where quick to point out how good things looked and where once they started to use the new paved areas in the pits. The latest upgrade had everyone talking and everyone praising what had gone on too make their track better. What was also met with approval was the solid turnout of Semi Pro Cars for the second event in the summer shoot out Saturdays for Semi Pro, and some thing that we will be working on an growing for next season. Even a couple of Super Pro Drivers decided to try their hand at foot brake racing with their door cars, and with out question had a great time, even though it took a while to get use to brake pedal, instead of trans brake. Heading into the quarter finals last weeks winner Rob Graveline would get the by and Kyle Jessup would face Steve Ballntyne, and Mike Reynolds would race Mike Zadow.  Zadow would take the battle of Mikes and Steve Ballntyne would take the win light against Kyle Jessup, which set up a Zadow - Graveline Semi final with Steve Ballntyne getting the bye to the finals. In the finals Rob Graveline was on his way to make it two in a row as he made his way too the finals after meeting and beating Zadow. In the finals however Ballntyne was not about to let Graveline make it two in a row, as he cut the better light, took the stripe and the win light. This was Steve's first win in a while and was joined in the winners circle by one of his sponsors Ray Pillwein of Aylmer Auto Performance. I think the consensus was very loud and clear that this type of thing worked, and worked very well with a great turnout, a great amount of positive feed back, so look for more of the same, in fact word has it that ADM is working on a semi pro car for next season already. Once the racing portion of the program was over the Extreme Auto Care and Performance Cruise Night took over and with out question was a great time for all involved, with lots of prizes and lots of fun.

Rob Graveline made it two finals in a row by beating up
on eveyrone except for Steve Ballntyne in the final.

Tim and Andre Fearrey  have had a good season so far but
this Saturday was not too be one of their better ones.
*The heavy equipment was back into Luskville Dragway this past week and will wrap up early this week coming with the second phase of improvements for 2014. The first phase so extensive on track improvements which was met with everyone's applause and with out question made the track a smoother place to race. We are now working on expanding the paved pit areas, and return roads, as well as some personal private parking area's in particular for the bigger units that are more frequent at Luskville Dragway these days. With the big cars, and the big rigs being out on the road for some out of town races including the Napa Tour Event in Elliot Lake, we are working hard to have everything done and in order by the time they roll back in for the Bracket Bonanza August 1-2-3-4. This is a continuation of our commitment too the racers that we would continue to do everything we can to make Luskville Dragway the track of choice. We do have a game plan for 2015 and will work on that as the season progress's.
*Things have slowed down for a couple of weeks for Luskville Dragway and is racers, and every one gears up for the Summer Napa Tour which starts in a couple of weeks at Elliot Lake and then heads to I-Car before everyone returns to Luskville Dragway for the grand daddy of all Bracket Racers the 33rd. annual Bracket Bonanza. Canada's oldest, richest and the most prestigious Bracket Race Event and series. $100,000. in Total Prize Money will attract the best racers from the US, Ontario and Quebec.
*ATTENTION ALL NAPA TOUR JR. DRIVERS, there will be a meeting on Friday of the Elliot Lake Race to talk about your tour series, if you are interested make sure we know you are.
With the big dogs all out of town for the Month of July it was like Semi Pro Summer for most, and it was a nice lade back atmosphere to say the least with at two or three Super Pro teams talking seriously about a semi pro car for just this next season. And all though the field was small the competition was fierce to put it mildly as a number of points runners where put out early. However the small semi pro field fit right in with what was a huge turnout once again of Bikes, ever since the on track improvements the bikes have been coming out in droves and all with positive comments about the improvements.  By the time the semi finals rolled around it was Points leader Joe Doyle against Rob Graveline and Rookie of the year candidate Andre Fearrey against Mike Reynolds who finally had the new Semi Pro Truck sorted out. It should be pointed out also that all the Semi Pro guys decided to give Graveline time to fix his Opel which once again showed the  great atmosphere at Luskville Dragway.  Reynolds who has some experience running Super Pro has had nothing but trouble with the new ride, a S-10 Semi Pro Truck, but not this weekend as the Tranny issues where finally put to rest. In fact the Tranny worked excellent in the Semi Finals as did the driver with Mike putting the truck in the finals for the first time ever where he would meet Rob Graveline who was also making his way to the finals with a win over points leader Joe Doyle. So the Finals where set, a kind of Rookie Mike Reynolds, at least rookie semi pro driver and Rob Graveline a driver who has been very impressive the last little while to put it mildly. So going into the finals it was anyone's guess, Reynolds seemed to have the edge with his very good run in the early rounds but that was not too be as a red light start ended his hopes of a podium finish on what was still a good day. For Graveline who was a buy back he is making it very clear that he and Doyle will battle right down too the wire for the championship. We will be hard at it once again next Saturday in Round #2 of Semi Pro Summer.

Joe Doyle was running the numbers but it was Rob
Graveline running in the finals

Mike Reynolds would have been happy with just making
First round, after a number of weekends of trouble

Bikes where out in numbers once again this weekend
as the track improvements have been met with applause

Rob Graveline once again visited the winners circle at
Luskville Dragway, this time at Semi Pro Summer
  2014  JAN   FEB  MAR   APRIL  MAY    JUNE