COVER SHOT: Derek Malcolm and Marco Laframboise will be just two of the many Que/Ont. racers at I-Car this weekend
The season has definitely not come to a stop just yet, it has slowed down drastically compared too what we are use to, however this weekend see's the racers head down the road too I-Car a facility that is only 2 hours away, and runs the same timing system that Luskville Dragway does. The Inter-Track with Series Trailer Montreal has been a good relationship seeing many a new friend made along the way and many a great race take place during those times. This is a full points chase for both Luskville Dragway and I-Car and will get us closer too crowning champions in all class's. The payout for Super Pro is based very much on what we do at the Fall Nat's and the Shannonville Tour Race where the winner gets $5000. and pays 8 spots. This event has also always been promoted as the Ontario vs. Quebec Challenge where Derek Malcolm and Mike Newman took home the titles last season for Ontario, so the pressure will be on.
*Look for an expanded season for the Napa Luskville Series next year as we move towards making it a true championship bid at home. This has been brought to our attention numerous times by racers who don't travel and its time we started taking their concerns into consideration.
*Lots of new car news swirling around already, and the season is not even over, Mike Ogilvie has added a third dragster to his team purchasing the Mullis car from ADM Motorsports. ADM Motorsports is close to another deal on a sister car to Derek's Chrome Worx car and an announcement should be coming soon. ADM has also committed to purchasing a semi pro car to support that class in 2015 and that too is in the works. Mike Chenier has already beat everyone to the draw purchasing Scott Wilson's 2008 undercover car, Scott is looking for something too replace the dragster but nothing firm yet. Russ Adams has sold his American Dragster to Quebec City Racer Jerome Beaulieu, Russ is also in the process of buying a new car, so as you can see the activity around Luskville Dragway and new car's is pretty hot, and its only Sept. That is a good sign for things too come, so stay tuned for more interesting things.
*Even though the season is winding down, improvements continue to happen at Luskville Dragway, as a new storage Container arrived this past week, too be added to the Control Tower. This unit will be used for golf carts, motorbikes and other items, we hope that others will follow as they also make great spots to put your cars, in your permanent parking spot.
*And it is not just new improvements that are happening as the season winds down, as another Jr. Dragster competitor was out this weekend testing his new Semi Pro Car for 2015 and his move up the ladder. Dylan Wheeler who has been a regular in the Jr. Ranks for years now was out testing the new family Monte Carlo Semi Pro Car in their preparation of the 2015 Season and a charge at Semi Pro Rookie of the year. Again this is another great sign for the sport locally as Dylan will join Rachel Ogilvie in the move up the ladder in the season, and also join Jacob Wilson, Chevy Morrow, and Dan Pillwein who made the move this summer. Things looking good for Semi Pro and Luskville Dragway in 2015. Dylan did a good job taking his time to make the transition and will continue to practice for the rest of this season so he is good and ready when spring 2015 rolls around
*Once again proving that everyone is a winner at Luskville Dragway, Sheldon Hewston and Aurelia Pichon stopped by this past Saturday to pick up there winning's, the Snap On Tools Cool Chest Cooler. This couple who are from Ottawa are regulars at the track during the cruise nights in the summer and say they have been supporting this area's drag strip since they where kids. Its always nice to see regulars win and we would like to Thanks TERRY WHEELER of Snap On Tools for making this draw possible, see you next season.
If you follow this site then you will know that the Napa Auto Parts Tour Championships, and the Ogilvie Auto & Fleet Napa Jr. Dragster Series champions are already crowned, and will be wrote about in details after the season is over. However the Luskville Dragway-Napa Auto Parts Series is a long way from being over and in all likely hood will go down too the wire before Champions can be crowned. That will probably happen at the Inter Track Race at Shannonville the long weekend in October as it has for many years now. Heading into this weekends event at the Mirabel, Quebec facility Ashley Ogilvie is the Jr. Dragster leader followed very closely by her older sister Rachel as well as Ben Vanoppen who holds down a with in striking distance third. The Semi Pro class which has seen a number of point leaders through out the summer and will head into I-Car with Mark Thompson holding down first place. Mark did very well at the I-Car race when we visited there back in July, and that race pushed Mark into the lead which he has held onto ever since. Steve Ballntyne is with in striking distance in second place after missing the last race in Shannonville, however don't count Steve out as he will be tuff at I-car and could tighten up the chase. Darryl Jensen is in third and will be at I-car and with four races left still has a mathematical chance to win the title. Super Pro is where the real tight race shows up big time, as Derek Malcolm and Kyle Jessup are tied for First, and Troy Davis is only 3 rounds behind in third. This race for the title will go right down too the wire, Davis is probably at the biggest disadvantage as he no longer has a dragster too compete in as his car was sold back in August. Davis has been driving the teams S-10, and has been going rounds with it, and with a split ladder in I-Car he wont meet either Derek or Kyle for a while in Eliminations. There is a rumour also, that he may have a dragster to drive at I-Car as well as the last points race in Shannonville in October. Malcolm who has had a great season already rapping up the Napa Tour Championship a week ago has been at the top of his game most of the summer, and would like nothing better than to make it a double header season. Randy Urslak who sits in fourth also has a mathematical chance to take the title but will also have too keep his eye's looking over his shoulders as Mike Ogilvie and Mike Chenier  who are breathing down his neck. It is going to be a wild finish too the Super Pro Points with out question, which is what a point chase is all about. So get in, sit down and hold on, where going on a ride.
As we close out the season of 2014 we are extremely pleased to announce once again another new advertiser for the remainder of this year and for the foreseeable future. Fab-Con Modular Steel Storage Containers of Montreal has signed on with Luskville Dragway as a major sponsor, This is a company that deals in Steal Containers for Storage and shipping purposes, and of course the obvious use, storage of ones race car and affects at Luskville Dragway should Luskville be the only place you race, which is the case for many. Fab-Con's Steel dry containers can be used for storage in residential or business applications. Units can be stored on your own property or at an outside location. Typical steel dry containers provide and excellent alternative to permanent structures and are suitable for storing tools, equipment, vehicles and personal belongings.
*Well as you will read in the next story, Shannonville is now in the books and winners have been crowned, one of the things that was very pleasing was when the semi finals rolled around 2 door cars and 2 dragsters came too the line for that round. once again proving that our split ladder concept has worked very well and will continue into the next season. Now that the Napa Tour has been wrapped up we now look forward to two weeks down the road and the I-Car Intertrack race that will take place there.
It is hard to whine about a raining day although we did anyway this past Saturday as mother nature rained our our Napa Parade at Shannonville Dragway. We have had a very good season getting around the weather each and every weekend we knew we would run out of luck at some point, and we did this past Saturday as rain caused the Napa Series race to be cancelled and postponed to Sunday. However the staff did continue to work hard and dry the track in time to get some time trials done as well as some street cars who showed up for the Cruise Night, but this too was weak because of the weather. However like I said it is hard to complain, although we will anyway, as the season has been very good to us and the Napa Tour. So with that in mind most where in bed early, the next day would be a long one with a two days of racing coming at them in one day. So things where put into motion to make sure we could get the full race in, and the full payout done, and that is exactly what happened. With almost 40 super pro cars coming into the first round, 22 jr. dragsters and a full field of Semi Pro it did turn into a marathon of racing running from 9am, until 6:30 where champions in all three class's where crowned. Jr. Dragsters boiled down to the two track championship leader's from Shannonville and Luskville, Ashley Ogilvie and Max Gauthier going to battle for all the money and the glory. Max was the man this time around as he defeated Ashley for the first place prize, both drivers where all smiles in the winners circle as the winner and the runner up where presented with trophies which pointed out that there are no losers at Napa Auto Parts Tour events. In Semi Pro it was probably the story of the weekend with Kevin Cardinal taking not only his first big win, but a $4000 first place prize that went with it. Kevin who is married to John and Carol Chat woods daughter Julia is part of the Chatwood racing team, and did the family proud with this win. Dick Stanton was the runner up to Kevin and this was a great outing for Dick as well. Super Pro which saw 17 Door Cars and 22 Dragsters come too the line for the fist round of split ladder competition, could not have come down any better than 2 door cars in the semi finals and 2 dragsters. Frank Mark from New Jersey would face off with Jamie Tupper in a dragster with Frank turning on the red light giving Jamie the trip too the finals. In the other Semi final Russ Adams who was driving a dragster that will have a new owner in two weeks would meet Darren Frasso with Frasso getting the win light. In the finals most where betting on the dragster too take the win, however Frasso surprised everyone with a win light and a $10,000. pay day. So even with the very bad weather on Saturday there is no question that this was not the most successful tour race we have ever done, but one thing is for sure a lot of racers went home with a lot of money, and that made for a lot of happy faces to say the least. So now things really start to wind down, with four cruise nights at Luskville and a road trip to I-Car and Shannonville for inter-track events and the 2015 season is DONE.

Max Gauthier was the big winner in Jrs. beating Ashley
Ogilvie for the Title.

Kevin Cardinal was grinning from ear too ear when he
beat Dick Stanton for $4000.
Advertising announcements are usually kept until the end of the season and we start too look forward to the next year, however in the case of this one we felt it would be in everyone's best interest if we made it known now, and then did an in-depth write up later on in the year. So with that in mind we are extremely pleased to announce that NHRA Best Engineered Award recipient Brian White has signed on as a major advertiser for the remainder of this season and all of 2015. Brian who owns BW Race Cars has been a drag racer, and a chassis builder in our area for a number of years now, but now has a brand new shop that he can accommodate all of your needs properly, so felt it was time to get involved in a big way. Brian is a DRAG RACER, not a pretend to be one, and he has build race cars that have won many races and are still winning races to these days. His knowledge of the sport, and the way a car should work also makes him very valuable to the customer at the track when it comes to setting chassis's up. From Door cars to dragsters, from tin work to custom wiring BW Race Cars has you covered whether you are a drag racer, a street performance person or a hot rod guy, this shop can do it all. The fact that he was awarded a NHRA Wally for Best Engineered car at a National Open pretty much sums it up, this is a shop that knows how too do things and do them right. As we head into the off season many will be looking early for work like this to be done, so we felt it would be good to announce this early so everyone would know that this business, who is doing business with the racing community is putting back into the racing community. This is a situation much like our engine building advertisers, where there are only two local shops that put back into the program that they get business from and that of course is West Carleton Automotive and D&D Performance and here again we would urge drivers and teams to use these shops when it comes to engine's like B&W when it comes to Fabrication.
*Next up the last Napa tour event of the season, which will see Champions crowned in Super Pro, Semi Pro, and Jr Dragsters at Shannonville Motorsports Park Dragway this weekend. It seems like the season has just zooooomed by, and it really has and if we can get this weekend in with some good weather it will make us 10 for 10 once again for our tour races.
*The Jr. Dragster Pilots will be happy to here this, Derek Malcolm, owner and operator of Malcolm Carpentry will once again present the Candy Bar at this years awards banquet. This was with out question one of the high lights of last years big go in November and I'm sure it will be so again this season. Derek along with Kyle Jessup and Troy Davis became unofficial crew chiefs on selected Jr. Dragster pilots this past summer, so there is a special connection between the boys who drive the big toys and the kids who drive the smaller ones. It was so great to see things like Landyn Urslak, Derek's Jr. Driver, join Derek in the winners circle each and every time there was a visit. I think this bond that is generated by things like this is what makes Luskville Dragway a special place, for the families, the teams and the of course the Jr. Dragster people. I would also remind all Jr. Drives who are part of the Ogilvie Auto and Fleet Napa Tour Series, you must let Jenny know what races you are waving, as you can only count three of the five events, please do this at Shannonville this weekend.
Where or where did the season go, it only seems like yesterday that we were all sitting around at the car show and talking about the season that was in front of us, well most of it is behind us now, and for Luskville Dragway which will have another 5 or 6 cruise nights only, the points season is done at Luskville this weekend. Now there still is four days of racing, two at Shannonville and two at I-Car that will count towards the Napa Points Series at Luskville Dragway, the points season for Super Pro, Semi Pro and Jrs. at Luskville has come to a close with some interesting battles still going on. So heading into the weekend  we once again where looking at a not so good forecast, and then by Thursday things started to turn around and started too look up. So with that in mind after arriving on Friday the Track caretaker who does a great job of taking care of Luskville and all its racers, decided he was going to give the pad a good scrape so everyone would have a great starting line come the final go. However the big weekend actually started on Saturday when another Huge cruise night  presented by Extreme Auto Care took place with plenty of winners including Pascal Patry of Gatineau in a S-10 winning the fastest truck shootout over Sylvain Lefebvre who was driving tricked out Jimmy. It was one of the biggest cruise nights of the season with some of the wildest looking cars we have seen in a while including a very fast Lamborghini, this is what makes cruise nights at Luskville Dragway so much fun. Sunday dawned bright and clear with cool temps but lots of sunshine, and the bonus bucks payout had one of the biggest regular days of the season unfold. For Brody Bellefeuille closing day was extra special as he made his way too the winners circle after a season of ups and downs. The first place Jr. Dragster win was even sweeter when Brody's Dad also went deep in eliminations of super pro making for a double payout day for the Bellefeuille's who had to wait until Sunday Morning to get too the track as hockey for Brody has already started.
Semi Pro saw 20 cars come to the line for first round but only two for the final round which would see Mike Reynolds take his first big win in Semi Pro has he met and defeated Rob Graveline in the finals. Super Pro also saw a great turnout like Semi Pro and here the racing was fast and furious with Denis Souliere coming to the final round against current Super Pro Points leader and winningest super pro driver this summer Derek Malcolm. Malcolm had been cutting the tree down all day but in the final it was Souliere who laid it over with great light giving him the win light and his first trip too the winners circle at Luskville Dragway. Then it was off to Busters Bar and Grill where 75 or so racers, crew members and teams finished up the season in style with drinks, food and prizes. We would once again like to thank Randy Urslak of Randy's Performance Automotive for the extra cash for the drivers. Now its off too Shannonville and the final Napa tour race.

This brand new ride showed up to make some time trials
and then decided to stick around for Sunday

First pass was a 11:86 out of it early at 122 mph, slick car
to say the least

New Semi Pro Driver emerged from the crowd on Sunday
Vicki Ogilvie has been dying to race all summer it happened.

This slick Buick GS was part of the cruise night, ran
some very good numbers for a street car

Mike Reynolds made his way to the winners circle for the
first time in Semi Pro

Denis and Jill Souliere where back in the winners circle
at Luskville Dragway
Well its not actually the closing of a door, as Luskville Dragway is open for another 6 weekends for time trials and cruise nights, but for the Napa Auto Parts Luskville Dragway Series, the door at Luskville is closed, as Sunday was the last points day for Super Pro, Semi Pro and Jr Dragsters. We wait all winter, anticipate all spring, for the season to get underway, and it always seems to look so long when your looking from the start line, but for everyone, it goes by so quickly that it is hard to explain, and for us older folks it goes by so fast that it is hard to describe where the time goes. But most will agree that as you get older that seems to happen, and i can tell you that this summer it has gone by VERY fast.  The drag racing god has been good to us this season, we have been very fortunate to have had some incredible weather, and even when the weather man was calling for bad weather we seemed to be blessed with it going around, to the north or too the south, but we where very fortunate, the same can not be said for others we know. But now the reality of another racing season at Luskville coming to a close is in front of us, in 6 weeks we will be filling the water lines full of antifreeze and getting ready for that cold stuff that I personally hate so much. We are not going to go into a recap of 2014 right now as we always do that after the season is over and we will again, but it has been a incredible season on many fronts, from the racing, too the record crowds to the major improvements, which will continue in 2015, i feel very blessed to be part of Luskville Dragway and all of the racers who call it home..
BUT, the season is not over as we head off to Shannonville for our second major road trip, Shannonville next weekend and I-Car two weeks later, we still have a lot of racing and a lot of good times to go. This may sound silly, but it is exactly how I feel, I'm sure there is no such things as Aliens, because if there was they would take one look at what we do, the people we do it with and the fun we have doing it with them, AND THEY WOULD LAND AND JOIN US.
You may have noticed the flyer on the front page, but yes closing day is fast approaching for the Napa Auto Parts Series, and this weekend we close things out in style thanks to Randy Urslak who is one of the most supportive advertisers we have ever had. Thanks too Randy most everyone will be in the pay out window come Sunday Night, and we will then wrap it up in style at our final back to the bar party at Busters with goodies for everyone there also.
I would also like to remind everyone that banquet tickets are now available and going fast so get yours early, reminder that late purchase costs more.
*With this weekends Napa Tour Race behind us we only have one tour event left, and that will take place at Shannonville Motorsports Dragway Sept 13-14 and will be culmination in the crowning of Napa Tour champs in Super Pro, Semi Pro, and Ogilvie Auto & Fleet Jr. Dragster Tour.
*This weekend was made extra special when Tim and Lyn Kavanagh dropped into Luskville Dragway to say hello, Tim and Lyn who where regulars at Luskville from the days we took over moved to Victoria BC a year or so ago and where back visiting. Tim and Lyn said they where home for a short visit and had a list of people to say hi too, we where honoured that Luskville Dragway was on that list. The sport has some extremely nice people in it, Tim and Lyn are with out question on that list. They plan on a year or so more in the beautiful surroundings of Victoria and then are coming home and say they will be back racing at Luskville. Tim has too Super Comp, Super Pro Ford Thunderbirds, and one is still for sale.
With trucks and trailers hauling race cars started moving in on Wednesday you knew that this years D&D Performance Fall Bracket Finals would be special, and that trend continued well into Thursday to the point that it looked very much like the Bracket Bonanza. Time Trials for the King of the Track event got underway right on time thing ground down to the finals of Super Pro and the Finals of Semi Pro, In Semi Pro Fred Ellis who is having an amazing year beat Dick Stanton for the money and the chance to face off with the super pro winner for the Wally. In Super Pro 16 winners kicked first round off but when things got down to the finals it was Richard Arnold of Montreal and Denis Souliere of Ottawa taking each other on, with Arnold taking the win light and the opportunity to meet Ellis for the Wally. With the burnouts done both drivers staged, and with the reaction times clearly having an advantage to Richard the win light once again came on in his lane giving him his first ever Wally and the title of King of the Track. A third gamblers race which saw everyone driving each others cars, it would come too Kyle Jessup driving Russ Adams car beating Russ Adams driving Kyle Jessup's Car, the night was capped with the first run of the weekend by the California Smokey Jet, 69 Camaro.

Bruno Serre made the long tow from Blind River to take
part in the Fall Bracket Finals

Bruno's Grandson Denis also tagged along with his new
ride, Denis is hooked on Drag Racing wonder why!
It's not the first time we have done it, and probably wont be the last as we like to think we pride our selves on getting our races in and getting things done. So with the forecast not in our favour for Sunday, but giving us a good chance to race all day on Saturday management made the decision to start at 9am Saturday Morning, and run until both Saturdays program and Sundays program where both in the books. The forecast and the radar told us we had until about 9:30 before we would have a good chance of some showers, well they where right on, as the jet car was running and the fireworks where going off the light sprinkles started to fall, but we where done, we had crowned winners twice in all class's, and we would not be racing on Sunday as the forecast of showers all night and through Sunday were correct. The decision was a good one as many drivers had driven from many long distances and had done so to race for two shots at the money, and that goes a a long way in sending message to everyone that if you come too one of our events we will do everything to make sure they happen.
Race # 1 set the stage for what was going to be a wicked day of racing, of Smokey burnouts, of wild wheel stands, of incredible reaction times and some unbelievable racing. The Jr. Dragster class would see Max Gauthier gain some ground the the Napa Auto Parts/Ogilvie Auto & Fleet Jr. Dragster Series. Max would meet and defeat Matt Menard who was back at the track on a off hockey weekend for him. Matt would do well in the second race also as he would once again be the runner up this time to Ben Vanoppen which made for a great winners circle photo, as Ed DeCooman of D&D Performance the title rights holders to the event is the Grand Father of Ben. Semi Pro saw a great field of cars from the North, the East the South and locally do battle with things winding down to in the first race to Joe Pacheco and Mark Thompson with Joe making his way to the winners circle for the first time ever at a big dollar race. In the Second race which would not wind up until 9pm Saturday night would see two different faces heading into the finals, Jim Hewitt of Ottawa and Peter Gilhcrist of Sudbury taking each other on, at the green Peter had the better light with his Dodge Truck and that was enough for the win. The winners circle was made a little different as Peter took the ALS ice bucket Challenge donating a portion of his $2000 price money to ALS. Super Pro was very exciting as close to 50 cars made the call, and this was after a number of teams lost entree's do to engine failure on equipment that was nearing the end of the season. Troy Davis, Mike Ogilvie, Don Vincelli, Willy Katib where just a few of the teams that limped home on Saturday night with hurt equipment, which is the norm when thing near the end of the season. Race number one was a great show and would be in Don Vincelli's favour as he would break the motor during eliminations in the second race, but the only thing he broke in the first race was everyone else's back and his went round after round with the win light coming on in his multi colored Pontiac Trans Am. Gianni Cantusci was the the runner up in the first super pro final to Vincelli, Cantusci did so driving a dragster for Willy Katib which send a clear message to everyone that Gianni would be tuff in a dragster for sure. The Second Super Pro race saw the possibility of another door car going too victory lane as three door cars where still left in competition as we went to the quarter finals, however that would materialize as Rock Lafontaine and Fred Auger would come to the line with Fred taking the win light after loosing the battle on the starting line. So then it was time for the Jet Show with California Smokey and Smokey red getting ready to fire up, however with a problem on the starting line with the one jet which had to be shut down, the 69 Camaro Jet Car would accompany the Fireworks as the crowd then soon heading for the exit. It was a tuff day, but a good day, it was long day but in the end well worth while as no sooner had the jet inched to the starting line a light mist started to fall with more rain fall over night, making the early decision to run both races the right one for everyone involved. On another high note we would like to point out that Fred Auger also reset the ET record for a door car at Luskville Dragway slapping down a 4:77 out of the grove pass that had everyone on their feet to say the least.

Ed DeCooman stands behind his Grandson Ben Vanoppen
with D&D Performance Partner Rolly Doucette to the right.

Joe Pacheco and family where some happy campers with
their first ever big win.

Max Gauthier and dad Dale are joined by Ed and Rolly
of D&D Performance after Max's big win.

Class act by Peter Gilhcrist as he took the ALS ice bucket
challenge and donated part of his winnings

this was the norm all weekend long as the traction as usal
was incredible at Luskville Dragway.

The Augers have made a habit of visiting Luskville Dragway
and the winners circle on many of their visits as well.

The Auger bros also brought their Turbo Pontiac down too
Luskville and left with the track record for door cars.

Dave Douitt and his Smokey Red 1969 Camaro Jet Car
was a big hit with everyone, see everyone next year.