We would like to inform the Jr. Dragster Pilots that the Wally's have arrived for the Randy's Performance Automotive Jr. Dragster Championship which is good news, the great news is we also have them for the Kal-Tire October-Fast Bracket Bash and Jet Truck Show. The Wally's is on everyone's list to win and this season the kids that race at Luskville will get four chances to do just that, win a Wally.
*Following our trip to Elliott Lake, a number of racers have already committed to joining the train too Esta Safety Park in Cicero New York for a big dollar race. In discussions with a the people in charge the talk has centered around supporting each others big dollar bracket race, which puts them back at Luskville Dragway the following weekend for the 34th. Annual Bracket Bonanza. Anyone wanting to join the parade is more than welcome, lets go bring home some of that American Cash.
*Time to maybe remind everyone about some of the Semi Pro Rules, please remember this class is NON Electronics and anyone caught not following these rules will deal with the consequences.  This class is meant to be like it was in the old days, foot brake, shift it yourself and hold on! If drivers wanted it changed everyone knows how that is done.
*As a follow up too our call for everyone to come and support the Randy's Performance Jr. Dragster Championship weekend this July 4-5, we would also like to send out a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Randy Urslak. Randy was appointed deputy fire chief for North Grenville District, this is quite an accomplishment to say the least, but not a surprising one either. Randy who is one of the most dedicated individuals you will ever meet, has operated a very successful business over the years, and very successful drag racing operation, and now another major accomplishment. Randy who has been part of Luskville Dragway since we took over back in 1981, has been one of our biggest supporters both financially, as well as being at the track with his race cars, including three Jr. Dragsters at one time. With Daughter and former Jr. Dragster Pilot Randilynne getting accepted in the medical department of Queens University to say it has been a BIG Year would be putting it very mildly. I know that everyone at Luskville Dragway joins me in saying a huge congratulations to Randy.

*With this Sundays rain out this marks one of the worst start to a racing season in recent memory, and this makes two Sundays in a row that we have been rained out from racing. We did however have a great test and tune and once again a great turnout of street cars for the Hinton Automotive Cruise Night. Once again there was a number of new cars out testing give great indications of better things to come down the road. We know that the weather man plays a big part in the success of a race track, and we are now hoping that the bad weather is behind us as we move into the big dollar portion of the season, with the Napa Tour kicking off in a few weeks in Elliot Lake. Over the 35 years we have been doing this we have had to deal with bad weather, and you do average 4 rainouts a year, so lets hope those are now behind us and we can look forward to sunny skies. Of course we are not the only track suffering the bad weather, and this past weekend was particularly bad for our friends at Grand Bend which had to cancel their Nitro Nationals because of the weather. But even with the bad weather in the forecast many race teams showed up as a birthday party had been planned many weeks ago by some of the racers wife's, and you know the old saying, the show must go on. So many got together in the restaurant to celebrate three of the Luskville Dragway regulars who where celebrating birthdays. Randy and Brody Bellefeuille and Mike Ogilvie where front and center as they got one year older. Once again a prime example of the large family that plays at Luskville Dragway each and every weekend, and even when the weather man does not cooperate the fun never stops.
* Our last announcement this week is of a sadder note as we are deeply saddened to announce that Gary Moorhead of Arnprior passed away last Friday from a heart attack. For anyone that has been part of Luskville Dragway or Drag Racing in General you would have known Gary, he was a staunch supporter of Luskville Dragway, and raced there for many years. Gary had not raced for a while but was actually working on his 69 Camaro drag car in the laneway, getting it ready to got to Luskville when he passed away. Our deepest condolences to Gary's family, he will be missed, he was another one of the many faces of Luskville Dragway and was just at the track for the Napa Auto Parts Weekend.
You will have to excuse me, as I try to tie myself too the ground in an effort to stop from jumping up and down with excitement over this next announcement. It has been an incredible 2015 as far as new advertisers coming on board. Heading into the off season there was plenty of doom and gloom over the economy, and that things would be tuff or tuffer" for anyone trying to sign on new marketing partners. But as the gas prices went down, our numbers for new advertisers went up, in fact it was one of the best off season's ever. With new people like High Speed Canada, Ottawa Drive Shaft and Steering,  and Lentech Automatics signing on, and now another new advertiser and another announcement of a HUGE and unheard of event. We are very pleased to announce that Kal Tire will become part of our advertising family both at Luskville Dragway, the Napa Auto Parts Money Tour and the event at I-Car in Sept. Kal-Tire will play a major part in the putting on of a $5000. to win 'NO ENTREE FEE" special event rewarding all super pro drivers who compete at the Bracket Bonanza, The Fall Bracket Finals, and the I-Car tour race. The $5000. to win will take place on Oct 10 as part of our first annual October-Fast Event on the long weekend in October. This first ever event already had plenty going on and it now has become a whole lot more exciting for many. And yes we mean NO ENTREE FEE, for those that attend the other three events, and we are working on making the Oct 11 race a $5000 Super Pro purse also. So as you can see, there is plenty of reason to be excited, as once again Luskville Dragway leads the way in a first of its kind event. We would point out that work on the Semi Pro class is also underway and look for something exciting there as well. We will also have some Pro Mod news for the I-Car race that will also turn some heads, and definitely set some records.
Kal Tire, a wholly-owned Canadian company based in Vernon, BC, is Canada’s largest independent tire dealer.  Kal Tire stores in Canada operate by a functional zone management structure that has flourished by focusing on customer service and teamwork. Tom Foord built Kal Tire based on his fundamental belief that the ability to deliver top quality products at a fair price, backed by superior service, will produce customer satisfaction.  It’s what has come to be known as “True Service”.  When Tom started the business in 1953, his customers always appreciated the way he provided excellent service.  To this day, our customers still appreciate the service, product, prices and guaranteed satisfaction provided at more than 250 locations throughout Western and Central Canada. Kal Tire sells and services Bridgestone, BFGoodrich, BKT, Carlisle, Continental, Falken, Firestone, Goodride, Michelin, Multi-Mile, Nitto, Nokian Tyres, Pirelli, Sailun, Achilles, Pro Comp, Muteki, Yokohama and Bandag retreads. These manufacturer / suppliers enable the company to stock and supply a wide range of tires to fit even the most exotic sizes. For 60 years, Kal Tire has expanded steadily and the Kal Tire stores across Canada service both retail and commercial customers.  Kal Tire is the largest commercial tire dealer in North America. Our Mining Tire Group is a global leader operating on more than 150 mine sites in 17 countries. Additionally, Kal Tire has 10 retread facilities, as well as 4 OTR retread plants and 4 warehouses. Retreading of industrial and commercial tires is an important part of the business; Kal Tire is Canada’s largest retreader of truck tires using the quality Bandag process.
So yes we are very excited, and for the drivers it doesn't get much better a $5000. to win race with ZERO entree fee.
e have postponed the BIG announcement one week in order that we may do it in conjunction with our partners in Montreal with the I-Car event. They are all pretty busy this week with the Naperville NHRA Open and we do want it to be done together. It is BIG, it is LUCRATVIE and we think the drivers will be pretty happy with it. We where also concerned that the problems with our web site would not be corrected by this Monday Morning so did not want to take in Chances. However thanks to our Son-in-law Jason Krottner a software program developer we think he has solved our headaches, if you are reading this on time that is a good sign. We take great pride in our web site and try and keep it updated so when we where informed by the server, that trouble lay ahead Jason went to work to fix that problem, THANKS.
With just three more regular race days to go before we take a small race program break at Luskville Dragway, in order to give drivers a little bit of a breather, and in order to take in some out of town events. But just look down the road a little bit and you can see that Canada's Richest, Oldest and best Big Dollar Bracket Race is just around the corner. Our last full program with Super Pro, Semi Pro and Jrs. will be Randy's Performance Jr. Dragster Championship July 4-5, we do have our Elliot Lake Napa Race in There and a possible trip to Esta for two $10,000.
*It is safe to say that everyone was pleased with the pit area improvements and the improvements in the staging lanes and staging area behind the track. This will make our race track much better for a long time, and now we will go back to concentrating on more on track improvements, and they will happen.
*Only two more weeks until the Randy's Performance Jr. Dragster Championship where the kids who take home wins on Saturday and Sunday will also take home a Jr. Wally for the efforts. This is one of the perks of being a NHRA Track, we have the opportunity to present special trophies like the Wally's to the Jr. Dragster winners as well as winners at the Bracket Bonanza. And speaking of trophies work is underway for very special hand crafted wood awards for the winners of the October-Fast Bracket Bash.
 *With the rain out this Sunday we will me rescheduling the TK Envirometal Memorial Day to later in the season.
When we made the change in our points system this off season we really felt it would tighten things up, and that we would have a battle on our hands right down until the end. And that is just what has happened in Jr. Dragster and Super Pro with young Steve Ballntyne in Semi Pro being the only one to open up a lead at the top with his 5 consecutive  first place trips too the winners circle. Ballntyne has been un beatable this summer so far and has created a large gap for the rest to catch up too.  On the Jr. and Super Pro side of things we have seen a few different leaders and as we near the end of June we have Randy Urslak and his son Kayle leading these two class's in fact Randy's second son Landyn is second in the Jr. Dragster points. But in both of these class's the top contenders are all separated by a few points and anything can change from week to week which is what we hoped for. Randy Urslak has been a fierce competitor all of his racing career, has won Driver of the year on a number of occasions but has never won a championship, and many are routing for him to do so this season. However there are a few competitors who would like to have a say in the matter which includes two former track champions, Derek Malcolm is 300 points behind at this point in the season, Randy Bellefeuille who is only 500 points behind and another former champion Kyle Jessup who is only 900 points behind. So no Randy can not take it easy as these guys are breathing down his neck, but its better they are breathing down your neck, than into your face. On the Jr. Side things are just as tight with Kayle in the lead but brother Landyn who did lead the points a close second, Nate VanNoppen and two time track champion Ashley Ogilvie closing in fast.
Over the years we have been asked to be part of many shows, promotions and other type of displays, some of them new and unknown, such was the request that came across my desk less than two weeks ago. Would you come and be part of the Festival of Ferrari's on Carling Ave and Preston Street in Little Italy, again something we have never been part of , and in all honesty new not much about. We where told there would be 10,000 spectators, wrong there was 11,000. this promo turned out to be with out question one of, if not thee best promo's we have ever done. The history of Carling Ave, and fast cars goes way back too the days of Lady Jane's at the corner of Carling and Woodruff, where everyone with a fast car would hang out, and every once and a while there would be a drag race break out on Carling. Well this wasn't Lady Jane's but let me tell you, with fans lined Carling Ave. 20 deep, and the grandstand packed too the rafters it was as about as exciting as it gets. It really reminded me of what we do at the airport venues where we deal with people who in many cases have never seen this type of stuff, and such was the case this past Saturday. With Fans everywhere and I mean everywhere Luskville Dragway in conjunction with Napa Auto Parts had the attention of everyone. First with Todd Piche and John Piche (not related) brought their Turbo Charged Imports out and blistered the made to do Carling Ave Dragway. Then Troy Davis and Mike Ogilvie simply put the crowd in a frenzy with the long Smokey burnouts and their side by side runs. Yes it was quite a day with everyone having a great time and NHRA Drag Racing and Luskville Dragway where front and center. Thanks to all who where involved including those that took pictures and those that handed out schedules, it was a great day, and a great day for Luskville Dragway. Yes we where asked to come back next year with an even bigger display. The pictures tell it all below from early in the morning until we where done, the fans just kept coming.
^Please note there may be some interruption in our web site over the next couple of weeks as  we change our web site platform, please bare with us, it will be fixed quickly. please follow us on Facebook to keep up to everything that is going on at Luskville Dragway.
Please note a small change in our cruise night schedule as we have moved Speedy Auto Glass Rockland to August 29th from August 15th.  Dan Couturier  the owner of Speedy Glass Rockland always brings out a great group making for one of the biggest cruise's of the season.
*Little birdie told me that Ralph Coe's Dodge will have a whole new look, Ralph has been "Gone" from the track since last fall when he blew up his motor. However he will be back shortly with a whole new "Color" and for "Me" it looks pretty exciting. The new look will not only be exciting but will be in memory of his dad who he lost the past winter, someone who was always with him at the race track. Stay tuned, as soon as we have permission we will show what will become and even more popular drag car than it already is at Luskville Dragway. Also look for the debut of the brand new West Carleton Auto built 622 cu in all aluminum race engine in the Polara. I should point out also that Ralph was one of the first people to contact me and congratulate us on the new paving, and to also say that it looked like we would need some pavement painting done.
*We would also like to let everyone know that we have added a couple new staff members to the Luskville Dragway team and it has worked out very well. Jeff Gauthier a young man from right in Luskville has become the new Time Slip "Manager" and is doing one hell of a job. April Michelle has been added to the tower staff to assist and back up long time staff member Jenny Bridge who has done a great job for many years now. Jenny travels on the road with us, runs the timing equipment on race day, takes care of the points tabulations and just about anything else that is required. With April now in the tower full time, we now  have a back up person for the timing system, she assists Jenny with the ladders and also updates that info on the internet making the information faster than ever for the race teams. It is not easy to find someone that is capable of doing these things, and loves to be there, I think it is safe to say that Jenny as always thought of Luskville Dragway as her racing family, and April is someone who also loves the sport of drag racing and has quickly become a member of the family, just another improvement that doesn't get noticed, but is there.
*We have plenty to talk about this week so we will save some HUGE news for next update, but we can tell you that another NEW, MAJOR advertiser has signed on for the 2015 campaign. This advertiser will give us the ability to have something very BIG surrounding the last three Napa Races and the Octoberfast event. It will be BIG it will be LUCRATIVE and it will be NEW AND EXCITING.
The week leading up to the annual Napa Auto Parts Weekend is always a busy one, but with all the track improvements going on it was the busiest one ever. It is very easy to understand why this weekend is so important to us as Napa Auto Parts is our largest advertiser and someone we are very, very proud to be associated with, not only do they hold the title rights to Luskville Dragway and everything that goes on there, but also the Napa Auto Parts Tour which takes place at four different venues through out the season. Reminiscent of our first ever intertrack with I-Car two years ago Friday called for rain, and rain it did as it started around 9am and did not stop until 9pm, but that did not stop a number of weekend campers, and weekend warriors from showing up for Friday Night. When the weather man is calling for the wet stuff you always have in the back of your mind," well he is usually wrong, he was not this  Friday as it rained, and rained and rained. Track staff started drying things out the moment it stopped raining on Friday evening, and with some natural drying over night and a abundant amount of sunshine, racing got underway right on time. So with 26 super pro cars it was split ladder all the way to the finals and that is just how it ended up with a dragster and a door in the finals. Rock Beaudion was about as good as anyone could get on the tree, as he went round after round, with only one bad light which was against Julie Dubé where Julie cut a great light but allowed Rock to take the stripe and the win, and that is all he needed to go to the finals. In the finals Rock would meet Randy Bellefeuille and his yellow dragster, once again Beaudion would cut the better light and take the win. For Rock it has been a while since he lasted visited the winners circle so this was a good day to say the least. Terry Miron was the lone semi finalist for the second week in a row with his rear engine dragster, Terry has been close and the car has been working better than ever so its only a matter of time.  Semi Pro had a familiar look to it as Steve Ballntyne who made four in a row with his win over Darryl Jensen, with Mike Zado the lone Semi finalist. Kayle Urslak was the man to beat in Jr Dragsters over a field of 10 Kayle beat 2014 Track Champion Ashley Ogilvie.
Now that was the first program and then it was time for Door Pro and the Dragster High Roller which saw a great showing in both class's, and also saw some different drivers driving others cars. In the end it was Russ Adams over Derek Malcolm in the finals with the winner taking home $2000. Door Pro saw Derek Malcolm go to another final this time driving the new purchase of only a week ago for ADM Motorsports, a 1968 Camaro. In the finals Malcolm was bang on the tree and too the win light and the $1200. first place prize money, day one in the books, and now for a cruise night which by 7 pm saw over 240 cars already registered to run, yes it was a HUGE Day.

Russ Adams picked up a cool $2000.

When we say cruise nights allow you tosee almost anything we mean it.

The kids even enjoyed some face painting
on the Napa Auto Parts weekend
Day Two Sunday June 14/2015:  As what has become the norm these days, the spectator turnout for Sunday was nothing like it is on Saturdays anymore, so the Sunday, Sunday terminology may soon have to be changed, however the fan count was good, but not like Saturday. The car count for Sunday was pretty much the same even though breakage was heavy Saturday some new entree's made up for the fallen ones, more in Semi Pro than Super Pro where the car count was less for Sunday. However those that where there put on a great show for the fans, and these days in drag racing anytime you can mention fans at your track it is a good thing. So with a little bit of sunshine to start the day, which quickly faded too the threat of showers things where put into high gear to get the event over. The Jr. Dragster portion of the show boiled down too Ashley Ogilvie and Josh Shields in the finals after they defeated Aiden Clarmo and Landyn Urslak respectively. In the finals Ashley got back too the winners circle with a win over Josh. Semi Pro boiled down to Mike Devenny and Mike Reynolds in the Semi Finals with Steve Ballntyne getting the bye, to yet another final round for the fifth week in a row. The Finals would see Ballntyne take on Mike Devenny who always seems to rise to the occasion when it is a Napa Auto Parts Weekend.  The finals would not see Mike rise too the occasion though as Steve would cut the better light and take the win light which is the most important light you can get.
Heading into the semi finals of Super Pro it would be Julie Dube taking on Terry Miron and Randy Urslak going up against Mike Ogilvie who was driving Derek Malcolm's dragster as Derek tried his hand with the Camaro for the second day in a row. The finals would pit Randy Urslak up against July Julie Dube as both of these drivers would be their opponents to enable them to move too the big money round. The finals would see both drivers hang it all out on the tree with Julie once again showing just how much she loves the Jim Barry owned Roadster. Julie would take the win light and the excitement that would follow is what this sport is suppose to be about, A big win, and a track that you have called your home track for many years, with car owner Jim Barry present, it don't get much better than this is exactly what Julie said, and it is so true.
Has not taken long for the new points system too show its stuff, as we have some very, very tight races going on early on in the season, and we expect that to continue right up until our last event. This will make for some interesting racing as the summer rolls out and more and more competitors take part in the Napa Auto Parts Luskville Dragway Super Series Points Championships.
*Work will begin this week, on the second faze of pit, staging lanes and return lane improvements this week, finishing up what was laid out a year ago. We will keep you updated as the week moves along but plans are for all to be ready for the big Napa Auto Parts Jet Car weekend. This will complete the pit area's for upgrades and next season all attention will be focused back on the track with more improvements for that area to be in the near future. We hope, and we are confident that these improvements will be met with as much enthusiasm as last years upgrades.
* Some fun for racers moving in on Friday, we will be having a Golf Cart Shootout Friday Night, Starting at 8 PM, keeping the fun happening at Luskville Dragway, you know who's idea this was. We would also like too remind everyone at this time about the TK Environmental "Let us Never Forget" Sunday coming up, Tad Kaminski and Laura have made this possible and for that we thank them greatly. This event will see very special trophies for the winners.
The Willy's Alignment weekend got off to a slow start on Saturday June 6, as clear blue skies and lots of sunshine saw only a handful of test and tuners show up during the day, however once again those numbers swelled pleasantly as the cruise night kicked into high gear. But like it has been most of the season, the cool weather moved in as we neared closing time and most where done and out the door by 11 pm. Sunday to dawned clear and cool with a promised high of 20 though most where looking forward to a great afternoon of racing, now as usual the weather man was off mark as the promise of a sun shinny day never happen and clouds hung around most of Sunday.  ADM Motorsports was especially looking forward to the race day as they had taken delivery of their new 1968 Camaro and where anxious to debut and compete with the new door car. Besides the excitement for ADM, Ogilvie Motorsports was in the same frame of mind as for the first time this season they had all three dragsters in competition. Its been a ruff start for Mike and the girls as it seemed like one little thing after another haunted them from opening day. A brief drivers meeting was held to fill everyone in on what was planned to take place next week, with improvements and what was going to happen with the running of one of our most important races, the Napa Auto Parts Jet Car Weekend June 12-13-14. As expected the fields where not huge as they always are the weekend before a big weekend, but the racing was good, and fun was had by all, which is what it is suppose to be all about. Heading into Jr. Eliminations it was quickly pointed out how our Jr. Program, because of all of the moving upwards, has become depleted jus a little, as two years ago we could brag of 22 cars, today we are happy when we get 10-12. So with overcast skies sticking around most of the day, eliminations got underway right on time with upsets galore in the first round, one of those such upsets was Will Robertson .501 (door car) over Kyle Jessup (dragster) to the delight of all door car fans. However on the other side of the coin, John Forsyth had the misfortune of loosing too Rachel Ogilvie in the first round and Vicki Ogilvie in the second round.  So with the dragsters out numbering the door cars 3 to 1 it was natural that two diggers would meet in the finals, and meet they did as Randy Urslak and Kyle Jessup put on a display of racing with a .0002 package being the winning factor for Kyle Jessup for the second week in a row. Joining Kyle Jessup in the winners circle and also joining Kyle as back to back weekly winners was Steve Ballntyne who put Darryl Jensen on the trailer in the finals for his second win in as many weeks was joined in the winners circle by former Luskville regular Julie Dube. The Jr. Side of things saw Landyn Urslak take home the big win with his win over Nate Vanoppen out of D&D Performance. Wow, what a day of racing and ask the drivers that track was 100% with once again drivers running their best times ever, as well as their best 60 foots ever. Special Thanks then went out too those that help move some stuff to get ready for the big work week, and too Mike Ogilvie who stuck around late into the evening to put a new side window in the track ambulance. We would also like to thank Mike Doyle who arranged the window , which was not easy to get, and Dan Courtier of Speedy Glass Rockland for getting the window, once again the family got er done. I know this is a long story for just a regular day, but things are good at Luskville Dragway so I may get a little over zealous, but where rockin.
So with racing wrapped up, most took time for a beer with friends before packing up and setting their sites on next weekend, at the drivers meeting it was mentioned that all heaving towing vehicles would be required too use caution when moving in next weekend because of the VERY new pavement. In a closing note we would like to thank Willy Katib owner of Willy's Alignment centre for his support of this weekend, as well as the Fall OctoberFAST" weekend Oct -10-11/2015.


John Forsyth 1980 Malibu

Will Robertson 1968 Camaro

Chris Carmichael 1963 Vette

Kyle Jessup/Derek Malcolm 1968 Camaro

Grant Honeywell went the furthest of all door cars

Graveline got the Opel FLYING
   2015  JAN.   FEBMAR.  APR.   MAY