ith the weather man reckon havoc on our first Sport Compact Challenge we have postponed the Twisted Chassis Performance Event to July 2013 and will once again run in conjunction with a Twisted Chassis Performance Cruise Night. Two class's of challenge cars, Modified and Stock, racing for money and trophies. 
Just a reminder too the JR Dragster competitors, this inter-track weekend is even more important to you guys as you will be racing in the Randy's Performance Jr. Dragster Championship and you will be running for a NHRA Wally both Saturday and Sunday.
*We also want to remind you that we will be using the upper gate this upcoming Inter-Track weekend so please put that in your gps so too speak so you don't drive right by and have to turn around, it will be marked. Parking will be allowed as early as Thursday and will be done one at a time with a staff member guiding you, please follow his directions as parking will be at a premium.
*We apologize for being late with the posting of the points last week, but have them added in now, this is something that we normally are very prompt with as you all know, but was out of our control last week.
*This up coming Randy's Performance Automotive weekend is also the Bill Gaw Memorial Sunday as Randy's pay homage to the man who introduced him too drag racing. Bills Daughter sent along a few pics of her dad from back in the beginnings of drag racing locally and in particular Luskville Dragway where Bill call home. This pic is of Bill in the far lane back when Luskville Dragway first opened up, he was a regular and a regular winner back then, as is Randy these days, and Randy's kids.
*And last but not least, this weekends Inter-track race with Shannonville and Mirabel is what some would call a milestone, as it will no doubt set the future of how we do things in the years to come. I have always promoted that tracks that work together will do well and our relationship with Shannonville is prove of that. With the addition of Mirabel to the group this working together idea could be taken to a whole new level. What is crucial this weekend is racers support, if all three tracks show up like we know they can we believe that this weekends race could see the largest car count in the history of the race track, and the concept of working together so you have lots of cars when you run big money races will be instilled in our tracks for our fans. We also know that when the return visit too Shannonville and Mirabel roll around it is just as important that we from Luskville Dragway show the same support, we have always said that every race weekend has a 1000 stories, this weekend will have one more that is very, very important.
This weekends Inter-track race with Shannonville and Mirabel is what some would call a milestone, as it will no doubt set the future of how we do things in the years to come. I have always promoted that tracks that work together will do well and our relationship with Shannonville is prove of that. With the addition of Mirabel to the group this working together idea could be taken to a whole new level. What is crucial this weekend is racers support, if all three tracks show up like we know they can we believe that this weekends race could see the largest car count in the history of the race track, and the concept of working together so you have lots of cars when you run big money races will be instilled in our tracks for our fans. We also know that when the return visit too Shannonville and Mirabel roll around it is just as important that we from Luskville Dragway show the same support, we have always said that every race weekend has a 1000 stories, this weekend will have one more that is very, very important. And also this weekend, the future of our door car program will be front and center as we run the richest purse for door cars ever, yes first place prize money of $5000 is more than Pro Mods run for but this weekend the door car contingent will be running for just that. Here too support means everything for the future of separate door car programs, Luskville Dragway has stood tall when it comes to working for the door car crowd, with split ladders long before anyone else, door pro programs for two straight years, and now the richest purse ever. What does it take to have this continue, SUPPORT, see you at the races.
Well we can actually say we beat the weather man, Yeah the weather man which has been the talk every where just look out in Calgary, and every race track you know and yes we know what is happening in Calgary is much more significant that loosing a race day, but too us racers loosing a race day is big, and too us track operators really big. So as another weekend rolled around so did another mess of clouds and wet weather, destroying any chances of a cruise night and or the Sport Compact Challenge which will by the way be rescheduled for July. However come Sunday morning and even though the sun was not out and the skies where heavy with fog and clouds, IT WASNT RAINING. So time trials got underway on time and so did eliminations got underway right on schedule with first round in all four class's getting going at 1 pm with the treat of rain coming. And yes we said four class's as we had a full street car class this weekend and the finals boiled down to Alain Rivard driving a Camaro and Peter Atanassov driving a Corvette with the Camaro coming out with the win light. We hope this is the start of a regular Sunday thing which was the game plan from the start of the season. In Jr Dragsters Ashley Ogilvie looks like she is going to be unstoppable this season as she picked up the win over Nate Vanoppen in the finals, which gives Ashley a complete season so far on live runs. Speaking of Unstoppable Mark Thompson seems to have a handle on that also as he took on and defeated Ian Gould in the finals of Semi Pro giving the 2012 Track Champion and hold on the 2013 points series as well. Super Pro saw team mates Derek Malcolm and Troy Davis make their way too the finals with wins over drivers like Brad Silverthron, Mike Chenier and Dwayne Shultz, however in the semis with Shultz, Troy broke the transmission the his Mullis Dragster allowing Derek Malcolm a single for his first win in the new Chrome Worx Dragster. It was nice to see three or four new cars out once again as everyone tries to get ready for this upcoming weekend which could be the biggest event in the history of the track as we host two other tracks in our first Inter-track event of the season.

Derek Malcolm met and defeated Scott Wilson in round
One, Scott was driving the car that Derek won the
championship in in 2012

Ashley Ogilvie is on a mission and that is too win the
Jr. Track Championship, and if she keeps going rounds
like she has been she might just do that.

Brad Silverthorn was held up with waiting for parts for
the new motor, but he finally got them just in time
to get ready for the big door car show next weekend

Another driver getting ready for the Door Car show is
Gerald Dennique and his colorful Dodge Dart.
Just a heads up as we get close to the Long weekend Inter-track race with Shannonville and Mirabel June 28-29-30. Parking will be at a premium and closeness will be the name of the game, we will be parking trailers and race cars down past the ticket booth just off the return road. This is only a few times of the year that we ask for the regulars to help us out with accommodating everyone from out of town as much as we can. We will discussing this with everyone at the track so as too make it as easy as possible, we would also suggest that those that can park or leave their trailers early to make this process that much easier. We will be asking all Jr. Dragsters that are not working out of Super Pro or Semi Pro Mom and Dad situation that you park down past the ADM Motorsports pit area for this weekend and the Bracket Bonanza Weekend. As we said earlier this is only a couple times a year that we need do this, and when we do it is a good thing for the car count obviously, which is a good thing for the track and everyone involved with the track. We could have as many as 30 Jrs at the track this weekend so I think everyone should be able to understand what we are trying to do. Everyone that comes in will be parked and will be parked close, thank you in advance for understanding.
*Just a quick reminder that the Twisted Chassis Performance Sport Compact Shoot Out is this coming up this Saturday, we really are going to find out who does have the fastest sport compact cars in the area, should be fun and will be followed by a cruise night.
*Just a reminder that this coming Sunday is Back too the Bar, Busters Bar and Grill ALL PAYOUTS and presentations will take place at the bar party, we need people too support those that support us. If it where not for our advertisers things would be ruff especially in a season like this one where there has been so many rainouts.
*A special thank you too the ladies who took care of the Jr. Dragster 50/50 sales this past weekend, it now puts the cash pot over $1000. going to be a great Banquet for the Jrs. Just a reminder if you are a Mom of one of the Jrs. and have not did some selling, get er done. We also will have a few more special prizes to announce for the jrs. over the next couple of weeks, if you are not part of the Luskville Dragway Jr. Program then you are REALLY missing out.
*Congratulations too Ian St. Pierre of Smith Falls Ontario who won Super Gas Eliminator at the NHRA points race at Lebanon Valley this past Sunday. Ian works at Ogilvie Auto and Fleet in Jasper and is another racer who comes out of Luskville Dragway where he started competing with a Buick Turbo Charged Car. Ian joins other drivers like Charlie Kenopic, Al Kenny, Gianni Cantusci, Don MaCallum who called Luskville Dragway home at one time or another.
*Dragway Dog made a triumphant return to Luskville Dragway this past weekend after 3 or 4 years in retirement, the young kids had a blast with him as did some of the older folks as can be seen here. Look for Dragway Dog to be around for a little while now that he has gotten his stint back in Disneyland out of his system, and he now knows where his real home is.
With more sunshine shinning than we have seen most of the season, many racers came through the gates on Friday night anticipating a great day of racing in the Napa Auto Parts Funny Car weekend. Well none where disappointed as things got underway under more lovely sunshine on Saturday. With a number of other events taking place on the same weekend, the car count was not the biggest we have seen yet everyone was surprised at just how many where here with so much else going on. Kicking things off with time trials getting underway at 12:00, the first round of eliminations got going with the grandstands packed with excited fans. The Jr. Dragster class was once again a huge field that boiled down too Ben Vanoppen and Ashley Ogilvie doing battle in the finals where Ben would make his way to the winners circle for the first time this summer. The Semi Pro field had some new cars once again, but when the finals rolled around it was veteran Joe Doyle and Mark Thompson coming to the starting line where Thompson would take the win light by the slightest of margins. Super Pro saw the most new cars, with racers like Joel Morgan, Jon Rochon, and Mark Bedard making it out for the first time in a while. With 1500. up for grabs to the winner the battle was hard fought to the end where the winner of the last two races Randy Urslak came to the line to meet Troy Davis. Davis who had been having a good day was just a tad to quick with a .499 red light allowing Mr. Urslak to make it Three in a row. Winners circle was a joyous place with Precision Concrete owner Carl Jessup being joined by Napa Representative Jean Gilbert in making the presentations. The Funny cars did there job as well bringing the crowd to their feet with side by side 1/8 mile burnouts and some of the scariest runs we have seen in a while, and the crowd loved it. And then the Street scene took over with the Autovation Inc, Cruise night where once again we set a season car count record beating the Young's Speed Shop night as just over 200 cars came through the gates to have some fun. So yes Saturday was a good day , but Sunday not so much as showers came early in the morning forcing the cancellation of day two of the NAPA AUTO PARTS Spring Funny Car Nationals. Next week brings the Twisted Chassis Sport Compact Shoot out on Saturday, Cruise Night Saturday Night and Regular Racing on Sunday.

The largest crowd of the season enjoyed some side by side
funny car racing at the Napa Auto Parts Show

Jon Rochon was a pleasant surprise entree after a 5 season
 retirement Jon says he's back to play

Pat Kohl and Marc Bedard joined the Luskville Dragway
 for a great day of racing

Ben Vanoppen made his way to the winners circle were he is
joined by Dragway Dog who also made a successful comeback

Mark Thompson made his way to the winners with his expanded
crew and joined by Napa VP Jean Gilbert

The Autovation Inc. cruise night is always big but
 this years was the biggest one so far this season
*Back in April at the drivers meeting a number of drivers pointed out that the area at the first turn off at the end of the drag strip was less than perfect for many of them to make a easy turn off. Yes the second had plenty of room but most like too exist at the first turn off. We said at that time we would do everything we could to rectify that issue just as soon as we could. Well this past week saw that issue plus a few others get taking care as we promised we would do. Also contracted to take care of was the transition off the right lane pad that was not as good as we would like, so that too was taken care of. As we move forward we will continue to make improvements as the fiancés will allow, we have some very big weekends coming up so we will work very hard to get any of these possible improvements done as get close too those events. We point out very clearly that these improvements are things that can only be done as the track generates the necessary funds to do so, we want very much to do as much as possible and will as we go forward. This is a time when I once again want too thank all the advertisers for helping make these improvements possible and in particular those racers who own business's and continue to support Luskville Dragway the way they do. Now all we need is some sun shine.
*Here is the first look at our new 2013 T-shirt which we hope to have for sale this coming weekend, as you will notice we have added a Ford this time, just to show we are not extremely bias towards Chevy's. Fast Eddie Race wear the motorsports division of Chocó is the designer and producer, and if you or your company is looking for something for your business or your race team give him a call.
*Never before in the history of Luskville Dragway has it been more important to show your support that this upcoming weekend, The Napa Auto Parts Funny Car Nationals is a very important race it many of the Napa Executives will be present for the first time ever. And yes the continuation Napa Auto Part support is crucial for the future and the advancement of Luskville Dragway. We hope that this message will be heard by all and that everyone will support us this weekend June 15-16.
*Congratulations to all the drivers we know from the Belleville area that did well this past weekend, Brandon Barker on his win down at Cayuga must have been very special for him and his family, hope to see you soon guys. Dale Gauthier who is no stranger to the winners circle was also revisiting it this past weekend, congrats too all.
Yes it was the sun that everyone saw this past Sunday morning, and even though most had too look for the second time we where all happy that it was finally out and a great day weather wise was there for the having. And there is no question that the sun brings out race cars, lets face it we all like too be at the track when the sun is shinning, so the best turnout of race cars so far this season, rolled through the gates on June 9th. Now leading up to Sunday was not quite as nice as Saturday saw cloudy skies and cool temps to greet all of the cruise nighters that turned out for another Saturday Night of Street Car racing on the Luskville Dragway 1/4 Mile. So yes we got another Saturday Night Cruise Night in, No it was not as big some of the previous ones, but we did have a good turnout and we did get it done. Now Sunday was a different story as Sunshine and warm temps greeted everyone that turnout, and turnout they did as the best Super Pro, Semi Pro, and Jr. Dragster numbers of the season came streaming through the gates early in the morning. In fact for the first time in a long time there was a line up of trucks and trailers coming through the gates which is obviously a great thing to see. So with the sun shinning off the valve covers of his engine, Randy Urslak set out on a trip of taking wins back to back in a double header event which included a postponed race from the long weekend in May. In the rain out race Randy would defeat Derek Malcolm in the Semi's and Gianni Cantusci in the Finals for the first place trophy and money. Randy's young lad Kayle Urslak would follow in Dad's foot steps taking the Jr. Dragster Win, with Semi Pro not having to finish off any postponed race.
The Second race saw Mr. Urslak mow his way through a great field of Super Pro cars to meet up with Troy Davis in the Finals. Davis was just a little anxious in the finals and turned on the Red Eye giving Randy his second win of the day and packing his pocket a little fuller with cash. The Jr.s was a a hard fought battle with 16 of them taking to the track this weekend, Rachel Ogilvie would come out on top of the big field and take her first win of the early season. Jim Hewitt of Ottawa was the Semi Pro winner as he beat up on Gilles Michaud of Gatineau, Hewitt's Chevelle was a train of consistency all day long mowing down a huge field of Semi Pro cars for the big win.

As we said lots of new cars where out for the first
time including Chris Dennique and his new ride

Gil Loyer of Ottawa and Kevin MacDonald of Picton
where also out for the first time this year.

You have heard us talk about taking the stripe,
well this is what it looks like on track.

Drag Racing is a family deal and this pic shows
that very well, as the Urslak's Celebrate a double win
*Just a reminder too those that are interested, the Luskville Dragway golf tournament is coming up June 8th. if you have not signed up yet please do so as quickly as possible, (Troy needs too know how much beer to purchase) get in touch with Derek or Troy if you want to partake in the activities.
*We continually get blast from the past photo's and we really appreciate those that send them in, it is very important that we never forget where we came from, and how different thing's where back in the beginnings. Pretty wild to think that this is a pick of Tom Orr back in 1980, and a very stock looking duster that ran low 14 teens. Today Tom drivers a top dragster with a blown super charged engine that goes 6:60's in the quarter and a top Sportsman door car that goes almost as fast as the dragster, yes we have come a long way to say the least. We will be adding this pic to our "blast from the past section".
*Look for some small improvements in the turn around area by the June 15-16 weekend, as we slowly continue to make things better in area's that the drivers have asked us to look at. We have some other things that we are working on as we move forward with making Luskville Dragway as good as we can for the racers and the fans.
*We should also have the new 2013 t-shirt by the June 15-16 weekend as we have virtually sold out of all of our last years version. The new look will definitely have the Ford guys happy, as for the first time in my memory we have a mustang pro mod on the new t-shirt, along with a Camaro of course.
*Tell me what ever happened to that hot dry summer we were suppose to have, oh yeah that was last Thurs and Friday, serious its not just Luskville Dragway most drag strips in the country have gotten off to some retched weather to say the least hopefully that changes. We may have gotten spoiled with last years great weather, which makes us forget that we normally get 3-4 rain outs a season, so with this past Sunday a wash out we are 50% of the way there, or at least hope that is the case. But like I said most race tracks have gotten off to a worse start than us so maybe we should be thankfull for the two and a half race days we have got in.
*Just a reminder, if you had Pontiac Day Tickets for this past weekend, or any other promotional ticket they will be honoured this up coming Sat or Sunday. Keep in mind that Saturday is Time Trials and a cruise night, a full regular program on Sunday.
Any out door activity is really at the mercy of the weather man (or woman) at all times, and none more than drag racing where you need everything to be dry and sticky for the race cars. Yeah a rock concert can get by with a little rain, but a drag race needs nothing but dry conditions and preferably warm sunshine. Well that was not the case this past Saturday as day one of the Pontiac Days presented by W.O. Stinson and Tom Orr Construction and Cartage go underway. A forecast for showers all weekend, and a few that did happen early Saturday Morning had everyone guessing if there would be racing or not. Well there was and some good racing at that, although a number of teams passed after hearing the forecast on Friday, Luskville Dragway which has a tradition of trying very hard to get racing in unless it is totally impossible. We feel we owe it too our racers, our fans and our advertisers who pay to have people at the track to see their advertisements. So with the track dry, and the sun trying to come out things got underway with everyone being warned that time trails would be "Fast and Furious", and eliminations to start early as the weather man continued too warn us of possible showers. But with clouds one minute and blue skies the next we whittled things down to Dylan Wheeler and Ashley Ogilvie in the Jr. Dragster Finals, both drivers had been hammering the tree all day so everyone knew it would be a good final round. With the green lights once again came good reaction times and a win light for Miss Ogilvie for her first win of the young season.
In the Semi Pro field Joe Doyle made his way through a smaller than normal field of cars to meet up with Daryl Jensen a former Points Champion. Doyle who was looking for his first win this summer would have to wait for another race day as Jensen added to his opening weekend win with another victory. Super Pro which even when he car count is not as good as you would like, still brings out some of the best racing with fast cars and wicked reaction times. However some times the best reaction time does not win the race, which was the case this race day as Kyle Jessup who was backing up Tory Davis who was at a wedding took the edge off the line against Randy Bellefeuille only too give it back at the stripe. Randy was more than happy too take the win light and the prize money that went with that victory. John Forsyth, who always entertains the fans with his wild wheel stands was the lone semi finalist.
I have often said that the old cliché that this race has a 1000 stories always holds true for Luskville Dragway, and this race day was no different. As we announced this past winter we would be doing a draw each week in an effort to add to our Jr. Dragster Prize Package which will be the very best in the land, and this weekend the winner of the 50/50 turned right around and put his winnings into what the Jrs. would receive at the awards banquet. This is the type of racers we have at Luskville Dragway and is very much what we are all about, on behalf of the Jrs. thank you Mr. G.
We are extremely pleased to announce that Aylmer Auto Performance and Transmission is back on board for 2013 as a marketing partner with Luskville Dragway. Ray Pillwein the owner and operator of the Aylmer, Quebec based company marks his third year of backing Luskville Dragway with his financial support. Ray and his son Dan are avid Drag Racers with Dan driving one of the fastest Jr. Dragsters at the track and driving it well. Ray races a 1967 Chevy II when he can find time between keeping Dan in competition with the other 20 Jrs. at the track, and keeping the business humming during the week. Aylmer Auto Performance is a full fledged General Automotive Repairs with High Performance a speciality for the company. Being a Car Guy makes taking your car there a no brainer as you know it is going to be handled with kids gloves as Ray and the team LOVE cars. Aylmer Auto Performance is located at 51 Front Street, Aylmer, Quebec or check them out at their new web site aylmerautoperformance.com